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I'm just the dude i like to smoke pot eat twat and smile alot anything with a motor and that i can possibly roll hahaha me cause i am a aferican white space christ. the boondock saints scareface get him to the greek the other guys the tattooist legion friday the 13th nightmear on elm st holloween stepbrothers true grit "the original perfered" book of eli and many more
about me...well, i am a truck driver and i travel alot..mainly canada and the central northern states..i'm rarely in one place long.. i like to make friends even if i have to do it online and meet them later..LOL...i'm funny..i have alot of respect for people until they do something to change that.i'm honest, if u want to know the truth just ask.i am outgoing and crazy at times and sometimes i'm quite and settled down...just depends..if u want to know something, just ask... and for those of you that would like to hook up or think u r boyfriend material, please read below and fill out the "Boyfriend Application" Thanks.. 1. NAME: 2. AGE: 3. ADDRESS( CITY & STATE IS FINE): 4. HAIR COLOR: 5. EYE COLOR: 6. HEIGHT: 7 TATTOOS: 8. OCCUPATION: 9: FAVORITE FOOD: 10. FAVORITE KIND OF MOVIES: 11. NATIONALITY: 12. SMOKE: 13. DRINK : 14. DRUGS : 15. WHEN WAS YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP: 16. WHAT CAN YOU OFFER ME: 17. DO YOU LIVE ALONE OR WITH
Out of the for the Cable company i guess you can call me the Cable Too make as much money as i can...move out the the farm and hunt and fish the rest of my life
Just ask! I'm interested in olny women! Fag ass dudes stay off my page!
"If you ain't having fun you ain't living." Hi, I'm DJ and I'm just waiting for the snow to build up in the mountains so I can get some board time in. I live in Colorado but grew up in Hawaii, I love it here, doesn't get too cold or mutilating hot. I'm in the Air Force and have traveled a lot and enjoy what I do, so I'll be here in the Springs at least a few years. I'm always on the look for new people to have fun with, so hit me up if your in the area or just swinging thru.
I am just your average down to earth mom of two fantastic boys. Pretty mellow most of the time, avid reader, big movie person, like anime, and a big cat person. I love all kinds of music and love to dance. I guess anything else you would like to know just ask. Well, I am an avid reader...authors like Mercedes Lackey, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, Louise Cooper, and so forth. I like to write depending on my mood although it is usually poetry more than stories. Like going for walks, yes even in the rain. I am a big animal lover. As I get this figured out, I will post blogs. I like all kinds of movies...anime, chick flicks, older films, and slapstick humor. For example, Monty Python, Mel Brooks, George Hamilton, you know the good stuff. Hmmmm I guess that is it for now. Want more just ask.
hello DJ Grimm hear im a DJ for a club hear in the D spinning GOTH INDUSTRIAL SYNHPOP im also a tattooist and body piercer of 15 years view some of my work :) TATTOOS PIERCINGS GOTH INDUSTRIAL MUSIC HEARSES YES I OWN ONE A 1974 MM 3-WAY MEETING NEW INTRISTING PEOPLE ANY ONE WANT TO MEET UP AT A BAR THIS WEEK FOR A BEER LET ME NOW
D. J. Stay in touch...Stay tuned! MANCHILD... Out of the urban streets of Southern California comes a musical force to be reckoned with. His name is Manchild. He was born Daryl Jones Jr. in the city of Los Angeles on December 3, 1980. Manchild was exposed to music at an early age due the fact his father was a musician. His father, Daryl Jones Sr., is a bassist who played with such groups as Lakeside, Shalimar, and others. This was a major influence in Manchilds life. Watching my pops jam, even as a little boy, I knew I wanted to have something to do with music says the M.C. Aside from his pops, Manchild attributes the M.C. that we hear today to a long list of influences. Ranging from legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, to Hip-Hop icons Big Daddy Kane, and Erik B and Rakim. Manchild has been performing on stage since the age of 8, and considers himself to be not onl
MY DIRTY HOROSCOPE ARIES (March 21-April 19) LIVES for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever. Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists. The best gift to give an Aries is designer colored nylon rope in their favorite color. They li
In the summer you will find me at a beach Tiki bar partying like a rock star and camping on the beach.I love to live life when not working although it's getting harder and I'm getting older, maybe I should cut down on working? lol
im 22 years old. like to hang out with friends, go to the bar, work 2 jobs... go to college to be wind turbine technician.. love spending time with my family (have a big one!) they have been realy supportive over the years. love watching movies and listening to music... huge fan of both. favorite bands are Pink floyd, bad religion, tool. my favorite movies are 25th hour and trainspotting... love to chat... meet new people.. esp from diffrent countries... so dont be scared to say "whats up" in my shout box. my yahoo... is ??idk?? ask me... Favorite part in 25th hour (must read)... Monty Brogan- (speaking to himself in mirror) Well, fuck you, too. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck this whole city and everyone in it. Fuck the panhandlers, grubbing for money, and smiling at me behind my back. Fuck the squeegee men dirtying up the clean windshield of my car. Get a fucking job! Fuck the Sikhs and the Pakistanis bombing down the avenues in decrepit cabs, curry steaming out their pores, stinking u
Im 24yr old n just moved bak 2 eugene 4rm cali so im just lookin 4 new friend n 2go out n hav a good time hangin out wit friend i make n wat ever happen in between tim in da mend tim just happen so if u a fun lovin person just hit me n anythg u want to no bout me just ask.
im 24 in the military im out going fun to be around i enjoy going camping hicking fishing going out with friends or sometimes just kicking back at home can be good right now im also trying to go to school be a RN anything else don't be shy just hit me up i would like to meet some cool people in the area who are out going fun to be around looking for a cool ass girl to kick it with and have some fun
Unrest is my life. LOL :) Music, a little more music, then music and some movies. Need for speed video games are pretty cool to. Mike Pornoy, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Animal, Mike Mangini and many many other sick ass drummers around the world.
Dj Never knowing there was a such thing as Hip-Hop/Rap music until he turned 10 years old. He went to the house of a friend's one day after school and his friend put in a CD and the next thing that came out of the speakers blew his mind. It was like being able to see for the first time in life. A rebirth. He began collecting every Hip-Hop/Rap album he came in contact with. His knowlege base growing, He realized that this music was going to be a bigger part of his life than he ever thought. At the age of 15 he began crafting instrumentals in the genres of Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B. For the next 5 years, his style went through multiple changes. Each of which completely altered his direction. In that time he began thinking about getting into the vocal aspect of the production process. Eventualy, at age 20, he decided that it was time to get serious about his business in the industry. Purchasing equipment so that he could produce instrumentals in his own home. He ma
So this is the part where I spill my guts and tell you who I am and everything about me right? WRONG!!! Nice try though, I will share some insight as to who I am but I can't give you everything right? What else would there be to talk about?, So here goes: My name is D.j., is it short for something else? in short -Yes, will I tell you? Maybe... Where am I from? A lot of places really, but originally from a New England state where its capital happens to be the insurance capital of the world, figure that out if you can! I also Lived for several years on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (O-BOX or Hatteras for the locals)or OBX on those wonderful bumper stickers. I now live in the Tampa Bay area of FL. I miss the snow terribly and even the change of seasons, though I do enjoy the weather here in fl when its not so HOTT!! Education: currently working on a degree in computer security Likes: Tattoo art (though I only have one),Poetry(reading it, writing it, etc.)Breakfast, Cla
Hi, I'm D I'm new here. My mom and my sister talked me into checkin this out. So I will just wait and see what's up... WHOOP WHOOP!!! Music, Movies, Skate boards, bikes, video games, family and friends...
I am magical, lyrical, and beautiful all together Music, 4-wheelin', music, writing, music Edge who retired from WWE (lol) Steve Wilkos cause he puts em' in their place LOTR 1,2,&3.. Shutter Island WWE ...Whoooo!!! The Steve Wilkos Show
ask n maybe ill tell
Im a college grad, a clothing designer, athlete, and a musical artist. I like to go out and club,hang with my friends,hit the studio, and relax and watch moives. I am a very cool,funny,down to earth person until you cross me. Anything else you wanna know just ask Im looking for a down to earth,funny,sexy,smart woman to hang out with and have some fun with. Tattoos are a plus. My idlos are God, My Mom, Bruce Lee, Bobby Fischer, Michael Jackson, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan,Bob Marley,etc Too many to name
Cool, calm, collective. Easy going and very friendly. Nice and lovely. Straight. I like everyone! Outdoor enthusisist, fitness, and of coursr, sex.
D. J.
I like to have fun and just hang out always bored and lonely as of my wife is in navy and i just sit at home with my daughter all day everyday
Djaber Baamara
D Jacks
D. Jackson
D Jackson
D Jacksin
Djack Viker
Djacky Theus
Djadam Inthemix
Djadey Carton
Dj Affectx
Well....that depends on as much as you want to know. ;o) I am quite a character in nature. Everyone is indiviualistic in their own ways, but I have some definitives, that I believe would put me in acategory of my own. I'm 29, living in the Seattle vicinity, and I've been born & raised here. Just cause I'm still here doesn't mean I haven't considered living elsewhere. Just looking for a nudge in that direction. I'm into sports, what guy isn't. More into college basketball, NCAA Football, Arena Football, IndyCar... I enjoy going to hip-hop & DJ shows (events), shopping, eating out, dining in, recreational activities, recreational sports, and of course DJing (turntablism). I'm a non-drinker, but I still know how to go out and have a good time. There are better things in life than alcohol, but some people would beg to differ. They just don't have quite a appreciation for life as I do. I'm into a bunch of other things as well, but only if you are curious to want to know more!
Djair-mix Djairmixzoe
D.j. Aka Rain
I Like To Take Lots Of Pix,I Like To Go To Clubs,Hunting,Fishing,Camping,Swimming,Play Pool I Play At My House We Have A Slate Pool Table. I love Wrestling,Nascar Etc. I Like To Have Lots Of Sexxxxxxxxxxx. lol Who Doesn't. Wanna Know More Jus Ask. D.J. Aka Rain
Djalma Bina
Djali Anonim
Djalu Suprianto
Dj Alverson
Dj Alex
hey guys....just a fun loving guy who likes to have fun,....i work as a world renounce disk jock(dj), i play at parties, weddings, on the radio....etc.....i like to travel, i like to converse with people of other cultures, im a very outgoing person who u can have almost any conversation with,...i love a woman with a sence of humour, one that can make me laugh, one thats a lil freak when one who knows how to respect herself and speak her for me? im not like other men...might sound cliche but if you get to know the real me you'll be proven a very humble person who loves music, i also like to cook when i get the time overall i can get along wth pretty much anyone. music: dancehall, reggae, hip hop, rnb, pop, jazz, blues, reggaeton and a little mozart.....
Djal Vazquez
Djalaludin Salampessy
Djamila Leggette
i'm panamaina and french and 15 i'm looking for friends and someone to go out with me is rosking roll i have all difernet kinda of moives
Dj Amoriello
Djamel Bouya
Dj Amick
im dj or dj dray i like to party drink,hang out run go to the gym watch football i am in the army HOOAH infantry i plan on goin overseas and drink to that my general is im a fucking army G thats it haha
D James
Djamel Keskes
Djamel Pharell Adjakpe
Djamel Bouch
Djamillat Alcide
Dj Anderson
CHECK OUT THIS LINK OF MY VIDEO..... "Lips Of An Angel" Honey why you calling me so late? It's kinda hard to talk right now. Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay? I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud Well, my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel It's funny that you're calling me tonight And, yes, I've dreamt of you too And does he know you're talking to me Will it start a fight No I don't think she has a clue Well my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet
Django Lancaster
Hey Ladies! I'm a theatre major at a performing arts college and I'm loving it! I get to meet a bunch of interesting and creative people everyday. I'm currently looking to meet some friends who have nothing to do with my interests since I'm at school about 15 hours a day!! I like to think of myself as a pretty easy-going guy who like to party, but also likes to hang out at home and watch movies. I'm looking for a girl who is cool kickin back and laughing with me.
Dj Andrews
Iam a down to earth guy who is very reliable and truly honest I the type express my feelings to people.I always stay the same people change I always remain the same.Very loving and caring passionate person,I respect people feelings and thoughts.I know I m not perfect but my personlity is my guide. I like Camping fishing and bowling into sports and going to the movies playing poker.
D.j. Anderson
Dj Anderson
Dj Anzaldi
Djangelito Beatmaker
D.j. Ankeney
Dj Arrogance
Djarun Anna
D.j. Asbach
D Jason Grandell
Djason Bory
Djasian Steve
Djas Mi
Dja Shz
Dj Audacity
Djay Raines
Supp LC?? I'm here to make some new friends.. Now Datz a Dyme!! One Luv, =DJay= >>> Check me out on the Universe Peepz >>> I'm digging business [I'm Self Employed], Video Games, Blingin Cars and Rottweilers.
well i am in the military i have a son and like to have fun
Djay Enderton
D Jay Bryant
I'm me. I like to have fun, and Love romance. Women are God's blessing. I'm your typical Aquarius searching for the meaning of LIFE! God, Family, School, World peace, Politics, Workingout, English, Music God Anything
Dj B
Dj Bailey
I AM JUST A VERY EASY GOIN OPEN MINDED GUY....Leave some for you to wonder or perhaps have chance to ask;) i have many interests, love to work with my hands, building sand rails, working on cars, and of course the soft touch on a womans body(or rough) hahaha
D.j. Barrett
Dj Bandit
Dj Bandy
Dj Baldridge
Dj Bab
Huh ITs Too HArd Too Explain About ME Im KooOl Im Straight Forword I Love My Work Communication Desgisn And 3d multimdedia Presentations For Event Managment Companies,N YEa Photography And Film Making For A Talent Agency...N Yea I Love Interior Designing Furnture designing Etc Lookin For Frendz HEre...Im Very Frindly Communication Design, 3d Multimdedia Presentations,Professional Photography, Film MAking, Film Compositing, Film Editing , Crazy About Animation ,Interior Desgins, Archetect Designs,Furniture Design..
D.j. Badgwell
D.j. Badiuk
Djbayron Henry
D.j. Banks
Dj Baldwin
Dj Baneyii
Names DJ just here to have a good old time and just to be here. If any one wants to know more just add and message me. interests: Gaming Fishing Pool Friends Anime Manga Collecting Football(Saints)
D.j. Bentley-opdyke
Dj Beall
Hello, I'm 30 and live in Kihei. I moved to maui in early July of 05. I love the beaches here. I like to go surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, loads of stuff like that. Every Weekend I like to go to the beach and watch the sunset, The ones here on Maui are the best I've seen in the world, and i've live all over the world. i'm looking for people to go surf and hang out with someone with the same and different interests. If u would be intertested send me a line or 2 back. DJ What I'm Prefer People to go Surf and kick back with. Someone honest, sweet and straight up. My Ideal Partner is- someone who is honest, doesn't bullshit, outgoing, spontanious, long hair, kinky in bed, likes the outdoors and the ocean. isn't affraid to try new things, wants to marry and hav a family. someone who does not say one thing and then do the oppisite. In other words, no fake stupid people. Looking for a Keeper. P.S. I totally SUCK at the whole Dating Thing.
Dj Bertrand
you want me let me know and maybe you will have me if you ask the right question
Dj Behrendt
Dj Beers
we are a married couple in nwpa. male is 29 female is 31.we are looking for a descreet single female to have some fun with. between the ages of 20 and 40. if you live in western pennsylvania give us a shout. FEMALES ONLY NO MALES!!!!!!!!!!! we are a married couple my name is dj im 29 and my wife shannon is 31 we are just normal people that are looking to meet new people and make some friends we live in northwestern pennsylvania in a lil ass town named oil city ever heard of it didnt think so lol give us a shout ttyl
Dj Beat Jugglers
Dj Beatz
Hey whats up fubar..This is that dude you can call, DOPE-DICK. Get at me online and be sure to leave a comment and rate my photos and profile. THANKZ
Dj Becker
D.j. Benz
Dj Big Jae
Dj Bivens
Djbigunit Osbourne
D.j. Biggz
Dj Blue
Dj Blesd One
starwars,glory,x-men,the goonies,blood in blood out,juice just to name a few
Djblack Ceza
D.j. Blak
Djblack Sugar
Dj Bowen
Dj Bola
Djboica Silva
Dj Bohren
D.j. Bonelli
Dj Brock
Yo, my name is DJ and I live in Noblesville Indiana. I like to do HTML editing and a bunch of nerdy computer bullshit. When I'm not nerding it up I play bass and get into adventerous trouble with my friends.
Dj Brown
Dj Bryant
hi my name is dj i'm a very awsome person and yah. well i don't take shit from little punks that think there all that so yah if u got a problem say it and don't talk behind my back. i lo to be me. i like to hang out in graveyards just for the fun of it, i love to hang out with friends, go to giggs, and act stupid alot jsut to make my friends laugh when there down. but for me its really ahrd to trust people since i've just been geting hurt every where i go. but now i've been starting to trust agen but its still very hard
Dj Bradley
I am a 24 male from Mt. Vernon, Ky. I have 1 gorgeous 2 year old son and he is my world. I enjoy fishing, hiking and a lot of other outdoor activities. I also enjoy play ing and chatting on the internet. If there's anything else you would like to know, just hit me up and ask.
Dj Brace
Dj Bryant
Dj Brown
Well, I'm 30 and have been with my gf over 3 years now. She is my everything, we live together in Azle, Texas, I'm a huge wrestling fan, so I'm a kid at heart. I've worked hard for what I have. Like any person I ran into trouble young but paid my dues and I am clean and living life the best way I know how. If u wanna chat hit me up. Wrestling, work, my kids
Dj Brown
Djbrown El Mascaro
Dj Burnett
I'm a blue collar bastard with ice blue eyes and a wicked grin. I'm a serious writer. I do freelance work, write poetry, short stories, and I am now officially a novelist, having completed my first novel late last year (currently being edited/revised). I'm also working on my first screenplay. I am highly-motivated and I *will* kick the world's ass and take names. Keep your eyes on bookshelves and movie credits, you'll see my name there soon enough. In the meantime, you can read samples of my writing at My ego is legendary, but at least part of it is deserved, eheh. Seriously though, I'm not arrogant, I just have a healthy self-esteem. WYSIWYG, take it or leave it. Nuff said. Writing fiction, poetry, novels, and screenplays. Filmmaking. Movies. Reading. Music. Women. Wargaming. Mordheim, especially. Would like to get (heavily) into Warhammer 40k, with an UltraMarine Army. Dig it. Aleister Crowley, Napoleon Hill, Dylan Thomas, Marneus Calgar, Jakob Spre
Dj Bucy
Dj Bumgarner
Dj Buc@nn!bal Rising
Dj Buckhanan
Dj Burdick
Dj Burchard
Dj Busenbark
Dj Buckridge
I'm a big guy looking for a discrete affair in or near Goderich. i love hockey and the beach
Dj C
Dj C
Dj Castellano
Dj Cartier
Let me see I'm 22 damn near 23 and I am a DJ for Deja Vu Entertainment so i travel alot. I have a $ year old son that is my life. I'm a pretty down to earth person who loves just to fuck off time and kick it so get at me Anything that gets me out the house that really isn't going to a club.......!!!!!!!!
Dj Cabron
love music and disc golf.
Dj Callihan
Dj Calhoun
Dj Cassidy
Dj Cashes
Dj Campbell
Djcarnalito Chavez
Dj Cekarmis
Dj Cerveau
CsR Radio is always looking for new and old local talent. Want a spot on CsR Web Page and be seen and heard by thousands? Send me an e-mail CsR Radio is all about the upcoming new artists from Rhode Island and all around the world. Streaming 24/7 365 we try to focus our efforts on the little guy trying to make it big in this world. Its hard enough trying to be heard so CsR Radio is trying to help by providing a platform where new artists can express themselves through live interviews, their music or dj mixes. We do alot of live Q and A interviews via e-mails or IMs from Yahoo, AIM, MSN and call-ins via the telephone. Its all up to you what you want to do. CsR Radio can play your music on our site if youre able to send me some of your files with a release if needed. CsR Radio has a wide listener span as well as being streamed into internet games such as second life, world of warcraft, and many more to promote exposure to its fulles
Dj Celent
Djcesar Xdxdx
Djcesar Xdxd
Dj Chretien
Dj Chameleon
Dj Chilly
DJ chilly spinnin' the best in :Hip hop | RnB | Bmore | Reggaeton | House | Top 40 | HI MY NAME IS DJ CHILLY. I AM A LOCAL CLUB DJ IN THE HAZLETON AREA. I HAVED PLAYED IN MANY DIFFERANT BARS/CLUBS IN THE AREA. Swingers:
Dj Choke Deezy
..I moved to Cali from Louisiana..I was informed about a school in Hollywood that would help me legitimize myself as a music producer..The school is Musicians Institute there I study Recording Engineering Technology..I DJ/produce music..mainly hip-hop & R&B..but I'm open to any sytle of music..back in the Lake..+ I currently DJ@Festival City.. ..Looking for cool, real & down to earth cherries to connect & network with.. Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7800 and enter *1512200. If you get one too, I'll reply. producing & listening to DJ'ing!
Dj Chub
D.j. Chambers
D.j. Chaffee
Djchino Loor
Dj Choppercat
Wesley M. San Francisco's Dj Choppercat Proprietor and Illustrator at TIKI TOON Merchants: SEE MY WEBCAM LIVE READ my Dizigot: digest my personal wiki cultivate my bio and stories read me as TWITTER'S #webcamsocial #djchoppercat #tikitoons icq: 441753845 yahoo: gtalk: tikitoon skype: camSOsexy ooVoo: camSOSexy ALIAS: aka bluedecker97 [Illustrator] aka dj choppercat aka
D J Charlie
Dj Claudio
Dj Clair
D.j. Clark
Dj Courtney
Dj Cowboy
I'm World Traveled, Fun, Easy Going Calm Cool Discreet..., Oh I know ...I'm a polite roughneck that me I can be nice at the right times I cleanup well but can also get it done dirty when necessary all while looking good doing it I'm good person to have in your corner when the chip are down... ARE YOU... my friends (if you can call them that) call me the fixer/guru/goto guy Oops got deep... Hi How are you tell me more about you.ok heres more Lol I love to fish I like massages giving and getting like going out.. All sports Ok I admit it I a video game junkie Love food eating and cooking, traveling, tinkering with electronics ,flirting Oh Yeah I'm a Sarcastic Funny Man LOLOLO Whew Hey Just wondering if there are any ladies out there that can finally treat me for a change or even knows how Tell what cha think: BEING WITH SPECIAL PERSON GIVING MUTUAL PLEASURE AND YOU WEARING ONE OF UR VERY SEXY SHEER WET THONGS ON A VERY SOFT FUR RUG OR SOFT PLACE IN FRONT OF A VERY COZY LOW LITE FIREPLAC
Dj Conley
Dj Cowgurl
imikimi - I do not define myself by how many roadblocks have appeared in my path. I define myself BY the courage I've found to forge new roads. I do not define myself by how any disappointments I've faced . I define myself by the forgiveness and the faith I have found to begin again . I do not define myself by how long a relationship lasted, I define myself by how much I have loved, and been willing to love again . I do not define myself bu how many times I have been knocked down. I define myself by how many times I have struggled to my feet. I AM NOT MY PAIN, I AM NOT MY PAST. i AM THAT WHICH HAS EMERGES FROM THE FIRE !
Dj Contos
D.j. Conway
Dj Cobrger
You wanna know, just ask Acting, Music, Leather working, Trying new things.
Dj Conejo
D.j. Cole
Dj Crosd
Well im in the Marine stationed somewere in the US if you want to know more ask me i dont bit. i nibble.
Dj Criswell
Djcrow Capotillo
Djcross Vybz
D J Craig Jones
D.j. Crossen
'djct Hakera
Dj Cummings
Djculturaremix Pogonza
Djcurly Locks
Dj Cyphers
Dj Danny G
Djdanny Bremner
Dj Darkgift
The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won't let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they're not punishing you, They're freeing your soul. About me huh...?? Well, I'm a 41 year-old single white male living here in Carlstadt, NJ (Which is just outside NYC right next to Giants Stadium, or Exit 16W for those of you here in Jersey) I tend to think of myself as more of a spiritual person, seeing that I'm not into organized religion. I try to have a good time in this short life without the use of drugs or alcohol which I gave up over 9 years ago while battling my own personal demons. This re-discovery of myself helps me get through life today with a humorous and sometimes sarcastic side, not to mention that I try not to take most things all too seriously. As far as other areas of my life; I'm a Service Dispatcher for a Worldwide Elevator Company, the job is okay, it has it's up's & down's, but my co-workers are the coolest bunch a
Dj Dark
yes its me yes its my account and yes im real ask art music films people chat Large Visitor Globe Photo Cube art music films people chat Photo Cube
Dj Davidson
Djd Duffey
Dj Deity Hung
D.j. Demps
Dj Dev
Dj Depew
Dj Devildog
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Dj Depoalo
Dj Delveco
D.j. Dise
Dj Dillon
Dj Diehl
New Graphics Profanity Images Top Comments
D.j. Dixon
Djd Man
Dj Domnitz
Whats happnin ....Names Dj, Im a very outgoing bub that loves the outdoors. I could hall my ass up to the mountians get my self lost and be fine with it. Huntin and fishin, Its a must. I get complimented on how real I am all the time. I dont try and be someone that Im not. Like them dumbass gun totin hip gangster wannabees, Ya know what Im sayin. If theres some shit on my my mind your gonna hear it and your mamma too. But i would spit it to her with respect of course. So that brings up family... family is the most important thing in life to me and you cant forget about your friends. If you didnt have friends and family you wouldnt be who you are today. If any of you shiela's wanna get to know me, message me..... .......... late Myspace Layouts Hunting, fishing, outdoors, YO MAMMA, my truck, friends, fishing, Punk, work, Outfitters school. Thats a hunting and fishing guide school for all you rookies, OLN, O did i mention fishing
Dj Dowler
The names DJ.. i live in Indiana, but im originaly from DENVER, the best fukin place on the planet.!! I jus moved here on court order so i dont cause anymore trouble in colorado.. i go to ASHFORD UNIVERSITY studying for my ASSOCIATES IN ARTS AND BUSINESS, thens eventually when i have enough credits ill transfer them to get my BACHELORS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE, mabey then ill stay outta
Dj Doc
Dj Dodson
Djdolla Ave
D.j. Donnelly
Dj Dream
If You Are Looking For Cute Bows For your Kids Hair Check Out This Website. Please Click The Bow Above To Vist Site. Thank You new car factory comes to my home town this is what we will b build n
Dj Drexler
i am a redneck. so if yall dont like it then to bad. im a volunteer firefighter to. its awsome i love it. well if u have any questions or just wanna chat...send me a message. or yall can talk to me on aim, which is DREX89. i have a myspace and a facebook to. so if yall are intereted add me.
Dj Drew Mcvey
Dj Drew
Dj Dragon
I own & operate my own DJ company here in San Antonio. I enjoy getting to know new people & hving fun. I have a 13 year old son & he is just the coolest kid ever! I recently got out of a 3 year relationship due to the fact that she cheated on me. Oh well her loss! Anything else u want to know just ask! I'm an open book!!! Interested in meeting ladies who know what they want & aren't afraid to go after it!
Dj Dunning
I live in Denver, CO, i go to school, work, party, and ride bmx
Dj Eason
D.j. Eaton
Dj Eckert
Dj Edwards
Dj Edwards
Dj Edwards
Djed Hardy
Djeddie Love
Dj Egar
Djekki Lu
Djeloul Daoui
Dj Embry
Djemaa Kader
D. Jenkins
Djenny Love Kiml'm
Djenny Charles
Djennie Antoine
Djendy Gregoire
Dj Engel
D.j. Erkenbrack
Dj-erick Ramon-ferreira
Dj Escamilla
Yo what's up all?? My name is DJ, I'm 18 and I'm cool peoples... I play football, soccer on occasion, I love disc golf and just hanging out... I damn well know how to have a good time, so with that said... LET'S FREAKING PARTY!!!
Dj Evil
Dj Evilproductionz
I'm a new internet-only radio station. What do I play? Rock, old-school rock, punk, electronica, techno, house, classic rock, indie rock and indie artists, and great talk. Check me out at
Dj Evil Angel
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Dj Evil Angel
Dj Excursion
if you want to see my pics go to facebook
Dj Ex
um let see i like to meet new peoplo make new friends i like to cause trouble lol and jam out and chill jfs
Dj Ezzz
I'm in the music entertainment industry. I'm a DJ. I go by the name DJ Ezzz. Music is my passion. I use to be on a television show called Caliente back in 2005. I was one of the main dancers. Born in New York, raised in Miami. I love to have fun, explore the world. I'm very sincere, compassionate, and open-minded. I know how to please a woman, make her very happy, make her feel strong inside & out. TO give her the courage to take on the world. I'll make you feel proud to be my partner. Lets have some fun!, write me! ALSO H.M.U. IN YAHOO MESSENGER MY USER NAME IZ mr.djezzz GETTING TO KNOW LOVILY LADIES/MOVIES/MUSIC/DANCING/PERFORMING I DON'T IDOLE ANY 1 BUT I ADMIRE LADY GAGA horror/action/thiller/suspense
Dj Farrell
Dj. Fatzo
Dj Felton
Djfelix Suman
Dj Fisher
"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them. For starters, I play bass alot, and i like to try and play drums and guitar but i suck badly. Any type of music is my music. I play sports whenever I have a chance and Im a former backyard wrestler. My Friends are my life. I put my friends before myself. Im def. an optimistic person, lover not a hater. I cant seem to be mad at anyone for more then 2 days. I broke my finger and the doctor said it was deformed. Needed surgery on my fingernail beauty. Im not a very big tv person but i do like the old shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Rocko's modern life and im not ashamed to admit it.
Dj Fire
Hello!!!! My name is DJ Fire - Owner/Creator of CrossFire-Radio!!! CrossFire-Radio is an Internet Radio Station Supporting Unsigned Bands 100% Playing 100% variety of music Running 24 hours a day 7 Days a Week
Dj Finney
Dj Fiesta
~dj Flutterby~
Dj Flip
Dj Forest
18 years old fresh out of high school. Like to hang out with my friends and party Play a lot of videogames and try to watch a lot of movies as they come out otherwise im just trying 2 find a girl to chill with and possibly date
Dj Foster
Dj Fox
I am a recently widowed woman looking for some friends and people to talk to and get to know. I am a Native American woman that is very outspoken and honest,trustworthy, kind,loves animals,children, and most all people. If you plan to lie to me and I find out about it I will call you out on it! I am a mother of three special children. My children are my life--my husband was my life and now that part has ended. I am a very active person though I am a big girl, I like to work on crafts and go to powwows, campimg,and most outdoors activities. I prefer the outdoors to being stuck inside. I like to go out and have a good time. I do not drink, do drugs of any kind, and I do not believe in them. I do smoke cigarettes. I do not like someone being hateful or vulgar. I am very hard worker when I have a job (If the Doctor's would let me.). If you are interested in anything about me please feel free to ask me. I may answer it if I deem it important enough for an answer. If it is some
Djfoert Kwijt
Djfrankyfresh Torrez
Dj Gass
D.j. Garnett
Dj Gaudette
Djgee Russo
Dj-gerson Power Beat
Dj Gilkey
Dj Gill
Dj Giorgio
DJ Giorgio is a producer, remixer and DJ. Born in Romania, he has lived in the UK since 2004. Inspired by his addiction and passion for music gained from DJing small gigs at Private parties in London Giorgio started producing his own music in 2008. Finding it hard to get a foot in the door to established clubs and encouraged by his friends he put together a Home studio and began to create his own tracks. Accepting that he had a lot to learn, his passion for his dream helped him overcome the scepticism of others and he started creating his own original beats Finding London to be a cool place to live DJ Giorgio AKA Radu Gabriel Tanasa has worked hard to perfect his grasp of the English language whilst satisfying his thirst for personal development. He thrives on improving his skills in all areas of his life including proper beat making In 2010 after his work was recognised by Lad Publishing & Records and in collaboration released his first EP (Bang Bang Electro). His se
Dj Gibbons
My name is DJ Gibbons. I am 23 years old, Have 2 Kids Damian Gage and Misty Jade. I live in Cullman, AL. I like to play games, chat online, Watch movies, Listen to music, I Love to Bite/be Bitten, Photography, Love Black and White photos Etc. I'm Secretive,psychic, manipulative, passionate, stubborn, resourceful, vidictive, tenacious, and methodical if you wanna know more just ask or send me a message through 1 of my messengers YAHOO Messenger Screen Name: Demonfreaks Email: AOL Messenger: Demonicfreakz AOL Email:
Dj Gillis
Dj Goodwin
Dj Gonzales
Dj Grayless
Dj Greenway
well my name is Dj i live in nc it sux ass lol im bi i like listening to music and chilling with my homies my friends mean everything to me u mess with them ill fuck u up u got it thats wat i thought lol yea i play around alot so if i say im going to beat ur ass im probley just fucking around.i ride horse's which may seem weired but yea i do and i enjoy it.well hell i dont know wat else to write so im out peace
Dj Green
found this music layout at
Dj Grenier
D.j. Grimey
With an early passion for music, DJ Grimey (Anthony Cotto) entered the music scene when he was just 16, and he has yet to lose sight of what keeps the world unified - music. Having been born in San Juan, P.R., and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and then Utica, N.Y., music as a whole has always been a part of DJ Grimey’s life. With his Latin-American upbringing, it is no wonder that DJ Grimey has a large Latin and Hip-Hop based fan following that is enthralled with his Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton and House mixes, but don’t let his roots fool you. He can mix up any music, anytime, anywhere. One of DJ Grimey’s claim-to-fames is that he is the only DJ to mix two music styles, the down-south style and the NY movement, creating his own bone-chilling remixes and winning him some much-deserved respect with DJs everywhere. And believe it or not, that’s how he got his nickname, through the grimey mixin’ of Hip-Hop with his Old School style … and it has stuc
Dj Grigsby
Dj Guajardo
Dj H
Dj H
hello there this is DJ i am looking for a real man that know how to treat a woman right no fake pp pl I LOVE TO WAtCH SCARE MOVE AND go out dancing play pool spend time with my nephew that is 4month old and is my world
Dj H
Dj H
Dj Hatchet
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Dj Harris
Dj Hall
Dj Haas
Dj Harris
Djhakan Hakan_karagoz
I am an easy going, open minded person who loves to have fun. I love music, whether I'm just listening to it or making it myself, it is a huge part of my life. I love being outdoors, no matter what the season. In the summer I go out and show my car at car shows around town and from time to time out of state. In the winter I spend as much time as I can up in the mountains snowboarding. I also love other sports besides just snowboarding, most of all hockey and football. I am a huge Colorado Avalanche and Denver Broncos fan. I am also into photography and anything that lets me express myself and be creative. I have 2 tattoos, both relating to my music, and my tongue pierced. Anything else you want to know, just ask. VIDEOS: DJ Hax on the Speed Network's NOPI TunerVision: DJ Hax Freestyle Scratching: AUDIO: Sum of Us Scratch by djhax
D.j. Hammer
same thing as in the interest box lmao also i like every ZELDA game thats come out and im sure ill love all that is to come have no idea what i just put in lol im 6' 5" tall and very laid back, easy to get along with---you treat me with respect you get treated with respect---and i like rock music techno and my fav band is ICP...the rest i suppose you can ask me about lol
Dj Hamilton
My name is DJ. I'm mainly here to meet local musicians with similar style interests, but I'm a pretty laid back guy and enjoy talking to anyone, so feel free to drop me a line. I'm 27 years old and work for a financial institution in downtown KCMO as a systems analyst. Not a very interesting day job, but it pays the bills and funds my other hobbies. :) I'm a musician, for better or worse. I've been in and out of blues, rock and metal bands since I was thirteen, specializing in different stringed instruments, guitar, bass and hand drums. I've done a good amount of studio work for traditional Celtic, Irish and Welsh groups playing mandolins, mandolas, citerns and bouzoukis. I've just taken a guitar spot with a local rock/metal band called H-Gage. They have a couple shows and a radio spot booked in the next couple months, so we'll see how it pans out. I'm always looking for side projects, artists wanting to add a guitar flavor to their music, or just someone to jam with.
D.j. Hall
Dj Haze
Dj Harper
Djhalcon Sanchez
Dj Hart
Djhb Live
Dj Hennegan
Hi im Dj 26 yo and im gay here to meet anyone. im laid back easygoing and like to have movies music animals and chatting.hit me up if u wanna chat. CherryTAP Images at
Dj Heidi Rawks!
Obviously, I am only interested in women, however guys, if your nice enough I might accept a friend request, but don't be stupid and think there's anyway I will ever meet with you, even if your girlfriends hot! If you want to know more - rate, fan and friend me! Just ask me what you want to know! I'm not gonna post my life story here.
Dj Henriksen
D.j. Heffelfinger
D.j. Henry
Dj Henry
D.j. Heard
Dj Highlander
Dj Hicks
Dj Hills
D.j. Hill
Dj Hice
Im 160 pounds, height 5'10, brown hair, brown eyes, love to go swimming, clubbing, hanging with friends, just the usual ever day things of life... Women... lol wouldn't that be your if you were a guy...
Dj Hill
Dj Hough
Dj Horn
Dj Howell
Dj Hoffer
well im 5'11" and i weigh 167 lbs. i also look kinda like harry potter so ive been told! im from the south but have lived in the north for quite some time now but id like to return to where i came from seeing how it is much better than up here! i am currently single but seeing a couple chix! i am on a local paintballing team we go by the smokin aces! we r good but not pros by any means more like weekend warriors lol! Hey whats up my name is DJ, im 20 years old and live in South Bend. I enjoy alot of fishing and anything that involves the outdoors. i also enjoy hangin out with my friends at new paris speedway watching som other friends race. i like to party but more of the laid back style i aint into the drama! i like to go on cruises in my jeep with the top down bc its a lot of fun! i love my jeep its the best! i enjoy paintballin bc it seems easy but when you participate in it as a sport its very challenging!
Dj Howard
Dj Hollis
Dj Holland
Dj Holiday
I'm 47 years old but look younger so I hear anyway . LOL Born and raised in Phoenix , Az. I am friendly and fun loving , kind and caring , down to earth and have a good sense of humor. I have friends that I have been friends with over 30 years so I guess I am a likable person . ha ha Drama free , single and with no kids and I'm enjoying life to the fullest. I still live in the 80's LOL I love rock n roll of the 80's , especially Tesla , and I use to be a Tesla groupie .LOL I love the long hair guys and the musicians of rock ! And many of my guy friends have long hair , I hope they don't ever cut it , I would like to see them have long hair until they grow old . ha ha And I love ROCK CONCERTS ! Other interest of mine are ....... Scenic drives and touring , biking , hiking , fishing , quads , jet skiing , boating , hot air balloon rides , horse back riding , comedy clubs , hanging out and having fun with friends , pool and darts , play station , x box games , star gazing , rock ho
D.j. Hubbard
Dj Hupp
Dj Hunt
Currently in Cherry Point, NC. Wishing i was back home. Stuck here for a while, but it isnt so bad. i am probably too nice for my own good, and will generally help others without so much of a second thought. i like to read books, play videogames, and spend time with the people that i care about the most. because i dont know when ill see them again, every moment is priceless.
Dj Hudson
Djhyno Alexandre
Djianny Delgado
Djibril Gueye
Djiby Sall
Djibril Jackson
Djibril Niare
Dj Ice
Djidda Issa

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