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Troy Armstrong
Troy Gaten
Troy Trotta
Troy Wiltse
Troy Mccrory
Troy Smith
Troy Hall
Troy Martin
LOST, guitar hero, good movies, good books, meeting new pwople. my name is troy. i am 22. i live in franklin, indiana. i have an amazing daughter named cambria kate. i'm really into music, LOST, guitar hero, and just hanging out with my wonderful friends. i smoke marijuana on a regular basis. it makes me happy. if you don't like it, you don't have to talk to me.
Troy Daniels
Troy Britten
Troy Delbo
Troy Skinner
Troy Brown
Troy Utley
Troy Davis
Troy Roller
Troy Marquis
Troy Lynch
Well I'm A kind & generous person I Know how to treat a woman and i just looking for someone to love me and i love them back
Troy Simons
Troy Petersen
Troy Hewitt
Troy Flugrath
Troy Jones
Troy Sexton
Troy Gervais
Motorcycles, Cars any thing fast!
Troy Blackwelder
Troy Neely
Troy Hansen
Troy Ross
Troy Claybrooks
Troy Wilson
Troy Hrinik
Troy Kingery
Troy Hoffman
Troy Halter
Troy Casper
Troy L.
Well about me I'm complicated Got a lot of crazy shit going through my mind all the time. I love to have fun and meet new people. I love a good joke or two. And i really like getting those crazy ass text messages on my cell phone. I moved out here to Texas from Los Angeles to start over with my life and try to make it a lot better than it was. So letts get this party started and have a hell of a good time!!!!!!!!!
Troys Lookin 4 Love
Hey my name is TROY. I dress mostly in black. I`m 5 11 hazle eyes 190lbs farmers tan very real and well look at the pics I like chating and hooking up with locals of MS but I also like to chat about most any thing with every body butt if I don`t like talkin to you here then I won`t give you my number ......... any way if I do talk to you on the phone im not trying to marry you. Well I sell cars and I`m workin on my doctorate in psychology. So if your crazy lets talk lol. TAKE THE TIME TO LIKE YOUR SELF OR NO ONE WILL!BY the way I dont have any kids yet. If you belive you can or you belive you cant your right! And whats up with not letting me in your private pics.... I mean come on don`t you want me to see your butt?.... I know I do!........LOL..... talk to you soon sexy........ I`m waitng for you......COWBOYTROY329@YAHOO.COM.........IM also a bouncer at a local bar/club. IM VERY DARK WITH A SMILE AND AND LOOKING FOR MY SWEET LIL EVIL BITCH..... Or a lovely flower to be held and touched
Troy Stansberry
whats up ppl my name is troy im 18 6ft. blond hair blue eyes im a vol. firefighter anything else u know what to do ladder 49,world trade center,backdraft....
Troy Allen
Troy Andrews
Troy Bebee
my name is troy i am 32 years old easy going lay back guy.who like to play pool a lot.i like to hang out with my friend and family.i like to go camping and fishing .i like to ride atv's.i am just about having fun.and make new friends.if you want a good new friend please add me and i hope we can chat some time
Troy Carter
Troy Girardot
You'll have to talk to me to find out anything. Sorry. You'll have to talk to me to find out what you want to know. You'll have to talk to me to find out what you want to know. You'll have to talk to me to find out what you want to know
Troy Flynn
Troy Lloyd
Troy Veenendaal
Troy Emmao
48 year old male from a little town outside of Pittsburgh Pa,I have 2 stepbrothers,2 sister's and 1 sister,father and stepmother,mother passed away on 9-5-13.I have 4 cat's. I work doing maintenance for a apartment building ,what you see is what you get nothing more nothing less and nothing personal but that is just me. Https:// none at the moment ect my parents Anything that has Blood and Gore like Saw and ect
Troy Gaddis
Troy Shaddon
Troy Shuford
Hello, My name is Troy. I'm 6'-2" athletic build, 265 lbs., light brown hair, Ice blue eye's, Tan, and very active. I am looking for a female between 18 and 35 yrs. old that is any and everything a Real man deserves. I offer alot and give alot. I may be emotionally offline sometimes but all in all I'm very compassionate, sweet and ultametly a teddy bear. I sincerely love Movies and the beach. I have a brindle pit and a brindle German Boxer, so if you are iffy about mid sized dogs then I'm not your man. I will not give my dogs up for no one, respectfully so. I'm not college educated but consider myself to be very knowledgable in many areas, and very intelligent. I am also ex-military, U.S. Navy {Fireman/Engineer}. I have many goals which include a stable and consistent relationship. My 80 yr old grandfather lives with me, so you must be loving in that area also. I like to fish, mountain biking, working out, traveling, chilling at the house, and some snuggling with a beautiful woman w
Troy Ouellette
I am into heavy music. Killswitch Engaged, Clutch, HIM, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Breaking Ben, this list would be too long I bowl, I play modified softball, I like playing hockey, sitting back with some friends and a few brewski's, Cruising around, Car Shows............ Bowling, Softball, Cars, Females, Friends, Beach, Mountains, Sports......too many interests
Troy Carter Jr.
Troy Boudreau
Troy Clarendon
Just an average guy, like to drink beer with my friends, hang out at the lake. love women especially my Amanda beer, fun , sports all around good guy 300,Resevior dogs, American history x, godfather
Troy Ellis
Troy Marchese
U and I need to make a lake video on a full moon night in the middle of the lake on my boat it a large cabin cruiser with plenty of room. I can bring a female x-tra friend for U a once in a life time thing to remember many years from now when u think back on the hottest nights and most orgasms you ever had and that hidden video to relive that special night. When ever you want to please your self you will pull that same video out to watch while you get youself off with because you know that moment will be twice as strong and your legs will spasm out of your control. Mostly you will remember getting the best two hours of head you had or will ever have, and the 2 hours of head you recieved right after thats just a blurr in your mind. All you can think of is the slow and wet touch of getting tasted like that last drop of...................8178997044
Troy Mccarter
Troy Jordan
Troy Wilber
Troy Thurston
eyes:Brown hair:Brown hight:5"4 and a half weight:245 description: im a little heavy but im a little built. i am a laid back individual. i have my tounge pierced i dont have a tatto yet but im thinking about it. anything else you wanna know ask. hey all im just a normal typical guy. im a little more open than most but i am respectful. i work security i also work at target. i have a few friends wich i keep in contact with most of them are female so if your looking fr a relationship and are easily jelious type im not the right kinda guy for you. i have no regrets in life. I have fun and raise hell but anythign you really wanna know your gonna have to ask.
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Troy Clutter
Troy Mathews
Troy Grant
Troy Mayo
Troy Russell
Let's see, I'm 32 years old and live in the middle of nowhere in northern Maine. Am currently getting out of a long-term relationship and would like to meet people who aren't fake and can be who they really are. I enjoy playing guitar, fishing, camping, and am up for just about anything. I like to play guitar, fish and go camping. Enjoy staying home versus going out and partying, but am up for it once in a while. I love the Boston Celtics and have dreamed since I was a kid of going to a game someday. I love a good horror movie and making people laugh.
Troy Tarter
Troy Pierce
im an out going party type of guy you either love me or hate me, either way i dont care love to travel VEGAS is my fav place cause the party never stops and there always something to do trust me i motto is and heath ledger said it best (WHY SO SERIOUS)OR (ODERINT DUM METUANT) latin for let them hate as long as they fear .
Troy Marsolek
Troy Adams
Simple kind of guy that loves to have fun and make friends. I am not one to get all caught up in how many "toys" anyone has, just want to be free and be happy and love to have someone around to share all of life's treasures with. Someone who likes to laugh and love and be satisfied with what they have. I love nature and can get lost in the woods for hours or can sit for hours on the sand dunes gazing out over the lake and get lost in the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore line. Walking with my two labs having fun playing in the waves and just enjoying being alive. I love pretty much all kinds of music and love to go to concerts and attend the theater occassionally. still looking for my soul mate to share the rest of my life with. Again my interests are as wide as my taste in music. I am a large Sci Fi fan and Mysteries and Suspense. Not into gore...I see enough of violence and blood on the news. I admit that I enjoy some "chick" flicks as well and nothing is better
Troy Monroe
Troy Pickel
Troy Rogers
Troy Moore
Troy Woodruff
Troy Taylor
G'day ppl im Troy im 28 single and live in Melbourne australia im here only to make and meet new friends im a very easy down to earth guy who likes to have a joke and a chat i love the outdoors like racing...street racing..spending time with family listening to music spending time with mates havein a drink and a party im not here to be juged or juge others im here simply to make new friends around the world im easy going i hate ppl who have to juge others by what they look like also hate liers and ppl who look for drama im not always on here i do have facebook and msn but plz if u are under the age of 18 dnt bother messageing me thank u for takeing the time to read this and look at my profile hope to hear from you all very soon the only Idol i have is my mother as i never had a father she did the best she could do thank u mum I AM LEGEND... Children of the Corn... Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay... black sheep... hancock..
Troy Stewart
i'm easy going, like to have fun, love tattooing, hate bs and drama. I have two great kids that keep me guessing alot. I am open, so ask me anything. I like to try new and different things. tattoos, piercings, art, music(any really). wood working, home repairs, cars, reading.....really just ask there is too much to list
Troy Scott
My name Troy JahFemi Scott im 20 years of age born an raise in the 'Metro'(803) of South Carolina. Im single but got plenty of homies that keep me busy..while lookin for Ms.Perfect ha which will neva exist but tha right one gone come soon! I also enjoy longs walks on tha beach an horseback riding lol naw but i love to draw,read a lil,watch animes,goin to tha movies,hang wit tha homies,scout gurls ha,an another passion is makin music,also poetry here an there.Got any ?'s holla til then keep ya head up an enjoy me takin over tha solar system day by day!!-Troy('Lil Casper)-u cant see me bitches!! ''Im tha shit man;u see deez flies flying round me!''
Troy Everett
Troy Pitard
like to hang out and party and chill with my friends and i have a three year old daughter
Acrostic Name Poem by Cute Graphics
Troy Autry
Troy Beaugez
Troy Thompson
well i am looking for new friends to have fun with,,,all kinds of am just opening this page up so i do not know what to put in this thing,,,if you would like to know,,just ask me and i will tell...
Troy Secret
Troy Borel
Funloving outdoorsy guy. All activities and interests.
Troy Roskydal
Troy Sloan
Troy Sponaugle
Troy Collins
Troy Chadbourne
Troy Erivng
Troy Williams
Troy Campbell
I dont know what to say about myself. theres so much. im not going to possibly ruin a perfectly good convo on tellin you anything ahead of time. I'm an open book. i answer any question. SO MESSAGE ME! Talking can be fun
Troy Church
Troy Winslow
Troy Boy
Troy Bergren
Troy Sessions
Troy K
Troy F
Troy H
I am one Hott single guy!!!!!!LMFAO!
Troy Nicolls
I dont want to advertise myself like a product, so if you want to know then ask.
Troy M
Well I work overseas 28 and 28 for a Oil Drilling Company. A smart and funny guy with a great out look on life
I'm currently living in central cali. Originaly from san francisco. I'v been in carpentery over 25 years now and can build anything. I can fix anything. I'm always working on something at home and at work. I like getting up very early and getting things done. I get more done before 9 am than most do all day. Ha ! Girls are my weakness. I love talking to girls. So much easier than talking with guy's. I like chick flicks. There i said it ! I love to cook. I'm a great cook. I'm alway's downloading new recipes cuz i like trying new foods.I can eat all i want and never gain a pound. I guess cuz i'm so active all the time. I love playing frisbee ! Beach frisbee is the best ! Along with beach volleyball. I'm not that good talking about myself .So if there's something you want to know just ask. Not one much for lieing. It only leads you to a bad land. Oh !!! I'm the biggest 49er fan you'll ever know !!! And Lakers also... Go Kobe !! Not sure i like the word idol. But here are some pee
Troy Bolin
Troy Mccloskey
I am 48 and looking for that piece of my life that is missing ...yes i am single....i am on yahoo live in Mill Hall Pennsylvania and i would like to find someone close a younger woman who has a zest for life..the ones my age just don't have that...that..!! well it is hard to explain and i would just appreciate a younger woman and see if the chemistry is there....slim, petite and a beauty from the inside to here from ya I am a amatuer Archeaologist...I hunt for Native American Artifacts in Pennsylvania
Troy Shields
Troy Lavanway
Troy Berry
Troy Chadwick
Troy Morgan
...::About Me::...
Troy Ulsh
Troy Mason
Troy Ellis
Troy Cheeseman
Troy Scott
Troy Hellmund
Troy Dvorak
Troy Ellison
Troy Williams
Troy Hamilton
Troy Fleming
Troy Vanzo
Troy Smolen
Troy King
Troy Stansberry
well im 19 i live in lakecity,tennessee i like going outdoors fishing camping and geting fucked up and meeting new people anything else just ask me
Troy Simmons
Troy Mize
Troy Lyon
Troy Zeufeldt
Troy Burse
Troy Hass
Troy Heifner
Troy Roney
Troy Waggoner
Troy Sunderland
Troy Braden
Troy Kobrick
Troy Kennell
Troy Roach
Troy Abels
Troy Jackel
Troy Daniel
Troy Prater
Troy Crawford
Troy Dahl
Troy Surface
Troy Conover
Troy Alley
Troy Timmons
Troy Wingman
pretty laid back stress free.....uhh just ask lol things that are interesting
Troy Hagen
I love being out doors and am very laid back and easy going
Troy Jackson
Troy Adams
Troy Lane
Troy Olson
Troy Patterson
Troy Troy
Troy Frye
Troy Dunphy
Troy Galvin
Troy Mcmillion
Troy Leven
Troy Mattingly
Troy White
Troy Pena
Troy Paterson
Troy Gallant
Troy Enstad
Troy Oshefsky
Troy Sorensen
No tats only scars. No piercings, only the holes I was born with. I don't "rock" so much,I tend to "twang".Been in bands, played lead guitar and sang lead and backup vocals. fishing, guitars and guns take up the majority of my free time. care to know more ask.
Troy Jenkins
Down to earth that is the best way to say realistic am outgoing easy to talk to listen well and more times than not i have something to say you may not like but i am that person that will say it weather you like it or not so that is me SCIENCE HISTORY dont realy have any sci-fi all the nightmare on elm street action adv. some love story
Troy Elrod
Troy Jenkins
Troy Carl
Troy Murray
Troy Ennis
Troy Bates
Troy Cloud
Troy Davis
Troy Lincoln
Troy Floyd
Troy Lakes
Troy Gerdes
Troy Johnson
Troy Klebs
Troy Weiderman
Troy Harley
Troy Olson
Troy Jones
Troy Lee
Troy Stickney
My name is Troy. I am straight. I enjoy playing my music loud. I never turn down a chance to raise hell with my friends. You only live once why not make the best of it. And even though I am not the richest guy in the world. I have no problem enjoying myself. I am a easy going kind of guy. I do not let the smallest things in the world bother me. At the same time I am straight forward. I call things as I see them. And if I don't like you I will make sure you know it. My political views are that Politics are like sex and everyone gets screwed. Music, Technology, People, Parties, Spartacus, Troy, 300, Van Wilder Freshman Year, First Knight, Jackass, American Pie, Euro Trip, The Role Models, Real Steel, Sucker Punch, Resident Evil and alot of other stuff.
Troy Walter
Troy Waggoner
Troy Piltz
Troy Evens
Troy Gibson
Troy Jones
Troy Collins
Troy Berry
Troy Smith
Troy Atterberry
Well am 17 i live in some fucking hick town with want to be gangsters.I am single i would like to meet someone that lives near me which is Richland M.O. The type of person i am looking for is one that likes me for who i am i like to play a lot of world of warcraft and a lot of x-box 360 live. you could say that i am a geek . i like to fix and repair computers.
Troy Neliton
Troy Walter
Troy Davis
Troy Smith
Troy Lawrence
Troy Darting
Troy Herring
Troy Depauw
Troy Shoemaker
Troy R
I am me nothing more nothing less. I am here to have fun and make a few friends. Music (anything but rap/jazz/disco), Cars, Sports and going to the beach!!!
Troy Iliff
Troy J
Troy Fetherolf
Troy Nuttle
Troy Collins Jr
Troy Takala
Troy Bridgeman
Troy D.
Troy York
Troy Marks
Troy Torres
Troy Bolton
Troy Valentine
Troy Erb
Im a 31 year old dad of 3 awesome kids... i lift weights, play sports, and keep busy... looking for friends Im into sports, lifting weights, tattoos and piercings and anything that keeps me busy... no idols.... I love all horro, scary and comedic movies...
Troy Erb
Troy Harrison
Troy Lemons
Troy Lecher
Troy Knopp
Troy Grenicko
Troy Kumpula Sr.
Troy Higley
Troy Strouse
Troy Norton
im a volunteer fire fighter and i do electrical work in the coal mines if you want to know more just ask me and if you want to call call 423-525-3959
Troy Morgan
Goin thro really rough time now and lookin for some people to cheer me up and take me off this hell i'm goin thro, so if your capable of that, holla! Paintball and kool people that will be there sometimes for you or just listen to you
Troy Grimes
Troy Cope
I'm a simple man... a Scorpio...With a high sex drive!{I ONLY DATE WOMEN!} I'm Born & raised In Las Vegas,Nv. & now living in "central-Indiana" (Aproximate'd area) AND I Am Bore'd. If you think you can gain my attn... I'm not judgemental, Who's perfect!!! I'm not .. I'm sure your not??? Who cares... The only thing I cannot liars' I'm just look'n for a few good women!!! (If they exist)& IF NOT , A handfull of bad ones.... Hit me up If you think you can handle me!!! "I'm not on this site to gain popularity"
Troy Goodell
Troy Andrews
Troy Goodell
Troy Pawleska
Troy Lannom
Troy Taylor
Troy Croney
Troy Fuchs
Sorry everyone I don't normally go on lounges. Or play Mafia anymore, it caused too much drama. If I like you, rate you and comment on a picture doesn't make me a perv. I'm probably one of the rare guys that do not view NSFW folders. I'm naturally flirty and kind but that doesn't make me a creep. I have kind words for everyone. I try to keep my grammar Nazi back and hopefully you do the same. Not perfect. I do have a hard time talking to people on here for the first time because I don't know what people like to talk about. I don't want to come off as an asshole, and I don't take compliments very well I get shy and don't know what to say. Sorry guys I'm into women and not men. I'll be nice and add you and have a conversation with you, but that's as far as it goes. I do apologize everyone, but I have been really busy as of late with work projects and real life events. I will check in everyday to see everyone I can. Much much love to the Family and Friends! I'm not much of a party part
Troy Kumpula
I'm 6'f with hazel eyes. i workout and have fun hanging out. my interests are computers and mma.
Troy Fleetwood
Troy Deare
Troy Green
Troy Evans
Troy Smith
Troy Sullivan
if you want to knw just ask if u want to knw stuff just ask
Troy Reynolds
Troy A
Troy Brock
Troy Street
Troy Schooler
Troy Owens
Troy Freeman
Troy Chan
Troy Luett
Troy Nickel
hi all im not new to this but im still learning how to work all let me start of by saying my name is Troy im a father of a beautiful 2 yrs old and she is my life...Im soon to be a father again...Me im a great person to get to kno and i love holden a convosation for hours... I enjoy hanging out playing on the computer,shooting Darts walking and much more..If you would like to kno more bout me just feel free to hit me up..Thanks Me im interest in alot of thing...their isnt much i dnt love to do so i really dnt kno what are my best interest is yet
Troy Kiggins
Troy Campbell
i'm a down to earth,laid back kinda person.i every thing HARLEY DAVIDSON!eat,breath,sleep H D.I don't patronize any one,bout any thing.if u don't want the truth then don't ask me.i tell any body how it is n what i eather like me or hate me for it.but i will never change,i will b the same tomarrow as i am today.I'm easy to get a long with,n do anything 4 any one.But don't screw me over,last time i will do anything 4 u.Other wise i'm the kinda person ever one wishes they had friends like me.
Troy Bowman
Troy Strawn
Im going on 3 years here on Fu and I guess its time I update this. I have seen it all on here. Fakes, liars, cheats, rip offs and just generally dumb stuff. I do not participate in any of it. Im here to hang out, have fun and meet new friends. I don't really care about achievements or leveling anymore (you have to be a millionaire to level on here anymore). I have found that your family are the only ones that stand by you (unless you are running something). I have made some GREAT friends on here (they would be my family) and I love them to death! I don't care what you think of them! They have been with me for years. I have actually met some of them and they are even cooler in real life. If you cannot prove to me that your real either with a salute or by chatting with me, I will block you! I do not do drama! Im a more than decent human being and that is what I expect from you. I WILL NOT pay anything to look at women nude on here...period! End of story! You dont have anythin
Troy Koffman
Troy Bigelow
Troy Sweat
Troy Miller
Troy Bass
Troy Daroczy
Troy Jenkins
Real Nigga with no patience 4 dumb shit or bluffin ass ppl......anyone else is more than welcome..... i smoke weed i play sports (Football, Basketball, Lacrosse) i am a Father to my kids 1st! Micheal Jordan, Barack Obama too many to name!
Troy Smith
Troy Hollman
I like 2 hunt,go fishing with my friends and play my xbox 360
Troy Green
Troy Dombrosky
Troy Hodges
Troy Hamilton
Troy Bias
Troy Higdon
im troy higdon and ima jugggalo rap chillin smokin
Troy Kellogg
Troy Waggs
Troy Moore
Troy Earley
Troy Williams Jr
Troy Maxcy
Troy Daniels
Troy Hall
Troy Buzhardt
Troy Gilkey
Troy Price
Troy Allsopp
Troy Ervin
Troy Leigh
Troy Johnson
Troy Carter
Troy Britton
Troy Calhoun
Troy Wyatt
Troy Newkirk
Troy Muse
Troy Cloutier
Troy Winland
Troy Tusing
Troy Howard
Troy Crowey
my name is troy or kitt and im 24 years old and i was born on oct 23,1987 and i like watch knight rider or movies or play my loptap or playing my xbox or xbox 360 and xboxlive and my name on xboxlive kitt402
Troy Jenkins
Troy Bachis
Troy Holland
Troy Bieckert
Troy Mcdonald
Troy Mathews
Troy Cody
Troy Garcia
Troy Gusman
Troy Harman
im a hard working men who cares a lot about my two girls they both did live with me but my oldest has moved out she is 20 but my youngest is still living with me she is 16 they both have been with me since my divorce 4 years a go iv worked really hard to teach them the right way to be in life and iv done it all by my self with no help from my x or any one in her or my family iv had a very hard time with all this but its ok i wouldnt change it not one bit well this is all for now i will add more latter i like fishing hunting camping hanging with friends sitting by bond fires having a few drinks sitting on my porch at night listing to music heck i like any thing to do with the out side if you want to no more just ask
Troy Regge
Troy Brown
Troy Washington
Troy Cheeseman
Troy Leftwich
Troyvone Williams
The name is Troyvone i lovee to party im not scared to do what i think and if there is drama i stay away from it as best as i can im 23 born on may 9 1988 if there is anything you wanna know bout me jus dont b afraid to ask God is my first idol Than my mom and grandma than a legend in basketball michael jordan finally but not least my all time favorite popstar michael jackson movies are all interesting to me so all types really
Troy Davis
Troy Williams
Troy Bolton
Troy Line
Troy Emelio
Troy Right
Troy Vancleave
Troy Duggan
Troy Claborn
i like get out going bowling fishing walk park meet new people i what doing more with the some one i like too being with stave s from law man atl more cars 2 cars 1 a lot movie
Troy Mooney
Pretty successful handsome guy that is into gaming, both online massively multiplayer games and also roleplaying games(social games you play with friends with rules, stats, paper, and dice where one person tells the story while the characters(ex sorceress) interact with the environment(ex fantasy)). Would like to game with you if you are open to try even if you have never done before. Love movies, cuddling, good conversation, and dogs. I like camping I just spent a week camping in a tent at EAA. I have volunteered at EAA Operation Thirst for 7 years they are volunteers helping volunteers(we make sandwiches and bring food and water to the civil air patrol kids on the flightline because they have to stand in the sun for hours and they can't leave their post). Would descibe myself as intelligent, snarky, shy at first, compassionate, good at conversation, and straightforward. One of the things people comment about me is that I am interesting to talk to and have a very unique perspective o
Troy Mize
Troy Delliquadri
Troy Ryan
Troy Durden
Troy Saunders
Troy Toles
Troy Rose
Troy Hance
Troy Hudson
Football Freak Movie Geek Music Nut Useless Trivia Buff Coaster Crazie Charleston Tigers UCA Bears Arkansas Razorbacks Dallas Cowboys Dallas Mavericks Hooters Wings Stephen King Novels Graphic Novels My Chemical Romance White Stripes AC/DC It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia The Big C Falling Skies The Walking Dead Shawshank Redemption The Green Mile 16 Candles The Breakfast Club Napoleon Dynamite Nacho Libre Monty Python & The Holy Grail Sin City Star Wars Indiana Jones
Troy Drummond
Troy Carter
Troy Beverett
Troy Carr
Troy Woodson
Troy Stambaugh
Troy Hale
Troy Brock
Troy Keup
I am kind and caring, adventurous, spontaneous, love to laugh and have a good time. I do not drink or smoke. I work hard and love life and what life has to offer. Like to workout 6 times weekly, like hiking, skiing, wake surfing, camping. Like to be active, also like to chill at home, watch movies, football, some NASCAR, basketball and soccer. Many other interests as well but you can ask me bout those.
Troy Vandeventer
Troy Alsteens
Troy Morgan
Troy Upton
Troy Babb
I was involved in a car accident Dec9,2008. I have been divorced for about 5 + yrs. now. I still walk, & OTHER things (grinning). I just lose my balance easily,I love to make people laugh, and I'm VERY honest, I have been told that I am TOO honest. I'm really a nice guy at heart. It's just that since my accident NOBODY will give me a chance to prove that !!! I want a woman to be with, someone to hold at night (I love to snuggle) As long as she is COMPLETELY HONEST with me. I just want to be happy with someone and DO EVERYTHING I CAN ... to make her happy too. I just want her to live a HAPPY life. So, If you just want to be yourself, but have the LOYAL companionship ... I'm here ... WAITING !!! TOO many to list

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