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84 Year Old · Male · From New York, NY · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Born on September 4th
84 Year Old · Male · From New York, NY · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Born on September 4th

I am here looking to make some new friends and not to boost my ego with pages of buddies from whom I will never heard from. I am just your average man who had made mistakes but who also have dreams like anyone else ........ I am not a man with a big ego or with a sense of big macho man so, if you are looking for someone with those characteristics, keep looking, I am not the one, it's not me.

Life has taught me that life not as simple and pure as we would like it to be, many times we make mistakes and our mistakes hurt people, much so many times those mistakes hurt the people that we love the most.

A while back I learned to love. I loved a woman with all my heart; yet in matters of the heart I have a long way to go …… I am thankful that I haven’t learn to distrust or doubt people because of love ………

In a more recent note and not long ago I had a bad day at work, I was in a kind of an accident. This event forced me to take some time off from everything and everybody and gave me the opportunity to meditate and reflect about my life, and just like many other people I also have made mistakes and I have judged others without having that right, without being a judge…….. I repent of some things I have done, nonetheless, I don’t wish to go back in time and erased my mistakes. I made mistakes and I have learned from them and moved on. I am thankful that life has given me the chance to see them and to amend those that can be mended.

At the end of the day when I look at the grandiose sky to evaluate my day and I look at the stars and the moon for guidance and inspiration I realized that I still have a dream … I still believe in love.

84 Year Old · Male · From New York, NY · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Born on September 4th
...... long weekend trips, don't matter if the are around Manhattan, Sunday's breakfast, long walks in Central Park and during summer I like to jetsky and go rock climbing, perhaps this summer Ilearn how to dance salsa....
My grandmother, she was a strong dedicated woman.

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