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It has come to my attention that Seamus does not believe i can not be nice helpful and sentimental for at least 48 hours. I have decided that we should make a bet out of this.

I agree that Witchie(stupid spell check) should be the unbiased judge to our bet and will decide in the end who is the winner and who will be the looser. There will be no arguing as to her ruling and she has the power of the veto...

If you witness one of us breaking said rules please rat Seamus out immediately....

Here are the rules:

1. Wicked must be nice and helpful threw out Monday and then again on Tuesday

2. Seamus must be genuine and sweet during these days to

3. We may not avoid being on Fubar if found guilty you forfeit and I immediately win the bet.

4. If and When Wicked wins you will pimp her out begging and stealing from everyone you know in order for her to get enough money for the spotlight..

5. If Seamus wins Wicked will pay for the FU marriage for at least one months time, she will also refrain from doing the "evil plan" her and Tom cooked up for at least once month...

6. There will be no texting of your daily pooing

7. Seamus and Wicked must both enter the mumms for atleast an hour both days at the same time.

8. We may not talk sexually to anyone or selves, nor sexual innuendos nor use sexual names..

9. You can not call anyone or yourself such names as bitch, cunt or whore....

Do you agree to these terms...

Please feel free to add



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