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Mfkn Redd's blog: "My stuff"

created on 02/01/2007  |  http://fubar.com/my-stuff/b50906
ok, so today was my day off.. and i got a phone call. my cell phone was upstairs, so i went up to get it. As im walking down stairs talking on the phone, i slip and fall down the stairs. I hit pretty hard. Pretty much flopped around on the floor like a fish out of water with pain surging through my body. After about half an hour of laying there, and my wife there by my side, i was able to muscle the pain enough to get up. I layed on the couch for an hour, but the pain just seemed to be getting worse. So i went to urgent care. They did some Xrays on me. Come to find out nothing is broken. But i do have a severe bruising on the lower back, especially on the left side over the kidney area. The radiologist will be there tomorrow to examine my xrays some more, and let me know if he finds anything else. So now for a couple days, i have to pretty much lay down, and/or keep ice on it. No heavy lifting, or driving because of my prescriptions. So bleh, that means more time off from work. this sucks... .
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