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Michael's blog: "Solitude"

created on 12/01/2008  |

Stepping out into the cold, first time seeing your smile

Wrapping my arms around you

That first kiss, first of many

Feeling the warmth of your lips

Holding you in my arms, hearing those words

Did they have true meaning, or just empty words

As time wore on, they seemed like only words

The coldness in your voice

No affection in body language

You were always wanting, never giving in return

Willing to give all for none in return

What I get for following a hunch

Mistakes in the past, bound to not repeat

Was I wrong, yes I was

Nothing can change what was said

Knife wounds to the core

You kept hurling daggers til the end

Blind to what was there

Always wanting others to love you as well

Never satisfied with just one

Heart will lie, will never heal

Build a wall to protect what's left

From your words at the end

To destroy what was available for only you.

On this journey of life

Gliding along the path

In the wilderness without a guide

No light to shine the way

Solitude at times like this

Not always welcome

Through the darkness

Alone and with no hope

The darkness closes in

On my soul, and upon my heart

This despear can longer be held

Searching for the answers

Alas, they are far from my grasp

Your light was close

But now it's far away

Your love was cherished

But now it's gone

Destined to live this life alone

I wander the hills and streams

Searching for an escape

From the pain and hurt

Happen upon a cove

As the surf crashing around

I lay my head upon the sand

Wave upon wave flowing over my head

Drifting further into sleep

A slumber that has no awakening

Breathing in the mist and spray

Sand entering with each passing wave

Shallow breaths as blackness envelopes me

Drifting off, life escaping

Lungs screaming for relief

I see a light in the dark

Gazing towards the source

It's not but a tourch

Suspended in air by the breeze

Letting this darkness take hold

I give myself freely

To rest alone til Days End.

Alone in this world

Searching for something not to be found

Coming close, but yet so far

Within inches it lays

Reaching out to grasp

Coming away with empty air

Love once was near

But with each passing of the sun

Further and further it slides

Away from touch or feel

Emptiness in this world

Is all that stands before

The meek and lonely

Shall perish without a trace

Emptiness is all that is known

No love allowed by those whom we trust

No love allowed by whom we know

Emptiness is all around

This soul departed

Not to be missed

Along the cliff's edge

Teetering on the edge

Plumeting far below

To the raging surf

To disappear without a trace

This emptiness shall fullfill

This longing shall cease

This light of life no more

Take the time to look back upon the joys Take the time to look ahead at joys to come Don't take for granted the things that can not be Don't take for granted the things that are Love is near, yet so far away Loving touch not found here The love is distant yet Soon to be held Never to be let go Take the time to embrace this feeling Take the time to look ahead at our lives
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