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created on 10/03/2006  |
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well, i had started to see someone and low and behold...once again im not so imporant. was given the hope and had it ripped away. im tired of being the person that every1 walks on because ive got such a big heart. its like im just a lil game piece in every1s lil game, something to be played with... im so tired of it. is that all i am? something to be toyed with? is there anyone who even truely cares? im beginning to doubt it.
well, it seems to me lately that every1 has someone. im so happy that they r happy but im still wondering when itll be my turn. i mean there is someone who i am really interested in right now but the distance is a killer. alot of things have gone on lately and i think ive personally done alot of changing and there might be an even bigger change coming to my life... we shall see i guess. much love Krys *hugs and kisses*
im sorry to say that after a long struggle and many sleepless nights of worry and hope for better, my best friend tammys grampy has passed on. just a small note to say that im sorry and i pray for her and her family and that her grandfather finds his place in heaven and i shall ring a bell just so that angel gets his wings... love u tammy...
ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right?? well, welcome to my month!! all started with my smashing my head in that storage closet... after that, it all went downhill. and the worst is the ongoing ordeal with my best friend and her grampy... which will be coming to an end soon. im at her house from now until she comes back after its all over... i feel bad for her and im sorry for the family but her grampy has been suffering and lately its alot worse then any person should have to go through. love ya tammy.. and family. im off for now, got lots to think about.

o yea

and on top of all that, almost everything the s**thead said in his statement was a lie and goes down exactly with what he told me that no matter what he would get my bro in jail and keep him there...tell me this guy has a life!!! lmfao


i wanna know some opinions on this, where the f*** do some ppl get the nerve to bring children into something that has nothing to do with them??? my bro is sitting in jail because of my d**khead of an ex bf, and that ex had the nerve to bring my son into the statement regarding my brother.... wtf?!?! my son isnt even 3 and has nothing to do with it but he brought him into... how does someone do that??? i am sooooooo pi**ed right now!!! sorry ppl. pls leave me ur thoughts here.
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