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created on 01/23/2007  |  http://fubar.com/spiel/b47924
im new to cherrytap and i want to make as many friends as i can im on msn an profileheaven but this site is far better (when i learn how it works) a bit about me i love motorcross, i try 2 keep fit, i love football, im not sexist in any way i prefer 2 b classed as a mans man, i live alone in a 3 beedroomed house in newcastle in the uk but i wish i didnt we are not allowed say whateva we want dont say anyfing about muslims or were classed as racist, wen an undercover reporter filmed wot realy goes on in a mosque, in front of our politicians they wer acting all moderate an condeming terrorism then when they left they wer telling everyone its a muslims duty to kill whites, they must act moderate until there is enuf of them and then take over britain and impose sharia law making britain an islamic state, people dont no how facist this country is, for instace we cant wear a hooded top or anything over our face but muslims are allowed to wear a full face veil on thier passports and driving license's, wer weren't allowed to put up xmas lights or wear england football tops incase we upset the muslims, a man got told to take our flag down coz it was upsetin other religions, imagine present bush telling americas not 2 luv or display the stars an stripes in case u mite offend sum1 from another country? they use wots called the racist card wen eva possible, example,a woman on a reality show called big brother was getting other woman on the show being bitchy 2 her so straight away the was hell on it was racism, tony blair even got involved, it was in the media for 3 days, at the same time a group of muslims took a hammer to a schoolboy a racist attack which is silenced in this country got absolutely not 1 mention, muslims are treat like royalty while whites are treat like second class people in our own country,this country is the most racist country in the world, against its own people if u dont agree wif muslims ur a racist, the law is very strict about any kind of racial abuse wen its wites against muslims, but thers no such thing as racism towards wites, even tho gangs of muslims regularly beat lone wites up they feed young girls drugs and make them in2 prostitutes, they run this country an fully intend 2 take it ova imagine muslims in power in britain wif our nuclear capability? sounds stupid but its happening an no1 is stoppin it the only chance britain has of stopping them is if we support the bnp party a party that is the only 1 that has got the backbone to say wots realy going on they are of corse branned racist like any1 else that speaks out but iv studied them for 7 months an read thier views and the only thing they are is honest, if pll took the time 2 4get wot they hear an realise wot they see they wud agree bnp.org.uk if any1 wants 2c the state of this once proud country, come 2 london an play spot the white man, forget north korea iran and syria britain has got nuclear weapons and the muslims fully intend 2 get thier hands on them and its an we will be next on america's list and george w bush will play cowboys an muslims wif us sum1 please get me out this facist country the whole country is sick nick griffin is the only 1 that can save this land b4 it falls in2 muslims hands, an 1 last fing i havnt got a clue how 2 use this site thers so much i wanna do but daint na how, i havnt got a clue wot im doing, but i do no this immagrants cost the british taxpayer personaly 1000 pounds a year,each, we have to pay for them to learn english and its estimated that at least 200 thousand immagrants will enter britain every year this is a tiny island ran by a bunch of pussys that are scared of upseting muslims, our old age pensioners go cold in the winter while we build a 18 million pound super mosque, people call all this terrorism i call it treason and all them flag burners in london shouting death threats while the pussyfied police stand and watch, they should all be done with treason an shot sum1 with a pair of balls shud take this country by the scruff of the neck and make it wot it once was, if not im moving 2 america i effin luv america, and the freedom they hav compared 2 us, i got arrested 4 having a soft air bb gun it spat plastic pellets it was weak, i luv guns and hunting but we r not allowed nowt, il tel u sumfing any1 from america listen 2 this a peadophile was standing naked at his window wile skool kids walked past so his windows got smashed and he got police protection and a panic button straight 2 the police if h got any trouble the police wer there in minits thats wot this country is like, the latest update on this bent country the mcb (muslim council of britain) hav sent list of demands to the british goverment wich include skools must stop skool disco's or lessons that include dancing, if they go 2 swimming lessons they must wear sumthing from neck 2 toe, ther musnt b any music lessons, or sports, and the 1 that has angered me the most is they are demanding that every pupil has 2 learn about islam but muslims arent allowed to learn about christianity of any other faith, and our spineless scum that run the country arnt tellin them 2 eff off, who do they fink they are demanding things then crying racist if they dont get wot they want arrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! im effin emmigrating if in may elections the bnp dont win mor power
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