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Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Ayala
I'm a recently widowed All American Mutt (Mixed with Mexican, Black/Cuban) from the Los Angeles area and I have two young sons Arturo and Leo soon to be ages 6 and 5 respectfully. If you're a dude and I chat with you or send a like or rate your profile, don't think I'm coming on to you first and most importantly you're not my type and second you're too full of yourself. I like what most other red-blooded American men like, Women, Cars and toys that make a lot of noise. - take your own poll! 1. How old are you? Over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had? Over 50 6. What is your pubic hair style? All natural 7. What kind of underwear do you wear? Briefs most times 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos? Both taken and been in them 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Nope 10. Do y
Fernando Santana
Fernando Viveros
Fernando Maldonado
Ferns Francois
Fernando Valdovinos
Fernando Carlyle
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Oliveira
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Berrio
Fernando Rey
Fernando Guerrero
Fernando Silva
Fernando De Paula
Fernanda Capobianco
Fernando Salvador Marques Queiros
Fernando Beltran Jr
Fernando Cruz
Fernando Rivera Jr.
Fernando Ayala
Fernando Gutierrez
Fernando P
Fernando Comple
Fernando Flores
Fernando Benítez
Fernando Baldan
Ferny Ferny
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Baez
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Pulido
Fernando Becerra
Fernnando Vazquez
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Yulfo
Fernando Vazquez
Fernando Cena Alvarez
Fernando Furtado
Fernando Vidal
Fernando Balderrama
Fernando Santos
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Anderson
Fernando Mejia
Fernando Adams
Fernando Baldovino
Fernando Dominguez
Fernando Moutinho
Fernando Vivas
Fernando Castrejon
Fernando Khaled
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Escobedo
Fernando Figueroa
Fernandez Divina
Fernando Dacosta
Fernando Escobar
Fernando Uribe
Ferney Blanco
Fernando Del Cid
Fernando Marquez
Fernando Vega
Fernando Alves
homem normal doido por sexo sem tabus e sem compromissos sexo, informatica etc
Fernando Santos
Fernando Jakan
Fernando Saldana
my name is fernando im 30yrs old i was born and raised in stockton,ca...I'm single (and looking) my hobbies are shooting going to the bars for a drink and on my spare time i like to take road trips to las vegas. i just quit my job to attend the academy for law enforcement. if you want to know more just ask road trips,shooting,and just whatever intrest me at the time lol The Crow..Hangover..The Town..RED..Hurt Locker..The Notebook..ETC...
Fernando Dominnguez
Fernando Castro
Fernando Bueno
Fernando Baca
Fernandez Ibn Mahmoud
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Ventura
Fernando Monter
Fernando Esquivel
Fernando Marquez
Fernando Hernandez
Fern Greer
Fernando Perez
Fernando Gaston Juarez
Fernandy William
Fernando Rodríguez
Fernando Sarael
Fernando Pampa
Fernando De La Rosa
Fernando Fernandez
Fernando Cantu
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Boada
Fernando Conde
Fernando Schwertner
Fernando Jimenez
im looking for a woman that lives in cali close to pomoma cause i live out their and i dont have a car to go n e where.i am very active i love to jogg and go to the beach if you can immagine the most romantic man thats me. im normal i love hiking,running,swimming,going out on dates,meating new ppl,animals,and sex,the only thing is i havnt had sex for 5 yrs so im kinda rusty.
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Perez
Fernando Veliz
Fernando Ramires
Fernando Nicola
Fernan Rivera
Fernando Vergara
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Salcido
Fernando Rivero
Fernando Neri Estrella
Fernando Bautista
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Laguna
Fernando Nando Martinez
Fernando Scotti
Fernando Meira
Fernando Mixtega
Fernando Tanner
Fernando Obciana
Fernando Fiuyy
Fernando Roque
Fernando Ramirez
Fernanda Millan
Fernando Millan
Fernando Venegas
Fernando Avalos
Fernando Urteaga
Fernando Rivas
Fernando Reyes
Fernie Rayon
Fernando Nieves
Fernando Cabrera
Fernando Luna
Fernando Lorenzo
Fernando Molina
Fernando Infante
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Clark
Fernando Armenta
Fernando Macias
Fernando Gibiaqui
Fernando Antonio Tavarez
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Cañedo
Fernando Infante
Fernando Flaco
Fernando Valdez
Too much to type right now, just ask me if u really want to get to know me. I'm a nice guy, i dont bite(that hard) Look at my about me lol I am my own idol. Comedy, horror, action. . . . . Etc etc
Fernando Alcala
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Garcia
Well were do i start? My name is Fernando but if you have a nickname for me well you can call me that too lol. i like to write poetry and songs work out and do a lil MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I'm a funny guy and a friend for life wanna know more just hit me up .
Fernand Flores
Fernando Castillo
Fernando Rentas
Fernando Arcos
Fernando Ballchinian
Fernando Espinoza
Fernando Sebastian
Fernando Hernandez
Fernande Love
Fernando Pérez
Fernando Caraveo
Fernando Rios
Fernandoh Mo
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Torres
Fernando Mora
Fernando Viveiros
Fernando Ceja
Fernanda Cardoso Camara
Fernando Bautista
Fernando Desoto
Fernando Brassea
Fernando Alvarado
Fernando Candia
Fernando Navarro
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Reyes
Fernandas Alex
Fernando Loflin
Fernando Callejas
Fernando Valerio
Fernando Pedrote
Fernando Guzman
Fernando Pino
Fernando Manes
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Fortunato
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Mrndoza
Fernando Avila
Fernando Aguirre
Fernando Casillas
Fernando Menchaca
hello my name is Fernando Menchaca n i live here in Colorado Springs, CO. I am currently in college studing Criminal Justice. I love to hang out with friends and family. I also love to dance n teach ppl how to dance if i can. i am lookin for a job in building maintenance or carpentry becuz i am certified. i am goin my hair out a little long then ill cut it. I am a PROUD MEXICAN American. believe it or not but i am a sensitive guy but i also have that a$$ whole guy in me if i get mad. but im always happy but if you would like to no more dont be afraid to ask i want to meat a girl who is always down for me, who always has confidences in who she is and wat she does in life. who can b loveable and a b!tch when she needs to b n she must have self-respect n for others. who can love me for i am as a human being not for wat i wear or how i look i jst need a girl to b who she is n to accept me for who i am n always be ther for me becuz i will be there for her. PROMISE!!!
Fernando Madrid Madrid
Fernado Rodriguez
Ferne Chase
Fernando Lemus
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Llamas
Fernando Gasga
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Romero
Fernando Mercado
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Potts
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Zincke
I like to live a life full of adventures but I am pragmatic in my approach I like one on one relationships ONLY, I am extremely faithful , I like Dogs, and cats.. I love techno hip hop and classical music I love sports, I might be a bit obsessive but in reality it is the passion for getting things well done... I can’t stand to loose something or inefficiency. I am creative, and extremely romantic, sensual, and passionate.. I like challenges, otherwise where is the fun ? I believe in God, raced catholic, but right now I feel more non-denominational than Catholic... However Christian. I pray every night for me and everyone else.... I have a strong character, excellent sense of humor, and I like to listen to whom I am talking to.. then I will express my opinion... I don’t like to interrupt, nor to be interrupted, but I will accept interruptions in a timely fashion often.... I take someone’s word seriously as you should from me as well. Let's think for a moment and relax...... Life
Fernando Hdez
Fernando Tommy
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Barbosa
Fernando Lives High
Fernando Davila
Fernando Lopez
I'm a single guy laid back and like to chill in the city and adventure outside of it as well. I work attend school at night and do it for five days a week. I'm single and looking for a girl that I can get to know we can be friends and work from there. so if you interested in talking or getting to know me hit me with a message.
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Luna
Fernando Andrade
Fernanda Mane
Fernando Renard
Fernano Urrutia
Fernando Vazquez
Fernando Salas
Fernando Gomez
Fernando S Garcia
Fernando Zepeda
Fernando Fabian
Fernando Lara
Fernando Medrano
Fernando Miranda
Fernandito Lopez
Fernando Castro
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Peraza
Fernnie Varela
Fernanda Santos
Fernando Gutierrez
Just Chill guy love to dance and be outdoors i like buchannas 21 my fav just ask for anything u wanna know play sports love going paintballing im into cars like every other guy but will put that to the side when i meet a good girl
Fernando Julio Paniagua
Fernando Deluna
Fernando Romero
Fernando Salazar
Tattos, piercings, movies, music and good food
Fernando Beltran
Fernando Bracamonte
Fernando Pineda
Fernando Montana
Fernando S Garcia
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Quintero
Fernando Estrada
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Oliveira
Fernando Acosta
Fernanda Matuti
Fernando Abitria
Fern Guev
Fernando Bruk
Fernando Cruz
My name is Fernando.I am 38 6 ft tall,Italian/Puerto Rican,brown hair,brown eyes.I am single,never married and have no kids.I like walks on the beach.l want to be the sun of your days, the moon in your nights, the tide that moves the waves of your ocean, be every breath that you take.I am romantic, loving, hard worker with a good job,Not into drugs and don't drink,don't smoke.Dispise the club scene (with so many other things to do in beautiful south florida)I am clean, funny, witty, great cook, loves to spoil in more ways than one.I like to go to the movies,shoot pool and amusement parks.I like to watch movies at home cuddled up with a special woman.I love to hold hands and kiss.I do have the old fashion values, like open doors for the lady, send flowers for no reason, breakfast in bed and send a text to let you know i am thinking of you.I hope you like what you just read and intrigued about me being for real.Showing you love and not just telling you but show you that your loved.Be re
Fernando Moreno
Fernando Chaves
Fernando Footballcoach
Fernando Palacios
Fernando Santana Déniz
Fernando Acostas
Fernando Martinez
Fernandito Isla
Fernando Bravo
Fernando Teixeira
Fernando Garay
Fernando Aragon
Blah. I dislike writing this wort of thing. Anyway.. I'm 15, have the most awesome boyfriend and friends, ever. Be jealous, they're cooler than you =] I'm 5'2", short people are awesome. Reddish-brown hair, 'tis natural and extremely red in the sunlight. Kinda weird. HAxel eyes and average weight (I can stand to lose a few pounds, but I'm no way going to call myself fat, I'm not) I love music but can't play it, I don't sing well either, oh well =]I got to a private school, blagh, but I hae awesome friends there so it's not too bad. I love shoes with heals four inches or higher, just htought you should know that. I have problems walking in flat shoes, because I'm awesome. I've walked on my toes since I learned how to walk so flat shoes get extremely uncomfortable. I wear them anyway =P I love makeup, it's one of the most awesome things ever invented. I won't leave the house without my cover-up and eyeliner. Any other makeup, I'm fine not wearing, but that. Bah. lol Uhmm. I'm running
Feromin Feromin
Ferona Liza New
Feroll Alberca
Fero Abdullah
Feroz Khan
Ferozepuria Sidhu
Feroz Khan
Fer Perro
MSN if you want to chat.
Ferrell Hubbard
Ferrin Lunestad
Myspace Layouts at / Blue dragon - Image Hosting
Ferris Bueller
Ferrari U Know How I Step!
My Gracious heart is Eternal,,I Love,,and love the sit-ups!
Ferrell Hamblin
Ferrero Rocher
an average girl with a thousand faces and personalities ;)
Ferris Stark
Ferris Bueller
Ferrahleigh H
Ferris Lucas
Ferris Tubby
Ferry Ferry
Ferry Soetanto
Ferruccio Moro
Ferry De Graaf
Ferrer Luis
Ferran Beltran
Ferry Hm
Ferry Rahfyan
Ferris Allen
Ferrari Babu
Ferrero Rocher
Ferry Nice
Ferry Bladers
Ferry Dankwa
Ferry Naldho
Ferry Fayyadh
Ferry Nasution
Ferry Pui
Ferrari Banks
Ferran George
Ferrell George
Ferry Both
Ferrod Foster
Ferry E Maramis
Ferris Russell
Ferry Sanjaya
Ferry Tyler
Ferry Karyadi
Ferrari Starfire
Ferry Sutan
Ferry Hidayat
Ferry Andreas
Fer Rios
Ferrister Bueller
Fer San
Fershoop Peter
Fer Sosa
Fer Sanchez
Fersqa Dervit
Feruz Abidov
Fer Vil
Feryat Abiniz
Fery Miu
Ferycris Eguillon
Fery Setiawan
Fesal Jabari
Fesal Momo
Feseha Deg
Fesha Council
Fe2 Sonaji
Fesr Sferto
Fessehazion Berhe
Fess Man
Feston Ramson
Festie Friend
Festus Odiley
Fester Adams
Festus Udokor
Festy Festy
Fester Gesmire
im outgoing most of the time and spontaneous(or try to be),i like getting out to see bands,play live shows,going to Wrestling,Boxing,etc i love warm weather, but ive been known to grill out food in the winter here in Tennessee. well i like playing music drums or rhtyme guitar, i like grilling out food and concoching foods together,i like watching Pro Wresling,UFC,MMA,Boxing,Karate.I like getting online and chatting music and life in general.Wanna know more jus ask me.
Fester Ing
Festus Solesi
Fetahi Smana
Fetal Ninja
just here looking for some hot nsa, girls, boys, couples, and t-girls wanted! be d/d free (420 cool), discreet, and kinky...let's play ;-)
Fet Bath
Fet Fetx
Fethi Mejri
Fethallah Zouhiri
Feti Dema
Fetouh Naght
Fet Play
We're Here and we're not BOTS!!! Fet Play is the newest BDSM/Fetish Social Chat site to the web by people in the lifestyle, for people in or interested in the BDSM culture. From the sublime to the edge, there is something for everyone, from light kink, to hard play, Fet Play is a place to meet like minded individuals, couples and professionals. Come explore, expand, engage yourself, your mind and body in an online place that cares about the lifestyle and those in it. Fet Play and the rest of the Fet Family of companies is designed for the BDSM culture and all the different people interested in the various aspects of the culture. Video Chat, Voice Chat, real time text chat, professional rooms, blogs, even a classified section when it's time to sell that midievil rack you've had sitting in your basement collecting dust, our site, your site isn't full of restrictions like those other pay sites, and isn't designed for everyone. It's designed for the seriously curious and the serious
Fettie Fai\'tal
Fetti Fortune'
Fett Bouzid
Fetus Cokslap
Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? I'm Ashley and I'm fucking awesome.I have a tendency to cuss a lot...FUCK is by far my favorite.I have anxiety & OCDI'm also pretty sure I'm bi-polarI have a sadistic sense of humorand I'm kind of pervertedDon't worry, you'll get used to it. i love being naked =P
Fe Veruasa
Fevzi Gen
Fevzi Gürses
Fevzi Cluber
I don't know I don't know
Fey Barnes
Fey Craig
So here's the download of me (straight from my FB): x chick gamer x Mum (Yes call me a MILF for all I care) x has my own warning label x Purple, red, green, CHROME are my favourite colors x draws and writes x not like your last EX x stands up for what I want, what I believe in.. x Get to know me before you judge me if not then your loss not mine x collects weapons x wants an old car x loves History and English x Growing up without anyone elses' inputs x sarcastic at times x believes there is love out there somewhere x doesnt believe in myself x Originality with me is key x doesnt like being called sexy or hott normally x "The Notebook" is one of my favourite movies&I do cry at points (Make fun of me, dont care at least I'm honest) x can wear my heart out there but have it still protected x believes BEAUTIFUL spells B A LIFE which spells B A LIE x tired of boys pretending to be a man x ADDICTED to wanting more piercings ♥ (Currently 5 ear pi
Fey Flores
Fey G
Fey Hallberg
I'm a very confident woman and an extremely lover. I'm the most wild person you will ever meet, I'm a lover, nor a fighter. I want what I want when I want it. I want to learn a little bit about something nasty haha...still learning.. the most exotic and thrill taking lesson . I have no room to judge anyone. I've done almost everything you can think of, but what's you gonna past makes me more hungry . It is the motive of my flesh, that is most important for me. A gurl like me was so very precious guys. It goes by so quickly. Love hard! So you better watch out BITCH ! ehe... I'll be waiting for you anytime in my room.feyxxx at yeah who that cum ainthatpretty at hot male that cum
Feyishayo Ayodele
Feysal Mohamuud
Feysel Shemsu
Feyzullah Akca
Feyzz Serenade
Fezon Fezon
Fezzy Bitch
Pimped by PimpMySpace
Fezzy Khan
hi my names brittany. I have a 1 year old son who is the greatest. I have a fiance named daniel and I love him very much. I like to write poetry and listen to music I like all types. And I like to go out with my friends Hi my name is brittany I have a baby boy who just turned one. I have a fiance which hopefully we make it to the isle. We have been fighting alot lately. I love watching movies and writing poetry. I also like reading I know I'm a loser. I love going out with my friends. And I like to dance. Thats about all I can think about right now. my idol is my mom she has had six kids and is still beautiful My favorite movies are: Man on FIRE Undiscovered Matchstick man Dawn of the dead Gone in 60 sec and ect.

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