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It's Sunday and I'm starting the countdown til I leave. After today I have 5 more full days left and then I leave midday on the 6th. That day I get to enjoy a chicago hotdog and a 312 at O'hare International Airport for my 3 hour layover. Man I wish I could stay there but my orders say I have to return to home duty station. Until then I must be satisfied with the food provided to me, it was better in Iraq and I heard its better in Afghanistan. Anyway enough rambling about food, soon I'll be back to Boston to enjoy my favorite stuff anyway. What's gonna be really fun is I have hockey on the 8th and the rest of that week off then I leave for fort hood, texas for a few weeks. Yay. I'd still prefer Utah but I'll have to wait until september or October for that. I'm pumped because on the 4th here we get to leave early and on the 5th i get to enjoy buffalo wild wings. The apartment search is going prety good, money is going to be a little tight at first due to how the VA works, other veterans know what i'm talking about. That's all I gotta say today.

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