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Life is like a roller coaster ride, you have to buckle up and hold on... Alot of times I find myself caught off guard and I have to re evaluate alot of things in my life. I often sit back and look at different ppl the way they act,carry themselves, and treat others. Eight out of ten of those times I get upset and usually get my feelings hurt. People are very different and its a really sad world we live in. I am a very caring person and it's really hard for me to hold a grudge but oh boy as I get older and look around examining others it's simply ridiculous how hateful ppl are, and it's really sad. A close cousin of mine always reminds me of my age as I talk to her sincerly and she tells me "keep on living". Because the saddest part of this all is I have a long way to go and the hatred and spitefulness downright makes me sick to the stomach. Ppl love to see others hurting like the saying "misery loves company". Growing up I wish I could have been exposed to more things bcuz I feel I was being raised up under false pretenses of the real world we live in. Ppl can really be cruel and I pray to God that I am not hardened by all the hurt, hate and pain.... In ending this I am holding my head higher, planting my feet firmer and pressing on and I shall end this w/ another quote from another cousin of mine one day I was ready to open up a can of whip a** and he told me that no situation no matter how great or small it's not worth entertaining foolishness.... He told me "Skylar remember that the joy you have...the world didn't give it to you. So don't let the world take it away, keep ya head up cuz". Alot here on Fubar happens and things are said and done BUT...... just bcuz I don't respond doesnt mean I don't know, I just choose to ignore alot of situations. I pray to God that thru my lifes journey I don't start putting up walls of hate myself.... love you all, muahzzz! AND TO THE SPECTATORS NO THIS IS NOT CONCERNING KAYNE,JAMES,OR JASON WHATEVER NAME YOU CHOOSE TO USE. HE IS A GOOD FRIEND AND EVERYONE SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY MAKES MISTAKES, NOBODYS PERFECT!!!
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