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30 Year Old · Female · From Austin, TX · Invited by: 479475 · Joined on December 9, 2006 · Born on June 19th
30 Year Old · Female · From Austin, TX · Invited by: 479475 · Joined on December 9, 2006 · Born on June 19th

Let's see...-- I'm 18 and loving it.-- I live in the live music capitol of the world. Go me.-- I go to the best little college in the entire country.-- Currently, I'm a Theatre major with a minor in Environmental Science, but I'm probably changing my major to Nursing.-- I'm not an actress, I'm a tech. To be more specific, I'm the Stage Manager. I run things, I'm in charge and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my position and I'm damn good at it.-- The light of my life is a 190lb. Great Dane named Eos, whom I love dearly.-- I'm single, yes, but my heart is taken.-- I have this really neato photography camera, but I'm not very good at using it, but I like to pretend I am! :D.-- I love watching movies! I just hate scary ones 'cause I have no one to protect me from the scary stuff.-- I have a Scion xA and in my opinion, it is the best car ever and nobody cantell me differently.-- I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.-- I love my family, they're completely insane but it's wonderfully amusing.-- I'm not big on drinking or smoking, but I do enjoy a glass of wine or sip of Wild Turkey. I just don't get drunk and I HATE smoking.-- I consider myself pretty liberal, my philosophy is that it's your life and not mine, so I shouldn't try to change you for my beliefs. I have friends of all races, sizes, and sexual orientations. I love them all dearly and I wouldn't change any of them ever!-- I am a Catholic. I don't agree with all of their beliefs, but I am a Catholic nontheless. Like most other Catholics, I'm fiercely proud of my religion. :)-- I can do some pretty stupid stuff. I tend to act before my think when I'm with my friends. I have a reputation of kind of being the 'crazy' friend.-- I'm also a big mouth, I talk A LOT. And sometimes, if I get really excited about something, I talk really fast and people don't understand me.Well, gosh. That's a long list, but yeah. Any questions or anything, I'm a friendly person! If you contact me in the right manner, I'll be more than happy to talk to anyone!

30 Year Old · Female · From Austin, TX · Invited by: 479475 · Joined on December 9, 2006 · Born on June 19th
I love.... -- My life. -- My family. -- My faith. -- My friends. -- My pets. -- My Matt. -- Animals. -- Laughing so hard your sides hurt and you're crying. -- Flip flops. -- BATMAN. -- Superheroes. -- Movies. -- Third Eye Blind. -- The Killers. -- Travelling. -- Exploring. -- Playing in the rain. -- Running around barefoot in the rain. -- Building sand castles. -- Skipping rocks across lakes, ponds, etc. -- Diving for change in my pool. -- My sock monkey!!! -- My car. -- My journal. -- SLEEPING! -- Cuddling. -- My laptop. -- My cell phone. -- My Rosary. -- Meeting people. :) -- Taking pictures. -- Sunrises, when I actually get to see them. -- Clouds. -- Stars. I love stars! That's what my first tattoo is gonna be. :D!! -- Horoscopes/astrology. -- Movie nights in my best friend's RV. -- Football! -- Stage management. -- Notre Dame. GO IRISH! -- Swimming. -- Seeing helicoptors. It makes me happy to see them. ^_^;; -- Puddles! -- Seeing wildlife. -- Long, hot showers. -- Stuffed animals. -- My class ring. -- My jackass trophy. -- S'mores. -- Christmas. And you, of course! ;)
I love all of these artists (not in any real order, either): -- Third Eye Blind. -- Hellogoodbye. -- Blue October. -- The Killers. -- George Fenton. -- UB40. -- Fatboy Slim. -- Peter Gabriel. -- Dave Matthews Band. -- Ben Lee. -- Dirty Vegas. -- Vertical Horizon. -- James Blunt. -- Tonic. -- Coldplay. -- Gin Blossoms. -- Haddaway. -- Poets of the Fall. -- Deathcab for Cutie. -- The Postal Service. -- Matchbox Twenty. -- The Fray. -- Snow Patrol. -- Fort Minor. -- Goo Goo Dolls. -- Mae. -- The Secret Handshake. -- U2. -- Tears for Fears. -- Soft Cell. -- Chronic Future. -- Eve 6. -- Collective Soul. -- Train. -- Blink-182. -- Jet. -- Tom Cochrane. -- Jimmy Eat World. -- Savage Garden. And many more, of course! I just got tired of thinking of things, haha.
GOSH!! I love movies, love love love...So here we go, list time! -- How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. -- Batman Begins. -- Batman Forever. -- Batman Returns. -- Fantastic Four. -- X-Men. -- X-Men 2. -- Eurotrip. -- Ever After. -- Without a Paddle. -- The Sweetest Thing. -- The Girl Next Door. -- Just Friends. -- The Holiday. -- Happy Feet. -- The Princess Bride. -- Sweet Home Alabama. -- Taps. -- Animal House. -- The Last Unicorn. -- The Breakfast Club. -- Moulin Rouge. -- Raising Helen. -- Sleeping Beauty. -- Bambi. -- John Tucker Must Die. Those are just some of them...There are so many more that I simply adore!!

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