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Chris Okeke
Chris Smith
Christopher Grigg
Christian Brandfass
Chris Martin
Chris Callahan
anything you want to know just ask football,basketball,and boxing
Chris Edwards
Chris Beverly
Chris Williams
Christine Macdonald
I am sassy, out going, fun, never a dull moment, love to party when I can, love to work hard and play harder, true Canadian gal here, we can tie one on pretty good Sorry, married, but LOVE to make some great female friends ;} a little bit crazy, but hey who isn't a little crazy these days, makes it that more fun. - Rock Concerts - rock music - three days grace, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne - summer out doors - parties, BBQ's, soaking up the sun, hot cars, and lot more "summer fun" - hiking, mountain biking, camping, anything out doors - cooking - partying with friends - playing poker - dancing / working out - keep the bod fit - making new friends - - Al Pacino - love the guy!! - Mathew Machonahy - Robin Williams LOVE: - scary, thrillers, horror movies - the scarier the better! - some comdey, drama, action, war movies, - Gone In 60 Seconds - love this movie and that mustang!!
Christopher Williams
Christian Mabrey
Chris Holland
Christopher Roberts
I am 37 years old. Native American. Live in Arizona but born and raised in Virginia. I was in the U.S. Army for 10 years. I love being outdoors. I love to fish, hunt and ride Atvs. My true love in life is aviation, particularly,, Helicopters. I worked on AH-64 Apache attack helicopters for 12 years.
Christian Millikin
Chris Ball
Chris Mclean
Chris Smith
Christi Hublard
Christy Lopez
Chris Smith
Christian Contreras
Christine Carlson
Chris Henson
Christopher Blunck
Christina Townsend
Don't know what to put... I'm new to fubar and I'm not here to hook up with anyone, I am happily engaged. Anything else, just ask. Photography, swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, mudding, 4-wheeling, hanging out with family and friends, playing with my dog. The Fast and Furious movies.
I am 22 years old and a cashier at reidsville walmart. I love to hang with my friends and family. I love to go outside or just sit down and read a book or watch a good movie. I love horror films and romance movies. I am currently in college majoring in special needs for adults. In the future I want to move away from reidsville and find a new place in life and learn different things. If u wanna know more just give me a message, music movies texting reading writing drawing on the internt. Firefighters,armed forces,cops,emts, my mom and dad action horror romance comedy thriller mystery
Chris Barnes
Chris Turley
I know where I want it to go; I want the one I’m with to be my best friend my confidant. i want to know that I can confide in that person no matter what it is that life throws at me her or us, that the trust that’s built isn't in vain. I don’t want to give trust and not have it in return. I am single right now, I am trying to figure out the next step in my life and where do I want to go (literally), What do I want to do. Because I feel like what I'm truly looking for, I will never find. Because of the emptiness that I feel right now, I don't want to just meet someone. I want to be in a relationship with them in such a way that when we do meet the only thing that we can move it forward in being together. I know that’s not right but that’s how I feel. Being together and having them feel what I feel, I think they would understand the emotion of how what I say is true but only If their real themselves. I am a very loving person; sometimes I feel that I’m two loving. I have been
Christian Reed
Chris Turner
Chris Sturdivant Gonzales
Christina Hipp
Christina Guzman
Chris Dykes
Christian John Mendiola
Christina Grubbs
Christopher Pantano
Christopher Hines
Chris Perkins
Chris Lang
Chris Dawson
Christina Sanders
Christine Chester Twork
Chris May
Chris Tesar
Christa Snyder
Retired Army veteran. Run and live on a small farm.5'7", 190 A few have asked what does EZcj stand for? I used to be an Air Traffic Controller and the "EZ" were my Operating initials or abbreviated "Name" used when communicating with other controllers. Everything is recorded and the initials identify who said what. "cj" are just my first and middle initials: Chris(topher) James I like animals, flying, scuba, guns, wood working, most music, motorcycles, and women
Chrissie Richards
Chris Cooper
Christine Ashman
Christopher Fly
Chris Lynch
Chris Witt
Chrissy Skinner
Chris Roberts
Chris Wilson
Christy Landes Holladay
Chris Boulton
Christian Fink-irizarry
Christopher Thomas
Christina Goddard
Christine Rodrigues-marianucci
Christal Clefford
Christina Stegeman
Christine Appel-marsh
Christina Mccoy
Chris Draper
Chris Vankirk
Chris Beardsmore
Chris Graves
Christophe Piton
Christina Walsh
Christ Bron
Christopher Moore
Chriss Bryant
Christian Malaluan
Chris Welch
Christin Turner
Christian Cris
Christoper Bacsafra
Christin Barton
Christopher Sanchez
Chris Jones
Christie Oneal
Christian Jay Patagoc
Christie Sanders Harsson
Chris Meaux
well. i would love to find that special woman in my life. but not in a rush. ive learn that true love takes time. and you gotta love youself before you love anyone else. want to know more just text me and ask. my name is chris. i have 1 son and hes going to be 4 in july. hes my everything. im from houston Texas live in kiss.fla now. i love going to work. i work outside doing tree work right now but ive been a chef at two restauants and a bartender for a year. im working on going back to school soon. i get my son every weekend that i can. i love going to the beach and surfing/fishing/swimming/camping/well pretty much everything lol. i love sitting at home and watch movies and cook and clean and just do the home thing alot. alot of people tell me ill make a good house wife one day. i just tell them not to hate. i really cant stand drama so thats why i just work go home and take care of my son whenever i can. i wish it was easy to fine that one love. one day.
Christian Bedia
Christian Decembrana
Christian Labasano
Christy Mcdonald
Christopher Selor
Christine Onin
Christina Doyle
Christianry Supilanas
Chris Tian
Christian Joel Tariao
Christian Morte
Christopher Wolstenholme
Christopher Guadagnoli
Chris Medina
Christian Arceo
Christian Mercado
Christianloveskylie Shearing
Christian Tantoy
Christopher Sequio
Christi Windsor
Christian Ajaa
Christle Surface
Christine Bradley-corbett
Christen Stark
Christian Lou Cudilla
Christian Cepe
Christy Sellar
Christian Canturias
Christopher Rellneid
Chris Audiofreek
Im from Ft Wayne Indiana, moved to the Nashville area in 07 to work in the music industry. I do live sound out on the road for a new Curb records Duo called Martin Ramey, I also do recording, work at an audio school in nashville called S.A.E, and Drum for my band Ellvee. Even though Ellvee is and Indy Rock band, I enjoy listen to hard rock and heavy metal. Not so much a fan of country music but it does put food on my table and I do respect it and enjoy working in it, as being blessed to work with some of the greatest people i have ever meet. Other than music i have been on a self discovery this summer to find new and exciting things to do, but I will always enjoy BBQing and squeezing off a few rounds and traveling. Anything else u wanna know just ask, I am an open book!! I love music, BBQing, Shooting guns, seeing the world!!! always up to try most new things
Christine Widener Breese
Christopher Barbero
Chrisandra Bethea
Chris Cos
Chris Tucker
Christina Sheila
Christian James Carual
Christian Sumagaysay
Chris Lupton
Christopher Nemeth
Chris Jordan
well to start off im pagan and a juggalo im pretty open person so if u wanna know something just ask music reading video games partyin swimmin just having fun
Christian Abid
Chris Drennan
Chrisandlisa Carothers
Christopher Lafountaine
hhhmmm im chris i live in PA i love to drink nut not to much and im 20 movies games snowboarding
Christina Ostrander
Chris Sarvich
Chris Clark
IDrink, Iparty, IFuck. dont like it then im sorry for you. Xbox, women, cars, drinking, 420.
Chris Rensulat
Chris Hilla
Christ Wahyu
Christopher Gruhn
Hmm. Well, I'm a returning fubar member -- I had to take a brief hiatus from the world as we know it. Long story. Typically, I'd say something profound and meaningful about myself, but, fuck it. If you're remotely interested you'll take the time to get to KNOW me. I'm not a bad person. Well. Mostly, anyhow. Things that go bang. Comic books. Cooking. Movies. Music. Cthulhu. Too fucking many to name.
Christian Sandy
Chris Pollock
Chris Walker
Christina Dillardfisher
Chris Collins
Christopher Light
Christopher Komperda
Chris Vasquez
Chris Valverde
Christian Colile
Chriztian Luther
Chris Fisher
Christopher Galbraith
Chris Myers
Christine Yap
Christopher Young
Christopher Serr
Chris Gallimore Jr
Hey I'm CBG im a youngin only 20 but I live it up. I write rymes ans sing so yes I love music. I love beautiful lady and hopfully they love me. Music Girls Life Any thing fun
Christina Williams
Christopher Cooper
Chris Joz
Christopher Stephens
Chris Bowling
Chris Amerati
Christy Reno
Christina Hultquist
Christopher Brown
Chris Delano
Christina White
Chris Mcguill
Christina Yates
Christopher Chandler
Chris Cates
1st an foremost i am a firm believer in God.Its through his mercy,love,an gracethat i am alive today...I dont drink or use drugs of any kind,quit smoking bout a year ago.I enjoy living life today...used too run from it.i tend to look at things differently,dont take anything for granted,all i have is today,the past is gone,and i cant predict the future... what intrests me? beautiful women, out!i am a music enthusiast,car audio,an home audio,an loves it loud....stay tuned 4 more.....
Christopher Daniel
Christina Morrow
Christo Ch
Chris Dunning
Christopher Zabel
I am 5'9" tall, I love all kinds of music (Except Rap). My Favorite being Country! I am a Chicago Sports Fan, Yes that includes the White Sox but I root for the Cubbies when they go up against the Sox. I am a Big Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan Reading books by John Grisham and James Patterson Garth Brooks and Jennifer Love Hewitt Anything with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tom Cruise
Chris Bell
Chris Smith
Christian Cruz
Chris Benzino
Christin Crider
Christiane Léon
Christopher Daniel
Chris Sonmor
Christina Schadler Hollowell
Christina Walker
Christine Tucker
Well where to start hum..... I'm a fun luvin, thrill seeker type of person. Hard to open up. Tough nut to crack sort've. I write little poems from the heart. Use to be a musician, but as luck would have it, had to give it up. I still sing. I like to fish. Fishing is relaxing. Sound of the water hitting the shore and swearing at the turtles. Fun. Another thing that I like is racing. The thrill of the speed. What a rush. Like Nascar,but have to give it to NHRA. Funny cars are it. The sounds and vibrations are cool. I paint, luv playing with colors. Anything Horror or Action packed
Christopher Edwards
Chrissie Cochran-allen
Christina Hunter
Chrisjun Mangubat
Christopher Macgillivray
Chris Simpson
Christofer Chellin
i am crazy one of those person who like all the crazys staff you know i dnk really speak a very well eanglish but i really do so i like to meet a lot of people i am kind wear person but i bet i will like you kauze i am crazy and i luv the crazy sexies gurls but i liv crazies,,sexies,, and we out leadys i dont really may if dey arnt good lookin if their crazy and sexy we out 4sho bby...
Christine Gentry
Christina Merino
Christy Goss
Chris Triemert
Chrissy Crosby
Christy Bass
Im a 40 yr old w/2 teenangers,im engaged and very happy so far!!LOL,Im a hairdresser by trade for about 20 yrs but im trying a new career dispatching for a ambulance company that takes people to doctor appts and some emergencies can be very high stress sometimes but lovin it so far. Ive signed up for EMT classes and will also be taking EMD courses also, who knows where this will lead me!I enjoy spending time w/friends and loved ones! I love music,Three Days Grace,Theory of a dadman,Hole etc. I love going to concerts,reading,poetry,learning new things,eating good food and trying new things! Thats me what i can think of,OH im very into retro fashion and makeup all the cool stuff like urban decay,two faced,The sephora stor is great! I also love just chillin with my family! Reading on my kindle! Listening to music! Studying phycology. I LOVE INDEPENDENT AND INDIE FILMS, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!The Dead Girl,just movies that really make u
Chris Castillo
Chris Kimberley
Christine Valois
Chris Cota
Chris Duncan
Chris Wilcock
Christopher Davis
Christine Long
Chris Krueger
Chris Petersen
i am a christian i like fishing camping hunting and hanging out with my friend's horror
Christy Keegan
Chris Brown
Chris Hannon
Just here looking for friends and to have some fun! I love to chat and flirt with WOMEN and I'm a big fan of motor sport
Chris Flavell
Christee Moore
Christina Russell
Chrisbel Sefa
Chris Hrobak
Chris Hahaj
Chris Walsh
Christina Dillard
Chris Hammerschmith
Chris Nephew
Chris Singleton
Christina Carrasco
Chris Tuttle
movies are action comedy an horror an drama
Chris Tiempo
Christopher Whoston
Christie Neff
Christine Burns
Chris W Hawk
Chrissy Barnes
my name is chrissy they call me crissy for short i'm 25 yrs old and have a job as a nurse if u want 2 know more just ask
Chris Gilbert
Christopher Castaneda
Chris Vojsak
Chrisford Belizaire
Chris Marrero
Christine Zimmerman
Chris Alarcon
Christy Mills
Christina Morgan
Chris Alvey
Christopher Bowman
Chris Webber
Chris Young
Christelle Miller
Christopher Ritchey
Chris Hopkins
Christian Delgado
No one I like These:The Haunting in Connecticut/Knowing/Saw/Avatar/Drag Me To Hell/Transformers/X-Men/Friday The 13/Transporter/The Hills Have Eyes/Vanhelsing/Step Up2/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/10,000 Bc/demolition man/Poseidon/The Gravedancers/The Mummy/House Of Wax/Big Momma's House/Die Hard/Night Watch/Day Watch/Ghost Ship/Wrong Turn/Mirrors/Rambo/One Missed Call/White Noise/The Eye/Final Destination/Disturbia/Jet Li's Fearless/The Descent/Indiana Jones/Hellboy/The Ruins/Shutter/National Treasure/Jeepers Creepers/Ip Man/ Sanctum/The Fast And The Furious/Eagle Eye y Resident Evil.
Christina Biggs
Chris Mccaffrey
hi my name is chri big bon jovi fan i am age 30 and i am karaok dj hope to meet new friends here and maybe find a person who single ladies only
Christy Long
Me? Im in school for a triple associates right now. I have a wonderful hubby and an 18 year old son. Loving life!! Cooking, hanging with friends, traveling, just whatever i want when the mood strikes. ME not into sappy crap, like comedy, horror, action..
Christy Woodall
Christy Ali
Chris Harrel
i am who i am. hit me up for more
love music,i love takin pics weather they be of people things or events sports,music,photography dimebag darrell(rip),zakk wylde,randy rhoads,chad lee the godfather,blues brothers,animal house,stuff like that
Christopher Perry
Chris Bell
Christine Jane Lavandero
Chris Gomez
Chris Jaynes
Christofer Buckner
Chris Mccaffrey
Hi I Am Chris I Am A Karaoke Dj And Karaoke Singer I Am Also A Fan Of Bon Jovi And Many Orthers Football Team Glasgow Rangers I Am Here To Look For A Single Girl And Make New Friends Aswell all Diffrent
Helloo! My name is Chrissy a.k.a The Princess of Horror. I'm 22 years old and I work at a dog boarding kennel. I have 2 dogs (Mandy & Kaiah) and a pet rat (P-nut). I am an artist. I'm a photographer. I take photos of everything from people to nature. I also draw in my spare time. I show off my work mostly on and I also made a website using I love meeting new people, so don't be shy and send a message or a friend request. Movies, Music, Drawing, Photography, Harry Potter, Animals, Cars, Dragons, Daggers & Swords, Flowers Pink Some of my favorite movies are: the Harry Potter series, The Thing, Grindhouse: Planet Terror, Dead Alive, Silent Hill, Smokin' Aces, Back to the Future, Re-Animator, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Labyrinth, The Frighteners, Hostel 2, ande many many more!
Christine Fiske
Christopher Lesley
Name: Christopher Lesley Details * Status: Single * Here for: Friends * Hometown: Sacramento, CA * Orientation: Straight * Body type: 6' 3" / Average * Ethnicity: White / Caucasian * Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius * Children:Somday * Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes * Education: Grad / professional school * Occupation:NATM I like to chill with my homies , i got their back ride or die any day of the week , no one messes with my family or you mess with me, my family is my life, im cool with everyone untill they got a problem with me or my family/homies i like tattoos and peircings , i got so much swagg it pours out my eardrums haha ....i know i look good you dont have to tell me ( but i still like to hear it) no im not conceded im convinced ...i like women they are my stregth but they are my weekness lol, im down for anything ...if you wanna chat or get to know me more juss msg me if you live in the area and wanna chill juss hit me up Eminem!!!! and my fat
Chris Westervelt
I'm 22 love fishing, hunting, mudding, and playing video games, i dont like girls being to controlling. But however i do like girls to cuddle with and love to have fun like play wrestling and what not. I also have a son that was born in November of 2009 he is my pride and joy so no girl will replace him. Music: Rap TV shows: Southpark Movies: Horror Video games: C.O.D. Black Ops and Need For Speed Books: Dont have one Chinese: General spicey chicken Pizza: Supreme Restaurant: Applebees Clothes, shoes: Shirt and Blue Jeans, and Underarmor Shoes Clubs, activities: Club 502 Sports: Street Football Passions: A girl that will treat me right Quote: "Life's a lesson each day, some hurt worse but they all make us stronger. You gotta think that way, dont stay stuck in the past, use the past to move forward." - BlaznBlakAzn Denzel Washington, Marshall Faulk, Eminem, Lil Wayne. Horror movies all the way!!!!
Chris Saverude
Chris Reynolds
Christian Beltran
Chrissy Ellis
Christopher Bender
Christian Fernandez
Christopher Jackson
Chris Danley
I'm just a laid back country boy. There is not much to say. I am musically in inclined. I enjoy fishing, hunting, and hanging out with friends. I'm on here to make some more friends and if a relationship comes out of it great lol well that's about it. If you would like to know more jus message me Music
Chris Baughn
Christina Craig
chrissy craig. 17 years old. 12grade. 2011 baby dec.29.1992 if yu wanna talk hit me upp --- u g0t bEef wiD uS nd wanna bRinG dRamA?* fUcC u [[ h 0 e ]] bring yA cReW nd ya mAmA ---cAtch ya bReath.piNch. yA .wRists.yeS itz tRuu-i dO exiSt* ---wEnt from cANdi n toyz to sNeakn oUt with thA boiz ---soMedai ulL b soRri.. sOMedai wen ya free mEmoriez wilL remInd u*tHAt ya couLd have beEn w/ me ---thEre r onli 2 tyMz i wna b with yOu *nOw and *fOreVa ---tRue.. iMa bYtch.. a cLAssi ONe yOu.. yoU a hOo.. a NasTi one ---toO all u hAtin hOEz.. mAh namE aint dICk soO keep IT *OUta yo mOUth* ---i wAnNa wAke uP wiTh tHe rAiN, wHiLe i'M LaYiN sAfE tHerE.. iN yOur ArmS.. ---WhEn Ur MaN WaLkS bY mE i bLoW HiM a KiSs *pOoF bYtCh* yo aSs iS –DiSMiSsEdM ---*U cant change the past but u can ruin the present by worrying bout the future...* ---TuFf tO bEaT? bYtCh iM uNsToPpAbLe TrYiN tA bLaZe mE?hAhA .M.i.S.s.I.o.N..i.M.p.O.s.S.i.B.L.e. ---even a world with amnesia could NEVER forget my names.
Christina Ginther
Chrissy Mousley
Chris Martin
Chris Sanchez
Christian Saunders
Chris Jones
Chris Hughes
Christian Jones
Christopher Visser
Chris Klakamp
Chris Mason
Chris Wand
Christine Adams
Chris Spencer
Christina Lockhart-sisson
Christy Hicks
Christine Bennett
Chris Mccaffrey
I am a karoke dj in Glasgow scotlad i am good at my job espicaly the girls love me and my music hope find a single girl start a realationship
Christian Wilkerson
Chris Mcclain
Chris Jamaka
Chris Smith
Christopher French
Christa Snyder
Chris Barnes
Christina Popes
Chris Seigars
Chris Jones
Christian Mcconnell
Christian Xavier
Chris Hansen
Christian Virgo
Christopher Smith
Christi Janorschke
Chris Cloutier
i am a single father i live in the toronto are in canada i am easygoing can make the best out of almost any situation feel free to ask me anything you wanna know wpould be awesome to meet a great woman to spend the rest of my life with i love anything outdoors anything that is fun and always up for new experiences
Christa Mitchell
Christina Ramirez
Christopher Shelton
Chris Mccaffrey
Chris Miller
Christy Cargill
Chris Johnson
Christy L. Milne
Chris Long
Chris Shelton
Christopher Mcginnis
Chris Henderson
Chris Vargas
Chris Edwards
Chris Stephens
I am 21 years old, I am a fun outgoing person, I am really kind to people, I am also generous, also got a great personality, I am cute, smart , and really about all aspects of life, I work at value village in canada. watching movies , love working out, loves the outdoors, playing video games, watching tv, and also love watching sports.
Chrissy Jackson
Chris Kirby-conte
Christopher Patton
Christine Marie
Christina Fouts
Chris Larson
Christopher Sieley
i'm new to this and i'm looking for new friends anyone is welcome to add me as a friend
Christendom Nwajei
Christina Don
Christopher Pace
Chris Dalton
Chris Brown
Chris Smith
Christian Castro
Christina Francisco Leahey
Christina Moore
Christi Black
Christopher Nailor
types of movies, well just about every type, I am not picky I guess it depends on my mood, and who I am with.
Chris Rosenthal
Well my name is Chris im 6'1 220 lbs athletic. I have brown hair, blue eyes, I love to play sports , watch movies, hang with friends, or just cuddle and kiss. I do work right now only babysitting my nephews but im in the process of looking for another job and probably goin to school. I have lived in phoenix all my life. Anything else just let me know!!!! Sports... Anything really
Christie Nace Reece
Chris Brits
Christy Ingles
im just laid back guy loves to have fun, im 25 still young and full of energy any questions ask away. i like to play pool listen to music and hang with friends and family.who knows maybe we can hang someday so just hit me up and lets find out.
Christopher Bennie
Christopher Morse
Chris Thomas
Chris Opris
Chris Atwell
Chrissi Weddle
Chris Blair
Christopher Fortner
Christine Doiron
Christine Reyes
Chrizelle Zaragoza
Christiana Atika Sari
Chris Seale
Christie Brooks
Chris Mccaffrey
i am from glasgow Scotland uk i am a Karaoke Dj I am Here to find New Friends maybe more if its goes well I Am Intrested to get to know people better Robert De Nerio - Goodfellas - Godfather - Scarface - Carlitos Way - Gangster No.1
Christopher Payne
I am a fun loving old fashioned country boy. I love the outdoors and cooking. I am also a certified coal miner, and a hydraulic mechanic. I love to hunt and fish. I also love to cook.
Christopher Weaver
Chris Gregorcic
Chris Hayes
Christina Shipley Willard
Chris Lahman
Christian Beltran
Chrissani Octoviani
Chris Less
Chris Gabb
Christmas Bohy
Chris Lamb
Chris Macann
Chris Fox
Chris Walton
Chris Henman
Chris Nichols
Chris Johnson

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