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Kaleb wakes me up crying. Says he misses Skylar...wants to play lego's with her. Wants to hug her. "My sweet angel" he says. He cries for a good ten minutes before I can finally distract him with something else.

It's moments like this, that make me even more angry with my mother-in-law. My completely self absorbed, wallowing in her own pity, missing Skylar, mother-in-law. She misses her because she's her biological grandchild. It makes no difference that she's the only other grandmother Kaleb's ever known, aside from my mother. Since just before he turned 2, she's been "grandma". Even though Jas and I weren't together at the time, she also went through my pregnancy with me...and even came to the baby shower. Even though Kaleb shares her last name (my  husbands) it makes no difference to her. Even though he is going to adopt Kaleb, it makes no difference to her. 3 months ago he asked her why she never spent time with him. She looked at him like a deer in headlights. She eventually said she'd take him to lunch. Still waiting for that lunch. Or anything for that matter. We all miss Skylar. At least we're of the age where we can understand. Kaleb's 5. All he understands is that she's not here and he misses his sister. To him, it doesn't matter that they're not DNA related. She's his sister. Period.

She's going to have a really rude awakening when she tries to have any kind of relationship with her BIOLOGICAL grandchild that I'm carrying right now. The extent of that relationship will go to the extent of hers with Kaleb. Woman, you make me sick. How can you do that to an innocent child?

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