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JJ's blog: "I hate blogging"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/i-hate-blogging/b10746
So vegas right? Yea I am going to vegas hopefully hear in about 3 weeks. I say hopefully because everytime I take a step closer something happens to take 2 steps back. I finally decided that no matter what friends or alone I was going. Then my boyfriend says he doesnt want me to come alone. I find tickets for really cheap. None of my friends can get the time off. My best friend decides that he can get the week off. I still havent gotten my income tax check (the money I am planing to use for this trip) so I cant buy my ticket which inturn is making it more and more expensive longer I wait. What originally started out as a $300 8 day trip has now turned into a $400 5 day trip. Now my boyfriend is second guessing if I should come out, and my best friend is telling me that he doesnt know if he can get the money. WHY ME!!! I am not a fan of fate today. Lady Luck is a bitch and she is not on my side! If yall know of a cheap way to get to vegas and a hotel for 5 or 4 nights PLEASE let me know, and if you work for the IRS PLEASE PLEASE send me my money bitches! Other then that I am having a memorial day party in clearwater, so if you have my number and live around her use it, i will give you directions its BYOB and no one is showing up till about 8pm or so. Alright I am of to whore it out on the corner to come up with some quick cash to get to my man!
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