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Do you want see me in the spotlight? Here is your chance I'm getting close but need some help from you to get there! I am not begging here, I am offering to help you out, what do you need? Pic rates, stash rates help to level, or are you in a contest, I will do these things to help you out. I am also offering salutes so take your pick. Let me know what you need help with? 25,000 I will rate 100 stash 30,000 I will rate 100 pics 40,000 I will rate 200 stash 50,000 I will rate 200 pics 75,000 gets you all 100 11's for the day. 100,000 I will sent you a salute, and a sexy one! The higher the amount the more I will do for you so let me know what you need help with! Click the pic below to sent your fu-bucks. Thanks again my friends! ¢¾OzzyFreak The Goth EMT¢¾

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