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Tink Something
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsthat about sums it up
Tinker Sears
Tinker Bell
BLINGCHEESE.COM I'm here to pass the time and make some fun friends hehe... RULE:1 rate me then fan me then add, I'll return the love give me time though please i cant do you all at once! RULE:2 do not shout box me to see pics! RULE:3 PM me to view (NSFW) PICS RULE:4 be nice or move the fuck along with all the other haters!!!!! RULE:5 From $12.00 to $20.00 view nsfw pics, or no view sorry guys RULE:6 Tink dosen't brake her rules hehe Ever so don't bug me please! YES I HAVE A CAM AND YES YOU CAN VIEW ME!!!!!! JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I'LL GO LIVE,
i am the type person that trusts people from the get go,the type the wears her heart on her sleeve,the type that looks for the good in people not wanting to see the bad,the type person that will go out of her way to make sure that people around her are happy,the type person that looks at the world and thinks she can make a difference, the type person that loves with all her heart the type person that will try and help no matter what the cost
Tink Freeze
I'm a very outgoing person, i say whats on my mind,I do what i do and i do that shit well, I'm not a trusting person I've been screwed over to much you must prove yourself to me,What you see is what you get and if you don't like it walk away because its not going to change! WARNING: I HAVE AN ATTITUDE AND I USE IT! Favorite Color/s:Black and Gold Favorite Food: Chinese Favorite Cereal:fruit loops Favorite Flower: orchid Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas & The Rum Diary Favorite TV Show: Family Guy Favorite Candy: Reeses Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew Cooking,camping,sleeping,Dagorhir,Reading,Partying. Fear and Loathing in las Vegas, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, the list is huge i promise
Tinks Dabangg
Tinker Belle
Tinker Lulu
Tinky Hill
Tink Bell
Tink Bell
Tinker Smith
Tinker Boyette
Tinka Parker
Tinleya Marshall
my name is Tinleya im married to the greatest guy ever we have a 8 yr son name Austan and im a proud mommy the sweetest lil boy ever. i take care of my hubby n son. i moved in with my grandpa after my nana passed away in 2008 to help him a fun girl to hang out with i dont kick it with any girls can't trust them really. Love having fun dancing,play pool,bowling,LOVE LOVE working on car well my car lol love getting dirty like i said I'm a down ass chick :) I have 18 tattoos 18 piercings my ears nose tounge lip and belly button. I work part time at my son's school i clean houses on my own and I work at liliskog lodge so pretty gteat ppl with and the guest are great meet ppl from every where So if u want to know more just ask me. swimming dancing singing in the car lol hanging out with my friends n famly goin to the movies bolwing playing pool riding horses have a few drinks every now n then love workin on my car im like a lil grease monkey love any mov
Tin Lagmay
i love it when people thinks that i'm beautiful.. every girl wants to be beautiful in the eyes of everyone.. i love sports..
Tinmg Win
Tin Man
Tin Man
Tinman Bud
Tin Man
Tin Man
The Tinman
DAATH - Subterfuge by Century Media Records
Tin Ner
Tinna Lewis
Im just me and noone can change that! =) And i smile all around all day ! =) My interests, Hmm. I love Music, Sports, FRiends, party. I just love to be around people and having fun! =)
Tinneuh Fuck Off
Tinnie Reyes
Tinna Smith
Tinna Moore
Tin Nguyễn
Tinnie Raj
im tinnie raj faithfull honest thoughtful generous kind down to earth.... message me if you know more about me
Tino Buntic
Tino Lino
Crazy person who really love to love I can do anything on earth
Tino Robinson
Tino Wagner
Tino Zarate
Myspace tweaks at
Tino Martinez
Tino M
Tino Mctosh
Tinoi Christie
Tino Acosta
Tino Anaya
Tino Yniguez
Tino Melendez
i love to meet new people im latino puertorigueno ,puerto rico,,,,lather on i will put my photo i like to learn more about you gilrs im a fun person to go out whit
Tino Z
Tino Velasco
Tino Schellhorn
Tino Barques
Tino Tauheluhelu
Tino Lopez
Tinoy Charlito
Tino Cecoya
Tino Marthin
Tino Vargas
Whats good im Tino a 23yr old black and kuban male from Chicago but i live in Vegas. I do musik and produce got my own production label T-Style Productions anything else u wanna know just get at me ya dig. Im interested in fun and ladies my musik and more.
Tinong Osorio
Tino Perez
Tino Ruiz
Tino Silvas
Tino Gd
Tino Gleusner
Tino Morales
Tino Garcia
Tino Avila
Tino Meza
Tino Lambert
Tino Sloan
Tino Ergottino
Tino Gonzales
Tino Andrade
Tino Rivera
Tino Martinez
Tino Gonzalez
Tinsley Ore
What up dis yo gurl T. I love to have a good time at whatever i may be doing. I have asperations to be a social worker.. and am working in the earlychildhood education program. I smk n drink n shit.. I love music.. photography , poetry, eyes, laughing,sex, the list goes on send me a messege is you wanna know more.... Make your own Banner Here! Hey ! Its da Lovely T!! ( short for Tinsley) I am an easy goin girl who loves to take it easy.. I work in childcare right now. Im going to school for Humen services. I want to get my BA in Social work ... I go to the bars on fridays n saterdays tho cause I love to dance!! I also love to have a good time at whatever im doin at the time.. Im a down to earth chick .. who jus like taken it easy..
Tinsley Lemay
Tinstar Q Public
Tinsley Hearts
Greetings and salutations all you folks out there how it all going?? just me...willing to learn and deal with new experiences and ready for anything =) Im fun to be with and i am quite the humerous character if u understand what im going about wen i joked around. im uber electric and my passion are music fashion and travel. As ive been travelling all my life i enjoy meeting people from all corners of the globe, as this educates me and gives me insight towards morale and appreciation for what i have. "m fond of taking pictures; I realized that just recently.....nature tripping and seeing action and romantic flicks are some of my weaknesses. i like hanging-out to my friends, party allnight dating to some one who will satisfied me. im a kind of hot and loving person. But it's really not everyday that i get to see my friends.... so there are times when I'd rather spend my day all by my self Ain't phony, I simply can't stand miglling with somebody i don't like - sorry,but
Tinsley Morgan
Tinsay Saldino
Tinsy Krausz
I had to change this thing accuz I haven't touched it since I came back and a lot of things about me has changed. The name's Hoodie, don't need to know much more, if ya wanna know, just ask, keheheh. I was born in New Britain CT and moved down here when I was still a teen. I do NOT suggest living in FL unless you're a raisin, if ya are, then come on down~! I'm pretty much a laid back type person. Never cause drama, quiet, love a good laugh and I hate pervs. Yep, and none of you pervs are gonna read this. Gonna just hop onto the pics and wank off while ya try to get me on cam. TOO BAD!!! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'm madly in love with a special somebody. I call him Tribble and he's just a dear. My dearphace is an ex marine, which I usually don't go for, but he was special. I LOVE YOU DEARPHACE!!! I joined Fubar when it was still Cherrytap. I was curious when I saw my bitch, LoveIzBlind, go on here and talk to a bunch of friends. Met a good bunch of people, and some strange ones, which
Tintin Kido
♥♥my name is tintin kido im 21 years old im from philipines... ♥♥im 4th year college .....
Tintin Kido
Tiến Tưng Tửng
Tinuial Carravetta
Tinu Abayomi-paul
Tinu Davis
hi lam looking good and sweet friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss l like chating or looking friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss l like idolsssssssssssssssssss l like movies but romatic movies.action moviesssssssssss
Tin Villagracia
Tin Vn
Tiny Forya
Tinyette Bolen
My name is Tinyette and I'm from a small ass town in South Carolina called, Bowman. I go back to school tomorrow and I'm a SENIOR!!! CLASS OF 2007 TO THE FULLEST!!! LOL! AND yes I am ready to graduate! I'm 5'8" tall and I have hazel eyes. I love to laugh and to have fun. If you can make me laugh and take a joke then we will get along fine! LOL! Anything else you need to know just email me at and ask me. You scored as Handcuffs. You are handcuffs! You like taking control in the bedroom, but can also enjoy it when your partner steps up and takes over, enjoy!!Handcuffs88%Vibrator75%Pocket Rocket75%Flavored Body Oils50%*What kind of sex toy should you be?*created with "Save the Last Dance" is the best movie EVER!!!
43, professional in So. Cal. Lookin' to meet interesting people. X-Rated! Oh, I also love to play the bass (used to be in several bands until I needed a real job).
Tiny Wash
Crush this person!Get your own CrushTag! click this pretty pink tag and show me how much you love me. Crush me and I crush you back ! Hello everyone havent updated this in a long time I see. I am a 37 yr old female living in Newport,MN with my bf and my 2 boys and daughter. I am looking for a female for myself and not to share with my man. Someone I can talk to about anything and not have words slip to the wrong people. Someone who can keep a secret and not just say they can. I dont have many gal friends so I dont get out much . Hit me up I also have facebook Tinya Marie Jansen and yahoo messanger Tequiladrunk69. Click to join adoreing_bbw Get More at Get More at Get More at The Everything Test There are many different types of tests on the internet today. Personality tests, pur
Tiny Oshamrock
Tiny L
Tiny Harley
I'm 18 I'm Scottish and i'm proud Id rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i am not. I love the colour pink and to dance when im alone. Im a mess and my room usually is too. I laugh at the stupidest things. And i always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I cry for no reason and sometimes i get mad easily But im just me and thats all i can be =] Love me or hate me, comment and rate me! Thankiezzz!
36 yr old Master and 27 yr old slave... truly living the lifestyle as it was meant to be lived, not just fetishers. We work full time at a local retail chain, he does tattoos and piercing freelance on his days off. He's an artist and a writer. We are both wiccan, both have children and both seek to find another submissive woman to join us and be submissive to us both. Vices: Anything caffinated, anything alcoholic, anything horror or sci-fi and smoking. We are drug free however can be 4:20 friendly for the right people. Wicca, BDSM, Master/slave, trikes, tattoos, piercing, art, writing
Tiny Berry
LADYS PLEASE READ MY PROFILE!!!!!!I am happily married to my best friend whom is also on here and her name is Wildfire9423. So ladies please like i said i am happily married.If you can't read my profile before asking me if i am married or if i would like to cheat on my wife don't bother to go further. I AM HAPPILY MARRIED AND WE ARE BEST FRIENDS AND WE HAVE 3 KIDS TOGETHER AND THERE IS NO WOMAN I MEAN NO WOMAN WHO CAN COME BETWEEN US SO DON'T TRY MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE AND MY THREE KIDS!!!!Other then that i like to go camping and fishing.Sitting by the fireplace with my wife enjoying our time together after the kids go to bed.
Tiny Jones
Tiny Slagle
Tiny Page
Tiny Kkuntry Blakk G
everyone needs to check out my hot new tracks on myspace KKuntry Blakk tell yo friends about them cds will be ready for sale in two weeks. im interested in cars old new it doesnt matter.i love women and their sexy bodies,i am not about drama if you are keep yo distance if you have any pics that are revealing please show me ,i like dogs mostly pits and really big dogs if you like what you see then hit me up if you dont fuck you .
my one joy in life is after 20 years i have a bike back and have put 3000 miles of riding on it this summer. i work 6 days a week as a neccessity. im a backyard mechanic and pretty much a jack of all trades. i have 4 kids grown up on there own and 4 grandkids who are a treasure to spend time with when i can. i have moved to a new state to start a life over anew! i am buying a house to make a home for my life to be fullfilled and fill that home with joy and happiness. dont really like hanging out at bars but i love playing darts on dart league. like the outdoors when its warm. i dont have many guy friends i have more fun with women as friends. i enjoy working on cars and when friends need help on theres they usually come to me for help. i love going to water parks as long as its 80 out. anything else you want to know what i like just ask.
Tiny Warner
Tiny P
Tiny Toppen
Tiny Dousha
Tiny Clown
Tiny Johnson
Tiny Biggs
will here i set waiting for someone so we can get fucked and have some fun u know
Tiny Gerba
Tiny Bionds
Tiny Castillo
Tiny Tony
Ti Ny G
Tiny Dawn
I am a Hard working webcam model. I like to make people happy. I have over 40 homemade x rated movies and over 3000 sexy pictures. I love to show off my body. I love wine and weed. I like to go out for drinks and party. Myself Horror
Tiny Stephens
Tiny Koopman
Tiny Reynolds
Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim
Tiny Dee
Tinysuperstar Angie
Tiny Mite
Tinypat Anderson
Tiny Diamond
Tiny Meeh
Tiny Durbano
Tiny Mason
Tinz Bala
Tio Branca
Tiofilini Fiva
Tio Luk4s
Tion Watkins
My name is Tion Lamar Watkins born July 2, ???? I guess you can say I'm an 80's baby, I stand 6 foot 2 inches and weight 180 pounds and I walk on my tiptoes for some reason. I'm from Forest City, North Carolina but I reside in New York City. Well, as of right now I'm becoming the man God put me here to be because without him I'm nothing. I just like to take time-out to thank God for blessing me with the athletic ability and talent I got in sports. As of now I'm on my journey of what God has my life plan out to be playing college basketball, modeling, maturing for as my decision making and my way of thinking, and striving to become successful man! Within a few years you should be watching me on your television screen playing professional basketball (NBA) or overseas....that is were my sweat and tears remain for the love of this game. My time is coming real soon....I have my own agent now at a young age and he is pushing me everyday to take my game to another level. Well, enough with tha
Tiondra Long
Tiong Na
Tionas Williams
Tion Johnson
Tiong Lc
Tionna Bell
Tion Walker
Tionne Monique Vaughon
Tion Richardson
Tionte Houston
Tio Perez
Tio Permatariana
Tiora Fairy
Tio R Kdc
Tip I like to play...I love the beach...playing pool...just driving to nowhere and ending up somewhere...and if I can combine all those together...I'd call that a perfect day...LOL
Tipa Su'a
Tipan Thea
Tip B
Tipene Papa
Tip Foe Carter
kinky...quirky and hate writing about myself...23 year old kinda punk but mostly s and tattoos peircings and my sunshine.... general chatting blogging work(haha).....the outdoors...biking swimming and last but not least going fucking nuts.....
Tiphanie Stronach
Tiphani Brown
Tiphani Anderson
Tiphanie Smith
Tiphanie Smith
Tiphanie Creeks
Tiphany Garton
Tiphanie Harrison
Tiphany Cooper
Tiphany Leggans
Tiph Osmon
Tiphanie Hall
Tiphani Kuechenmeister
""Whoop-Whoop I am Kotton Kandy. I am a fuckin Juggalette im down 4 the Clown im down for the Family, Born With A Hatchet "MMFWCL" for all of you non juggalo and juggalettes MMFWCL stands for "MAD MOTHER FUCKING WICKED CLOWN LOVE" I dont give a fuck wht u think of me just dont fuck wit me or my family n u will be fine but if u do u better dig ur grave motha fuka bc we r a psycopathic family n if you step to 1 of us you better step 2 the hole crew if u got any problems wit me or my fam step up to me like a man/women n iwill fight yo fuckin ass im fearless i will fight any motha fucka even if i lose i will go down swinging Whoop-Whoop"
Tip Lybrand
T.i. Pookie
Tipp Matthews
Tippy Tippy
im a juggalette
Tippi Timbs
Tippy Tawney
Tiprigan Ionut
Tipsy Mcstagger
Proud Pa Pa to my Daughter, lookin to meet anyone and everyone, I work hard for a livin' to make my life and that of my daughter's as good as I can, spend as much time outdoors as I can, work at the Rennasaince festivals in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado..(yeah I wear tights!)Love meetin' people and makin friends as I breeze thru!! If ya have any other questions just ask..I'm not shy, no reason for you to be...Peace, Love, and Light!! Tequila and Salt This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone.
Tipsy Mctullio's
Tip Smith
Tip-tip Moyd
Tipu Ali
hello my name is tipu aka boy wonder or some people call me the joker from the batman do not known why. but i am 6 2 tall nice body, black hair n brown eye n i am cool person n get to knonw me so see ya later
Tipu Sultan
Tiqua Falls
Tira Mc
umm... im Bloo.. and that's all i got to say.. ^_^ for now... xP
Tirah Keagy
Tira Clouscy
Tira Helton
Tirafalo Mmolawa
Tirani Dwitasari
Tirdad Rezaeian
Tirdad Tehrani
Tirelle Lee
Tired Of The Bs I Am Just Here To Have Fun
I want to let you know I am tired of blank friends request. So from now on if you want to be a friend at least say hi first. Also I am not here to pick up on men I am only here to have some fun. Go love on my Fu Man he's the best. KeKoa FE2 Sunshine@ fubar Hi there! I am a fun loving girl and I am here to have fun so lets do just that. Here are some fun facts about me! Observant, deep and thoughtful I will admit it I am prone to moodiness. In fact, my emotions tend to influence everything I do. Unique, creative, and expressive I don't mind waving my freak flag every once and a while, but most people find my weird ways charming! I am not the life of the party, but I always show up for the party. At times I am full of energy and open to new social experiences. But I also need to hibernate and enjoy my "down time." Intelligent and reliable, I tend to succeed in whatever it is I am doing. Most things in my life are organized and planned well. I am borderline on being a t
Tiredofbullshit Mook
Tired Frustrated
Tire Dawg
Tirfessa Tolera
T Irfan Suhanda Tipw
Tiris Richerson
Tirnovan Andrei
Tirouda Tony
Tirone Foster
Tirrell Brooks
Tirrell Miller
Tirra Richardson
Tirrell Supabad
Tirrell Smith
Tirso Jose Villar
Tirso Doritos
Tirta Ayyubi
Tirta Sandi
Tirthal Halkene
Tirza Trunnell
Tirza Esther
Tirzah H
Tirzah Richardson
Tirza Otani
I am a 44 year old Arky-Britt.I was born and raised in England, moved to America when I was 16. And don't regret a single moment! I am Married (1993) with 2 Girls, (21) and (13). I live on top of Hill in Romance, Arkansas and Love it! My Parents live at the bottom, they are my Gate-Keepers! Think you can pass by without them seeing, Kewl!!! BuTT you won't be able to leave! LOL :o) My Oldest Daughter is serving in the United States Army and is in Iraq! I Miss her so much.. And having Internet sure makes it better. I like taking pictures, just don't like having my picture taken.. I like to go camping just not by myself. I'm a woose at night! LOL I like NFL Football and host a contest every year. let me know if you'd like to join in the fun. I will add your name to next years contest list! ;o) Tissy's Football
Tisa Shaw
Tisa Early
ef="" target="_blank"> I am a Sexy, Single, Satisfying, Full-Figured Woman. I'm not a fussy person, I pretty much go with the flow. body { font-family: arial; color: FFFFFF; font-size: 10px; background-color:ffffff; background-image:url(; background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed; } table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;font-family: arial; color: FFFFFF !important} table table table {background:transparent;font-family: arial; color: FFFFFF !important} table table table td { background-color:535353; padding: 2px; filter:alpha(opacity=100); -moz-opacity:100; opacity:100; -khtml-opacity:100; } table table table table td {filter:none;font-family: arial; color: FFFFFF !important} table table table { border-width:2px; border-color:000000; border-style:solid; } table table table table {border:0px;} input {background-
Tisa Garrison
Tisa Burhans
Tiscia Grear
Hi my name is Latiscia but friend and family call my Tiscia or Tish. Graduated from Ottumwa High school in May of 2008. I am going to College for criminal justice. I have 3 dogs and a cat. I live with my mom and dad right now until I get out of school in two years. If you want to know anymore then just ask!! I love my pets, dance, friends, and family my Idols would have to be my Grandma Grear. RIP My other idol would have to be my mom she is always there for me. To many to remebr
Tisca Kusmayadi
Tiscareno Chavez
T. Is For Truth
I'm the antithesis of myself.
Tish Hutson
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dodgeball, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Pirtates of the Carabain, All Harry Potter films, Memoirs of a Geisha, King Kong, Titanic, Grease, The Chronicals of Narnia
Tisha Counts
Tish Tisha
I love to have fun in all I do. My 12 year old son and brand new baby girl are the most important things in my life. Family and close friends are priority. Wanna know me? Just ask. Family, friends, quads, animals, drinking, dancing, fishing, camping, and just hanging out
Well I'm a laid back person! I enjoy long walks on the no not really. I like a guy who's confident,smart,outgoing,fun,sweet,unique,knows how to have fun. Ya know just somebody I can bring home to mom and not be ashamed of. My profile says I'm 18 but I'm not really 18 I'm 17. I couldn't figure out how to change it so I thought I'd write it in here so ya'll know.I'm a senior in H.S wich means I'm the class of 2007! Class of 2008 can't touch the class of 2007! And this bunny says it all to well! I like Scary Movies: Anything by Stephen King
Tishia Kosicki
Tish Sumner
Tisha Elf
Tish Jenkins
Tisha Suire
Tish Clark
Tisha Youngman
i'm latisha youngman i love to go shopping and listen to music n hangout with friends...they are gggrreeatt.....i like to do nething a very outspoken person and can come off as a bitch....imma bitch to u if i dont like u better hope i like u..lmao..well thats all Hey everyone!!! I'm LaTisha I attend GMG Highschool and Marshalltown Community College. I enjoy to do anything a normal 17 year old gurl would like to do....i have the best boyfriend in the world Adam!!! we have been together for a year n nine months off and on....but now were are great!!!! im soooooo in love with him hes great..whether u ppl like it or not....but i also love my friends..they have been there with me through thick n thin...
Tisha Bowe
Im on here looking for friends and even more if dat cums to me Imma put in mind dat im a LESBIAN female lookin for other females im agressive in my own lil way but if u wanna know more about me then hit me up (Aim/Aol)Frkonalesh2006 (Yahoo)Emonie_giggles_215 Shopping Writing Dancing Reading Cuddling Grinding(LOL) Making ppl laugh Sex Kissing Romeo and juliet All of the friday's Save the last dance Love and basketball Roll bounce
Tisha Dolly
a style="padding:3px;background:#000;color:#00ADEF;font-family:tahoma;font-size:11px;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;border:1px solid #00ADEF" href="" target="_blank">Myspace tweaks at Myspace tweaks at LostCherry Images at td.text td.text td td a, .redlink, td.text td.text td b a {visibility:visible!important;} td.text td.text td a {visibility:hidden;} br /> style type="text/css"> table td.text {visibility:hidden;} td.text td, td.text span, td.text a {visibility:visible;}
Tisha Worrell
Tisha Smith
Tisha Rodriquez
Tisha B
What's Hattnin" my Lost Cherry peeps? Tisha is here!!! I'm a really down to earth, laid back chic who loves to meet & chat with new people. So drop me a line when you roll through & I'll be sure to holla back atcha. ~wink~ .contacttable {width:300px!important; height:150px!important; padding:0px!important; background-image:url(" "); background-attachment:scroll; background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-color:transparent;}.contacttable table, table.contacttable td {padding:0px !important; border:0px; background-color:transparent; background-image:none;}.contacttable a img {visibility:hidden; border:0px!important;}.contacttable a {display:block; height:28px; width:115px;}.contacttable .text {font-size:1px!important;}.contacttable .text, .contacttable a, .contacttable img {filter:none!important;}table table table td.text div img {visibility:hidden;}table table table td.text div { back
Tisha Whittaker
Alright heres some stuff about Me. I am 34, happily married, my youngest son just turned 5. We have a bulldog named Tater he is 8 months old now. On November 17th we are heading down to Louisiana to pick up Spud, our second bulldog. Next year we plan to add a female into our family then we are going to start breeding. So if anybody around here wants to breed their female Bullie, with our Tater, contact me or my husband, who referred me friggnhuge.I am an avid movie watcher. One of my favortie movies of all time is Boondock Saints. I love kid movies, comedies, horror, well anything really. Stats: Im 5'5, chubby aka thin challenged, hazel eyes, freckles, my smile is lopsided most of the time and I wear glasses. Hey they are funky gosh darnit!! I have a very odd sense of humor, ask my hubby. I was born in Mississippi, moved to Canada when I was 10, then I moved back to the states in 1999, to be with my hubby. Thats it fer now! How evil are you? Watching movies, drinking White Cho
Tish Thure
boo uhhhh yeah....i like myspace's erotica, so thats why im here. to boost her points....the end
Tisha Goebel
lets see if u look at my pics there u see my phsically and me myself well yeah get to know me and dont kiss my ass on this site i love my family friends food music cigarettes beer liqour brody dalle
Tisha G
Tisha Mcdaniel
Tisha Barras
I'm a easy going, laid-back chick :) I also have myspace page
Get More at I'm a fun loving girl looking to have some really good times! I am in search of some new friends! I only do things I enjoy so bring it on! Friends, family and very special guy keep me going! Laughter and love make the days more desireable. Those things are very import to my happiness! There are agreat number of things I enjoy, some which might get me in to trouble on occassion, lol! I love to negotiate a deal....of any kind! I do thrive in the craziness! I've always had an art to solve problems on the run or in the heat of the moment. I'm one of those people who works well under pressure! I'm ready to enjoy the rest of my life! I'm ready to spend my days like a Butterfly soaring on a cool summers breeze, with not a care in the world! Get More at Get More at Buried at Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
I made this widget at WwW.SparkleTags.Com WwW.SparkleTags.Com whats up i dont know what there is to say about me but i guess i could start by saying i have really long brown hair but im naturally blonde and blue eyes...5'4 and i have two beautiful kids and i am married to an awesome guy and now live in Fort Riley, Kansas since he is in the Army I had to move here, he is currently deployed and i am bored out of my mind but still am only here for friends...........want to talk hit me up....lata JULY = PORNSTAR outgoing personality. takes risks. feeds on attention. no self control. kind hearted. self confident. loud and boisterous. VERY revengeful. easy to get along with an
Tisha&joe Davis
Hello We are Tisha And joe. Shared account By 2 lovers that fell in love. We like to make new friends. But nothing more than friends. don't get us wrong we have alot of friends but its always good to meet more. We are nice.. we don't bite. soo stop by and give us a comment.. or a picture comment and we promise we will comment back. thanks . tisha and joe. xo Meeting new ppl. Hanging with our friends and family. watching new movies. basically being around each other all the time. Kissing hugging we'd like it best if no one hit on us. but if you think we are hot,cute,sexy ect. go on and say it doesn't bother us any. thanks.
Tisha Davis
Tisha Johnson
Under Construction.
Tisha Davis
hey im Tisha I have a boyfriend His name is Joe davis. Love him muchly im 18 pretty enuf? haha..
im a very laid back person, i don't stand for liars and cheaters, im a very out spoken person so if you can't handle the truth then don't talk to me. im a sweet person once you get to know me. deep down every woman is a bitch its just mine protects the person i am within. im a fatchic so if you don't like it don't talk to me. just that simple. i draw, lisin to music, party, i love to dance, make ppl laugh. im not on here for sex or lookin for a man. im on here to make friends and have a goodtime. SCORPIO: The sex addict Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT kisser.) Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. The sexiest ever....Romantic. You scored as The High Priestess. The High Priestess is about being very intuned with her feelings and not being able to share thoses feelings easily. She is very hidden and secretive and prefers to not stand o
Tish Bowe
Hmm! Lets see. Im 29, and I work and go to school, so extra time is almost nonexistant. I live in a small town where there is absolutely nothing to do, and I like to hang out with my friends and just relax when I have a minute. I am in a great relationship with an amazing guy, and we have two amazing daughters. I like to rock out at concerts and always have a good time. Sometimes I come off as a bitch, but Im really just a smart ass! I am pretty blunt and I always tell the truth, even if it will hurt someones feelings. It sucks sometimes, but the truth is always the best policy!!! Wanna know more...just ask!
IF YOU WANNA KNOW ASK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sex sex sex and more wild sex ,my man camping hunting fishing and swimming and spending time with family and friends ,oh by the way did i mention wild kinky sex
Tisha Tooley
These about things are one of the few things that can get me to shut up. The other is my sister. Anyways I am a mom of 4. I have 1 girl and 3 boys. They are my life. I stay at home and work from here so I can spend every minute that I can with them. I am very active and interesting. I like to talk to intelligent people, and funny people, or outgoing, or shy people. What I am trying to say is I will talk to anyone. I love to make friends and talk. I am 24 years old, and loving it all the time. If you want to know anything just ask. Dont know what else to say. I like to hang out with my friends and family. My family is large and I have 4 brothers whom I spend a lot of time with. I have a few best friends and then a million other friends. I trust everyone until the screw me over or I catch them lieing. I dont like liers, and stuck up people. I dont hate but I do dislike. I am not mean but I can be. I will tell someone how I feel about them and be blunt and straight about it.
Tisha D
What can I tell about me? I am just simply great! I am smart, funny, outgoing, full-figured or BBW and cute! Pretty straightforward eh? Well, why not? I know who I am and I am a pretty cool person to hang out with or be with. I am down to earth and would love to get to know someone for friendship or dating. I have been online for a few years now and I just concluded that this is just another opportunity to meet people. I mean, can you imagine the world today without the internet? All our options would be pretty limited. But since we do, the possibilities are endless regarding meeting new people. So, hopefully you send me a message and if not, good luck on your search! My ideal's kinda hard to say. You never know who your ideal until you meet the person and get to know them. But there are a few basics that I can start with. A sense of humor is a must...since I love to laugh. A easy going and affectionate kind of guy. A guy who knows what he wants and doesn't play games. A gu
Tish Malone
Tisha Marks
Tisha Kelly
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Tisha Lane
Tisha Rivera
Tisha Marshall
i'am somw what smart and i like to play sports. i have four kids but i dont have them ,its' along story and if i get to know someone i'll tell them am alos married and we have some fun if never leaving the bed fun,an we never ever have to talk to each other. thats how he likes it. my mother lives with me an so does my dad an some times i'd like to run away an never look back but i have my kid here in maine. well thats me so think what you want t,t
Tisha Glardon
hello I was on once before and ended up loosing all my friends that I had and dunno why so if u know who u are that were on my list before please re add me thanks I am single and looking for some good people to share life with I am done with the head games been there done that and I am way too good for it so u guys out there that just want to play games and ur not single dont stop keep going hope to hear from some good people soon til then take care single loving caring affectionate and know what I want and when I really want it I go for it p.s. U single fellas out there if u want to see more pics of me you will have to go to myspace and search me by email to view my photos thanks too all the fellas I am not single anymore but I would love to have lots of friends hit at me any time thanks
Tishia Kemp
My name is Tishia. I love animals. I'm head over heels in love. I'm NOT looking for a hookup. I like star bursts. A LOT. My favorite color is probably neon green or neon pink. I like the bright colors of the world. yay me! I rather crash into a tree then hit an animal on the side of the road. I act older then what I am, but at other times I act a lot younger. I love gay men. .> ilu Joey. I like gore! I love to party, but find me being only 18 dampens the party area for me. I love to work. I'm a CNA. I'm a Member of the ASPCA. I worked for the local animal shelter. Loved it. I love cats. I have a cat named Shaian, a dog named Jack, and about 17 hamsters. Which my cat likes to try and eat. I love techno music. I like hanging around the goth scene. Though, I don't dress like them. I dress preppy at times, but I am NOT a prep. I love Old Navy. I love pink eye shadow. I love makeup and changing my hair.
Tish Lang
Tisha Clairmont
Tisha D
Tisha Coburn
Tisha Black
I Am A White Female Mixed With Irish & German & I Have 2 Kids A Two Yr. Old & A Four Yr. Old But I Am Only Here To Make Some Friends & To Talk So If You Like What You See The Get Back At Me. I Like To Go To The Mall & Go Out To Eat & Just Hang Out With My Friends .
Tisha Perkins
A girl that is just looking to have a good time and still go home and be ok with that!!! If u know me then u know what that means!... I want to just have a life.....
Tisha Palmatier
Tisha Brandenburg
Tisha Beckom
After taking somewhat of a lengthy fu-break... I am back! *giggles evilly* Looking to start with more friends, a new place to hang, and maybe even.... (yes, I left that open for you mind to wander...) My son is now grown and gone, so now, I have even more time work! Lol... yes, work... thats bout all I do... I plan on changing that here tho, very soon! I still love my job (I am a wellsite geologist and work oilfield.) And yes, I still stand on DRILL HERE, DRILL N
Tishona Arrington
Tishenna Rae Sparvier !
Tisha Burns
Tishura Phillips-schlecht
I would really love to meet a sensational womn hang out with and ya know the rest I'm hopin for...
Tisha Griffin
Tisha Engram
Tisha Wilburn
Tisha Platt
Tisha J
I have no clue what to say on this thing...what to say what to say. My name is tisha I live in cali for the time being. I am goofy i love to have fun, take longs walks on the beach yeah not really. I am not a girly girl i am just me if you want to know more hit me up.
Tish Seay
Tisha Walters
Tisha Adams
Tish Craft
Tisha Dargan
Tisha Corley
I am me
Tisha Redd
Tish A
Tisha Enoch
Tisha Jones
I'm a black woman who just like to enjoy life to the fullest, with no regrets or sorrow. I like to have alot of fun with my husband and children . I also like my alone time to ,so i can kick it with my friends and we go out to explore the world of mystery and wat the world got to offer in the"2009"! Im a beautiful black woman who loves sports, and dancing. You give me football and basketball i"ll be in heaven .And i do like to go to the club and shake my ass on the dance floor too! also, i enjoy the movies,walking in the park when the sunset ,it"s the beauity of the outside i love the most so thats wat kind of person i am "PHATBOOTIE09"
Tisha Meeks
Tisha M
Tisha Timmons
Tisha Crandell
Tisha Allen
Tisha Angel
hello there.. im tisha from usa phoenix arizona. im 21 yr old.. and single i like meeting new people.. i am simple girl. so if you want to chat me on yahoo.. heres my ID im always online.. just hit me up if you want to talk to me..
Tisha Keney
Tishelle Sundt
Tisha Johnson
Tisha Brennan
Tisha Froman
Tish Ruddle
Tish Mansfield
Tisha Pearson
Tish Davis
am a nice person i love to have fun i have a good job
Tisha Aguilar
Tishajade Brown
Tisha Parks
Tisha Cassady Marrufo
Have 2 beautiful kids 9 and 4.... I M A JUGGALETTE 4 LIFE BABY WHOOP WHOOP I love just about anything always up 2 try something new
Tish Williams
Tisha Ib
Tisha Riggle
Tish Able
Tisha Taylor
Tishalee Bol
Tisha Harmon
Tishia Kosicki
Tishia Murphy
Tishawna Grimes
Tishana Gomez
Tisha Gordon
Tisha Boone
Tisheka Valentin
Tish Ajlouis
Tisha ...
Tisha Paulsen
Ti Sibert
Ti Skiles
Tisn Tisan
Tison Howard
Tison Hunter
i 23 sweet nice careing loveing funny out going have have kind guy alla ways there for u good bad times do not hit lie used cheat or sleep with any one or girl friend best friend itis wrong for fun love spend time with family fiends going to mall movies going outeatgoing on walks have good time love kids do nothave any do want some drive have car all kinds
Tissa Sands
Tisun Lmt
Titania Trotter
Titan Clash

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