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I feel myself slipping more and more everyday into the

Darkness Pain and Lonelyness of my past ive tryed so 

hard to stay true to all my promises of staying clean 

and sober but in the last few days things have been

happening and they have left me BROKEN with no

will to stay clean and sober im fighting the urges

with every ounce of my body soul and mind

its just so DAMN tough i tryed talking to a few of

ya about whats bothering me its just not enough

i really need some help on this Its just so hard on me

I really dont want to end up bk on that road in my life

but if my fears come to light it might just happen

Breeze skipping over water,
Water reflecting lights strung over the bridge,
Lights shining in your eyes.

The fresh, bold feeling of something new,
As winter melts into liquid spring,
And summer takes shape and ripens alongside love.

The petals from the flowering trees, snow for the summer,
Floating down around us as we kiss,
Once, twice, then forever.

You aren’t just my sunshine.

You're my sun.

                                                                                                                  If Tears Could

If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane, 
I would walk right up to heaven
To bring you home again. 
No farewell words were spoken. 
No time to say good-bye. 
You were gone before we knew it, 
And only God knows why. 
My heart still aches in sadness
And secret tears still flow. 
What it meant to lose you, 
No one will ever know.


R.I.P Grandpa & Dad

How blessed I am that you are in my life
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you
You make everything alright
To you I do not have to prove myself
For you know me
I love you

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be a part of yours
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love
My friend, my lover, my queen
'Til the end


My heart aches within from missing you,
My lips long for the feel of kissing you,
Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin,
To look into your eyes and see deep within,
Just one warm embrace, just to look upon your face,
Just one little touch, from the one I love so much,
If I could gaze upon your smile, for just a little while,
To know that you miss me too, as I’m thinking of you,
To hear the sound of you breathe, knowing you’ll never leave,
To see you walk up to me, then embrace you tenderly,
To just be with the one who’s sent my heart reeling,
And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling,
I sit here alone in my office tonight,
And pray that somehow this all turns out right,
I’ve never been one to do more taking than giving,
I’m not well off but I work hard for a living,
I’ve told you many thoughts that weren’t borrowed or bought,
And in lifetime, who would have thought,
That I have found someone who was just meant for me,
I can’t explain the magic or why this should be,
But there is one thing that I know for certain,
That this just ain’t over till one of us draws the final curtain,
For I’ve seen an angel and I want you to know,
If it’s my choice to make, I’ll never let you go,
Don’t know what life holds, maybe there’s no reason or rhyme,
To think you may be mine in a matter of time,
And though I cannot touch you and we are now apart,
My Love, you do dwell, so deep within my heart.

A thousand times we needed you
A thousand times we cried
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died
A heart of gold stopped beating
two twinkling eyes closed to rest
God broke our hearts to prove he only took the best 
never a day goes by that you’re not in my heart and my soul.


I would make sure dew glides along a rose petal
Accompanied by the song of a lyre with notes infinitesimal
I would make rain drops fall with chimes of crashing crystal
Splashing in a dance of pieces so pristine and ephemeral

For her, I would convince butterflies to perform aerial ballet
Every time she wanders among flowers to make a bouquet
I would charm the robins to beautifully crochet
Using ferns, tulips and crocuses, a little beret

For her, I would entice the pure Lady of the Lake
To allow the water lilies to bloom earlier for her sake
I would assure the coy goldfish to daintily shake
Their flimsy tails near her naked feet so delicate

For her, I would whisper music to the fir cones for them to pirouette
I would play flute for the dandelions to flutter their fragile silhouette
I would compliment the snowflakes for them to sparkle on the minaret
And, with her, I would try to sing a lifelong melodious duet

Breathless kisses Burning touches Soft-spoken words of love Urgently spoken words of passion. A man and a woman One complete love Since time began Predestined to be as one. We've been together before In other lifetimes We've fought dragons And have been torn from each others arms Yet our love prevailed. We've walked on this earth many times together Perhaps for a moment Perhaps for years But our heart is one heart And we were meant to be. So when our time on earth Once again comes to a close Have no worries my dear For we will find each other again And again And again. For our love is ageless Love for all time.

If I called you up in the middle of the night,

To tell you something is just not right,

How would you act, what would you do?

Would you take the time to talk me through?

Or would you tell me it’s way too late,

That my problems just have to wait,

How would you act, what would you do?

If I were to really need you.


If I were to show up at your door one day,

What would you do, what would you say?

Would you take me in and keep me warm?

Or leave me out there in the storm?

Or would you tell me you’re busy and to go away,

That I should come back some other day,

How would you act, what would you do?

If I were to really need you.


Sometimes I just need to know you care,

Just need to know you’ll always be there,

Just a few loving words may be all it takes,

To cure my heart when it aches,

But I need to know that your love is true,

That you’ll always love me like I love you,

How would you act, what would you do?

If I were to really need you.

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