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Sporty7769's blog: "Sporty's Passion"

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Started the day out great! warm and dry for about 2 hrs, then the rain came in. made it to a gas station before it got heavy and spent another 2 hrs watching sheet rain! Finally blew past and after drying the bike I was off and riding! GAlviston was a sweet ride, had a black angus steak and crab for lunch then took the ferry and rode to Scott Louisiana where I found out ALL my cloths got soaked so I spent most of the night drying them and trying to find a goog beach ride. Sad to say I couldn't. had to zoom that state all freeway (yuck). Mississippi and Alabama were good riding! TONS of beach roads! the Lookieloo's on the freeway are the same in every state, to stupid to relise they are causing accidents by stopping to see what the cops are doing. never fails I never have a rocket launcher when I need one. a little over 2600 miles so far.
Got pulled over in Mississippi for not wearing a helmet! when I pulled out my MARINE brain bucket we chatted for 1/2 hour and I rode away
without a ticket!! (She did 20 yrs in the Navy) go figure!
traffic SUCKED when I got on 98 so I stopped at ED's for dinner YUM!! I'm getting used to all this seafood! Crab,shrimp,Scallops and oysters, all this brain food!! In Pensacola tonight, sunburnt but dry!
Well Panama City is the end of the run, not impressed with FL's coast line at all. cant see shit from the road! all high rise commerical buildings the places that are HAVENS the sand is bermed so high ya cant see the water, waste of gas riding for a view. Mississippi, Alabama ans Texas have it right, plenty of coast line to see while your driving, in Texas you can drive on the beach in several places! might try and IRON ASS ride on the way home, 1000 miles with only gas and food stops. we'll see I dont have much of an ass to start with!

The first day was just grinding out mile on the freeway. Freeways suck! boring, noisy and people trying to shave, drink coffee, masterbate and drive, with dring last on the list! I did about 700 miles ending up close to Memphis. Had to soak my ass to decompress it!
2nd day was a Bitch! THe clouds were light when I started out. By the time I got to Texarkana they were promising rain and as I pulled in to get gas, the first sprinkles were hitting my windshield. Dennys to the rescue! Wasn't a STORM, just a steady rain, that lasted 4 hours! I didn't get to Conroe texas untill 130 am.
Night 3 finds me in Corpus Christi Texas. I have gone 1600 mile so far. Went out to Lunch with my Aunt and Uncle, last time I seen them was back in 83. Neven heard of a fish taco before, it was ok! There was a Dickweed on the freeway , closed it down, both directions for a couple hours. I have come to believe that people, in mass, are dumbasses! Gauking!!!! Slowing down/stopping to watch a crazy guy with a gun, why don't you just paint a target on your forhead and hang out downrange at the local gun range!!! The drive to Corpus Christi was nice, GREAT SUNSET!! Big Orange ball slowly dissapering, pretty kewl! Then, a Pingpong full moon popped up to the east. About 100 miles out and the stars srarted going away and the only light was from the moon peaking out when the clouds allowed it. thought I might be taking a break under a bridge but the clouds gave way to partly cloudy. About 25 miles out I start seeing a blinking red light off to the west, then several, then several dozen! random blinks then they would all go out and start again, to weird! pretty kewl to see, but weird. Come to find out its a wind farm! I'm 1600 miles into my ride and FINALLY get colse to the Gulf. Tomorrow starts my RIDE think I can make Key west and be back in Mich in a week? Depends on how many STOPS I make !
Corpus Christi was a great ride! 20 miles on the beach, theres a fairy there thats free so Naturally I had to go on, it was about a 5 min ride back to the city, with a 45 min wait to get on it. The ride to Galviston was cut short by rain, I got soaked to the bone! 100 miles before I could find a motel! Tonight I'm in Bay City, doing laundry. A LONG hot shower to warm back up and I'm good as new! Looking forward to Galviston, then riding to New Orleans! More to follow!

I have a memory problem, Relating names to people. I MUST see your name in print 7 times to relate it to a face. Change your picture or name before I see it 7 times and POOF gone,I must start again. THis dosen't reflect on how much I like or dislike you, Its a genitic thing in MY memory. A disability that causes me more hardship than you can imagine. Do you get angry if a person in a wheelchair slows you down, A seeing eye dog prevents you from getting to close to his master. Just because you can't SEE my problem dosent mean it dosen't exsist. If it offends you BE GONE, If you understand I thank you.

Most Civilization is BASED on Cowardice. It's  easy To civilize by teaching Cowardice. You water down the standards which would lead to Bravery.You restrain the will. you regulate the appetites, Fence in the Horizions,Make a law for every movement,Deny the existence of chaos. You even teach the children to breath slowly. You tame.

What a lovly woman I have riding with me I think as we finish our breakfast.One of several we have shared on this trip.The nite of passion fresh in my mind as we pull on our helmets for the ride ahead.You ask where we go today,I smile,brush my lips on yours quickly as I fire up the bike,We go to our future I say,and let out the clutch.We travel surface streets now,the freeways boring view benind us,cows and farms whiz past as we ascend the mountains ahead.as we travel the day grows warmer,we stop a moment to remove our jackets.back on the road the warm winds carress us gently and the sun warms us.Country music I play,good music for the roads we travel.Songs of love both lost and found,fresh and ancient.You grow board  as the miles pass and slip your hand under my shirt,carressing me,tugging on single hairs,squeezing my nipples.I see the impish smile in my readview mirror and cherish the view no camera can save.We have been riding for 4 hours now,time to stop,eat and relax for a while. I see a bridge ahead and we stop befor it. we get off the bike and after a long kiss we streach an flex out limbs.I gather from the saddlebags,wine,sausage,crackers and a blanket and move to the shade of the bridge to enjoy or light lunch.as we eat,we talk and laugh about the things we have seen. lunch finished you lay back and enjoy the moment as I put the remains on the bike.I return to see you,beautiful and sensual! I grab your hand and pull up up quickly! A look of anger in your eyes as you were lost in a dream,NO NAPPING I say,MANY mile we have yet to go,a stern look on my face,that melts to a smile as I lift you gently and kiss your pouting lips.Your legs wrap around my waist and you return the kiss's hard and fierce!I carry you farther under the bridge,the cars and trucks that pass can not be seen only felt in the viberation in my feet on the ground and your back against the pillor you lean against.NOW I say to my self,NOW!!I move my kisses down to your breasts,a moan escapes your lips as I lightly nibble your nipples,farther still my my lips and tongue go, your bellybutton a joy remembered from our night before.I draw circles around it,my tongue darts in and out as I feel your tummy quiver. Farther yet my circles go,Your belt stops my kisses,I can't wait and in one quick movment your pants are at your feet,your eyes wide and starteled!My lips and tongue find what they seek and indulge in a selfish quest for the necter of your body,knowing the pleasure it will bring us both.the passion builds moment by moment,You try to raise your legs,there trapped in place by pants I hold beneath my knees.my tongue never stopping my lips tender yet firmly questing.as the passion rises to near explosive heights!A shiver runs down my back as you moan loudly and the necter of your body is relased into my gready mouth,I cherish every drop!I look up to see a wonderful smile on your face,your eyes aglow with passion and fire!I pull up you pants,kiss each nipple softly and your lips hungryly,You reach to my pants to return the love and lust yo have been given.I laugh loudly and say LATER my love we have to go.the promise in your eyes I look forward to! as we walk to the bike,pull on our helmets I think what a blessing I have in you riding with me.I havent told you yet where we go,A mountain top to watch the sunset,a place of beauty, I will enjoy very much making love to you in the setting sun.I laugh again LETS ROLL I say,keeping the secret till we arrive.... Sporty

First off, I'm NOT a writer, I DO write in the winter when I can't ride(Michigan weather you know). My spelling may be off and grammer is'nt quite right  but I hope you will enjoy the story's I post here.  This 1 is about a dinner date. I havent found the restruant or the woman,yet. It's a rooftop, private and secluded with A candle on the table to reflect the passion in your beautiful eyes,talking of nothing important with our words,letting our hearts communicate for us as we eat a lovly meal,sipping wine,laughing and smiling till the moon comes up. It's a nice warm evening and I would roll out a blanket so that we could lay together, my arm around you,your head on my chest looking at all the stars that have come out to watch our passion blossom and grow! We would make love there,the moon shows through your hair and puts a spell on me,the stars glimmer in your eyes,FIREY and hot with the passion we share over and over as the night turns to morning. We relax after the night, exausted and spent from the lust and passion we find in eachother.I would wake first and make us some coffee so you may greet the morning.The Muse in you smiles and says good morning,still some fire left from the evening left in your eyes.I put the carraf of coffee down,slide under the blanket and kiss your neck your ears.A long deep one on your lips as they smolder with mornings passion.I keep kissing down your body spending long moments on your breasts,your nipples,tummy.I linger on your bellybutton to explore it with my tongue,no ring to interfere with the joy Your moans tell me that your enjoying my playing. I move farther down to your flower and kiss it and introduce my tongue for a moment,I move to spread the kisses to your knees each in turn raising them slightly as I move my kisses back up your legs,sliding them to my shoulders.kissing your warm smooth inner legs as I once again return to kiss again your warm moist honey maker,darting my tongue in and out,licking your button,as is swells,your legs tighten on my neck your moans become louder,your hands push my head harder to your flesh! I taste the necter of your body as once again you share an orgasm,Once again I get to taste the sweetness of your lust and relish it! As your breathing returns to normal I pour us some coffee and we watch the sun rise,blanket around us and my arms around you holding you.Wishing the majic of he night would last forever,knowing me must rise and start another day.I close my eyes and hold the moment in my heart to remember for days that are cloudy or evenings your not in my arms....  Hope you enjoyed it, SPORTY

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