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Dustin Spicer
I'm 30 years old From York, Pa. I am single. I Have 3 boys, but they do not live with me. Anything else feel free to ask! You can also find me on myspace and myyearbook using my email: Kids, Car, music, camping, walks, games, computer, road trips, friends, sex, romantic night at home,
Dustin N/a
I am a shy and silent person but once u get to know me i start to get annoying =P Hmm my intrests.... I
Dustin Rich
Just a normal guy with some abnormal interests. I'm a 23 year old engineering student (almost done with school) in the Statesboro, GA / Mobile, AL / Pensacola, FL areas depending on the time of year. And for those of you who know what it means, I'm a switch with submissive tendencies. If you know what I'm talking about there I'd love to hear from you.
I am 20 yrs old i live in wellston... I am really great guy and i am looking for that certain someone.
Dusty Eckelberry
My name is Dusty im 20 i live new philadelphia ohio but from newcomerstown im 5'9'' tall i weigh 170 pounds light brown hair and BLUE eyes haha well that bout it I love to ride 4wheelers, hang with friends, PARTY, umm just chill o an i love beer haha
Dustin Wyant
Dustin Rice
Dustin Burchett
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Dustin Myles
Dustin Depree
Dustin Duncan
I'm just a good old country boy thats loves the outdoors and music.I spend my time with my two boys when im not deployed.other than that i love to hunt,fish,camp,ride atv's,and go to truckpulls.
Dustin Chorney
Dustin Garvey
Dustin Meiners
I can honestly say that I am an open book. I'm an outgoing, good hearted, down to earth person who cares very much about the people around me. I'm very easy going and laid back most of the time. I've been told before that I'm "too nice", but you know, I say to hell with those people. I'm very much into the music scene and love going to concerts. Hanging out with friends and family. and I have met over 200celebrities ! "About me: i exist in the depths of solitude pondering my tru goal trying 2 find peace of mind and still preserve my soul constantly yearning 2 be accepted and from all receive respect never compromising but sometimes risky and that is my only regret a young heart with an old soul how can there be peace how can i be in the depths of solitude when there r 2 inside of me this duo within me causes the perfect opportunity 2 learn and live twice as fast as those who accept simplicity cuzz life through my bloodshot eyes would scare a square 2 death povertyand violence and never
Dustin Fregia
Dustin Angelico
Dustan Holland
Dustin Dilas
I am one of a kind. I love to make people laugh even if it's at my own expense. I have ADD so I get distracted by the smalles.... Oh look a squirrel. Anyway, I rock! If you want to know something about me just ask me.
Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Schuman
Dustin Hruby
I am 5'10" i weigh about 165 i drive a 04 mazda RX-8 i just see pics I love cars and racing and tuning them, Im big into hip-hop and r&b music i write my own hip-hop music and produce my own beats i like the outdoors and some sports, i like to work out and keep my self in shape. My idols are my mom may she rest in peace, Dave mirra and vin diesal. I like mostly all movies it depends i guess.
Dustin Lawrence
My name is Dustin Robert Lawrence, i'm 23 years old, i'm divorced, i have a 1 year old daughter who goe's by the name Meadow Rayne Lawrence, i'm currently sharing joint custdoy of her. I like to drink and smoke(herb)...but i still work out and keep my body in good shape. I live in a small ass town on a reservation at the very bottom of North Dakota, i'm like everyone else in the world...pretty average, long story short i'm cool. Taking care of my daughter, lifting weights and running, staying in shape, chillin with friends, driving around, listening to music, watching tv, gettin on the internet, drinking, smoking, playing xbox360, goin to bars, basically i'm interested in having a good time(when i dont have my daughter)
Dustin Dannen
Dustin Hicks
Dustin Faloon
Dustin Elliott
Dustin Crowell
Dustin Stewart
Dustin Ware
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Dustin Nickoson
Dustin Hoyle
Dustin Easler
Dustin Lockhart
Well im 23, i am single cuz i cant seem tofind that special one yet... She has to be into the outdoors and cant be afraid to get alittle dirty... I am into the outdoors and tattoos... I have 5 tats and 2 piercings for now.. Im an avid outdoorsmn.... I love to hunt, fish, and camp.. I love bull riding and hangin out at the rodeo... I like to meetnew people and hang out with my frends..
Dustin Rice
Dustin Celia
Dustin Brown
Dustin H
im just around here to have fun. im currently single and trying to have fun right now. dont know if i will find the right 1. i listen to a lot of music, like hanging out with ppl online. got 3 buddies right now. i watch nascar and a little of football. if you want to know anything else, just ask.
Dustin Michalek
Dustin Smith
Dustin Cook
Dustie Stegman
Dustin Hendry
Pretty simple if there is anything you want to know just ask and i will tell....... ASK AND I WILL TELL YOU LMAO
Dustin Chapman
Dustin White
Dustin Hines
Dustin D
Dustin Irvin
So I am Dustin. My age and where I live has already been stated. I am a twin. But I dont see how. I am the second oldest out of 6. Though sadly one of my brothers passed away at a young age. I am single. I have no kids but want some dearly. I consider my self a nice and sweet guys. Though woman like to treat me like crap. I would love to find a girl who can be who she is no matter whos around, one that is nice, sweet, funny and can take my breath away.
Dustin Landry
Dustin Gladden
hi my name is dustin roy gladden i go to fair play. i am a farm boy. i like to have fun and just in joy life. i like to met other people. i like to ride four wheeler's, fish, hunt. prety much do anything out door's!
Dustin Beck
Dustin Taylor
My name is Dusty. Im a big redneck cowboy and i dont give a damn what people think about me if you dont like it go find a cliff and jump the f*** off. Im a SGT in the US ARMY been in for 5 years. Im in Iraq right now. if you want to know more ask I aint shy huntin fishin ridin horses and 4wheelers and anything that is in the woods or on the water
Dustan Mcvey
Dustin Anson
my name is dustin anson i have brown heai hazel eyes i like to fish play football and basketball if you want to know anything eles just message me girls
Dustin Ritterbush
Dustin Voegele
Dustin Lovewell
Dustin Micallef
Dustin Morrow
Dustin Schroeder
Dustin Thieme
Dusten Compton
Dustin Blount
Dustin Steinman
Dustin Medeiros
Dusty Werkhoven
pretty much anything... ur gonna have to talk to me because off the top of my head I(other than music) I can't think of anything
Dustin Harden
Dustin Wouldnt You Like To Know
Dustin Terry
Dustin Burleigh
21yr old, Firefighter at Hannibal Fire Company. I'm a pretty easy going guy, love living on the edge. Southern guy, TEXAS still got that accent ya'll talk about. Love kids, going out on the town, anything really. Like cooking its one of my strong points I guess, being from the south I make some really f-ing good tacos and stuff. Anything else just ask. Step Up 2: The Streets, BAKDRAFT, LADDER 49, HELLFIGHTERS, BLOODRAYN 1 & 2, the whole BLADE series, Craft, Blair Witch, Anything really.
Dustin Smith
Dustin Napier
Dustin Cabe
Dustin Cheek
Dustin Mattingly
Im 27 and sometimes feel a bit older. I still love to party though!!! Not so much for the club scene but give me a nice hole in the wall bar where i can play onstage and you will find a happy man!!!! My friends mean the world to me, i would take a bullet for most of them HAHHAA. Im single cuz its hard to spark my interest. You'll get my attention by looking good, but you can only keep it with intelligence, love, and an open mind. I Don't dig drama so if you try to bring it my way do not be suprised when i cut you out! Im a total Narcissist that loves listening to my own music and could go on forever about myself so wanna know more just ask? Im interested in many things. I like marijuana, food, conversation, coffee, moments of know the great little things!
Dustin Byers
Turning 20, just got out of my job training for my Army MOS. I love the Army, but I also love to drink, mostly beer, rum if the time calls for it, wine when I eat, but other than that, you'll usually find me ridin' the ass end of a very long short bus, or pissing people off in Prez'z and Assholes... I like to have fun, what can I say? Spend half a summer learning how to kill people and blow shit up, and spend the other half re-learning how to kill beers...and, uh... blow shit up...
Dustin Semo
Dustin Boylls
Dustin Kuhlemeier
Dustin Mcpeck
my names dustin.i love metal.i write music and im starting a band.umm...yeah thats about it for
Dustin H
Dustin Differding
Dustin Cripe
Dusty Harrington
Dustin Davis
Dustin Hinshaw
Dustin Vollrath
Im a high school grad looking into a serious career in the culinary arts. I love swimming, anything that has to do with music and i love to hang with friends. Id love to meet the right girl for me cause i seem to only run into shallow ones for now. I love metal and rock but i will always love to listen to anything good. Im currently agnostic but im still open to other views and outlooks on life and wont put someone down for it. My main focus in life right now is respect for those who can show it back. Bit other than that i love to play music and my guitars along with just plain hangin out. Id love to met a girl who values a relationship that has depth and isnt just a shallow lets do it feel, if your an honest trusting person im easy to get along with cause all i think is if you can be respectful then you deserve it back. Oh and im a total night owl Thats all for now but ill update eventually (when its not 12 at night lol)
Dustin Sellers
Dustin Getz
Dustin Aunkst
Dustin O'dell
Dustin Douglas
Dustin Campbell
Dust Nab
Dustin Korth
Dustin Lucas
Dustin Seng
Dusty Hefner
Dustin Rynearson
Dustyn Wilson
Dustin Ferguson
Dusty Sweet
Dusty Morris
Dustin Stoner
Abandonded Isn't as cruel a word as abused But it's enough, I think. I know you wanted a boy, father; You wanted to name me Junior You really wanted Little League Roughhousing and car mechanics And that father-son talk at thirteen. Instead you got a scardey-cat girl Who you had to toss in the pool, Who hid in her room, in trees, In books, Who cringed at the idea of violence, Who had a hard time standing up for herself. I don't think that's why you left And why you stayed gone for eleven years; I know you called sometimes, But when mom would ask if I wanted to talk to you It was me that said no. I don't really believe you were ashamed of me, But I did then, Especially since I was angry and wanted very much To be ashamed of you. I was bitter about the "college fund," father; About the endless lack of money, About having to sneak around the house in the daytime, About only seeing you when you decided to make an appearance, About the po
Dustin Baca
Dustin Harrison
Dustin Bradshaw
Dustin S
im an out goin person easy to get a long with and love chillin with my homies
Dustin Uranick
Dustin Chapman
Duston Cattell
Hell what can I say?? I'm easy going until you piss me off so its best to stay on my good side. Just here to have some fun. So lets all get along.
Dustin Lara
Dustin Grider
ok so yall want to know something bout me well here you go. i'm an easy going guy who likes to go camping in the dead of winter, i like to fish and maybe do some hunting, and do anything outdoors. i'm looking for the right person so if you think you got some hollar at me and if you want to know anything else just hit me up!
Dusty Lane
Dustin Kerksiek
Dustin Maldonado
Dustin Walls
Dustin Douget
Dustie Nunya
my name is Dustin. i'm 6ft brown hair blue eyes, work in construction and a volunteer fire fighter, i love shooting skeet and riding my 4 wheeler anything else you want to know just hit me up love sports, music, and just haveing fun
Dustin Reeves
Dustin G
Dustin Dizmang
Dustin Fitch
Dustin Stevens
well there isnt all that much to say about me im 19 live in enid ok im fun to hang out with and love to party with my friends Hi my name is Dusty im 19yrs Old im country. I ride bulls in the prca circut.
Dusty Rhodes
Dustin Boggs
Dustin Handlon
Dustin Plummer
Dustin Wheeler
Dustin H
Dustin D
Dustin Duey
Dustin Rowland
Dustin Coons
hi my name is Dustin,im 6'2 blonde hair n blue eyes.i graduated saugerties high school in 2006 n went 2 boces 4 auto collision,now i airbrush street bikes,cars.exc.i love 2 be outdoors n love having fun,want 2 know anything more about me just ask......
Dustin Craig
well if ur really interested in gettin to know me i have myspace add me im a singer songwriter rap artist ghost hunter playwriter poet actor and an ac tech and if that aint a list for ya well then u have no life
Dustin Lucero
Dustin Caudill
You Are Emerald Green Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you. Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show. People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate. But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you. What Color Green Are You?
Dustin Lahaie
Dustin Boeck
i suppose i stay and reload my pictures. Talk if you want if not sit n spin Want to know the REAL me? Here you go. I am a convicted felon and pathological liar. I have scammed girls on the internet for money and made them believe things about me that are completely untrue. I have been kicked out of various family members homes because I cannot stop lying and causing trouble. I currently moved in with my GIRLFRIEND in Mineral Springs and I'm sure to screw her over too. But my latest victim is making damn sure I don't do it again.
Dustin Spencer
Dustin M
Dustin Hull
Favorite activity is, skinny dippin on a warm summer night,in a light rain. Best if I'm holding a soft skinned cutie! If she is a close new interest, SheCanPutItInMe! :) Wet and Wild!
Dustin Coomer
I'm a pretty easy going guy most of the time, I like to kid around alot but it's harmless fun. I'm going to college to be a X-Ray Technician lol. Right now I'm working part time as a security guard at a hospital, It's pretty sweet. I have a very open mind and do not judge people. I don't like being judged myself. My main is intrest is MUSIC, Followed by girls, Then hanging with my friends...When all of those options are gone I play games or get on the computer lol.
Dustin Ellison
Dustin Young
my life is boreing i do the same shit just on different days. spiderman lmao horror,comedy,and action.
Dustyn Crosby
I enjoy everything. From an hour at the gym alone, to massaging feet. I enjoy everything life has to offer. I'm by far the only man I've met that is Entirely Happy. Very sarcastic at times, yet extremely charming. I'm an unemployed comedian. By unemployed I mean I've never performed in front of anyone. You must be able to handle a completely ridiculous comment. Such as when I mention that I dont drink. My interests include in list form... Fun Laughter Smiles Beautifully Confident Women Trying Pie at every restaurant that serves it Eating popcorn in the car on first dates Being tickled Fight shows, But I hate to be violent. Hippies Women who lie about being strippers My goodness. Care to Talk?
Dustin Ask
Dusty Oslund
Dusty Rhoades
Dustin Calloway
Dustin Grey
Dustin Brown
Dustin Bradshaw
Dustin Jones
Dustin Lewis
Dustin Kubert
hey its kubert i just wanna say thank you to all the people who have accepted my friend request and to the people who have bought me like drinks and fubling i can't reply any messages yet but if you wanna get at me my yahoo messanger is and aim its kubedogg2006 merry christmas everyone and have a happy new year thanks
Dustin Timmons
Dustin Bayne
Dustin Johnson
Dustan Preeper
horny women
Dustin Bussell
Dustin Tunick
Music is my passion, I'm ALWAYS playing bass or listening to something, or going to shows. Also...working out, running, going out, partying, general outdoor activities, videogames, watching college and pro football (go DAWGS!!! go Giants! go Falcons!). pretty much ya just gotta get to know me.
Dustin Simpson
Dustin Hunter
Dustin Romero
Dustin Dugan
Dusty Freitag
Dustin Hammell
Dustin Buchanan
Dustin Oliver
Im me... either ya like me or ya dont!! I like meeting new people!!
Dustin A
Dusty Nicholls
a little romantic,love to be dominated,love to dominate,im versital,pain without love,i also write poetry,can be moved by the smallest piece of music,i enjoy gazing at the stars for hours,watching movies,cuddleing,long walks and sometimes just being romantically intamate,i just enjoy all the pleasures of life, S&M,books,nature,walks,astrology,music,movies,anything extreme,poetry
Dustin Walters
Dustin Emmons
i am proud to call this here amazing girl mine...since me and tiff broke up i actually see what i was missing all along...ive known rach for over two and a half years...shes always been kind to me...but some how i over looked what was right in front of me...but not anymore...
Dustin Nowling
Dustin Bowden
Dustin Wrightman
Dustyn Michener
I'm a natural blonde, but I like the dark so I try to keep my hair black..... I have blue/green eyes.... they change color depending on my mood and environment.... I love anybody or anything interesting.... I don't like liars one bit and people who start drama or keep it going irritate me.... Anything fun and exciting.... I like anything that deals with mythology and paranormal....
Dustin Morehouse
Dustun Preston
Dustin W
So I jump ship in Hong Kong and I make my way over to Tibet, and I get on as a looper at a course over in the Himalayas. A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock. So, I tell them I'm a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald... striking. So, I'm on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one - big hitter, the Lama - long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga. So we finish the eighteenth and he's gonna stiff me. And I say, "Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know." And he says, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice. sports...outdoors..bbq..and havin a fun drinks with the boys....nough s
Dustin U
Hey whats up... Myname is Dustin. aka D~Town... highschool football nickname stuck with me till now... im 25 lol. Im a very easy going guy, im up for anything once... if i like it, i will do it again. (except hard drugs) I wont touch... I do love the outdoors, camping, 4 wheeling, just being out. I love to go to Denver and get my party on with friends, or casual drinking. Hobbys are working on cars, raising my 2 Siberian Huskies. I also play the sax... Ladies... I can make your clothes fall off without saying one word... my sax will do the talking... sooo if isound interesting to you lets be friends... im also a Virgo incase anyone cares... hollar at me sometime! ~D~Town~ You~!!!
Dustin Ketner
My name is Dustin Ketner. I am 20 going to be 21 in February. I am a country boy. I love to try new things. I am not gay. I am lookin for a woman that will love me for me. sports and the outdoors
Dusty Norman
Dustin Davis
Dustin Hopper
Dustin Hyde
Dustin Tackett
Dustin Sharpe
Dustin M
Dusty Miller
Dustin Ball
Dustin Solis
Dustin K
Dusty Mclain
Dustin Travis
Dustin Burnworth
Dustin Burns
Dustin Miller
Dustin Smith
my name is Dustin im 20 years old ill be 21 soonn woop woop....
Dustin Hall
I'm tired of being lonely I want to find someone to have a relationship with and maybe something more. Someone to love and respect me for being me. I'm kind of a Chameleon I fit in to any setting.You'll find that 80% of my friends are chicks cuz I get along with them better than dudes because for some reason they always end up wanting to fight me. Plus you gotta watch ya home boyz cuz they be the ones that'll stab ya in da back in the End. My Homeboyz refer to me as plies cuz I keep it real and bullshit is'nt tolerated.If something pops off I be the first one to have your back and the last one to finish it, and more than likely the one bein dog piled by all the cops. I'm a laid back and easy going person...till you piss me off, I like to kick it with my peepz. I'm no longer working due to a massive heart attack.They say I'll never work again with only the use of 13 percent of my heart. I had a defibulator put in my chest to keep my heart from stoping. My heart recently went up to
Dustin Harp
Dustin Wright
Dustyn Olmstead
Dustin Campbell
I like music mostly metal and the music from the grunge days. I'm a loyal friend to all my friends. I read alot mostly anne rice and edgar allen poe. I like amberbock beer and that's about it. I like martial arts have been practicing for about ten years. I'm also a book worm I love to read from fictions poetry and philisophy. I'm also writitng my first novel which shold be done by next year I hope and I love hanging out with friends downtown and coffee is cool
Dustin Madden
Dusty Bohman
Hi im Bohman, I like to chill with my buddies when im not at work. For music I like rap, country, and rock. Dont really know what else to say but if you have a question about me dont be shy to ask.
Dustin Cole
Dustin Knuckles
Dusty Beard
CLIMB IN,SIT DOWN,EASE THE SEAT BACK,HOLD ON ...ITS GONNA BE A WILD ASS RIDE ....ITS NEVER BORING IM just me !!!!Its hard to explain and might take some getting use to. All i can say is HOLD ON TIGHT ITS A WILD RIDE!!!!
Dustin Bustin
Dustn Walker
Dustin Kaser
Dusty Mccoy
Dustin Fay
Dustin Zaremba
i like alot of things,smoking ,drinking,beautifull women,camping,cooking,i plan on going to colledge and trying to become a chef,i like all kind of music but no fucking country i cant stand that shit it makes my ears bleed,i listen to the doors,snoop dogg,megadeath,Dr.Dre,slayer,eminem,black sabath,oldschool outcast,pantera,kottonmouth kings,soulfly,mindless self indulgance,kia shine,nate dogg,warren g,hit man,NO SHITTY Solja Boy or hurricane chris that shit isnt even rap its just some bullshit & i dont like bullshit,misfits,twista,goodie mob,grunkin master,styles p,DmX,the game,metalica is aight sometimes,there is alot more music that i enjoy listening to but i dont feel like typing for another hour so yea
Dustin Clark
I like drawing, singing, working out, watching movies/TV, playing football, and relaxing.
Dustie Pitts
Dusty Rose
Dustin Bond
trucks,cars,sleds,pretty much anything with a motor.and of course women.
Dustin Gochanour
Dusty Maynard
Dustie Hazel
Dusty Mthr F*@#*in Collins
Dustin Bowen
Dustin Turner
My name is Dustin Turner, musician, thinker, realist. I am a pretty positive and outgoing guy. I dig kittens, awkward silences and that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you get right before you go over the first big hill on a rollercoaster. I love music, making it, watching it live, studying it. I am also into Horror movies, telling crazy stories and how still the world outside is right before a summer storm. I am keen on camping and concerts and mixtures of the two, but at the same time, relaxing at home with a good movie wouldn't sink my ship. ah, ok, lets see... interests.... I am starting to enjoy reading more and more, I have found that my tendency to pick up a book now and then has steadily increased in the past few years. I am heavy into Gonzo journalism I am currently collecting all of Hunter S. Thompson's works and devouring them like some kind of vicious literary vampire. I have also been a long-time fan of Stephen King, I recently finished a book of short stor
Dustin Hart
Dustin Mccord
Dustin Funk
Dustin Fiah
Dustin Helms
i like to meet new ppl.and just chill music,rock,lil rap not much o well.get at me
Dustin Jefferson
Dustin Kline
Dusten Eads
Dustin Coles
Dustin Graham
Dustin Osborne
im 24 killin time in colorado any i love em all
Dustin Brown
Dustin Cranford
I am 26 years old. I am a Tattoo Artist and a Custom Car Builder. I have a 1 yr. old little boy named Jaden.
Dustin Allen
Dustin Hayes
Dustin Hitt
Dustin Gluck
Dustin Green
Dustyn Boske
Dustin Gipson
I'm just a country boy living life. looking for love. all Ive ever wanted is a family. i love kids i want at least two someday if i ever find someone to spend my life with. I'm not like all these other S.O.Bs out there that have kids and don't give a shit about them.i want to know I'm going to be with someone before i bring a child into this world I love to do anything outside. fishing hunting swimming riding. petty much if u can go outside and do it thats what i like doin
Dustin Steen
Dustin Woltering
Dustin Jennings
Dustin Graham
I'm a laid back guy, anything goes, take it as it comes... Currently I'm just looking for someone to spend some time with, hang out, have fun. Whatever happens from there, happens. I'm looking for a girl that I can really be myself with. Someone who can make me laugh, shows affection, is honest, trustworthy, and genuine. Just be yourself! Most of all, you've got to be able to put up with my sh*t on a daily basis... that's where it gets tricky. If you think you fit the bill, drop me a message and say hello! I LOVE the aggressive types. Why's it always the guy that has to make the first move?! Show me you're interested, dont drop me hints, because honestly... I'm horrible at picking it up. I like rock/metal music. I'm also into the body mods. No tats, but I do have piercings. The dating scene pretty much sucks in CO. Everyone wants to play games, cancel plans, stand you up, not call you back, hell... not even call you. Dont be that person. If you're interested in someone, ta
Dustin Gillis
Dustin Coss
Dustin Underwood
I am 28 years old, i am a tattoo artist and love art however when it isnt time to do a tattoo im outdoors going four wheeling, fishing, or whatever there is to do outdoors im down for it. i love to cook and watch movies when the mood calls for it. i love to go out and yes be the life of the party. this site is new to me so if you really wanna know me, see my tattoo and other work and get a better picture of who i am check me out on my space under dustin underwood, it is set to privet so you will have to request me as a friend then you can check me out. im on here for friends, buisness, and if she is out there im looking for my ladie
Dustin Rhodes
Dusti Kirk
Dustin Rapking
Dustin Hurst
Dustin Boudreaux
Dustin Bell
Dustin Kendrick
Dustin Bryan
I'm Dustin Bryan, I've been in the military for almost 8 yrs. now, and for some reason I'm thinking about re-enlisting. Other than that if you want to know anything else just ask me. sports,music
Dustin M
Dustin Edwards
Dustin Marshall
I'm 19 will be 20 april 21.I am a corp.armed security officer and will be in the police academy april 2010.I have one child.she is 2 and she is my pride and joy....I'm looking for a girl in indianapoli,IN that is single and want to have fun.wink wink....any thing else that u wanna know send me a message and i will tell more if u r single and want to get together... I like to have fun and hang out...I spend a lot of time at work....I am a corp.armed security officer..I like girls with no boyfriend and are willing to to hang out and have alot of fun......
Workout Hangout with friends Work on cars Pretty much anything fun
Dusty Gross
Dustin Perry
Dustin Kooima
Dustin Phillips
Dustin Rollins
Dustin Widner
im a fun person im out going and i like to make people laugh,i love comeing home from a hard days worth of work it makes me feel good specialy when you have a women to come home to and relax with her women,sports,cars an trucks,and haven fun
Dusty Benson
very out going and love to hang out and party
Dustin Pottorff
Dustin Hayes
i like to hang out with people and meeet new people, that why i just joined. i am tall and a good slim not skinnky or average but closer to average. brown hair, green blue eyes,
Dustin Parlin
Dustin Cochran
Dustin Mcdonald
Dustin Strong
im me aint nobody around like me i like too party on the weekends and hang out with friends whats left of them
Dustin Piper
Dusty Rhoades
Dusty Swimmer
Dustin Moore
I rap i draw and party not much more to know bout any qeustions just ask
Dustin Rector
Dustin Brockman
Cars, mostly American made TV Sports (basketball and football, though others are cool, just not into them as much) Hangin' out Debating Partying Almost anything to stay away from boredom
Just joined Fubar...Everyone is a 10 here I guess fan, rate, friend, crush or whatever ya do here lol
Dustin Marlow
Dustin Hall
Dustin Kelley
Dustin P
Dustin Watson
Dustin Dienberg
I MAY BE A REAL BAD BOY, BUT BABY IM A REAL GOOD MAN! Hey ladies! I'm a single 24 year old from Madison, WI. I'm looking for women around the area who are also single and not afraid to meet some one new. So if that you and you think you can keep up, then add me as a friend and shoot me a messege and we'll see from there. About me: I'm an interesting guy with a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and to make people laugh. I like to work out several times a week and keep my body finly tuned. I like to hang out with friends, or just chill in the house cuddled up on the couch with that special some one watching movies. I live music, just about every thing. Fav's; rap, r&b, country, classic rock, light rock, and a lil bit of every thing else. I'm very active and like to be out doors. I like to go out, and go to clubs. Believe it or not ladies, but this white boy can dance So ladies if you like, then dont be scared and do the right thing and get at me. I'll be waitin
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