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61 Year Old · Male · From Texas · Joined on August 26, 2007 · Born on September 11th · 1 person has a crush on me!

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Hello Yawl..My real is Steve,I'm visually impaired and hearing impaired
back in the 70's thru 90's..I used to drive my sportster and 4x4 pickup and other vehicles I've owned...driving down the road seeing small livings things flying and small things in distances..well, it's no more I now have a tunnel vision called retinitis pigmentosa that I was diagnosed in '98..driver licence was taken away plus sold what vehicle ive owned..life became a bitch..but now its not a bitch and it became struggling to maintain my life and well being fighting the blindness ..going thru researches and living on vitamins to slow the progressiveness,I'm wearing shade a lot more than I've had before because of the glares from any form of lights that had done more damages to the retinas when I wasn't wearing the shade..and damaged retinas had caused a low vision where I have to be close to the pc screen or smart phone..it blows I tell ya..I've been putting my faith in God for good cause...so..if yawl want to be my friend, stick around..if not be on your way out...I'll put some more stuff here since it's starting to annoy my eyes looking at the white screen..so..be back later thanks.

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61 Year Old · Male · From Texas · Joined on August 26, 2007 · Born on September 11th · 1 person has a crush on me!
there's few things i like; one is bbq, i love bbq you can grill almost anything, secondly is i like is to meet people but funny thing is that when i mention something about me..they all ran away, why? cause i'm visually impaired with damaged retinas...but that's ok there's plenty of people out there that would understand the concept of being visually impaired and next is i watch football and also plays madden football on PS2
southern rock
southern metal
country rock
80's hair bands
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madden football games

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