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* Stellar Spiral Bridge * Frequency Bridge * Stellar Spirals * Stellar Activation * Stellar Wave Infusion * ********************************************************************************************* Frequency Bridge (Stellar Spiral Bridge) ********************************************************************************************* The higher-dimensional Merkaba Fields cannot directly interface with the lower-dimensional Merkaba Fields of Earth, these EM (electro-magnetic) Spirals must connect with a series of other stellar Merkaba Field spirals in order for a "Frequency Bridge" to be established between the higher and lower-dimensional Merkaba Filed spirals. This Frequency Bridge occurs only during certain time periods, when the Merkaba Fields of these various star systems come into direct alignment with each other. Four times every 26,556 years (Euiago cycle); twice at the beginning and twice at the end of the 25,556-year period. When this alignment of spiraling EM Merkaba Fields occurs, Earth has the opportunity to raise the pulsation speed of its particle base into that of higher-dimensional time cycles. At these times interdimensional portals/passageways between Harmonic Universes, dimensional bands and time cycles open and a planet or person can ascend into these planetary systems of higher-dimensional time cycles or out-of-form manifestation. (Voyagers II Page 471) ********************************************************************************************* Stellar Spiral ********************************************************************************************* Each of the inter-stellar dimensional Merkaba Fields spirals is referred to as a Stellar Spiral. The pathway of multidimensional, inter-stellar Merkaba Field spiral alignments runs from the higher-dimensional fields of D-10 Lyra-Andromeda, through: D-9 Andromeda - Galactic Core D-8 Orion - Meta-Galactic Core D-7 Arcturus D-6 Sirius D-5 Pleiades-Alcyone and into the D-4 Solar Merkaba Field spiral, then down into D-3/D-2/D-1 Merkaba Fields of Earth. Each Stellar Spiral bears the name of the star system through which it flows and carries within its energy field the light spectra and frequency bands embodied within that star system. Earth is now approaching the alignment of the Stellar Spiral Bridge (Frequency Bridge) that runs from D-9 Andromeda down through the D-4 Solar Spiral to Earth. The point at which a Stellar Spiral aligns with Merkaba Field spirals of Earth begins a Transmutative Stellar Activation. (Voyagers II Page 471) The process of assembling DNA strands by working with the higher chakras is the process of bringing frequency form the Stellar Spirals into the Star Crystal Seals. (Voyagers II - Page 477) ********************************************************************************************* Stellar Activation ********************************************************************************************* The process of dissolving the lower-dimensional energy capsules within the Auric Field and transmuting their particle content into the next Harmonic Universe is referred to as a Transmutative Activation or Stellar Activation. Stellar Activations and Wave Infusions are the process by which the Star Crystal Seals are activated and Stellar Spiral Alignment are the catalysis through which Stellar Activation can occur. As the planetary body or human body evolves through frequency accretion, the energetic capsules within the Auric Field progressively undergo transmutation of form. Once a morphogenetic field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the three dimensions that compose one Harmonic Universe, the energy capsules that correspond to these three lower dimensions begin to dissolve. The particles contained within the dissolving auric capsules open into the auric capsules of the next three highest dimensions, in the next Harmonic Universe up. This is the energetic Ascension Dynamics by which forms and consciousness progressively evolve from one Harmonic Universe to the next. Stellar Activations are a natural part of the accretion/evolution process, and occur as the pulsation rhythms of particles in the lower three dimensions speeds up into the rhythms of the next three dimensional frequency bands. Through the process of Stellar Activations the levels/capsules of the auric field progressively open up into each other, dissolving the dimensional frequency barriers that kept the levels separate within the morphogenetic field. The levels dissolve as the morphogenetic field progressively draws more frequency patterns from the dimensional Unified Fields. As the levels dissolve, progressively more energy and awareness merge with and become held within, the matter-form, and the matter-form shifts from one set of dimensional time continuum cycles to anther. (Voyagers II Page 465) Earth and the human populations are now approaching a series of Stellar Activations, as part of Earth's natural 25.556-years Euiago cycle. The Auric Field of the planet and those of Earth's populations will undergo transformation between 2000AD-2017AD. In order to achieve Ascension to the Bridge Zone Earth and avoid becoming trapped in the D-3 time cycle, a minimum of one and one half personal Stellar Activations must take place. (Voyagers II Page 465) The Transmutative Activations are referred to as Stellar Activations because the infusions of progressively higher-dimensional frequency bands that transmit into the auric fields of Earth and humans, enter into Earth's bio-energetic field through a chain of spiraling - following a path - of dimensional Merkaba Fields that runs through various star systems before entering Earth's system through the Pleiadian-Alcyone and Solar spirals. Earth will experience six such activations between 2000-2017. The six Transmutative Activations, with which we are now concerned, interface with Earth through the following spiraling, inter-stellar energetic path: D-10 Lyra-Andromeda D-9 Andromeda Galactic Core MF D-8 Meta-Galactic Core and Orion D-7 Arcturus D-6 Sirius D-5 Pleiades-Alcyone D-4 Solar Spiral D-3 Earth As each of these spiraling Stellar Merkaba Fields come into alignment with each other and with the three-dimensional Merkaba Fields of Earth, the frequency patterns associated with each spiral progressively enter into Earth's Bio-Energetic system and core. The infusion of multidimensional frequency, which transmits to Earth in the form of light, sound, electromagnetic and scalar waves that are beyond presently identified spectra and frequency bands, directly alters the particle pulsation rhythm of Earth's three-dimensional particle base. This in turn directly affects the bio-energetic fields of all life forms on the planet and thus the metabolic and biological processes of the body that are controlled through the personal bio-energetic field. (Voyagers II Page 466) The point at which a Stellar Spiral aligns with Merkaba Field spirals of Earth begins a Transmutative Stellar Activation. (Voyagers II Page 471) Before a Stellar Activation begins, the frequencies of the activating Stellar Spiral are entered into Earth's core morphogenetic field through a Stellar Wave Infusion. In simple terms, a Stellar Activation occurs as the Stellar Spiral comes into full alignment with Earth's Merkaba Field spirals. At this time, the frequencies from the Stellar Wave Infusion that have been building up within Earth's morphogenetic field begin to release from the morphogenetic field and transmit through Earth's 3-dimensional grid and particle base. When half of the frequencies of a Stellar Spiral are released into Earth's grid, halfway through the Activation, the remaining frequencies of the Stellar Spiral completely "download" into Earth's morphogenetic field. When completed, the next Stellar Spiral begins alignment with Earth and the next Stellar Wave Infusion begins. (Voyagers II Page 472) For humans to shift out of D-3 time cycle and into the Bridge Zone with the majority of Earth's particle base, the human body must complete a minimum of 1.5 Stellar Activation. Each of the six Stellar Activations the Earth will encounter between 2000 and 2017 can also be achieved by humans upon the planet, because the interdimensional Stellar Spirals come into alignment during this time period. Each of the six Activations will activate various Star Crystal Seals within the human body, if the human chakra system is used appropriately to draw in frequency patterns and light spectra from the Stellar Spirals. (Voyagers II Page 476) Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the first time since 208,216BC. The Angelic Humans on Earth are being reminded of the need to fulfill their original Divine Commission as Planetary Stewards and Keepers of Earth' Planetary Templar Complex. (Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide Page 34) ********************************************************************************************* Wave Infusion (Stellar Wave Infusion) ********************************************************************************************* Stellar Activations and Wave Infusions are the process by which the Star Crystal Seals are activated and Stellar Spiral Alignment are the catalysis through which Stellar Activation can occur. Stellar Wave Infusions are a natural part of the DNA evolution process and will become part of the experiential reality of humans upon the Bridge Zone or Ascension paths. As the Stellar Activations progressively take place, infusions of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) energy begin running the Auric Fields of Earth and humans, causing particle pulsation rhythms to increase and accelerating the Stellar Activation process. The Stellar activation begins following an infusion of energy into Earth's core, through which the Earth's core particle pulsation rhythm is raised high enough to merge with the frequency bands of the Stellar Activation Spiral, when it aligns with Earth's Merkaba Fields during the ascension cycle. (Voyagers II Page 466) Normally the ascension cycle initiates because the human populations of Earth have reached a high enough vibration of consciousness and DNA assembly to pull Stellar Frequency into their Bio-energetic field. Thus humans assist the planet in its particle evolution. If the consciousness, DNA and Bio-energetic field of humans are not at a high enough particle pulsation rhythm when the Stellar Spirals align with Earth, the Earth's core pulsation rhythm will be too slow to link with the frequencies of the Stellar Spirals. In this case Earth's Stellar Activations would not take place, the planet would remain within its HU-1 time cycle until the next Stellar Spiral alignment and the opportunity for accelerated planetary evolution and dimensional ascension would pass by. The term Stellar Wave Infusion is derived from the observation of the actual energetic process that takes place as these higher-dimensional frequencies enter the Auric Field. Once a DNA strand has reached one-half assembly, the frequency bands form the dimensions above begin to flow in spiraling, energetic waves or sequential pulses, through the lower-dimensional Merkaba Fields of the body. When viewed with higher-sensory vision, the energy carried on these energetic wave pulses appear as an infusion of colored electricity or light spectra, bearing the hue associated with the dimensional frequency band carried on the wave. Transmutative wave infusions: Blue Wave D-5/D-6 Violet Wave D-6/D-7 Gold Wave D-7/D-8 Silver Wave D-8/D-9 Blue-Black Liquid Light Wave D-9/D-10 Silver-Black Liquid Light Wave D-10/D-11 (Voyagers II Page 467) In simple terms, a Stellar Wave Infusion begins when a Stellar Spiral begins to align with Earth's Merkaba Fields spiral, and through the Stellar Wave Infusion, the frequencies of that Stellar Spiral begin to enter Earth's core morphogenetic field. (Voyagers II Page 472)
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