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Can you believe it's year 3?

Well it's time for the Sciencey fair. Actually it's a little late this year but whatever. I've made some bad choices and life and it's a little hard to keep it together. Some days you can have your shit together and be on top of the world getting done and living the dream. Other days you forget to buy tampons on the third consecutive trip to the grocery store and you spend three hours looking through old purses and suitcases just so you don't have to put a bra on and leave the house. 

But I digress....

The 3rd annual Sciencey fair is open to all fubar members. (haha you said members) You don't have to be my friend to participate and honestly I prefer it that way because I will probably have trouble looking you in the eye after this. 

Sciencey entries must be hand drawn and can be on any sciencey topic of your choosing. Feel free to look through other entries for inspiration etc. Don't copy though because we both know you can do better than that.

Siencey entries must be hand drawn on any type of paper. You must use at least three different colors. You may use pens, crayons, markers, water colors, oil paint, glitter, sparklies ... pretty much any type of craft store artsy shit. Speaking of shit ... submissions using blood, urine, ejaculate or fecal matter will most likely be rejected. Most likely.  Spit is ok though. feel free to spit on your art.

Once you create your masterpiece let me know and I will copy it from your page or you can email it to me.

Entries must be submitted by  MONDAY DECEMBER 5th.

Once I have all the entries we will run a one week fan favorite contest. send people to vote on your stuff the person that has the most votes gets the Fan Favorite award.


Fan Favorite - most votes from december 5th to december 12th

Best overall- as determined by the panel of judges*

Best artwork- as determined by the panel of judges*

Spirit award- The project that most imbiggens the Sciencey Fair idea (see moon domination sciencey fair project for original winner. spoiler alert it was me).

Made me laugh the hardest award - as determined by the panel of judges*

Yes, there will be actual prizes.

No, I don't know what they will be. yet.

Yes, I will be hurt if you don't participate.

No, I don't want to hear about how you procrastinate and what not.

Yes, I still love you.

No, I told you I don't do that anymore.

Any other questions? Let me know. Spread the word and let everyone know about the Fair. We all know they won't get their shit done in time so they won't be competition but they might vote for you later. 

* the panel of judges consists of me and all my imaginary friends that show up when i snort a xanax and drink half a bottle of pink wine. Now that's sciencey

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