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I am so tired of this chic starting shit with my sister. She always has to bad mouth her and thinks she is the shit..LOL what little does she know. She says that my sister is starting all these lies with her family and bla bla bla..LOL When my sister writes a mumm or her side of the story this chic always has to stick her nose like she knows what the hell is going on. She knows what her husband told her and thats it. She doesn't know the whole story to any of it and yet she thinks she knows it all..she says that its her business of what my sister's kids do or whatever..what the fuck ever. She ain't there mommy and thank god for that..LOL She has three kids of her own and yet she worries entirly too much about everyone else..what does that tell ya?? People like that need to wake up and see the big picture because obviously she isn't getting it. She writes a mumm about my parents which threw me over the line..she doesn't even know my parents and yet she doesn't even have any so then what she has to start more drama on herself so everyone can think she is a goddess..sorry she don't pay my bills or help me take care of my family so she is SHIT TO ME!!!!! Everyone has there own problems in there families yet there are some ppl that just want attention for talking about it all the time because they have nothing better to do with there life..OMG my man is cheating on me,,Bla bla bla, omg I have three kids and one income and can't afford to pay all the child support anymore bec its just way too much. GEEE thats what happens with divorces. Shit happens!! You probably got child support from your ex but you just want to screw my sister over. God get a fucking clue and stop your bitching like you always do. NO ONE CARES TO HEAR IT ANYMORE BEC IT SEEMS THAT IS ALL YOU LIKE TO DO!! The thing of it is though you pry won't stop your bitching and complaining bec if you ever do there will be a blizzard here in El Paso which means will never happen..god get over yourself and worry about your own damn self for a change bec obviously my sister has and she is doing GREAT!!!!!!
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