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In the circle of what is. All things that have passed. The spin continues. Evermore in the twilight I roam. Ever searching. For what I know not of. I am the continuance of a greater plan. Am I to be alone in this search. Am I a singular thing or something more. As the Circles of Time continue. I am here. Am I guardian,keeper,tracker,or something else. What else is there in the span of time. Where am I going. What will I meet in the vastness. In these things. I am what I am. For not the safety of my mind or the lack there of. I am still. Slightly bent,slightly sane, or none of the above. Me,In my Armour. ever so. What is this shell. Is it a home or a prison. sanctuary or a trap. luxury or nothing of note. I yell at the universe,but do they hear this voice. am I this tiny or larger than life. What drives me so. To this thing I see and hear. Will I stop hearing it. or something else happen. What will be. I don't know myself. must be why I stay,just to see what will happen. That's the paradox.
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