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68 Year Old · Male · From Novato, CA · fuMarried to: sweetangel o... · Joined on April 18, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on December 17th · 53 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
68 Year Old · Male · From Novato, CA · fuMarried to: sweetangel o... · Joined on April 18, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on December 17th · 53 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

i was born in 1949 dec.the year babe ruth died,thus i have lived many lives,from hi school ,on the wrestling team where on l.i. it was THE sport a blood sport like football in Texas was varsity missed the counties by one point,coach Jackson worked us like the military"can;t turn chicken shit to chicken salad",used to have dinner and run upstairs and to regurgitate to keep my weight at 112,at 15 my band played the mepham senior prom did a tour upstate ny,i recall a crowd of close to 700 at a few local concerts am not sure i remember kids looking through the church windows,my lead singer mark Johnson well known in grenwich village NY does tracks for Disney etc. my frat buddy Louis h Gould producer unit production manager law and order for over 10 years the early ones,i went through a windshield the summer of 68 110 stitches,severed years,later,3 tendons in right hand was shipped to sf general rather then near by Berkly hospital,started smoking chronic Pakistani Lebanese red and blonde age 14 acid 18,first trip 18 yrs however it was stp.,wtf every one is turning into like giant human lizards.queried "you guys been doing this?"later on went to oswego state had a nervous break down,got a 3.2 anyway,transferred to Albany state university thinking that the electronic music program was still there,the place was sterile, oswego was a party college and called red hill,my life has always been a three ring circus more stitches then Frankenstein,like accident prone.in 10nth grade a gay guy turned me on to reading.my first books were ayan rand' virtue of selfishness then atlas shrugged moved on to Dostoevsky crime and punishment brother's Karamazov the idiot the gambler etc. always was a stage person,still more comfortable on camera then off.i have a hell of a temper when insulted or slandered. thought i might be a narcissist,or an Oedipus or Sisyphus lol definitely not misogynists{he-man woman hater (little rascals))got the lead in fortune in men's eyes at Albany state theater dept.the director came on to me so i said forget it,ironically my best friend was gay and black and quite nelly.he fell in love with me,i simply told him i loved him as a friend however just not into men not bi just totally hetero.,as far as how i dress metro sexual,update not these days,this is bizarre about me !,in retrospect...more like a public therapy session.well I really don't mind being a bit transparent. totally into English rock soon as Beatles arrived,band switched from Jan and dean and Brian Wilson,good vibrations in my room etc. surfer to English Beatles who,remember seeing Brian Jone's hair from back on a newsstand music rag cover.that's for me that's for us so added a lotta stones.dad got me guitar lessons at seven years old.the 6'4" gentle George milligan who soon learned i was a prodigy, and started to teach me standards misty ebb tide tea for two perfidia dancing on the sealing girl from ipanema,desifinado(slightly out of tune)Antonio Carlos Job'im Brazilian tunes.the greatest fortune was that,my heroes were jimmy smith Hammond organ Wes Montgomery guitar Kenny Burrel gtr,the Byrd Charley Parker the incredible James brown, all black.i might have been a bigot growing up in a wealthy 70 to 80% Jewish Italian Irish bellmore Merrick L.I. NY . When I was 8 years old from bay ridge Brooklyn,was there all the time dad owned the chataway bar and lounge on 36th and 4th Ave,4 blocks from the docs.i remember the regulars peter rabbit brokaley Tommy 4 eyes etc like good-fellas.only 5 or10 years ago my cousins informed me that the sopranos was based at least in part on my family Rudy from NJ bought the building,mom would say remember that big dinner when every one was kissing his ring...i would rather not talk much about it .my first sales job was as a barker in sf at the strip clubs on broad way then guitar center where i worked with Larry Thompson and ray Shure owners,was accessory manager got center fold in April 1983 guitar player mag biz section.I was quite Happily married for 15 years of a 20 year marriage .....the c5 c67 neck crush and my risk orientated life style even though the money was great...Security Sales,manager of brokerage offices then on to my Limited Partnership on the Pacific Coast Options Exchange,back to retail consumer electronics after a separation from wife,and reunion...then the crushed vertebrae ...made life to say the least difficult.fusion operation bye one of the finest surgeons in the world...head of the Saint Francis Memorial Spinal Center Sf,The amazing Dr. Kenneth E Light after a 6 month wait...it was painful yet worth it.At the age of 50 I got a job as a lift operator at Bear Valley Ski resort 8500 ft lived up the block from Big Trees National Park...5000 feet learned to ski ...did 3x's on pack powder is another ball game....worked later on with Autistic emotionally damaged men and women ..they were my kids and although low pay was very fulfilling .I lived in Hollywood La worked on a few Indies,,,lack of financing hurt these projects ,,,I'd rather be on film then off.To the present I collect Social Security and do my music am always on the net.My mission is as an artist no matter what lies before me....No turning back so regardless of success or failure this is it."They're is no success like failure and failure is no success at all" Bob Dylan

68 Year Old · Male · From Novato, CA · fuMarried to: sweetangel o... · Joined on April 18, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on December 17th · 53 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
passionate about film acting directing cg the whole process creating and studing music. women.networking marketing on the web,doing a score background music for film.will work for gross points for a film that looks like it might shine and with good interaction amongst the actors a project that generates enthusiasm the yeast that makes the dough rise!i might have to play in a band or i might never get laid i don't get out much lately so many obstacles to be overcome to even set up the most(in my opinion)basic music and film studio workstation office involves having a mind that can lay out a course of action where studying music book learned and if learning off an album discipline notating at the least the chord structure adhering to the intentions of the song when written(in other words don't butcher another man or woman's art...if relax and practice play off a repetitive back ground and use grimoires for scale work have to learn every day,study and editing film must be remembered daily from here a mythical Greek odyssey
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