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I met someone amazing off here and will be with him in DEC, I can't wait til that day comes,I don't want it to end when I am there (so you're comming here for our b-days and we will go from there ha!). I have never spent so much time with someone talking to them in my life,talking about past,present and future. He knows who he is. He has made me smile from day til night,he has kept me up and made me late for work hahaha but it was worth it, I kept him up and he almost missed his plane...I am sorry babe, I will make it up to you I promise. I can't wait til I see him walking towards me because I am going to jump in his arms and hug him so tight he won't breath til I let go...and plant the biggest kiss on those perfect lips. It's going to be weird not to wake up to him calling me every morning and talking to him thru out the day and all hours in the evening and most of all at night b4 we both pass out and I end up hearing him snore.He has had a great impact on me and he knows it,as I hope I have for him as well. He says the sweetest things even when he's busting my balls... After we hung up I cried like a pussy,but hey I DO have feelings too. I miss you already doll and I can't wait to be snuggling up with you and doing everything we have spoken about,and you owe me sushi. Be safe and I will talk to you soon.. Much Love... Me
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