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liluni's blog: "Shattered Ankle"

created on 04/29/2008  |  http://fubar.com/shattered-ankle/b211633
well here it is 2 weeks since I been able to put weight on my ankle doing really good, still just a lil slow but making very good progress. I am able to walk more & more every day without the help of the walker/crutches...
Friday, June 6, 2008 What a week I got to start putting weight on the ankle on Monday (Yes I am as slow as a snail...one passed me the other day) Today I walked without the walker, crutches for the first time, still wobbley but doing really good considering
update on my ankle...doing better everyday, still have approx 4 weeks before Ican start putting weight on it. I go to the dr this week for the 1 month post op visit, keeping fingers crossed that he starts letting me do more with it..like trying to do a little walking..the walker & wheelchair are ok, but getting tiring....good leg, knee & hip are starting to be sore,,,as I am doing alot of hopping
On the 19th day of April I fell and shattered my ankle, it broke in 3 places, and dislocated on top of that..this causing all the ligaments/tendons to tear, we still do not know but I may have permanent nerve damage..they put me to sleep to reset (put back into place) on sat the 19th. On the 20th at 7am had surgery repairing my ankle...I know have 2 plates about 4" long, 2 pins 4-6" in length and 13 screws. Today the 29th I got to get the staples out there were 15 on each side *inside & outside* Yes the pain is hurendous...I have never felt this much pain in my entire life. Now I have 8 weeks of non-berring weight* this is the hard part as I am very active* I will keep posted on my blogs as to what is up Hugs to you all
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