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On Feb. 17, 2008 a total of 0.93 of liquid precipitation fell by 11 am when it switched over to snow which fell steadily till 3:30 pm. Strong winds blew the 2.8" of snow around and there were whiteouts in the rural areas. Some of te roads drifted shut again. The barometer fell to a low of 29.05" which is the 2nd lowest reading ever recored for the month of February. The total snowfall for February stands at 34.0" which is also our 2nd snowiest month ever. Only January total stands at 67.7". We set a daily record for precipitation on Feb. 17 with 1.20". Our 34.0" for the first 17 days of February is also a new record for any month. While the first half of February was below normal, last year, the first 15 days were over 14 degrees colder. The first 10 days saw below readings. With 3.84" of precipitation so far this month, we are now in 2nd place for the wettest February, only 2001 with 4.19" had more.
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