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Salute for SilverOak
11 comments views: 2072
Crazy LipsApr 1, 2011-- 11 of 11I think you have a sweet voice.
mandaSMASHOct 30, 2010-- 10 of 11
SilverOak said:
Even without the dance number, that rocked [image]
Ayen T JayOct 30, 2010-- 9 of 11Even without the dance number, that rocked
MajikOct 30, 2010-- 8 of 11I saw her on the beach this summer!
mandaSMASHOct 30, 2010-- 7 of 11
Audrey said:
well that was pretty freakin amazing!
Thank you, beautiful!
uLTRaVioLeNTOct 30, 2010-- 6 of 11well that was pretty freakin amazing!
SUPERMAN231 THE...Oct 30, 2010-- 5 of 11
I haven't been feeling well and my originality pool is kind of tapped out tonight. What do you want?

i know you arent feeling well ...no rush....when you have time and feel better....
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