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Gosh, how I love Fridays!! It's time to get your freak on, out, in and around. For the newbies, you read the questions, answer them as honestly as you feel like it and laugh at some of the other responses. My standard rules: 1. Please do not repost these questions in other blogs or bulletins. 2. Please do repost the bulletins that I post so your friends can come and enjoy the fun. That's what makes the Friday Freaky 5 happen, the more, the merrier. Let's Roll...... 1. You've had a wild night out and hooked up with a one night stand. You wake up in the morning to find your "flava of the night" going through your wallet....hmmm...what do you do? 2. You're at the nightclub, you meet a little hottie, that likes to get freaky in semi-public. Things are going great and you're down for whatever so the two of you decide to go to your car and "play". Once in the car and you start to get undressed, your new found friend announces "That'll be $25.00"......LOL Do the car doors open or is the party just gettin started? 3. You and your friends are throwing a Bachelor/Bachelorette party for your best friend. At the last minute, you remember that strippers have not been hired for the bash. You give a friend of yours $700.00 to find the best strippers that he/she can, to keep the party going. Your friend returns with the hottest strippers you've seen. You all party, kiss around and all that good stuff. Now it's time for the strippers to finally get butt naked, when disrobed you find out they are the same sex as you are!! Party over or party on? 4. You're over a friends house hangin out. Your friends roommate slips out to another room for a bit. They are gone a while so you just casually go to make sure that everything is cool. When you enter the back room, you catch the roommate masturbating to your significant other on cam. Aww damn.....is that what's up? What do you do? 5. You have been in a relationship with someone for over a year. Things are going great! You enjoy one another, sex is good and you are hoping one day to marry this person should all continue to go well. One evening, your significant other decides to give sponteneous oral while you are watching TV on the couch. As they are going to town, you sneak a glance at the television, only to see that the person in your southern region is on the current episode of Forensic Files....LOL. They are actually wanted by federal authorities for poising past signifiant others. *Rollin* WTF do you do about this? Oh the Myspacers kicked your ass last week! Can you show them up this one? Get on it.
Well it's Friday and who cares it's the end of the work week? All we give a damn about is that the Friday Freaky Five shows up on time....LOL Same rules different week: 1. Please do not repost questions in your own blog or bulletins. 2. Please DO repost the bulletins so that your friends can come and hang out too. 3. Please come back and read often, people's answers just make the day go by faster....LOL I've added a new twist......I now do this on MySpace as well and I keep track of which site does the best....LOL. Last week, the Cherries kicked the MySpacers ASS... all in fun. So, ready?....Remeber you answer the questions, now let's have some fun! 1. A member of the opposite sex that you are not terribly interested in, but would hang out with if there wasn't much else to do shoots you an e-mail about going to hang out at a local club. Now, you KNOW this person likes to party and pick up the tab, so you forward the message to your best friend, and talk about how you can get this "sucker" to pop for the evening. However, you did not hit the forward button, you hit reply. You just sent this note BACK to the person who wrote you in the first place. How do you save face? 2. You are out on a date with someone pretty new to you . You take them to this little happening spot for an after dinner drink when low and behold, you see your most recent ex (that you occasionally sleep with). It seems that the ex does not like seeing you with someone else and decides to slide through, cuss yo ass out in public and tell all of your business, including the fact that the two of you had just had sex the night before....DAMN! What's next? 3. You and a partner are gettin yo groove on and it gets hot, nasty and freaky. Your partner wants to push the envelope and have you put your hand around their neck. OMG the sex is fucking hot!! You are so in to it that you didn't notice that your parnter is not as "active" or "vocal" as they were five minutes ago.....you know the are breathing but that's about it. What do you do? 4. You're alone in your room taking some "you time". You've got your fave porn in, toy out or fave stroke going on. Someone bursts into the room and catches you......their first reaction though? They LAUGH! OMG! What do YOU do next? 5. Okay this is a question with guy/girl answers....You have taken your significant other to a very formal, who's who event. Your tux is slammin and your dates dress is amazing, showing lots of cleavage. However, as you get on the dance floor, the clasp on the top of her dress breaks, and now there are boobies, boobies, bobbies, boobies rockin everywhere! You can believe me.....everyone has noticed. Fellas - What do you do with your date? Ladies - What do you do with your titties?....LOL
Well now, the holidays are over and I hope they treated you well...I also wish the best for all of you in the new year and all that good shit. Okay, standard disclaimers, please do not repost the content of the Friday Freaky 5 in bulletins or on your own blog. I tend to write these questions freehand, so be respectful. Also, it's no fun if the questions are answered all over the net. My friends and the friends of my friends CLOWN and this is usually a funny read by the end of the day. That brings me to my next point, participation is the key, so try and see how honest you can get your friends to be. Feel free to repost the bulletins, this is such a good time. Okay, I'm finished with my bitchinn! It's time to get this party started! BTW...You are supposed to answer all 5 questions....lol, not just read them. I will be checking to see who kicks more ass.......you all or the Myspace crew! 1. You are finally going out on that long anticipated first date with someone that you have been interested in for quite some time. The date seems to go well and it's time for that goodnight kiss. You lean in, pucker up and.........they can't kiss! Their kissing is absolutely horrible. Are you down for instructing lip lock 101 or are you looking for a grad student? 2. One of your friends is throwing a party. Because of works schedules, you and your date agree to meet at the party instead of going together. You and your date arrive and you have a slight surprise. Your date is just straight funky. Body odor from hell.......what do you do? 3. You and your friends are out on the town, you decide to trip the light fantastic and engage in drunkin sex with some hottie you've met at the bar. The sex is great, no complaints but in the morning.........you roll over and can't remember your hotties name.......lol. Any ideas? 4. You have taken your date to a nice dinner. The night has gone perfectly but alas......when it's time to pay, your credit card has been rejected. Do you ask your date to pay for the meal or do you call for back up to come bring YO broke ass some cash? 5. You and your date are attending a black-tie charity event to which you were invited by your boss. This social event is so high classed that guests are announced as they arrive and you have to proceed through the receiving line to enter the party. You and your date look stunning. Everything is in place. You reach the event, you're announced and your date throws up from sheer nervousness.........yay that!....LOL. How do you handle this?
Damn, this gets harder and harder to do...lol. I am running this same one on both Myspace and CherryTap so let me rund own the rules for some of you rookies..yeah I said rookies b/c I have some people who are real pro's at the Freaky Friday 5....LOL. 1. Use your imagination, think outside of the box. Although some of us could never see oureselves in some of these situations, PRETEND and answer the best you can. Answers like "I'd never do that" are absolutely no damn fun. 2. Repost the bulletins. It's proven that the more people who play, the more fun it is. 3. Please do not copy and past the text of the Friday Freaky 5 into your own blogs or bulletins. It defeats the purpose. What is the purpose? To provide a central location for this feature and for everyone to enjoy one another's answers. To have it spread out all over is no fun. If you want a Friday Freaky 5..........Write your own...!...HA! Okay, now that I've taken care of this weeks disclaimer....let's rock the spot! 1. You've been cheating on your significant other (yeah, I know. Gasp! You'd never do that...fuck that...read on). You do a casual sweep throught the living room and see a pair of underwear between the couch cusions. Now, you have redefined 'gettin busy' on this couch with both your significant other.......and you're not sure who the undergarments belong to. What do you do with the undergarments? 2. You've cancelled a date claiming to be sick. You actually plan to spend a nice evening at home alone chillin when that hottie you've been dying to hook up with asks if they can drop by and watch movies. No way are you letting that slide! The hottie comes by, you're all hugged up on the couch when the doorbell rings. The person on whom you've cancelled felt bad because you were sick and they brought you soup. Hmmmm....get outta this one please...LOL. What do you do? 3. You have been on one date with a potential significant other. The first date consists of causal drinks at a local hole. They are interested in you and suggest a second date. The second date is YOU cook dinner at YOUR house and they'll bring wine and dessert. Are you down with the clown or is that just too damn bold? 4. You are out on a date with someone you've not gone out with before. You are sitting close at dinner and you feel their hand in your crotch. They are obviously looking for the way into your pants/skirt/jeans, whatever. It's been a while since you've gotten any.....so, do you let them 'search on' and leave dinner early or is this date hella over? 5. You're in a bar/club/lounge and gettin your drink on. You get approached by one of the sexiest people in the place. It's obvious that they have been getting theirs on too and now they are getting on YOU. They have made it clear that they don't want any strings and the bathroom in the club is as good a place as any. Well? You know I want to know if you hit it or not....LOL.
Okay, I keep doing this because some of the answers I'm getting just rock my socks!! I also see a lot of lurkers, don't be shy, hop in, answer the questions and have fun with this. So, here goes for this week...have fun..oh and remember, it's okay to play pretend here, I know some of the situations may or may not be applicable to everyone. Let's do it! 1. You bring your significant other to a family function held at a hotel. Your significant other retires to his/her room early and leaves you to party in the hotel bar with your family. You engage in a little innocent flirting with a hottie in the bar (nooo not one of your family memebers....LOL). Later that night, the hottie has gone door knocking in the hotel to find you and they manage to wake up you and your significant other........how do you explain that away? 2. You buy a new cell phone ( I hear some of you giggling already), you go to the cell store to have things switched over. You manage to forget that you've left your photo card in your own phone and the person behind the counter manages to get an eye full of the "money shot", you're naked as a jay bird........do you fall over from embarassment or play it off? 3. You've been dating someone for a second who has told you that they are single. You finally get down to the real deal when they say "Roll over like this..my "wife or husband" really digs this". Is it time to hit the bricks or get your orgasam on? 4. Both you and your closest friend have started recently dating someone new. You decide that it's time for you all to start double dating so you all can spend some time together as a group. When all of the water boils out of the pot, you figure out that the two of you have been dating the same person. What's next? 5. What is the one thing that your sexual partner thinks you enjoy but in all actuality, you don't like to do or have it done to you?
Well, as promised, this is our 2nd LC installment of the Friday Freaky 5. We had so much fun last week and I was really glad to see how many people had the balls to show up and answer the questions. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, so let your hair down a little bit and repost the bulletin so your friends can chime in, it's always fun to come back and see what they have to say. Also, if you think this is cool, don't forget to rate it. Here it is, The Friday Freaky 5 1. You and your partner are living together. You come home early from work and find your partner engaged in a strip poker game with 3 people of the opposite sex, none of who you know. Do you join the game or is it time for your partner to cash in? 2. It's the day before your wedding day and one of your ex's calls. Not just any old ex either, it's that fine ass ex that you used to have house rockin, toe curling, reaching for shit that's not there with. You decide to have your last fling before getting married. As the wedding begins, the screen that is supposed to be showing the "how we met" video with music flickers and is now playing your sexcapade from the night before. There are things in the sexcapade movie that shows that it's obviously recent. Oh what to do, what to do? 3. Your significant other seems bothered about something. You repeatedly ask them what the problem is. They finally admit to you that they have had sex with one of your parents. How do you handle this? 4. You receive a phone call from your hysterical partner. It seems that there has been an accident and your car, which he/she borrowed earlier in the day is totalled. Your partner tells you that they had allowed one if his/her friends to drive it to the store and back. Later, you find out that the "friend" is actually your partner's ex. Now what? 5. You and your significant other have decided to go out clubbing with a group of friends. As you are sitting at the table, you feel somone's hand in your crotch. You look around and notice that both of your partner's hands are on the table. You casually reach under the table and remove the hand to only have it return immediately. What happens next?
I used to run this feature on MySpace and each week it hit the top in Romance and Relationships. The Friday Freaky 5 is a set of 5 adult oriented questions that people have the chance to answer openly. The fun it not necessarily in the questions, it's getting as many open and honest answers as possible. Sometimes then get just downright hysterical. If it is succesful here, I'll continue to do it. If you like it, participate and rate it please. Okay guys and gals, friends and pals, lets do this but remember, you don't have to answer all five (it's more fun if you do), just answer what is the most comfortable so here they are....this weeks freaky five 1. Would you be intimidated or offended if your partner wanted to introduce toys into the bedroom? 2. If your partner wanted to do a threesome, would you be down with that? 3. You are about to have an orgasm and your partner calls out the wrong name, do you keep going or stop right there? (Thanks Dr. Romello for that one) 4. What is one thing that you think about doing in the bedroom but is too freaky for your partner? 5. What is your favorite slang name for masturbation? It's okay if we repeat. There they are.......now.....let's GO!!!!
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