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StainedBySin's blog: "StainedBySin"

created on 03/30/2011  |  http://fubar.com/stainedbysin/b340372

I vanished into the night

Uncertain if I might ever see you again

Alone I took my journey

One step at a time


I traveled many places

Saw many new faces

That I tried to make my home

All I felt was alone


Years have passed and still I find

Emptiness is all I feel inside

What was missing I can’t express

You must have taken my heart when you left


I cling to memories of days gone by

The way you kissed me when we said goodbye

When I go back to that time and place

I realize that losing you was my biggest disgrace


I eliminated you from my thoughts and my prayers

Convincing myself that you never cared

I was forced to turn my love to hate

Knowing it would be foolish to wait


Five years passed and I swallowed my pride

I had to know how you had survived

Before I knew it dusk turned to dawn

Like a miracle the pain was gone


Now I see that time was a test

A way to see if our love was true

And at this moment I feel blessed

Because something led me back to you


I know our journey has just begun

All the battles have yet to be won

But please remember my heart is true

I want to spend my forever loving you

Sparkling wine
These poisonous veins
Dripping with sin

My curves cut deeply
Etching love on old wounds 
Carving a path to your heart
And ending sweeter than it's start

Flames cast my shaddow
Across this cavernous room
Dancing wild like fire
Pain feeds my desire

Open wounds 
Drip blood into wine
I take you in deelply
This hatered is divine

You would never allow
My love to come down
So I pretend my heart is full of hate
Feeling nothing, controlling fate

Leaving you behind
To mend time and chance
I wanted the forever I saw in your eyes
Alas, it was just a brilliant disguise 

I am not a girly girl

I will not wear pink for you

High heels hurt my feet

Stockings give me the creeps


I wear my life like iron

In these steel toe boots

My jeans are always faded

My attitude always jaded


If you took the time to see

The woman inside of me

You would find a sensitive soul

Underneath my mane of gold


I love to put on make up

Red lipstick is my fave

My own version of sexy

Will please your hard rock ways


I can bang my head to Metallica

Or cry over Celine Dion

I prefer leather to lace

But I’m soft when I come undone


You’re version of what a woman should be

Will leave your life in misery

Because I don’t look the part

Doesn’t mean I won’t break your heart

I miss the first kiss that our lips never knew

I miss the embrace that was meant only for you

I miss the love we never shared

I was a fool, you never cared


I miss the nights caught up in your eyes

I miss the tenderness of your sweet goodbye

I miss the laugh that I never inspired

Only you, my dear, could take me higher


I miss the child we never conceived

I miss the warmth of a cold winters eve

I miss the caress you now give to another

How can I move on, we were meant for each other


You inspired my fire and allowed me to dream

It came crashing down, the same old routine

I allowed myself to believe and have faith

You turned it all around, leaving me in disgrace


I’ll try as I can to leave you behind

Memories drip down turning water to wine

I’ll never forget your passion or fire

Forever my love, you will be my desire

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