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Rage Jedi in Training's blog: "Song Info"

created on 03/16/2011  |  http://fubar.com/song-info/b340155

I need dj's with voice recording abilities and with a good voice to make a sample of their voice for me. I am currently working on a song and I would like to put a sample or two at the beginning of the song and maybe 1 or 2 at the end. I am willing to pay fubucks and make an voice promo for shows on the stations that you dj for. The way I am thinking it should be is i need a male voice and a female voice. The sample should be about the song in general which is called "Porcelain Doll". It is an industrial/goth song so the sample should be slightly dark but slightly seductive (hence the male/female vocals). I can always put slight effects or heavy effects to fit the song. If Interested please contact me stateing on what I can do for you and I will give you me email address to send it to. ALL SAMPLES MUST BE IN WAV OR MP3 FILE FORM. Anything else will not work with my music program.

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