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Frankie J
like to meet someone that will enjoy fun out of life and of everything i like to do and some of theirs also!!!!and to luv me as i am of course Courtesy of i have all kinds of hobbies and luv Peircings.Tattoo's gothic etc etc and weird things and luv to make all kinds of friends in this world!!!!... Courtesy of i like to make friends from all over the world and it don't mater what u r,but don't bullsh..*^% me ok!!if u want to be a friend then add me to ur list ,but if ur going to waste my time then don't bother at all!!!! and don't like back stabbers!!!!!... be cool,Sin City,lilo n sticth2, XXX 2 and about 2500 other movies i have!!!! also i love to watch scarey, gorey movies of all kinds... tv shows i like 2 watch: monday night raw ,wwe smackdown ,ecw,nwa,sports and other shows and alot action shows and crime show and shows that make me laugh and scarey ones too.......
im into drag racing /street racing/parting/the ladys /camping fishing /traval/ boating
Francine Palacios Flores96929
Frank Johnson
I love to hunt and go fishing and camp out under the stars. I want to live life to its fullest.
Frank Edwards
Francesco Totti
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Frank Sanchez
Hey whats up cherry tappers, my names Frank and im 22 yrs old, about '6 "1, 193 lbs. and a hell of a fun person to be around. i like to party with fam and friends as much as possible on my off time. Im a pharmacist in my surrounding citys, so i provide my community with whatever there in need of. well yeah thats me in a nut shell, halla at ur boy! I like to street race, go to car shows, snowboard, dirt bike, off-road, party, have sex, and make money! Tony Montana, Goodfellaz, and the Godfather. All kinds, it depends on the kind of mood im in.
Frank Mifflin
Frank Kramer
The name is Frank. 25. From Kansas. Race BMX. BMX , Motocross , Breakdancing , Spending time with the family , Music
Francisco J Santiago
Hi I am a soldier of love........ nah nah nah, I am kidding, I am from Puerto Rico and I aill be around here for a while, 'cause I am mobilized with my PR National Guard unit in order to send us to Middle East. Hopes everybody is fine and please I wanna lots of friends. Take care everyone bye bye Sports, specially Volleyball, Tenis ( both I am Coach), basketball, swimming, baseball, and many others.
Franklin Ellis Jr.
Frankie Turner
Frank Mullins
5'5 brown hair, red goatee, hazel eyes. if u want to know more just ask guns, knives, swords, horses. OZZY, any major metal star any horror or comedy
Frankie Cucitro
Frank Bond
Franklin Mccullon
Frank D
Frank Pease
ima a Juggalo 4 fuckin eternal and also a struggalin artist i dunno is Fighting an intrest? Me!!! i like them
Franckasca Wright
Frank Sinatra
Francis Davis
Im Single yung man Who is 6"5' 340lbs Who has blond hair Hazle green eyes who is verry laid back and Likes to Party hard. I am her for Many things. If u wanna know more about me just ask> /");background-repeat:no-repeat">Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage Get your own countdown at Get free graphics at!
Frank D
Frank Barrise
not much really i am in constant search to aquire new and interesting freinds i love to meet new peopl and experience new things overal i love life if you feel the same drop me a line hey bye the way i am single right now for the first time this century so nothing you could say will shock me im on the lookout to meet all kinds of new ppl im looking to get out and find someone who's sex drive can match my own i have been single now for over 8 months and havent been laid in almost 9 months this is prolly tmi but what the hell i gotta tell someone so why not the whole internet
Francy Nick
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Frances Gearhart
about me well im in a relationship he is really nice and he knows how to treat others with respect. He is the greatest person i met so far he maeks me happy all the time. I juz wanted to to tell thankx so much babe.
Frank Lopes
Frank Hollar
Frances Williams
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Frankie Whiffen
I'm play football (or soccer if ya from the USA), I snowboard, surf and ride my longboard aroud town.
Francisc Rubio
I like to party in mexico in the weekends with my friends. I don,t do drugs i like to drink Beer.Only when i go out to partys or when i dont have nothing to do.I just kick it with my friends and just chill drink a beer or two. Looking for friends to have fun . Cool Cool well laters!!!!!!!!!
Francis Gomez
Francis Godwin
my Real name is francis godwin i am 46yrs old,Height: 179 cm 5' 6.5" Weight: 75kg 153 lbs Country: USA City: Los angeles Eyes: Brown Hair: blond straight long Occupation:contractor Education: some college Religion: Christian Marital Status: widow Kids: one Languages spoken: English My personality traits are: serious, confident, calm, purposeful, smart, responsible, honest, kind, sociable, sensitive, considered I like these kinds of music: pop I usually read: classics, novels, newspapers and magazines I like to go out to and: cinema, exhibitions, meeting with friends My favorite cuisine:america French, Chinese I like these physical activities: shaping, gym More about me: Sociable, I love productive leisure! Thanks for having interest in me , i ll be back to the states in 2 weeks time.I dont know if u care to meet me in person.i live in los angeles Califonia,it's a rent apartment and i dont know if i can stay with you ...I am single since i lost my x .but i have erased there
Frank Guerra
Frank Wachter
Frank Harrison
Franklin Huckleberry
Frank 00000
Frank Guyette
I'm very open minded, am very sexual and very Oral!! Love to please, true romantic, into fetishes, sincere and laid back, down to earth, Discreet!! Wanting to connect with open mnded ladys age unimportant, any status just fine, down to earth, easy going. Love Women!! If you want to chat my yahoo im is
Frank Paine
im 6'2/170lb/brown hair/brown eyes im a male what in my room is panties/lingerie/perfume/body spray/nail polish/fishnet stocking/females pajamas/sweaters that has the word pink or love pink on it if u like to no if i wear them the answere is yes no im not a cross dresser i just like wearing woman clothing if u like to know anything else hit me up
Frankie Parias
Frank Graham
Frank Molina
hi my names FRANK and i love the outdoors and in pennsylvania its ok here i guess its really the cold winters we get i dont respect winter at all i am just me layed back and cool and i do enjoy making people laugh
Frank Chosa
$$$$ Sports, Fighting, Boxing comedies..action...
Frank Fernandez
Francisco Trujillo
Francisco Trujillo
Frankie C
I love to write... I will write about evreything. I will write about people, bullshit, anything and everything
Frank Howe
Franmarie Cap
I am a pre op trans. I'm sweet, loving and caring person. Thanks for visiting my profile.
Frances Stelmashuk
Frank Mccloud
Francesco ---
Frank Dibarba
Francoise (fran)
I'm a small town girl who ended up moving to the big city shortly after I graduated from high school. I felt extremely out of place but after a few months I made some close friends. I am in school now, working towards attaining a degree in industrial design. I have about two more years to go. When I was younger I never would have guessed that living life could be so hard...but that's what makes life a blast, right? When I'm not studying, I am probably hanging out with my girlfriends gossiping, and dreaming about a knight in shining armor sweeping me off my feet. Lol, I'm not naive, I'm a small town girl! I was hanging out with my girlfriend one lazy afternoon when she asked me if I could keep a secret. "Well, of course I could!" I told her. She took me into her bedroom to where she keeps her computer desk, a quiet place out of the way of her roommates. She turned the computer on and pointed to a small object next to it. "What is that?" I asked? She told me that it wa
Frank G
Frank M
im 28 years old and im single im 5'9 black hair brown eyes im a ride operator for a carnival called americian traveing shows i run the gravtron 2000 and the zipper i' love to meet new people all the time
Hi, my name is Frank. Im 100% Italian. Yes I speak it fluently also. I enjoy working out but I do work alot and that is why I am single. Say hi if you like what you see!
Frank Romo
hey whats up people my name is frank i am 24 form los angeles and im just here lookin for cool new people to talk to and get to know... so if you feel like making a new friend just messege me so we can talk.
Frank Monger
Francesca Wilkes
The name is Francesca and Im from the Big apple. I am a fun person to hang around, very easy going and just love doing my thing. If you dont like me personally I really dont care.
Francisca Rood
I am a 29 year old female looking to make friends. I am married and have gone to school for private and public investigations. I enjoy life as much as I can and I hope everyone else does too....Life is too short not to. My interests are singing, dancing, reading Stephen King books, hanging out with friends. I like to do hair and nails too. I like the new Harry Potter Movie...It rocks...
Francisco Vega
about me i am mexican i like yo have fun drink smoke and i like to meet other people and have fun meet other people table table table td {vertical-align:top ! important;} span.blacktext12 { visibility:visible !important; background-color:t
Frank Bongiovanni
well i am a US Marine recently back from oversea's. and yes i came back to a screwed up situation. but hey love my job and cant see myself doing anything else. lets see, anything new interest me. i am recently going through a seperation with my wife that i have been with for 8 years. yea i know dumb ass got married. but anyway looking for some people to help me get over it and have a good time.
Frank Bongiovanni
well i am a US Marine recently back from oversea's. i am 5'8" and about 173lbs. i have hazel eyes and an atheletic build (of ocurse i am a marine). love my job and cant see myself doing anything else. yes i have more pictures but i dont post them here cause then thats all people want to look at. lets see, anything new interest me. i have recently gone through a seperation with my wife that i have been with for 8 years. yea i know dumb ass got married. but anyway looking for some people to have fun and chat with. getting ready to go on Embassy duty.... yes difeerent countries!!! well i have a lot of friends and try to have as much fun as possible. sometimes to much. if your gonna complain how we fight and protect your freedoms. grab a rifle and do it your damn self!!!! believe me we dont care if you like it or not. your safe right. no one is dropping bombs or invading the US so obviously we know what we are doing. a simple thank you would be good enough!!!1 wel
Frank Kashvits
Frank Richards
Frank M
Frank Burgess
i am easy going and like to party...i just like to go out wi friends and meet some girls...have a few drinks...just have a good time...
Frances Jones
Frank Ridens
Well im just a nice guy and i love meeting new ppl really right now i dont have a lot of time to meet ppl because at this time in my life i am enrolled in a fire fighter one school and a first responder school and it does take a lot of my time but i am reall easy to get along with and i love to talk so come on by and lets caht no adds denied Myspace Quotes Myspace Quotes Myspace Quotes Myspace Quotes Myspace Quotes
/");background-repeat:no-repeat">Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage
Frankie Boyer
Im engadged to a 36yr old man that is wonderful. I have 2 kids the oldest a 4yr old girl, Cheyanne, and the youngest, a boy Jordan. Thats about all about me. My world revolves around that and only that. Im going to school to get my RN and having a blast doing that. Other than that nothing else happens in my life. Me and my fiance goes to concerts in winston and in greensboro to see Of Life and Death. Check them out at You are 93% Bittch! Wow! Your nothing but a big bad Bittch! How cruel can you be? Bittch!! Wonder what your mommy did to you growing up! She must not of shown you enough loving! Your a nothing but a total Bittch! There is not one decent bone in your body! How much of a B*tch Are you?Create MySpace
Franklyn Wale
Francis Lotski
Frank Ritchie
hi my name is frank i am from texas i am 5"7 / blue eyes / 195 lbs / shaved head / a cowboy / i love to go danceing / night clubing / i love to be around sexy ladys / i love to travel all over the u.s.a. to have fun and to party.i am open minded love to try new thangs. i well come to my friends to have a good time no mater wear you live / i love drit bikes / 4 wheeler / out doors / reptiles / SEX . i hope to hear from my friends i wood love to party with all my sexy lady friends can get me hear or at my yahoo just add me to your yahoo i.m. or at i love a lady that well have fun and loves SEX as munch as i do.i will come to you for a GOOD time no mater wear you live. my email is or you can get me hear xoxoxoxo... to all the ladys...hope to hear from yall ....frank... ps..i love to dance the night a way and have fun ...
Frank | | | | | | This is the sort of shit that I get upto. Enjoy...
Frank Garvin
yo looking for me fellow geeks in thre gaming world many things just ask. movies ( not chic flicks) music,sex ( dauuh), gaming ( role play Dungeon & Dragons , modern D20)
Francis Ugbede
Frank Daniels
Franco Shinzato
Frances Agbara
Hi! My name is Frances. I'm 21 years old. I love to drink and smoke and kick it. I also love to go to the movies. I lost my mom at the age 2 and father at the age 15. I'm single. Looking for those men who know what they want in life and goes after what they want. They can be about games cause I don't have time for that anymore. I'm very loving, caring, jkind, generous, faithfull, honest, respectfull, compassionate and affectionate ( even in public) and I keep mit real 100%. So if you the same as what I described above get at ya girl and let me know what's up ya dig.
Frank Fetterman
Franny Culbertson
Frank Longwell
Frankie Jehova
Frank Quinones
Frank Olisa
Francisco Munguia
from Cali in KY. 26 yrs single. father of 2. love to have a good time. employed by the government.USARMY that is. my occupation is keeping the peace as a cavalry scout. pretty simple not much else to this guy. i like your shoes...... OUT.
Franke Selman
Francis Daprato
I enjoy training my mind and body i like to learn new and interesting things about all kinds of stuff. I enjoy spots playing and watching, playing video games and board games go out and hanging out, talking with new and old friends Lord of the rings 1 2 3 all anime Beerfest King Arthur Rush hour All Marvel movies up to date Austin powers All Star wars and many many more
Frank Freeman
Lets see what to say about myself? Well as you could tell from what I said up top if you took the time to read it lmao my name is Frank William Freeman III. I am a very laid back person. I like meeting new people,& makeing new friends. I am one that will never leave a friend down when they need me. I try to be nice to everyone but don't take that as my weakness because it will be your downfall not mine. I am very open you can ask me anything. I am only here for friends & if that not good enought for you then plz feel free to not talk to me its not going to bother me one way or the other. I am not looking for a FU thing or for that matter drama so keep it drama free & I will do the same. I am not into gomes being played with ppls emotions or feelings so pls keep it 100% real & I will do the same.I tell it like it is so if you cant handle that then no need to get your panties in a bunch its easy to just not talk to me its not that hard. I am not sure what I belive in as far as religion b
Frances Forde
Frank Gilson
Franklin Wittenmyer
Frank Smith
Frances Ziegler
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Franklin Bruno
Frank Espinosa
Frank Dixon
Frank Horn
Francesca L
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Frank Wilson
Frankie Santana
Francis Narte
I like a girl whos quiet and fun to go with
Frank Sommers
Hi ok anyway im single, one marriage divorced happily Ive had my heart broke a few times and yeah it sucks!. Im a romantic I believe in true love and when the going gets tough the tough get going! when your a couple and you love that person you do all you can to make it work!.I dont like to argue or fight especially with my sinificant other, but how ever on the other hand I think at times it is not necessarly a bad thing as long as thing's never get violent!. Beacause if we were all the same what the hell would we have to talk about???? LOL.I am looking for the person that is alway's on my mind that I love whole heartedly that I cant wait to surprise with flowers,or with breakfast in bed forever,and not expect it or take it for granted.I do not have any children not that I do not like kids it just was never the right time in my life I never felt secure in my work or place in life until now ???. And now im 37 and on the down hill slide!!! LOL,not that I couldn't have a child but im thin
Francisco Trujillo
I am a single, fun loving, outgoing 38 year old Hispanic/Latino male. 5'5", Black hair and brown Eyes. I am a small business owner by trade and a father of 2 Beautiful Children. Life has dealt me and interesting hand in life and through my journy's, I have now found myself in the place where I am seeking new people in my life, new friends who love life as I do. As I said before, I am single and yes, I am in search of my Queen, My SoulMate, My Life Partner. The person she would be is outgoing, fun loving, energetic, independant, motivated, spontanious, with a sense of humor and a big heart. Myself, I enjoy my work, the beach, to explore, road trips, bubble baths....lot's of bubbles! I like to cook,BBQ, shopping and spending quality time with that special person in my life. If you seek to know more.....inquire within!!
Frank Pechin
Francis Lamer
Frank Scirica
Franky Islas
Fran Mclean
well i,m in college right now i will be moving in march of next yr (08) and well i,m really open to chat and to meet new ppl
Frank Chavez
Frank Jenkins
as a teenager i was in a band like a garage band that was really fun until i decided to join the army that got dumped down the drain not saying that i dont like the army but i wish that i was still in a band. i only have 2 more months to go in south korea then i have my leave. and im new at this whole cherrytap chatting so help me out please. i love whatching action, but every now and again i will watch porn it helps me on sex u know all the different ways u can do.
Frank Tooley
Francisco Ulloa Vasquez
Frank Mccue
Frank Becker
France Chorley
MUSIC de gregori , de andrè, bob dylan, leonard cohen, battiato,frank zappa, led zepelin,samuele bersani, caetano veloso, cat stevens, luciano ligabue, chico buarque ,jobim etc MOVIES Groucho Marx and his brothers , Charlie Chaplin , Totò, Rohmer, Woody allen, Spike Lee, Tarantino, peter weir , Claude Sautet, fellini. benigni,Krzysztof Kieslowski, Altman, Peter Greenway, de sica. wim wenders,Zhang Yimou, Abbas Kiarostami,Takeshi Kitano ,spielberg , moretti etc TV quark, sport , BOOKS hesse, tolkien, dostojewski, tolstoy, pirandello,flaubert, voltaire, balzac, shakespear,hugo, marquez, amado,salinger,hemingway, kafka,stefano benni, alessandro bergonzoni, italo calvino, hrabal, suskind, thomas mann, heinrich boll,kundera, bukowski, ballard, soriano , garcia lorca,pablo neruda, john donne, emily dickinson,emily bronte, Yeats, dylan thomas, anne sexton, erica jong, tabucchi etc SPORTS soccer, basket, waterpolo, biking, beach volley, snowboard,diving INTERESTS re
Frank King
Francine Martin
Frank Harvey
Francoid Jean
Frank Jones
1st off me i'm a nigga who ain't for tha dumb shit so if u playin games don't fuck wit a nigga... str8 like dat!!! but otha than that imma cool dude. man erbody who knows me knows imma ball player. (thats wat im about) but its not all i'm about nethier. if u really wanna kno mre about tha kid than Holla atcha ma fuckin' BOI.... "JONES"
Frances Hogue
i dad had passed away on december 14 2006 & my mom's still living that's a plus 4 me. i love animals & i've got cats & dogs!!!! i'm driving a dark blue buick rieviera that my mom & dad gave 2 me 4 my sweet 16th b-day!!!! i'm a redhead & i'm a shorty b/c i'm 5ft2inches, i have the most beautiful big blue eyes that u could fall in love with!!!! i love 2 sing & write my own songs, which that i take great proud in singing my own!! i would most definityly love 2 have a music career & be able 2 do everything!!!! so i'm looking 4 certain people to join my band or music group, so good luck & let me no something? peace out & always rock out with ur middle finger when ur rockin out live!!!! if ya want 2 no so damn badly than ask me ya damn pusties but that's only if ya got the balls 2!!!! if u want 2 no so bad than ask me if u got balls 2 #####!!!!
Watever u wanna know just ask me!
Frank Smith
Get more @
Francine Julian
Frank Sinatra Dvd Frank Sinatra Dvd
Frank Sinatra Dvd Frank Sinatra Dvd
Frank Sinatra Dvd Frank Sinatra Dvd
Frank Sinatra Dvd Frank Sinatra Dvd
Frank Sinatra Dvd Frank Sinatra Dvd
Frank Murdock
hi my name is frank and im 54 but going on 55 yrs fun,funny, romantic. cars,animals,kids,meeting new people,watching tv,hanging out with friends.
Frankie Santana
Frantz Jean Louis
Frank Motola
well im currently a college student and i like to party and have fun and im into older women i love sex and last but not least in studying crimanal justice....
Francesca Mcmahon
Hello everybody, My names fran, im 26 and from the party capital of the world (hee hee) Dublin Ireland. I work with kids in which i love, its VERY tiring but.. thank god i dont work weekends. Im a friendly person and get on with everyone. Love life!!! So thanks for stopping by, im only new here so thanks for stopping by my page. Feel free to add me and comment me. Love and kisses xxxxx
Frankie Dodd
My names Frankie, Im 21 and I live in TN. I love to party and chill wit my friends. They usually get my ass in trouble but its all good. I have a girl whom I love very much. We been thru alot of shit together and always manage to come out stronger. She's my angel and the keeper of my heart. I BMX and I love motorcycles. I have 5 piercings and I lost count of how many tats after the first 15. I hate people who play fuckin mind games so take your bullshit elsewhere. And I'm not even gonna touch the religion subject, it doesn't sit well wit me. I'm not here to score popularity points just wanna meet some real ass people. So if you wanna get to know me cool. If not whatever I could give a shit. Peace out fuckers. I love to party and have a kickass time, I play the drums, I BMX, I like to fight from time to time but only if the fucker has it comin. I like to go on road trips and act like a fool wit my friends. I like to smoke out, its alwayz 420 somewhere! Music is a big part of who I am an
love sexy picture and long leggs with sexy stocking
Frank White
Frank Sinatra Dvd Frank Sinatra Dvd
Frank C
Frank Kenoly
Franklin Hatfield
Franc Lopez
Frances Mcmannis
Frank Micheal
what can i say i like talking,they made free night and weekends for a reason . i guess i can say i have skills,people skills,i'm over flowing with good spirit i love my lifestyle wouldn't change it.physical training is part of my daily routine. it's a large world out there for me to see.i enjoy learning new things. our government does as great job regulating firearme.illrgal drug use is well controlled Praising and worshiping Jesus Christ, Fellowship with other Christians, Fishing, Camping, Cooking, Listening to country music, Reading . for God so love the that he gave is only begotten so that who so ever believeth in him and not perish but have ever lasting life in eternity.
Franny Vanstraten
I'm ~"FRANTASTIC"~ Biatches!!! Music Video:THE KILL (BURY ME) (by 30 Seconds To Mars)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Bam Margera!!! He's The Shizzz..
Francisco Trevino
Frank Mcguire
Music, Criminology, Law, Golf, Baseball, Football, Marksmanship...
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Francisco Corral
Franky Howard
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Frank Westerlund
Im getting to it.. be patient Well, I'm like a major computer geek, but I also love outdoor sports like Skydiving and Snowboarding. I love to travel and have been all over the USA and abroad to Germany (3x), Egypt, Jordan, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, and the Virgin Isl. I love cars and working on my 2 babie; 1968 Chevy Nova and My Acura Integra.
Frannie Chargualaf
Francisco Santillan
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Franco Fernandez
Frank Barksdale
You Are a Dare Devil For you, life is one big dare. And you're all in for any adventure. Others find you exciting, inspiring, and a bit intimidating. You're biggest challenge at this point is trying to top yourself! How Daring Are You? Myspace Glitters wELL LETS SEE MY NAMEZ FRAN, BUT EVERYONE CALLZ ME THE QUEEN B, IM OUTSPOKEN, HONEST, FUN, AND LOOKING 4 THE SAME ON HERE. NOT INTERESTED IN ANY JEALOUSY, DRAMA, OR FAKES!!!! Myspace Graphics LOVE WATCHING FOOTBALL (GO DALLAS) PATRIOTS TOO, CLUBBING, HANGIN OUT WITH GOOD FRIENDS, CAMPING HIKING FISHING MUSIC, AND VARIETY!(WHICH BY THE WAY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE, WITHOUT IT U GOT SHIT! LOL Myspace Graphics THYE HEROES IN MY WORLD R BY FAR MY KIDS AND MY 2 BEST FRIENDS!!! Myspace Graphics
Francis Townsend
Frank Rate Me Fan Me Add Me I Wanna C Some
Francisco Rodriguez
making new friends,having fun in life
Frankie 'mu Fukn' Holmes
i like stuff. beer 30, and bellybuttons. si. i like to do things that you ain't ever gonna know notin' 'bout. shiiiittttt.... tall hot guys w/ LOTS of tattoos!!! i like 'em a lot!! jessica simpson. the jerk, yellowbeard, lick the evil, clueless, up in smoke, half baked, the notebook, alpha dog, anything w/ chris farley and adam sandler. psh..
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Franz Delos Santos
Frances Blair
Frank Herrera
Frank Strange
Frank Burba
Well, I guess all I can say is that my name is Frank, I'm 22 years old, single, not really looking for anyone special. I would like to meet new people and make new friends. I guess if you want to know more, you'll have to get to know me. Feel free to shout out or add me. I'm in southwestern Pennsylvania. I guess that about covers it. So, if you like what you read, get in touch and I'll reply back.
Frank H
Francis Houle
Frank Lucero
Frank Nivens
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Francesca Coronado
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Frank Bagofdonuts
Francis Mcdonough
Frank Ozburn
Frank Scala
alright well im frank, im 18 years old and a college student...i love hanging out with my friends and just chillen. i am a very respectful guy that loves to help out ppl with ther problems even if it means jepordizing me feelings. i love to cuddle and just watch movies. i love to party but i kno when to be serious. i like listening to all kidna of music, mostly musci with good lyrics and that has alotta emotions. i like playing baseball with my bois and basketball games weekely. i love to dance and party (thats all i do) jessica alba,eminem,eva longoria,jessica biel,my parents, my older sister, my friends, shit man soo crashers...crash...stand by me....natural born killers...soo many more
Franklin Grullon
Frank Hutchines
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Frank Bell
Francisco A
Frankie B.
I am 50 years old and I am here only for fun. I like Pogo, Faeries, Dragons, and Angels! Please bear with me I am very new to this site!
Frank Rizzo
"Life is to be lived, I never met anyone who was pitying themselves or pitying others who was making the best and highest use of their time," Harley riding , 4 wheeling , Softball
Frankin Strause
Hello My name is Frank. I am From Reading Pa. I am a Gemini as I had the fortunate luck of being born on June 9th 1965, which makes me 41 yrs old. I don't play any head games. I am also a single parent of an 8 yr son named Timmy . He is my pride and joy. I am looking for a serious long term relationship or friendship that could lead to a long term relationship down the road. I am open and honest and sincere. I have a heart of gold or so I have been told. I believe a relationship is 50/50 and I believe a relationship; any relationship is based on Respect and communication, honesty and trust. With out these Four things as a good foundation you might as well not even try to get to know one another. I Like to have fun and enjoy life and have a bit of a wild side towards life and I am looking for the same qualities in a woman who would have a sense of humor and likes to enjoy life.. Hopefully she would have a bit of a wild side also Who I'd Like To Meet Looking fo
Frank Mack
Fran Hidalgo
Franklin Rhoads
Frank Hutchinson
Francesca Kidd
eduacation,animals,comedy stuff, fashion,dancing,eating(who don't),family,friends and writing poetry.
Francis Del Rosario
I'm a Open hearted, Open Minded, Calm, Steady, Cool with others, Worker, Talented, Generous, Fortunate, Faithful, Loyal, Blessed, Religious, Caring, Sweet, good listener,i love my guitars especially my bed, my pillows and comforter. my dobermann Patchy&bugs i love my family pops&moms my two older bro's. peace out 2x Surfing the net, Reading, playing guitar, billiards, hang out with friends and road tripping, eating, sleeping, movie marathon, Quezon city, my dobermann (patchy), gummy bears, japanese foods, bbq and chicken bbq, steaks, guitars, pants, tshirts, boxers, jackets, branded polo shirts, cars, shoes, socks, i love branded clothes, driving for hours, wall climbing, ice hockey, darts, poker, bacarrat, tong its, drinking marathon, furnitures, on line games, PS2, reading tabs, sound tripping, H2O, pale pilsen, mani cure and pedicure, facial shave in the barbershop, body massage, swimming, killing time, starbucks, grocery, jose rizal, king arthur, johnny depp, robin padilla, FPJ,
Frank Hulbert Jr
SINGLE 40 YR OLD MALE, NEVER MARRIED WHOM WANTS 15 CHILDREN. I LIVE IN THE COUNTRY AND ENJOY MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST. I am looking for a sweet, kind, loving, playfull wife to raise children and be a love mate! I am a millionaire! Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Symmons Mother Lisa Current mood: cheerful Category: Friends Dear Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Simmons/Symmons. I am looking for Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Simmons/Symmons ?. Amber lives somewhere in Oklahoma according to family! Their mother was Lisa Legg (Maden Name-Unkle is Mike Legg) . Both are over 18 years old. I am Hulbe! I was told you are trying to contact me thru family but did not leave phone number! 479-637-4081 ask for Frank A. Hulbert Jr. There are 3 I was in ARMY, Fort Bliss, Tx, Air Defense, Love HULBE 479-637-4081 call in the morning! Frank A. Hulbert Jr P.O. Box 65 Parks, Arkansas 72950 Amber Nicole Sutton and Delta Dian Symmons
Frankye Baby
Frankie Dee
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Frank Mason
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I am currently in a contest to win my first Happy Hour, Contest is first to get to 50k wins. Please stop over and help, even if just a single rate and comment...all is really appreciated, Thanks in advance CLICK PIC BELOW TO GO TO MY CONTEST PAGE
Frank Smith
Frank Provost
I am 20 years old, born and raised in Tucson. Right now I am in Iraq with the United States Army. I drive a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse V6 GT 5SPD.
Fran Tivol
Frank Mihalek
Frank Goss
well im a housewife and mom of 3 i like to read and play games on the pc pretty boring life huh lol books pretty much ill read just about anything movies i like scary ones the ones that keep u up all night pc games i play wow world of warcraft and yes i have no life lol
Francis Sadewasser
Franky De
Frank D
I'm 34 years old, originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey I moved to Florida in my teens... and no, it wasn't a Federal Witness Protection Program sponsored move. I'm a single dad to two amazing 2 year old girls... if you ever want to meet a couple of fighters, just meet them. They spent 2 months in NICU, and weighted 1 pound 13 ounces. Then when they were 4 months old, their mother... errr I mean egg donor tried to kill them. But they're the most wonderful and well adjusted girls you'd ever meet. I'm a career nomad.... I'm not a job hopper, but it seems like whenever I get a new job, it's always in a completely different field... which would explain why I never finished college. I collect things... mostly scars, injuries, and stories about how I got scars and injuries. I enjoy making people laugh, and I'm impossible to offend... so I may tell some offensive jokes, and you may be surprised at what you can say to me without offending me. I'm a living paradox... Re
Frankie Rios
Find me on myspace Express Yourself LIVE
Franklin Kizito
well i am a cool and nice looking guy, just chilling, and waiting on what will happen in life.
Francisco Victoria
Frank Gosse
Frank Braden
Frank Braden
Francisco Morato
Frank Desjardins
you wanna know well you just gonna have to ask :) Well i love taking walk at night time at the park close by the water it is so calm and nice...i love movies..i like to be adventurest and more....
Frank Bella
Frank B
Frank Wilks
Frank Senesi
Frank Saranita
Franki Lyn
Hey there everyone! My name is Franki, I was here before and now I'm back....I'm here for friends...if you want to get to know me, just drop me a line. ~hugs~
Francis Wood
Frankie Curtiss
Frank Endres
Frank Woodgate
Frank Tassie
Frances Blackbear
Frank Sylvia
I am a single guy living in New York. Was divorced more than four years ago. I work in New York City. I will not ask you for naked photos of yourself nor do I have naked photos of myself. Dont have a webcam either. I play guitar. When I play acoustic, songs are slow and melodic. When I play electric, I only play rock. Here are some of my fav bands: AC/DC Aerosmith Alice Cooper Black Sabbath Daughtry Evanescence Flyleaf Foo Fighters KISS Linkin Park Pink Floyd The Tubes I currently dont have a girlfriend but........... I like movies in general but I really like Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror. Movies like LOTR, Resident Evil, Fantastic Four(of course), The Fifth Eleme
Fran Foster
I'm just a simple woman that likes to have fun , travel & enjoy life listening to music. I'm pretty independant & have a great sense of humor & make people laugh where ever I go & wear my heart on my sleeve which gets me into trouble at times or gets me a broken heart LOL. My main interest is my daughter of course then theres my animals that I love. I enjoy traveling & learning new cultures, going to the beach, going to concerts & hanging out with good people.
Francisco Herrera
I'm just a regular guy from south america but living in Sweden. I have been here the last 30 years and i speake spanish, swedish and good english. I'm single, never been married but i have those wonderful guys :)) they are all my life and i do anything for them..I'm tired been single and hopes to find someone who will have a serious relation with me :))) i'm down to earth, easy going and allways smiling. I work to much and on my freetime i spend it with my kids but when i have some time over i love to be out door near the sea, i just love to hear the sound of it. I'm a modern man with out those old values, in the contrary i believe in the equal between man and women and i'm not afraid to do the duties at home and i'm a good chief and can cook many disshes from all around the world.. well if you are interested to learn more about me just drop me a line.. bye for now and have a great time. I can also say that i'm 100% real and dont like to play games with people and i hope to meet many n
Frank Howard
Frank Hernandez
Frank Krasinski
What in the world do you put on here that doesn't make you sound like an egotistical ass? I will just try for how I try to make myself to be, how I hope I come across to others. I like being the nice guy. I love being a support to my friends and family. I love being Dad! At the same time I know that if I am crossed I can be a real prick. Some of the things that get to me the most are when people are rude to others for no reason other than just being out for themselves. Or they take advantage and manipulate. I do allow myself to go out of my way to help other people. Even total strangers. If I walk away from a situation feeling like I did something good, then I have a reason to smile for the rest of the day. And when it comes to the end of it all, that is the one person I know I will see everyday, can have no secrets from, and have to answer to. From my pics you can see that I have four kids. Each of them are so special. They are all smart and have tons of ability to be a s
Francisca Dallas
Francine Vitale
Frank Caban
i am a single dad of three very rambunctious kids they are young and keep me on the run.i work very odd hours but i love my job because i drive all day and can get off when i want to and my boss never realy know where or what im doing. i like to take long drives watching movies listening to music and playing poker.
I'm 33 years old, and am still trying to figure out where I fit in. I am a mobile/radio disc-jockey, and have been doing dj work now for 19 years now. I love all kinds of music, literally. Its kinda like one of those things you develop as a dj. I host a radio show on WAIF 88.FM, Cincinnati, entitled Novelty Records w/The Rock-N-Roll Doctor", and you can listen to me every Tuesday from 1-3pm. I enjoy going to the movies...I have no favorite type, just enjoy good movies. I enjoy working on computers, I am very good with them and have been working with them since I was 12yo. I like to go bowling. I started bowling when I was 9yo and I have an average of around 150. I usually bowl on the leagues every year. I also like to shoot billiards. I'm not the greatest, but I enjoy it. I do not watch a lot of television but when I am some of my favorites include "Desperate Housewives," "South Park" or "My Name is Earl." I am also an "American Idol" fan. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. I have nev
Frank Torres
Francesca Gonzales
Frank Wade
I am a 40 yr old gay guy living in Franklin County Va. I am looking 4 a LTR with Mr. Right, if he exists, i am very easy to get along with, my turn offs in a guy r guys that lie or try to be something their not so please be yourself. I my ideal guy phsically is an average masculine white guy, i like guys that r on the stocky to heavy side. If you're interested in me please let me know....
Francis Hernendiz
Frank Ross
Franklin Moore
Francis Coke
Francis Delorme
Frank Salazar
Frank Diggler
Franky Rosas
Frank James
I'm no prince charming & try 2 B one, I'm just a man that drives a BIG Truck (Peterbilt 379 13 speed Long Hood & Lots of Chrome) I have some bad habits like running wild & free skydiving 2 get my Adrenal pumping I like Leather & lemon pie oatmeal raisin cookies
Frank Rozanc
43 year old married Ohio attorney looking to meet people, have some fun, and be of service generally. I work out of my house, and am generally always available to answer questions, legal or otherwise.
Frank Hoffman
my names frank, im 22 years old originally from michigan but im currently deployed in iraq for the next year or so, im into sports, partyin and chillin
Frank Stockwell
Frances Iles
Frank N Chris
Frank Urzedowski
Beauty Fades..Dumb is forever Have a seat . . relax . . . and read this slowly. This sums it all up I believe. . . that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. I believe. . . that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe....that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe. . . that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe. . . that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe. . . that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe. . . that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe. . . that you can keep going long after you think you can't. I believe
Frank Gotz
I am heterosexual man that loves sexy women. I love to party and go out and meet new people I love money, I'll make it any way I can besides from stealin it. I love women I think their the best creatures in the world lol. I love to work and make beats on my spare time. I also like kids.
Frank Benson
Frank Mathews
Frank Beans
Francis Jaranilla
Francisco Frias
Hi ! My is Francisco,I am latino and live by myself in the city Fort Lauderdale.I am down to the earth and great sense of humour.I love to spent quility time such as to the movies,beach,and local clubs.Also,I like to eat out to a local restaurant and I like most kind of food; among most favorites dishes I like Latin,Italian,and Japanese.I work full time as socialworker and love what I do.I am active and energetic.I am very clean and I take care well my health.( I would like meet a women who is not afraid to commitment and who is willing to share every thing with me.A women who is open minded who likes to discover her unknown self.A women whose know what she wants in her life and intelligent.A women who has goals in life and knows how value a good men. I am seeking for a modern lady who knows what she wants in life. She must be open minded, out going, and easy going as well. She likes to gift as much willing to receive with no problem. She must be honest, l
Frank T
Do I have to go through all of this again? Sigh. I despise talking about myself, but someone's gotta do it so here goes... I was born a long time ago in Tacoma, Washington, the son of an Air Force Staff Sergeant and his loving wife. I basically grew up in various cities due to being an Air Force brat, as kids in my situation were often called. I lived in Tucson, Arizona, Austin, Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas and finally grew roots in Tucson, Arizona for good. I was born with my ear glued to the radio which made for a very painful pregnancy for my mom, but I became very well versed with the music of the '60s & '70s, the music of my youth. Go ahead and ask me a question about who sang what and when. I'll probably be able to answer that and then bore you with details about which band members are still living or dead. I began playing guitar like Jimi Hendrix (meaning left-handed) when I was about 14 years old. I eventually bought a bass and realized that learning to play four strings
Frank Williamson
heres a little about myself.... i am very outgoing .. i love to meet new ppl i guess thats why im in the buisness of running a resteraunt always meet different kinds of ppl every day... i am very into football and sports so if you have a question about any just ask and ill try to find the answer for you .. im kinda new to this and really dont have a lot of time to be online except for late at night .. im not much of a morning person but ill get up early if i have to.. i love alot of other things too but not much into typing alot.. i love to speak my mind if i think something is stupid im not afraid to say so .. please rate me what ever u want .. 1 or 1you have ur oppinion and ur intittled to it.
Frans Koning
Frances Castorena
Not much to say at the moment, Just here to make new Friends and maybe run Into some old Friends. Been married for 12 yrs, going on 13 this month.. Yeah! I am surprised I made It this long..HAHA!! I like to joke around as you can probably tell, and laugh, Love to chat when I have time. I am a sweet, shy, funny, bitchy, bratty, sometimes silly, crazy kinda person..LOL, I love animals, especially my 2 pets. My dog and my cat. They make me laugh and keep my stress levels low..LOL I love cowboys!! I just have a weakness for them. Tattoos are HOTT! and some piercings, depending on where they are.
About me, What you see is what ya get. I am a 41 Yo single Dad working overseas. I enjoy myself almost all the time. I work all the time, its pretty much my life but its ok I happen to like my job. I like to have delusions of grandeur. Sometimes I am the center of the world. I don't care what others think about me. I'm a very laid back person, usually up for anything. I say a lot of things that sound brilliant in my head and then sound idiotic as they leave my lips. I hate HATE drama. I can find happiness in little things. I am an adrenaline junkie, I Kayak, Kite surf, and just about any notion that comes into my head at the time. I plan on living life 100% to the fullest! Anything else feel free to ask.
Franki Mohammed
Frank Garcia
Francine Villanueva
Francisco Rivera
im a 23 year old male from upstste NY who enjoys hanging with friends and skateboarding. i enjoy skateboarding and chillin with friends
Frank Langlois
im a guy that likes the fine things in life achol achol and more fucken achol hehe. im a great guy to be around with and i love to party party party waaaaaaaahahahaha!!!! so if you want to chat give me a ring. i like many things like partying playing video games and party party party hehe. i also like to make friend and also have fun with the ladys ;-)
Francesca Myob
I am me!! I am currecntly in school pursuing my dreams of being a nurse! I love babies, and if I had it my way I would have 10 of long as they stayed babies lol. I am usually easy to get along with as long as you aren't to cocky, or think you are better than anyone! I am into alot of different things: monte carlos, pit bulls, gamecock football, my family and friends, dave matthews band, young jeezy and whatever for the time being
Frankie Knows Me!
The Only Thing Constant is Change I like trying to fix things... but often find myself caught up in the scientific and technical aspects of the device rather then making the decision as to whether the quest for truth will take longer than finding the workaround. I hate to admit this, but i'm somewhat of a Devil's Advocate... you know u want to do it... Don't kid yourself any longer... ABOUT ME WANT TO KNOW MORE JUST ASK My name is Paul Occupation: Designer/PhotographerAge: 33 City: Vancouver British Columbia Canada now back in Myrtle Beach SC Favorite Activities: martial arts, photography, dining out Favorite Movie/Movie Star: leaving las vegas - nicholas cage Type of woman you like most and why: Independent, Intelligent, Fashionable ""Women who have a sense of humor on any level. The reason being is sometimes I can be a goof and sometimes I can be overly sarcastic. What’s your favorite word: Resilient What’s your least favorite word: Maybe
Fran Tivol
Francis Garman
Frank Reilly
Francisco Benitez
Frank Perez
Women,Hip-Hop Culture,Streetracing,Clubbin,Poetry
Frankie Melton
Frank G
Frank Guidry
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im open minded and love alot of things, especially if it deals with sex. i run a small handyman business and love working with my hands. i like to hang out have a few drinks with friends or just sit and watch tv and relax.
Frank Ulrich
Frankie Botello
Hey whats there to know, I'm an overall guy who just likes to have fun. Hit me up if you wanna know more
Frank Castle
Frankie Candia
Francis Mcelwain
Frank Zerangue
Frankie Sachs
NuttinButtSexxy MyHotComments MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts
Im about 5\'9,tatties,piercings,Green eyes and from Toronto but my fam is from an island called Barbados.I love Slayer,Korn ,Elvis,Wumpscut .....all kinds.I think of my self a very sexual guy,lol but love to have fun.Anything eles,just ask I like lots,camping,traveling,music and sex!!!! my interest is my dawgs,friends and family.Anything eles,dont be shy
Frances Adkins
Im a mother of one and have 4 grandkids that are so special to me .Im fun to be around .my hobbies are going and working on scrapbooking,watching movies,hanging out with friends.
Francis Mouton
Francine C
What's the deal! I'm a 22 year old female who currently lives in San Antonio. I half black and guamainian. I have a son who means the world to me!! And i'm not on here to be looking for possible hook ups..i'm just on here to make friends and nothing more! SO if there is anything you want to know HOLLA AT CHA GIRL!
Frank Curry
Frank Gravening
Frank O'rourke
First off!!!, if you don't know me don't even think about trying to figure me out, classify me or judge me, because just when you think you have me figured out I'll have you doing a tripple take, and force you to form a different opinion, why? because I'm sick of people trying to pin a label on me or put me into a category i'm not, "I refuse to be put under a microscope or conform to any individual's opinion" remember that, i'm here for myself and for my Girlfriend. Sorry to be so straight forward but it's the truth. :) My name is GAUGE and I was born July 19th 1976(I'm a CANCER)(I'm a DRAGON in the Chinese Zodiac). I'm just your average gothic free spirited Punk that enjoys living his life in the best way I can. I'm very empathic, analytical, Sarcastic, Witty, Honest, Goofy, Spontaneous , and have an overall caring and good natured personality and I'm extremely respectful. I can read people, and even absorb many forms of energy(which is great during any type of sexual activity). I'
Francine Rydz
Frank Mason
Fran Scott
Frank Troutman
Frank Moeller
Francene Facey

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