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Why has it come down to this smoking or non smoking? Its slowly coming to an end, our freedom that is, to enjoy a smoke and a drink in a bar. Well yes i understand not all drinkers are smokers and not all smokers are drinks, yeah its not fair to a person who likes going to a bar and does nto smoke have to inhale our smoke but its also not right to ban the whole damn bar off limits to smokers. We need a meduim in all this hell build a smoke room for the smokers, be alot better then loseing busnes to the smokers who cant smoke in there bars. Or hell even band none smokers you want a smoke free bar go to the none smoking bar and leave us smokers the hell alone please!!!!!!!! It is our choice to slowly kill our selfs so please stop bitching about secondhand smoke you don't like it go to a none smoking bar i know there are now plunty out there.
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