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webpal's blog: "just for fun"

created on 12/14/2007  |  http://fubar.com/just-for-fun/b167997
I drove my car to a restaurant 50 mile from me since I was afraid friends I knew might see me going into a motel with another couple, Chuck and Sharon picked me up in their car drove to a motel; they all ready had a room so it saved some embarrassment on my part. When we went in the room, Sharon, reached over before I even had a chance to put my purse down and started to rub my tits through my blouse, then she pulled me to her, I knew she was going to try and kiss me, kissing a woman was not something I had thought about before, all my thoughts had up to that point been of a woman performing oral sex on me. Instead I did let her kiss me it was a very passionate kiss, truth is very erotic in fact. Chuck started to undress, he was watching Sharon and I, and I got the impression he was into voyeurism. Sharon unbuttoned my blouse unsnapped my bra started to suck on my tits. My nipples were rock hard; to feel her small tongue circle my nipples was turning me on. Chuck stood there naked, I looked to see if he had an erection but instead he was playing with his soft cock. It was obvious to me now that he wanted to watch Sharon and I. So that turned me on, the thought of making him crazy with desire. I started to relax which was good because Sharon was pulling down my slacks; I wore my prettiest panties, red with white roses sewn on. She slid her hand down my panties into my anxious waiting pussy and moaned I was so wet knowing what was about to take place. Sharon then took her hand out of my panties and put her fingers in her mouth, sucking on them as though they were a cock, she then pulled my panties down and got on her knees, I was tense yet I wanted it to happen, I spread my legs a bit to let her in better, I thought she was going to lick my pussy but instead she fingered my pussy till I was dripping wet, I could feel the juices on my inner thighs, the juices were pouring from my pussy. All this time Chuck was jacking on his cock. My panties were lying down around my ankles; it was obvious I was hot because I keep opening my legs for more and more. Sharon stopped fingering my pussy and lead me over to the queen size bed, laid me down gently, I thought now she is going to lick my pussy till I had an orgasm, wrong, she started to finger fuck me again, Chuck walked over to the side of the bed leaned down and sucked my tits, this was the first physical contact I had with him so far. Then something happened that shocked me; he started to slap my tits with his cock, at first I was a bit frightened not knowing what I had gotten myself into, Sharon stopped fingering my pussy scooted up to the top pf the bed, put her fingers in my mouth and said “I want you to taste the sweet juices”. Damn her fingers were so wet! Chuck was still slapping my tits with his cock but it did not hurt, in fact it felt different a good erotic feeling. Sharon went back down to the foot of the bed, spread my legs and with one big lick cleaned my pussy of all its wetness. She was moaning I was moaning and before I knew it I had my first of many orgasms. Chuck watched the whole time, watched his girl friend pleasure my pussy, then another surprise, he jacked off on my tits, and had Sharon stop licking my pussy and clean my tits off. Then they change positions and Chuck ate my pussy while Sharon sucked my tits, she was standing leaning over me sucking my tits, and I felt her hand reach for mine and guide it to her pussy. Again I was a bit scared but I had agreed to do this so I felt I had to please them as well. A pussy feels so strange inside, warm, wet, ruff with ridges in places yet very soft. I have seen enough porn movies and masturbated enough to know what to do to please her; I kept my finger in her pussy and rubbed her clit till she clamped down on my finger with an intense orgasm. Now I was really getting scared, I was afraid next she would expect me to lick her pussy and I was not sure I could go through with it. But instead chuck flipped me on my knees and started to lick my pussy from behind, then lick my ass, damn I was is fucking horny, he then stuck his cock in me slowly, Sharon slide under me and licked my pussy while he fucked me. I had the most wonderful orgasm. After Chuck had an orgasm he had Sharon clean him off and she sucked him to another erection, this time he fucked her and I did suck on her tits, I must admit I like it. It felt like sucking on marshmallows with nipples :) This went on for 5 hours with rest in between, sucking, fucking and licking. Chuck must have been taking vigara because once he got hard he stayed hard. Chuck asked me if I would do anal with him, I lied and told him I never had and really did not want to try it. He at least said okay. Once during the day I sat back and watched Sharon and Chuck eat each other and fuck, it was cool watching. I think because this was my first time at FMF Sharon knew I was a bit scared of performing oral on a woman so she never pressured me to try, for which I was grateful. When they drove me back to my car they said, lets get together again soon, I said love to but I have not as of yet. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a woman eat my pussy and so I did. I had always heard a woman knows how to please a woman, and take my word for it they do! I hope you enjoyed my story :) Sherry
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