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I've been needing a new project while my garden rests for the summer. One that has my mind going was my SKS and its need for a better stock. The folding stock wasnt doing it for me. It is too unbalanced, plus pushes the 922(R) compliance issues. ATI has a sweet synthetic stock called the Monty Carlo that just came in the mail..or actually UPS. I'm going to switch out with. Another problem has been my detachable magazines. Pretty much any version you buy aftermarket are total crap. No matter what the site or salesman says. I have every size from 5 rounds to 40rnd. The "Hollywood" 40rnd bannana clip dropped right the fuck out of my receiver the first day I took it to the range. Which is very embarassing ;-) A few months later I ordered a 2 slightly used. Chi-Com, 20rnd fixed mags. 1 for me and 1 for my bro. Has the cool Star on the side...yes. lol Tonight I'm bringing them all together to see how they all fit together and visualize the next steps to finalize Vera's makeover. Keep an eye out and watch the progress. Feel free to add any ideas you may have. I know I want to mount a new scope on it. Leaning towards a Holosight. Then considering on a paint scheme or leave it black. Dunno yet. I still have to clean the new stock and file down a few imperfections. Now its time for a bowl and sit back for a bit and relax. Lil Ms.Q is practising her singing tonight....please keep it down...& no, you are not going outside!

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