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Felicia Crowley
Well, I was born in Michigan and have lived in several other states since then. But I consider my self a Cali girl since I spent a large part of my "growing up" years there. I am now living in Mississippi and am learning to love it, lol. MyHotComments Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Hmmm, with what little free time I have I like to read, do word puzzles, do jigsaw puzzles, watch movies, take walks, shop and spend time with my friends and family. I also like to make plastic canvas calendars and chat online with all my friends who are still in sunny San Diego. Click here to get more mini-SharkBreak widgets - FEEDINGTHEDESIRE The Breakfast Club, An Officer and a Gentleman, Silence of the Lambs, The Incredible Mr. Limpett, The Crow, Tombstone. And I am sure there are others that I am forge
Felipe Angel
hey my name is felipe i am from colombia but i live in weston florida. i would like to meet new people and try new things. i am 18 and looking to have alot of fun with people and go out. i love sports and to do alot of different things. i have alot of energy i can go for days no joke all i need is like starbucks and i am good ill go for days jajaa. well if u want to know more about me just ask me
Felicitas Bautista
Felipe Lopez
Felix Tega
Im just a highschool senior Hoping to graduate I like having fun And getting in trouble Me and the law have a love hate relation ship Want to know more just talk to me Im easy to get along with I like cars Trucks And girls Ima guy what can i say
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Felix Fadahunsi
Felipe Small
Felicia Nelson
Felisa Fletcher
I am an Independent Consultant with Passion Parties. Do you want to have the Ultimate Girl's night in? Have a Passion Party! Passion Parties are a great way to spend an evening with your girlfriends. You'll laugh, you'll learn new tips, and most of all, I will show you how to spice up your love life. Book your party with me now before the end of August and you will get a $50 gift card for SONA MED SPA. Located in Las Vegas. And if your party total reaches $350 or more you will be entered into a drawing for a trip to Las Vegas worth $1500. Go to my website and let me know that you want to book your party. If I am not near you, I will find a consultant who can do the party for you. You will also get a hostess discount on your order. So book today!! Do you have enough money to pay your bills? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? I make up to 50% commission. If you can use some extra money to help you between paychecks, or to maybe give you a whole new career
Felipe Ochoa
Felix Rex
"[...]the academic grappling with his computer, ceaselessly correcting, reworking, and complexifying, turning the exercise into a kind of interminable psychoanalysis, memorizing everything in an effort to escape the final outcome, to delay the day of reckoning of death, and that other -fatal- moment of reckoning that is writing, by forming an endless feedback loop with the machine." ~Jean Baudrillard "America"(1986) Which is about as pretentious way of introducing my digitally mediated persona as I could steal. I am an anarchist, but not of the aspirational variety: I believe chaos & chance reign supreme, and politics are weak theatre. Like Blake (& Crowley) I believe everything that is was imagined first, and vividness counts. Parapolitics & conspiracy theories, Dada stunts, jests, jibes & pranks, neuronautical exploration, firearms, Soto Flight (incl. but not limited to: myriad airships, blimps, zeppelins, gliders, etc), French Symbolist poetry,
Felicia Martinez
Felicia Martinez
Hi my name is Felix. I'm a Gypsy. I move around a lot. That's just about all there is to tell. Yes.
Felicia Brown
Felicia Pugh
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Felicity Luland
Felicia Martin
Felicity Muttkowski
I am Felicity Muttkowski I am 27 years old I live in Everett Washington. I just recently found out I am going to be a mommy. I am excited I dont know what I want if I want a boy or if I want a girl. I enjoy spending time with my family and my best friends plus my boyfriend.Before I even got pregnant I enjoyed hiking,camping,bowling,movies which I can still do, I can still do bowling but I got to be careful,I like taking pictures of statues in the streets of Wetmore Ave and Colby Ave. I also enjoy going to the beach and being out in the sun. I love taking pictures. When I am out at my parents house I go out and brush my mothers horses if they let me. I play with my dogs and give them attention. Of coarse all the animals my parents have are females lol. They have two cats and a hampster. I definatly enjoy going out there cuz I am at peace and I can relax. I have not been out there since I found out I am pregnant which this weekend I will. I am origanly from Oak Harbor Whidbey Island Wash
Felipe Diossa
Felicia Mclucas
Hello...Just a little bit about me...My name is Felicia. I'm 19...I was born and raised in Waynesboro...WooHoo..Lol!!! Just graduated this year from CASHS... '07!!! I have 2 sisters Nikki and Jen..I'm the middle child...I love them both very family is very important 2 me..they've helped me through some really hard times..Luv u guys...I just got a new job ( I work in a nursing home ) I'm working on getting my CNA ( Certified Nurses Aide ) and hopefully I'm going 2 college this year for my RN ( Registered Nurse )... I don't have a car right now...I'm workin on gettin another one... I did have a Pontiac Grand Am...but I was T-Boned 3 months ago...but yeah...anyways if theirs anything else about me u'd like to know feel free to ask!!!
Felicia Beal
i enjoy partying hanging out and having fun !!!! and i drink ,smoke and get dirty . so i u have a prob will tom boys move along lol i like movies , paint balling riding quads and working on cars. not your average female. i am going to college for forensics and i love getting dirty i am also a certified precision machinest. i am looking for friends and friends only
Felina Stevens
Felipe Perez
SO i am a mexican that didnt run across the border...I like to party,drink, chill and hang out with my buddies...I like to watch movies...I like football, basketball, tennis, soccer, but I dont like to run...I am on here to meet cool new friends...I dont pick tomatoes for a living, and I live alone...WTF? Taco Bell? whats that thats not mexican, but i like beans...Lmao
Felicia Robinson
Felicia Taylor
i am a 22 year old, single female from arkansas. i own my home. i have 6 dogs, 2 cats, and a rabbit. as u can tell i am very much an animal if u would like to know more just ask me. More Fun Quizzes at
Felicia Askmeforit
Hi everyone Nice to meet you All! My name is Felicia Im from illinois. Im funny,Sweet,Carein,Outgoing,Nice,Lovin,Good person,I love to help others,Love to cook and be active.I like to play sports and chill with friends.I like all kinds of music accept hard metal.Hit me up if you want to chat and feel free to ask what ever. I like to dance,chill with friends,meet new people,movies,music,watch tv,Walk around,Games,Shoppin,Sports,And what ever else there is to do. All kinds accept Gorey movies.
Felix Von Jinx
Hey I'm Felicia I am NOT single! I'm in an amazing and loving RELATIONSHIP with the most amazing boy EVER!!!! I love being with him and he loves being with me. I love: Garrett, My Family, My Friends, Music, Dance, writing, drawing, singing, taking pictures, being with Garrett, my life, shoes, hoodies, the stars. My Faves: Garrett Pink Silver Peanut Butter Cups Pink Roses Sunglasses Root Beer Jones' Cream Soda Acoustic Music Hiphop Dancing Chic Flicks Scary Movies Cant Stand!:::::::: Drama People who start drama Liars Fakes Cheats Overdramatics Crappy pictures Coconut
Felix Cat
Sex is sex, whether it is with a man or woman. I love going down on both. Yummy
Felicia Griff
Felipe Zwygart
Felix Garcia
Felicia Zeigler
Felicia Murati
My name is Felicia i am single mom to the most beautiful girl in the whole world...Delilah she is 2 years old and the most important thing in my life... I also am Engaged to the sweetest and kindest MAN in the world...Russell he makes me smile constantly and prolly the best thing to happen to me... i like to spend time with my friends BEST friend Brittany is the best i dunno what i would do without her... Also my MOM who is not only my mother but also my best friend she has and is there when i need her the most...i pretty much have all i want and need at the moment and i know there are some " females" that cant stand the fact that i am HAPPY...welln girls i am so get OVER IT and quit actin like ur in high school... on another note my life is where i want it to be... so if there is any thing u would like to know just ask,,,,
Felicia H
Felipe Garcia
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Felicia Schurman
Felix Arndt
As this comes on top, I want to use this to put a greeting message here: Show her love, she is special and deserves it: Sunshine( SONENSHINE)(Force~3~Bombers!!) YOU LOOK YOU ADD@ fubar I am sure I had written something here that had gone. Or I have been lazy... I will update this, little by little... If I don't, or you had saved that stuff, holler at me! Ciao, l8r! :) Felix BTW: Who recognizes the songs? "Fan me, rate me, any way you want me" "Fan me, ra-ate me, add me, crush me-e-eh" Now what is it? (Looks like a fine quiz, doesn't it?)
Felicia C
I'm married and I had Haiden on June 22nd. My husband is currently in Iraq and I love and miss him more than anything. Take care
Felicia Cowden
Felicia Westbrook
Felicia Chambers
"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."- Hold onto that person which is precious to you and never let go… Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.. Im Felicia im from oklahoma.. ....Im easy going love to have fun i can be kinda crazy at to make new friends but i dont like drama (i have plenty of my own dont need anyones help with that ... :P) i love music..partying..anything outdoors, camping..very loving and caring and im a big family kids.(
Felicia Madden
Felicia Williams
Felicia Proffitt
Felix Rivrea
Felicia Woods
Felicia Burkhamer
Felicia Carroll
Well Number 1 thing i am a Mother of Twin Boys n they are my kings i luv em to Death!! if you have a problem with that click the [x] and remove yoselfs frum my page! If you decide to stay i am....Considered as CONSIDERATE...Always willing to give someone a chance.If u stab me in my back, I wont stab u back..CUZ WE'D BOTH BE DEAD AN EYE FOR AN EYE WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND...Im very outspoken shy when I wanna be...The average human being has 5 senses I HAVE SIX..."A SENSE OF HUMOUR"..Im soooooooo easy to get along with and HATED BY A FEW ...STILL NOT LOVED BY MANY BUT WHO CARES...I dont care a what people think about me -WHY? cuz i just dont!!!!YA DIG!!WISDOM DOES NOT COME WITH AGE IT COMES FROM EXPERIENCE" I really wish i could go on but i have to keep this short!!! Im cool!!! Thats what yall need to know lol lol Motor Bikes Cars Etc Something Ta Mek My Heart Beat FAST!
Felicia Glatz
Felix Cardona
Hello, My name is Felisha I'm a 22 year old female.I will be 23 on December 27th. I'm from Mt.Morris Michigan. I live on my own with my beautiful daughter Alexis.I do work at a camp resort 40 hrs a week. So i mean i do have myself on the right side of the track. I'm always looking for new friends or maybe even Mr. Wright. I also don't like drama so if thats in your life don't even bother messaging me. I am the sweetest person you could meet until you run your mouth then i can be a major BITCH! Well if you like what you hear and see. Send me a message or contact me at Well have a good day! God Bless!! ! Alexis I love you soo much! I am so happy to be your Mommy! I Love you with my all my heart! You have brought so many Adventures to my life! I dont know what i would do with out you! With out you my life would be incomplete! You are such a smart and energetic daughter! You are always wanting to play and you always have a smile on your face! I cant believe h
Felix Rolan
Animator vs. Animation from Albino Blacksheep These videos I made when I was in Iraq and the one of the music video is of my ex-girlfriend
Felicia Saunders
Felicia Bonner
Felicia Kennedy
Felipe Reina
Felicia Campbell
Felicia Tilley
My name is Felicia, people call me Felly, Flee, Flea bag, Flee Bee, Fleesh, Black Widow
Felica Webster
Felicia Forgotten
as we grow up, we learn that even the one person who was never supposed to let you down probally will have your heart broken probally more than once & its harder every time you'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was'll fight & lose with your'll blame a new love for things an old one'll cry because time is passing to fast,and you'lleventually lose someone you take too many pictures,laugh to much,and love like you've never been hurt;because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. =feliciaFORGOTTEN
Felicia Brown
Felix Raj
Felix Aponte
Felito Kingdom Of Wolfe Cuban
Felix Miranda
Felicia Hand
Felica Scott
Felicia Maldonado-heitman
Ok im a big nerd at heart i like movies that have been made from comic books id rather go to a giants game as a first date then dinner & a movie anytime .Im an open book so anything you wanna know just ask me.I am married and if you dont have breast and a vagina then not really intrested in talking to you
Felicia Roberson
There isn't really much to say about me. I love going out and having a great time whether its with friends or random people sometimes. I love music especially something I can dance to. I love playing sports especially basketball and softball. I love working on cars when I can.
Felisha Murphy
Felicia Barlow
Felipe Reytor
Felicity Perez
Felix Mora
Felicia M
Felix Baez
cool nice guy. got my heartbroken. nice guys always finish last...lookin for my soulmate NaNa VoN BiAtCh lol
Felix Villarreal
Felicia Lavoue
Felicia Swartz
Felix Kat
Felicity Elkins
Felix Rd
Felicia Medina
Felicity Ever
i don't give a rat's ass on what anyone think about me.... My family and friends mean the world to me. I dream like a star. I used to party like a superstar. I can sing like a "rock star". And live like a HOllywood Star. Just a simple girls needs some love and affection,, that will ROck YOur WOrld. you are interesting or you wish to discuss something profound or you are an instigator/accomplice up for adventure or you just want to say hi
Felix Whitfield
Felicia Purcell
Felicia Rivera
Felicia Jones
Felicia Perry
Felix Trinidad
Felicia Radney
Felicia Collins
Felix Blake
Felishia Dashner - Hip Hop & Urban MySpace CommentsGHETTO GURL
Felipe Contreras
Felix Fidelsberger
toksta* is a browser based video instant messenger especially designed for social networks. Our goal is to increase the stickiness of your network and prevent users from leaving your community to chat via external applications like Skype, MSN or ICQ. Adress: Friedrich-Engels-Strae 101 14473 Potsdam Germany toksta* is a browser based video instant messenger especially designed for social networks. Our goal is to increase the stickiness of your network and prevent users from leaving your community to chat via external applications like Skype, MSN or ICQ. CEO Adress: Friedrich-Engels-Strae 101 14473 Potsdam Germany
Felicia Ricks
I'm an easy going person. I like having fun but I also like to just relax and enjoy the quiet. I'm kinda shy at first but once you get to know me you'll wish I was again. I'm crazy at times but layed back at others. I get along with just about everyone.
Felix Trinh
Felicia Cronin
Felicity Fey
"wanna get wild and horny i am so sweet and naughty looking for fun. lets chat add me to my yahoo messenger its and let things get started."
Felicha Eich
My name is Felicha Evins I will marry my true love on December 06, 2008 My mom has an account on here her username is QueenWitch Now my mom she is one awesome person and I love her dearly I have a one year old daughter and she has red hair and blue eyes just like her mommy and she is one beautiful little girl and I wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world. People that say they want children but dont want to carry them because you lose your body and because of the pain well I have one thing to say about that you will forget about losing your body and the pain you went through to bring that child into the world when you see that beautiful face. I have natural red hair and blue eyes and my favorite things to do at this specific time are study for my test in college and watch my beautiful little girl grow up oh yeah and one more thing I am also enjoying planning my first real wedding and it is going to be amazing... THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT MY PROFILE AND FOR READING ABOUT ME ALTHO
Felicia S
Felicia Walker
Felicia D
Felicia Williams
Felicia Sanders
Ok So my name is Felicia, however my friends call me FeFe.. I'm just a small town Country girl, who loves the city life!. I have blonde hair blue/green eyes. My family and Friends are my first and last concern. I love to shop and just straight up chill.. Any question's just ask!
Felicia Cromer
Felicia Lenux
I am the very meaning of complex, and content with living my life ass backwards. I am the tackiest form of class around, and fall into every stereotype imaginable. I'm loud and gregarious, yet serene and harmonic. I enjoy a large variety of people, but love to hate everyone else in the room. I'm no longer flattered by compliments, though live in my own reflection. I'm charmed by the tranquil sound of piano, but adore nothing more than waking up in the morning to earth shattering metal. I'm a city girl, bound by industrialism, despite having an undying love for the ever green state of Vermont. I'm passionate for art, but have never appreciated my own self expression in such form. I'm infatuated by luminous color, whereas black and white seem more attractive on the eyes. I'm annoyed by people who question my beliefs, however, offended when not offered an others true insight, challenging or not. All too often I find myself in promiscuous situations, although envious of the virginal.
Felicia Lacomb
Felix Nelson
Felicity Hicks
Felix Bu
Felicia Ratayczak
Felicia Stepp
Felix Brown
Felisha Jones
Felicia Worden
Felipe Rosales
im just me....... thats all you need to knowAdd this effect to your own photos MySpace Graphics Make photo slide shows at
Felix Haynes
Felix Marshall
Felix Don
Felix Joe Dougan
Felicia Rodriguez
yo everyone ma name is Felicia. Alot of people call me Fe. call me ne thing you'd like. Im 19 and a mother of a 1 yr old. Im going to college to become a massage / sports theropy. Umm im into so many things. if u want to know more just email me iight love yahll
Felipe Mora
Felix Ty
Felicia Wall
Felix Max
Felicia Johnson
Felicia G
Felipe Vazquez
Felix Schmidt
Felicia Mumper
Hello everyone Im updating my profile I like to chill with my friends , go shopping, go out to the movies spend time with my family and the most of all I love to spend all the time with my beautiful handsome son that was born on Nov 9 2012.
Felipe Banks
Felix Kitur
Felipe Oliveira
Felix Olorunwa
Felipe Rossy Jr.
Felicia Faye
Feli Daxa
`-.,_,.-``-.,_,.=``-.,_,.-`Hi, Im ~Felix~ from New York, NY. Currently working still and action photo shoots in New York City. Born and raised in NYC, love exploring the different cultures that the city life has to offer. I express myself through various arts and pathways. I also work as a professional martial arts instructor, performer and competitor. I hope to create positive changes in my community and in the people around me~.~``-.,_,.-``-.,_,.=``-.,_,.-``-.,_,.-``-.,_,.=``-.,_,.-
Felicia Finigan
Felicia Ring
Felix Valencia
Felix Okiemute
Felix Banuelos
Felix Aponte
Felipe Xique
hi my name is Felisha I live in p.a i have 2 great kids kailey who is 4 will be 5 in august my son Anthony he is 14 months they are my everything will do anything for my kids !!!! You wanna know anything else send me a message and i will think about giving u my aim !!
Felis Cervantes
Felicia Jackson
Felisha Hall
Felisha Anderson
i have three beautiful girl they are my heart and soul i thought the to have respect for other and never to lie my daddy always said to tell truth it will get you fatter in life and i am tell you i have falling in love with this great guy he is sexy and his eye will just say you could get lost in them when you look into them i htink he has a very sexy body i think my girl would love him too i want to do anything to make him happy and me and my girls happy
Felicia Pataska
Felicia Cummings
Well, Im a single mom to two little girls... age 2 and 1! Im going through a divorce right now, my soon to me ex left me for another woman. Well, actually I kicked his a$$ out when I found out about the other woman!!! So long! Im a very busy woman working full time and raising my girls. I dont get out much so I spend a lot of my free time on the computer. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about me... Im not perfect but some parts of me are!
Felix Davidson
Felix Mata
Felicia Lawson
Felicia Hamblin
Felicia Schuster
hey im felicia! im 18! im outgoing and love to have fun! im in love with the greatest gy in the worl ever! johnny i love you @!
Felix Flores
Felicia Chiesa
will up date soon!
Felicia Mercado
Felix Romero
Felixc Berko
my name is Felix Kwame Berko and my friends call me spydaman and i accept that so you can also call me that i will just give you a nice smile. i am in my second year in a tertiary institution in my country(Ghana). my school is called sunyani polytechnic. it is located in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. well i have my own website with which i want all my friends to upload their pictures there. so you can also upload your into may be you can call me on my cell phone for real friendship on 00233249475635 or 00233205636561 or 00233262475635 i cant wait to welcome you from all over the world. i like reading books and any readable item. Again i also like any thing sexy
Felicia Anderson
Romantic movies
Felipe Conejo
Felicia Happersett
Hey the name is Felicia. I was born on January 12th. I am 19 years of age. i love my family to death dont fuck with them. "If you want something dont wish for it, Life is too short to wait Nothing of me is original,I am the combined of everybody of everybody i ever known" "Because i am definitly one of a kind" "Beauty gets attention" and personality catches the heart" I LIVE LIFE DAY BY DAY im mad chill; but im not going to lie, most of the time i can be a bitch. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE TAKE SMALL THINGS AND TURN THEM INTO SOMETHING BIG.I LOVE TO DANCE IT TAKES MY MIND OFF OF THINGS. Im Not The Best Looking gurl Yeah I Kno That But I Try My Hardest To Look My Best EveryDay, im a very outgoing person; i live my life the way i want to; so dont tell me what im doing is wrong cuz i wont listen. i only say whats true. so if you don't like what i have to say. that sucks. i'm very loud and obnoxious. if you don't like it then it sucks for you. i s
Felicia Schemelia
Feli A
Felice Hicks
Felicia Williams
Get Your Sexy Name Get Your Sexy Name Get Your Sexy Name MY WHOLE NAME :P
Felicia Stepp
Hey im Felicia im from East TN. I have a kick ass job and two lil ones who i adore. Got questions just ask
Felisha Caywood
Felix Santiago
Felix Dyke
Felix Braddy
Felicidad Birch
Felix Wilson
Felicia Pablo
Felicia Whetstone
Felicity Berthiaume
Felisha Mcford
Felix Villarreal
Felipe Marin
Felicia Strait
like to listening to wave station ,csi show"s comedy"show Dr Oz walking ride the bus going the farm ers, MARKET
Feli Mejia
My names Felisha. Im a 23 year old who love to have a good time. Im a crazy goofy fun loving latina girl. I have the BEST friend ever! Without her in my life Id be lost. Shes my rock my everything. We have been through so much together that nothing could ever tare us apart. Were 2 of the craziest bitches you will ever meet but we promise its worth every second of your time LOL. Im So lucky shes in my life and I thank god everyday for her =) Rachel Renee I Love You!! I also have the cutest nephew ever Hes 3 years old and hes my life. Zakary Wayne I love You baby boy! A 2 year old nephew Eric Michael and a niece Annabella Elyzabeth who will be 1 in April they are my world!!! Ive lived in Pa for almost 6 years and I love it. My life isnt perfect but I wouldnt change anything that I have been through. Im not perfect and I dont pretend that I am. What you see is what you get if you dont like it sucks for you I will NEVER change for anyone I am Me for a reason and thats that! I cannot stand
Felipe Aspiazu
well, I'm a super duper funny gay, I like to have friends from everywhere, and I like to have fun with my friends
Felicia Fernandez
Felix Diaz
im a mommy to two beautiful grls. i like the out doors.i have a great personality.i live in the evergreen state.for those that are having a brain fart..thats washington state.
Felicia A.m Samed
Felicity Dulce
Felipe Jimenez
Im a mother of 3. Been in a relationship for over 8 years. Moved around a lot when i was younger. Now stuck out in the woods till my kids r old enough i can travel the world! For all those guys out there who want an easy little ho to be friends with look the other way.. Im just me nothing special.. You either like me or u dont! it just takes getting to know me! I love to party, drink, smoke, hang out with friends and meet loads of new peeps! Im not here for an internet fu** buddy! so dont bother me if thats all u want!! myspace is gettin mega lame and im here for new friends! Grab a beer or shot and have a good time!
Felicity Park
Felix Reillo
im a good person to get to know im real im open minded and i dont like to waste my time so please dont hit me up if your playing games good fellas
Felisha Overstreet
Hey wats up peeps tha names GIGI lol real name Felisha ima real chick so dont play games with me not looking for drama so stepp if you a drama king i love my life and i love who i am. dont cross me cause you dont know wat i am caple of if you wanna know me ask im not shy about any thing i will tell you wen enough is enough but yeah hit me up if you wanna know about me
Felicity Forbes
Felicia Dabadest
Felicia Stclair
Felixabel Fernandez
Felix Romero
Felipe Moran
Felix Urbina
Felicity Smith
Felicia Carter
Felicia Bassett
Felipe Ortiz
Felipe Rosa
Felix Delatorre
Felix Quiriarte
Felix Soto
Felipe Oliva
Felix Rios
Felisha Howard
Felicia Padilla
Names Felicia fun, 20, party, all meee. partayyy, music, running, photography, friendsss.
Felix Green
Felix Rocha
jus ask me girls lol just ask me
Felix K
Felix Martinez
Felisha Rahaman
Felipe Santoyo
Felisha Newell
Feliciano Vasquez
Felix Dkhem
Felicia Howe
My name is Felicia, I'm 20 yrs old. I live in Ohio with my wonderful fiance'. Jillian and I have been together for 4 yrs.
Felix Maldonado
Felipe Flores
Felisia Harmon
Felicia Gladden-houston
Felicity Williams
Felichia Deanda
Felix Burks
Felix Molina Jr
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Sims
Felix Nieves
Felipe Acosta
Felipe Flores
Felix F
Felipe Vargas
Felicia Lila ʚϊɞ
Felipe Vega
Felicia Blair
The names Felicia. I am 20 years old. Turning 21 sept 4,very excited i get to drink legally. I am very fun and outgoing. I am a little shy at first, but once i get use to you then i dont shut up. I am up for anything and love trying new things. I love anything outdoors. Love to workout a lot and play sports like volleyball and football. I also love going to movies and bowling. And anything that has to do with friends. Also love love love to get in my bikini and go swimming God, My second mommy sharon, and my aunt debbie
Felicia Wilson
Feliciano Villarreal
Felipe Cruz
Felizza Abas
Felipe Velazquez
Felicia Wells
Felipe De Jesus Rivera
Felipe Abrajan
Feliza Casillas
Felisha Cardon
Felicia Valdez-lucas
Felicia Dee
Felisha Raby
hi!! im felisha and im from gravette arkansas and im 19yrs old andim outgoing and love to have fun and love to make other people smile and i love to smile too? And all i look for in a guy is that he is nice and kind to me and others and respects me fro who i am and dont judge me!! ANd has a great sense of humor and personalitily and who can accpt me as me and my family as my family lol ANd who loves the color GREEN!!! lol jk My interests are haniging with friends and listening to music and singing and playing sports
Felicia Fontaine
Felix Villeneuve
Felipe Barrera
Felix Eboms
Felix Torres
Felicity Mitchell
Felix F Santillano
Felicia Spafford
Felicia Martin
Felix Gellert
Felicia Martinez
Felicia Jones
name:felicia age:21 im 5'0 blue eyes dark hair hangover!!!
Felix Vaillant
Felix Laplante
Felicia Galvin
Feliciano Ruvalcaba Perez
Felipe Basulto
Felice Sassu
Felix Mendoza
Felicia Freeman
Hello people i was born in modesto im a lesbian n i Gradulated june 6,2008 at Johansen High School.I love road trips, camping, hiking, swimming, beaches, music, movies, Dancing, party occasionally, occasionally shopper, cuddling, I'm a very honest and i just like to have fun im about to go to college for Veterinarian im am an animals lover.Im am lookin for ms.right who dont play games, n used me if u want more just please im me or add me
Felipe Da Rocha
Felipe Hdz
Felicia Haas
Felix Rodriguez
i like to hang out and drink some some beerpong and hang out with my friends
Felicia Mcguire
Felicia Columbo
I am a full time college student, and say what i be prepared for the brutal honest truth!. I want to find a loving guy that will treat me with respect, and doesn't just wanna screw 24-7!. Anything else you wanna know just ask me! I like to swim and sing, when im not at college, so mostly on the weekends. I like to hang out with friends, and listen to music....anything else you wanna know just ask!
Felicia Scanlon
Felicia Parker
Hello my name is felicia. I live in ass town logan...i have a son that is 2 years now. Im dating zachary webb..i love u baby..
Felipe Barcellos
Felix Rocha
Felipe Yáñez
MY name is fElipe I Lve in PHX az Statusingle i like to do anything fun chill with the homies party,drink watever x] ....if u want to knw me hit me up ladies
Felix Garibay
Felix Otero
Felicia Jones-camper
Felix Lincon
I am such a spontaneous person, I tend to live in the moment and just go with what feels right at the time. Even if I had a plan for my life, I'm certain it would change.*** My friends would definitely agree that I live in the moment. I am known to pack a bag on a whim and just head to Vegas or where ever my heart desires. I hardly ever turn down a good time. I am very laid back and go with the flow. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.I admit that I have made mistakes in my life, but absolutely have no regrets! Im a really sweet person, which I sometimes think is a huge fault of mine. Im constantly changing and learning more and more about myself. Im a pretty strong believer that you can see a persons soul through their eyes, if you look deep enough. I never forget and sometimes have a hard time forgiving.I love shopping! I love my truck! Weve been through a lot together. I love airports almost as much as the vacation that requires one, I think its seeing all the different peo
Felix Aguirre
Felicia Lambert
Felix Ortiz
Felix Ramirez
Felipe Gui?z
Felipe Bell
Felicia Watson
Felix Quinones
Hey my names Felix. Im 21yrs old puerto rican born & raised in New Jersey. I was born Cerebral Palsy. I use a walker to walk to with. I love texting & talking on the phone and i love baseball... My favorite team is the yankees... i love rice & beans... I love serving GOD he`s really amazing... He`s the reason why im here without him im nobody... I might fall to the grond at times... But God is always there with his hands out towards me & this is what he says...(My soldier, my son, i love you with all my heart.. Your not alone Felix... IM HERE WITH YOU... take & hold my hand & walk forward with me... That i will show you the rest of the way my son...) Thank You for visting my page... I hope you enjoyed yourself... Take Care God Bless You All... If you ever need someone to talk to Or you need me to pray for you... Call or text me @ (813)506-3959 PLEASE NO PERVS OR SEXUAL PEOPLE... YOU NOT WELCOME TO MY PAGE THANKS... GOD BLESS YOU........
Felix Corona
any hot mami
Felipe Sock
Felix Rich
Felicitas Palma
Felix Magadan
Felicia Taylor
Felix Santiago
Felicia Serrano
Felix Onome
dark in complexion, 1.67m tall, handsome, good-looking, God-fearing, caring, loving, fun-loving guy. reading books, watching movies.
Felicia Abigail
Felicia Abigail. Nineteen.
Felix Sarabia
Felicia Brummett
Felicia Horst
Felician Tambriz Tzoc
Felicia Gooden
Felix Thompson
Felix Mays
Down for what ever any time any place love to have fun never let anyone bring me down . girls, girls,and girls my brother MONTEY MAYS dont watch tv
Felicia Hampton
Felicia N Zachary Webb
Felipe Batista
Felicia Rolands
Felipe Soriano
Felipe Torres
Im into dudes and girls music,magic,guys and girls
Felipe Torres
Felipe Aruguso
Felisha Tonihka
Felicia Larkins

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