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Sava's Music Playground :: reviews ,releases from the world of rock/metal Savadog writes: It's that time again Rockers and Rockettes for another run down on some of the best releases coming your way. COMING SOON Hydrogyn-Deadly Passions:hits stores June 23th UK-June 10th 2008 U.S.A .The Second release by this female fronted hard rock band hailing from Ashland Kentucky.There first cd is a great start for this hard hitting band "Bomb Shell",Deadly Passions continues the same path if not only to say a bit harder maybe none the less a very solid sophmore cd by Hydrogyn.This should be one band we should keep our eyes on think they will be very big soon. http://www.hydrogyn.com http://www.myspace.com/hydrogyn Pyramaze-Immortal,Release dates:May 30th Europe,June 24th 2008 U.S.A,Japan and Russain release dates coming soon.Pyramaze is one of my fav newer bands of the last couple of years starting off with "legend Of the Bone Carver Featuring Lance King On vocals.He is a supurb singer in his own right and I'll add a link for more info you can check out at the end.On to Immortal This cd unlike others has a bit more Iced Earth feel to it.No suprise here considering the vocals are none other than Matt Barlow (former and now returned vox for Iced Earth.This Cd is killer through and through.Melodic power metal at its finest.A must for any power metal fan out there or even if you just like Matt Barlow. http://www.pyramaze.com http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseactio n=user.viewprofile&friendid=209353019 Gypsy Rose-Another World:Gypsy Rose is a band I'm not to familure with.They have released two previous cd entitled Prey in 1990 and self titled Cd Gypse Rose in 2005.I don't know who the singer was on those two cd's but very good 80's CD's.Another World will be out on June 20th 2008 featuring none other than David Reece ex singer of Accept,Bangelore choire and Sircle of Silence.This is yet another feel good 80's style rock Cd.if your like me and miss and love the 80's metal you will deffinatly love this.Gypsy Rose is a sure hit for those of us hair metal heads it just kicks Arse. http://www.gypsyrose.se/main.htm Out Now H.E.A.T-Heat:The Debut Cd by Swedish rockers H.E.A.T self titled hit stores on April 28th 2008.These guys take all that was great and killer from the 80's(got a feeling thats what they grew up listening too)great hooks and riffs with well written lyrics and all put together in the best 80's form one could ever want in a band in the 2000's.I give this a rating of 11 highly recomended for any melodic rock needs http://www.heatsweden.com Virus IV-Dark Sun:Virus IV is a Belgium group featuring the voice of one of metals finest female singers Magali Luyten.She Has Appeared on Cd's such as Beautiful Sin, Ayreon's Cd- 01011001.Though there listed on myspaxce as metal/rock/goth I'd have to say there more just pure metal through en' through which's suits me quite well.The music is as tight as any band out now.Vocally well for me just plain dead on killer.One band I will be keeping my eye on.Enjoy Metal heads. http://www.virus4.net Benedictum-Seasons of Tragedy:Seasons of Tragedy out now.This is the sophmore release by the San Diego's based metalers.Uncreation showed a good taste of what Benedictum had to offer very Impressive debut cd.Now with Season of Tragedy the onsluaght for your ear as well as your heavy metal appietite.Veronica's vocals are as strong if not even stronger on this one as the previous Cd.Pete Wells kicks out some awsome riffage as usual.Jesse Wright and Paul Courtois Bring in the driving hammer perfectly along with Tony Diaz layering keyboards bring a nice ambiance to it all.All in all this is a excellent second effort by Beneditcum.Be sure to check them out don't think you will be disappointed. http://www.benedictum.net/Home.htm
Savadog writes: It's time again Rockers and Rockettes for another installment of upcoming releases as well as reviews of Awsome artists already out. COMING SOON 3 Doors Down-Self Titled Cd due in stores May 20th 2008.Having been a fan of 3 Doors Down from there debut release "The Better Life" comes there 4th Cd.Having only heard a couple tracks from this new Cd it sounds as solid as the others.No real suprises here but that's ok.3 Doors Down doesn't need to change there style in my opinion what they have works and it works well, as the saying goes don't fix what's not broken.Have a feeling this will end up being another great success for them.If you liked there previous work you will like this one as well. http://www.3doorsdown.com Kings x-CD-XV May 20th 2008realease date.I have to admit here since there cridicly acclaimed "gretchen goes to Nebraska" I've pretty much lost track of Kings x.Not to say there not a good or even great band though the great I've not realy seen yet.Remembering how good "gretchen goes to nebraska"is leaves me to think this may not measure up to that Cd.From there website you will be able to hear one track from this new Cd.Sad to say not much change in them here,other than to say the song left me not realy wanted more.I will have to check the rest of this when it comes out in hopes there are better tracks from it.Lets hope so. http://www.kingsxrocks.com blaze Bayley-May 30th 2008 Release of "The man who wouldn't die".blaze Bayley former singer for Iron Maiden (The X Factor,Virtual XI.)Though in my opinion not as powerful a singer as Bruce Dickinson is nonetheless a good singer in his own right.I've not heard any of his solo work except for a clip from his website.His work in maiden was quit good.I will Be checking out more of him soon. http://www.planetblaze.com Jorn Lande-"Lonely are the brave will be out june 6th 2008 according to his website.Jorn is one of the best melodic rock singers out today having lent his awsome voice to bands:The snakes,Ark,Millenium,Masterplan as well as a collaboration with Russell Allen(Symphony X.)Having heard this mans work "lonely are the brave" will yet again be another excellent adding to any melodic rocker out there.You can check out the title track for this Cd at http://www.myspace.com/realjorn http://www.jornlande.com OUT NOW Jon Oliva's Pain-Global Warning hit the stores on March 22nd 2008.HMmmmmmm where does one begin with Jon Oliva.Along with his brother chris(RIP) created one of rock/metals best bands Savatage of which I'm a huge fan of as well as helping with Chris Caffery with Trans Siberain Orchastra aka TSO.Though no word if there will be another Savatage Cd but atleast we have his solo stuff this his Fourth under this name.This Cd is as strong if not maybe a bit stronger than the debut "Tage Mahal".While Listening to any of jon's stuff you will certainly hear the Savatage sound but hey what would one expect from a founding member of said band.In my opinion anything this man touches is gold in the music world.Then again i'm bias due to my love of Savatage.A must in my opinion to anyone with a pulse. http://www.jonoliva.net/index2.htm Kamelot-Ghost Opera "The Second Coming" April 8th 2008 for the U.S.A.Well what can one say of Kamelot these guys have put out nothing but great progressive metal since day one.This release is a 2 disc reissue featuring a live Cd from Belgrade, Two videos including new studio tracks along with a new cover and booklet.If you've not heard of Kamelot what dungeoun have you been locked in.Get your butts in gear and check them out like YESTERDAY.LOL http://www.kamelot.com Violent Divine-Self Titled yes yet another self titled Cd atleast its a debut and not like established bands that due so I think to not coming up with a album name but anyways.Violent Divine hailing from sweden and let me tell ya it's always great to hear a band that brings back the straight forward in your face hard rock.Violent Divine is one breath of fresh are to the cookie cutter corperate junk that we are all hammered with on fcc controled radio(thank god for Internet Radio)although i've yet to hear them played on reg radio here.They should be played everywhere if for no reason other than to shake up the poor excuse of music that seems to be the norm of today.If you like your music straight ahead then Violent Divine is for you. http://www.violentdivine.se Theory of a deadman-Scars & Souvenirs out on April 1st 2008.Another band I've been a long time fan of well since there debut release "Theory of a deadman".Yet again another hard hitting band original sound there realy is no band out that sounds anything like them a pleasant change in today's music scene.Scars & Souvenirs is another excellent CD,The writing is dead on and as always the musicianship is as tight if not tighter than ever before.If this Cd doesn't turn heads to the rockers of the world then I think nothing will ever.a deffinate must for any rocker or rockette out there.Go get this great Cd. http://www.theoryofadeadman.com TWO WEEKS FROM NOW LOOK FORWARD TO VOLUME 6 FEATURING :At this present time volume 6 will be a surprise to you as well as myself due to not sure who I will find for this one but never fear rockers and rockettes I will search high & low for the next issue. Written by Savadog
Sava's Music Playground :: reviews ,releases from the world of rock/metal April 20th 2008 It's time again Rockers and Rockettes for another installment of upcoming releases as well as reviews of Awsome artists already out. COMING SOON Brother Firetribe-Hailing from Finland an area not noted for 80's style hair metal but alas heres brother firetribe.Bringing back the good time feel and fun into the hard rock for the 2000's.Though I'm just starting to get to know there music they have put forth a debut called "Fasle Metal".There sophmore release "Heart Full of Fire" due out may 14th 2008.If you like great melodies,guitar riffs with a solid bass and drum backing.think of Van Halen,Journey and Skid Row than go check out Brother Firetribe don't think you'll be disappointed. http://www.brotherfiretribe.com Communic-Norwegian Progressive metal thrashers are back.The 4th release by them 'Payment of existance' scheduled for release may 30th 2008 .Once again for this writer a band that i've only been intruduced to for a short time.Having heard some tunes from there Myspace page(which is where the link here will lead till the new one is released)let me tell you this is one band to be keeping ones eye on.Excellent musicianship,solid writing just simply ROCK your speakers great stuff. http://www.communic.org Testament-Last but certainly not least of this by weekly report comes Testament bay area's thrash metallers spanning a 25 year career comes forth the next onslaught "Formation of Domination" will hit stores April 25th 2008.After hearing this release and reading there band/bio from there web site I would have to agree with whats said that this is the big brother of 1988's 'The New Order".If you have ever been a fan and had lost intrest during the times when Alex Skolnick and Greg Christian went to persue other interest either personally or professionally nonetheless get your hands on this Cd.In my opinion and I'm not the biggest fan of testament though have been a fan for years this is by far the best hands down the guys have released.Lets hope they return for another soon. http://www.testamentlegions.com OUT NOW Fireland-Northern Ireland's Fireland self titled Cd which is also self financed and self produced offers some killer riffs,great vocals and exceptional writing in my opinion anyways.This Cd having been recorded between 2006 and 2007 is very impressive in all aspects having been self produced these guys did a supurb job.Check them out http://www.fireland.tv Rage-german metallers are back once again "carves in Stone" a hard hitting in your face Cd to please all metalheads everywhere.Rage have release 36 cd's/Dvd's in the illustrious career only having been a recent fan from a few years back this is one band that puts out some of the best metal you will hear.If your not a fan yet get off your butt and check them out unless you like the softer side then this wont be your cup of music :). http://www.rage-on.de Death Angel-Death Angel's 6th studio release "Killing Season" is another superb release as one would expect of the San Francisco thrashers.This is one of the best thrash /metal bands out today having debut there first alum back in 1987 with "The Ultra Violence" Though I did not come on board with them till there credicly acclaimed "Act III" back in 1990 been a big fan of them since.Hard hitting metal at its finest here.A true must have for any metalheads young and old. http://www.deathangel.com TWO WEEKS FROM NOW LOOK FORWARD TO VOLUME 5 FEATURING : Jon Oliva's Pain Kamelot Plus more!! Written by Savadog Side Note:I have recently found out through there web site that Boston will be going a head with the tour they had planned before Brad Delp passed away.Should be quit interesting for Micheal sweet (ex-Stryper singer/guitarist)will be taking care of front man duties.have not heard how he will do on the Boston songs.Anyone who either sees this show or has Michael/Boston on audio I would be interested to hear it. http://www.bandboston.com
Sava's Music Playground :: reviews ,releases from the world of rock/metal march 21st, 2008 It's that time again Rockers and Rockettes for another run down on some of the best releases coming your way. COMING SOON Sevendust-Atlanta based rockers have returned.for me I've been waiting for new material from Sevendust.Been a huge fan of these guys since there debut (home)now with the next rocker entitled Charpter VII:Hope & Sorrow out on April 1st.I've heard a some of this and it sounds great no suprise,Sevendust allways delievers. http://www.sevendust.info Dominici-The Brainchild of Dream Theaters debut Cd Charlie Dominici(vocals) O3 A trilogy-Part 3 due out April 22nd.This is the last segment of this trilogy the first part was all piano and acoustic,part two got a bit heavier as the story became more engaging and now with part 3 wow what a nice ending to this story or concept Cd trilogy.This release is all progressive metal at its finest.One thing I will have to say is get all three so you can hear the whole story not just this one.Enjoy http://www.dominici.com/ Circle II Circle-Lead by ex-savatage singer Zak Stevens brings us another excellent cd.Delusions Of Grandeur due out on April 25th.Having not only heard zak with savatage as well as being a circle II circle fan from the start this is sure to please anyone who likes the savatage or progressive style. I'f your not a fan or familure with these guys get it in gear, you wont be disappointed. http://www.circle2circle.net PowerWorld-Self Titled debut Cd coming to stores on April 28th.Hailing from germany featuring an awsome line up:Steffen Brunner(vocals) Nils Neumann-Keyboard(Freedom Call) Jurgen Lucas-Drums(At Vance) and Barish Kepic-Guitar(Jadded Heart) and Ilker Ersin-bass(Freedom Call,Moon'Doc).This is a powerfull debut hope to see more from PowerWorld. http://www.powerworld.org OUT NOW Sabastian Bach-Angel Down.Sabastian Bach former lead vocalist of Skid Row a band that had many great hits and totaly rocked in the mid 80's with sabastian providing vocals from 1986 through 1998.After skid row disbanded in 1998 back went on to form his own group The Last Hard Man though the linup was impressive this turned out to be a fleeting effort.Pumped up with the work done with those musicain Bach returned looking for new musicians to acomany him, he would finalize the new line up with Jimmy Flemion(Guitar), Richie Scarlet(Guitar), Mark"BamBa" McConnell(Drums) and a bassist simply named Larry.With the new linup Bach and the boys rocked hundred of shows the majority in Toky,Japan which would make up most of the material on his first cd after leaving Skid Row with his 1998 release of Bring 'Em Bach Alive!.Angel Down is his second release came out on November 20th 2007 with a different line up as well as guest apperence by Axl Rose.If your a fan of Skid Row's Slave To The Grind Cd your gonna love this.Bach brings back the hard crunching sounds of that time alone with his power vocals.excellent Cd a must for any hard rock enthusiast. http://www.sebastianbach.com/updates.html Roger Staffelbach's-Angel Of Eden the new band from Artension's guitarist.Though not familure with him or his work with Artension Angel Of eden is a prog rock pleasure to listen too.This self titled Cd was a July 2007 release in followed by November 2007 to the rest of the world.Awsome vocals with magnificient musicainship will also be a must buy for any progressive rocker or rockette. http://www.angelofedenband.com/main.html VOLUME 3 FEATURING : Disturbed Journey Dokken Plus more!! Written by Savadog
Sava's Music Playground :: reviews ,releases from the world of rock/metal April 4th 2008 It's time again Rockers and Rockettes for another installment of upcoming releases as well as reviews of awsome artists already out. COMING SOON Dokken-80's metal is back "OH YEAH' Dokken's 10th studio album called Lightning strikes again will hit stores May 13th In the USA.I've heard a bit of this and it sounds like a return to the "Tooth and Nail","Under Lock & Key" era.I had wondered if Dokken was gonna get back in the studio at long last the wait is almost over,again 'OH YEAH". http://www.dokken.net Journey-Ok where to begin first off it truely amazes me these guys are still putting out some of the best rock since 1975 especially considering journey has gone through three singer Steve Perry (1976-1996),Steve Augeri(2001-2006) and now to there newest singer Arnel Pineda.A new singer a new Cd.A three-disc Cd entitled Revelation due out June 3rd.This Cd will contain Cd-1 11 re-recorded classics,Cd-2 11 new songs and Cd-3 Live,concert DVD.I absolutely can't wait for this one as well.Side note: for North American fans this will only be sold through Walmart. http://www.journeymusic.com Disturbed-Chicago's metalers are back with there 4th installment of hard hitting in your face music.Indestructible hits stores on June 3rd.This is set to be even harder hitting than previous works by disturbed,having heard a song from it off there site let me tell ya if you liked them before you will certainly love this one.can't wait myself. http://www.disturbed1.com OUT NOW Tempestt-These guys are pretty much unheard of but I think this will change soon. Hailing from Sao Paulo ,Brazil.There debut cd Bring Em On is a impressive cd.tempestt is a band who's music taste are likened to that of Dream Theater,Angra and shaaman.Like many bands starting off the played covers of such greats as Journey,Kansas,Queen and many others.After having played with Billy Sheehan (a personal fav of mine)as well as being chosen as Jeff Scott Soto's band for his Brazilian concert.I hope these guys stick around for a long time if this debut is any indication of things to come I am on board.Excellent debut.Realesed March 28th 2008. http://www.tempestt.com.br/ Holyhell-Apocalypse I've not heard of Holyhell till just a day or so ago.Apocalypse is a very interesting listen.Unlike the myriad of female fronted metal acts out now Holyhell presents us with a truely angelic operatic voice of Maria Breon.Driving in the background are Joe Stump(guitarist),Jay Rigney(bass),Rhino-Ex-Manowar(drums)and Francisco Palomo(keyboards).This debut is a 4 tracks Ep one of which is a Live performance of Phantom Of The Opera,with special guest singer Eric Adams(Manowar).Though I'm still taking in this debut I have to say Holyhell could be very huge in the metal community will have to wait and see whats on the horizon for them lets hope for a full Cd release soon.Holyhell's debut Apocalypse released on March 23 2007. http://www.holyhell.com Volume 4 feature: Brother Firetribe Testament Communic Plus more Written by Savadog
Sava's Music Playground :: reviews ,releases from the world of rock/metal March 7th. 2008 Hi Rockers and Rockettes savadog here thought I would give you a run down on what I know will be coming soon. COMING SOON ASIA- will be release there first studio album since 1983 the new cd is entitled Phoenix.Frontier records has slated this to be released in europe on the 11th of April,with king records to handle the release in japan.Domestic releases (including USA, Brazil, Korea, Argentina, Russia and Taiwan) are planned at the moment with details to be released at a later stage. website: http://www.originalasia.com WHITESNAKE-latest cd entitled Good To Be Bad will have release dates in these countries, Germany -April 18th / Europe April 21st / USA and Canada April 22nd website: http://whitesnake.com HOUSE OF LORDS- Are back to rock ya all with there latest Come To My Kingdom the follow up to there 2006 rocker World Upside Down.Come To My Kingdom to be released on March14th by frontier records. website: http://www.jameschristianmusic.com/home.html FIREWIND-The Premonition the latest from Gus G and company to be out on March 25th.Also having been a fan of these guys for sometime now I highly recomend this to all progressive metal fans everywhere. website: http://www.firewind.gr FATAL SMILE-Swedish metalers are back and man are they ever with the third cd World Domination hitting stores April 8th in the USA already out in Europe and Japan.I've got there debut (beyond reality) and sophmore release (Neo Nateral Freaks),World Domination another fine hard rockers from these guys. website: http://www.fatalsmile.com/ ALREADY RELEASED Rage-The German rockers are back With a blistering new cd Carved In Stone which is out now.This is a solid metaller,having been a fan now for a few years they dont disappoint here a must for any metalhead. website: http://www.rage-on.de AYREON-latest is called 01011001.The master mind of Arjen A. Lucassen,Though I'm still learning of Arjen and the work he has done and although I have most of the AYREON cd's I always find myself pleasantly captivated by the music.AYREON'S 01011001 is no expetion this is a definate master piece which he brings in many talented vocalist to make this a real treasure some of who you will hear are:Hansi Kursch(Blind Guardian) Daniel Gildenlow(Pain Of Salvation) Tom S. Englund(Evergrey) Jonas Renkse(Katatonia) Jorn Lande, Floor Jensen(After Forever) and Magali Luyten(virus IV) to name a few.To me this is pure progressive metal bliss another must have. website: http://www.ayreon.com/ayreon/ay_index.html Volume 2:featuring Sevendust Dominici Circle II Circle PowerWorld Plus More!
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