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Fallen through deeper and deeper getting darker and darker Where to turn? Who to talk to No one.. No one cares! A Black hole consumes my heart As I lose my ability to feel ... to love A forgotten life ... Staring at the hourglass wondering when will it be done running through ... OR will i get the chance to flip it over again A broken mirror yet no reflection no soul NO MORALS! Names thrown around dug deep within the skin of the pure With hurt like a thousand nails she only lets them feel like one!
Pitter...Patter The fell of rain on your once enraged face Rain washes away the pain of the wrong doing of the crimson blood The sound of a beating heart one less than before Fear consumes the body not knowing the next step To just walk away Let the irrigate wash away the evidence never wanting to face the truth Never able to say Good-Bye
A Reflection Lost In Time, A Clear Slate The Difference Between The Masked And The Reality How Can I Tell You How I Fell, When Im As Confused Myself !ANGER! !CORRUPTION! !FAILURE! A Broken Memory, A Forever Stilled Life The Cringe Over Such A Horrific Sight And The Prevention From One World 2..... ANOTHER! Artificial Intelligence Fragile Heart Feelings Of Hurt And Pain That Have Not Been Forgotten Holes In My Heart...Searching...Searching For A Better Life, Yet Still Not Found! !HELP!
Anger! Frustration! No where to go No where to turn All I want to do is... scream n cry! Nothing comes out not a sound ... Why!!?? All I want to do is ... tell everyone But I cant ... I cant scream I cant cry I cant tell anyone No one Knows n No one Understands
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