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Steve Blade
Hey thanks for visiting! Hopefully you can get to know me a bit here. I think I'm a pretty rad dude. Yeah I said 'rad', I'm also old skool at times. In fact, Rad the movie is legendary. Those who have seen it know what I'm talkin' about ... I'll probably be sharing on Fubar a bunch of random shit that interests me from my life and the web. Hopefully for you it will be entertaining, enlightening or even downright fukin epic. Not sure how much epicness will come from me, but thought I'd throw it out there anyways. Here's a very small snapshot of some things about. If you wanna know more, just hit me up I have been self-employed for about 6 yrs. Currently I am co-founder of two companies in OH. One is a fundraising company for nonprofit groups. The other deals in web design, internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). I have been the webmaster to over 200 individual websites during my career, and currently own 100+ websites in various niches and markets across the intern
Steven Respass
I like to learn as much as I like to have fun. I love science and I love reading about all the latest breakthroughs and discoveries; especially in the medical/biological field. I love going into the city (Chicago) whenever I get a chance. I enjoy a variety of activities from dance clubs to formal events. I enjoy the outdoors and the wilderness as much as I enjoy city life. I am comfortable in most situations and I love meeting new and interesting people. visited 24 states (48%)Create your own visited map of The United States or Free android travel guide I'll put this up front so it's out in the open... I am a member of the swinger community. I have attended the Chicagoland Sexpo and the Exxxotica expo the past four years. I attended SwingFest in Orlando, Fl two years ago and am a member of a few clubs local and not so local. I also own my own very private club here in northern Illinois; at the moment we have 16 members and are looking to expand. Aside from that I enjoy clubbing,
Steven Priddy
Steven Bee
Steve Shaver
Steven Larson
Steven Sr.
Steven Carney
Steven Shaw
Steve Erb
Stevie Coleman
Steven Smith
Steven Earhart
Steve Hogan
Steve Alicie
Steve Awesomë
Steven Zielke
Computer and video games, camping, climbing, sci fi/action movies Iron Man, Star Trek, LOTR, Star Wars, Resident Evil, Bond, 10 Things
Steven Tilotta
Steven Gonzalez
Steve Bonfey
Steve R
Steven Warfield
Steven Vitale
Steven Downs
Steve Whittington
Steven Nadeau
Steve Arnold
Steven Garner
Steven Katelyn Walden
Steve Tavenner
Steven Wiltse
Steve Herman
Steve Waller
Steven Leblanc
Steven Martin
Steven Riggle
Steve Smith
Steve Wahl
Steve Bundy
no no no... its a private matter. luv ya!!! that one where u actually had it ur heart to stop the continuation of viewing this page. i still love u, but now only in segments of rainy days...
Steve Barton
Steven Laboy
Steven Woods
Stevo Declark
Steven Gillespie
Steve Kenzick
Steven Kidwell
Steven-mark Glassner
Steve Corstvet
Steve Bozo
Steven Guzman
Steve Konrad
Steven Hair
Steven Richardson
Steve Wills
Stevie Joe
i like sports n music and hangin out ima drama free person music art people women TI Young jeezy dro 3 fridays all madea movies any other comedy dont like drama movies enuff drama in life
Steve Petersen
Steven Sykes
Steven Cox
Steven Jackson
Steven Mahoney
Steve Gessner
Steve Chamberlin
Steve Hayton
I am originally from the Newport/Monroe area in Michigan. I am an adrenaline Junkie. I spent 8 years in the Navy from 2001 to 2009. I have been a firefighter for 2 years and am currently in college to get my Paramedic License. Movies, Books, Sports, Rollercoasters, anything really I dont have an Idol Horror simply said.
Steven Jones
Stevey Raiff
Steven Pace
Steven Schaffer
Steve Capelli
Steve Longueuil
Steven Gentry
Steven Gibson
Steve Whatever
im a silly hippie ive dome years of traveling and partying although i have much love for the punk scean ilove to have fun and meet people i love shows and festivals travel shows bluegrass having fun in a wild atmosphere just enjoying every moment bob marley joey ramone jerry gercia arlo guthrie lenny bruce where the day takes you fast timesat ridgemont high any thing jay and silent bob pulp fiction resivior dogs fearand lothing in las vages one flew over the cookoos nest ghostbusters andgonnies too
Stevie Dell
Steven Quintero
Steve Ketcham
Steven Fowler
Im steven, I like tattoos and piercings. Im a laid back chill kind of dude. I do not drink nor do drugs including WEED! I do smoke cigerettes though go figure ha just talk to me and get to know me
i am alot of things but there are two things that i enjoy the most. one of the things i like is that im a pothead through and through. i love it and i do it all the time and i would never say that someone shouldnt do it no matter who they are. the other thing is im a sexaholic. now i know alot of people say they are but i truly am. i even took a sexaholic test from sa and they said if you answered 3 or more of the 20 questions yes you are a sexaholic and i answered 19 of the 20 yes lol.
Steven Anderson
Steven Gariepy
Steve Johnson
Steve Lowe
Steve Stroben
Hard working "Average Joe" these. I like movies & reading. I'm a pretty good singer & I like to bust on some beeers & Karoake. Ask me anything I've had an interesting life, so I've got lots of good stories. Live music,blues,rock,mostly. Movies,3000 Seven, Kill Bill, Let Me In, Kick-Ass, The Name of the Rose. Books ,Stephen King,James Patterson,Dean Koontz,Greg Rucka. Camping.Drinking beer.Oh & women I love women & I'm a huge flirt & a pervert,& passionate about women.
Steve Sowers
Steve Umoh
not the steve-o from jackass. just steve-0. been called thatsnce before i knew about steve-o. sure many steves have been thogh. about myself........ask me a question. or tell me about you and maybe it will trigger a thought process. tv, games, outdoor stuff. art.
Steve White
Steve Clevenger
I'm a mix of geek sheik and punk rock. I am all about technology and geeking out but I have a passion for music and photography. I am currently working as a network admin and a part time app developer. When I am not immersed in code, I am either taking pictures or mixing music. I tend to get lost in my passions.
Steven Oliver
Steve Riley
Steve Mawuli
Steve Smith
Steven Albritton
Steven Pisani
Steve Smith
Steven Coatsworth
Steve Bell
Steven Kontreras
Steve Chardi
Steveo Shannon
Stevyn Voss
Steven Kucluk
Steven Riko
Steve Muma
Whatup peeps! Im so sick of facefuck and gayspace so I thought I would come check out FUBAR!Im a student, I work, I cant sleep at night and Im bored. Single, straight, looking to play online at 2 am when I cant sleep. Who knows maybe I will meet a nice girl on here. I sing Karaoke, watch football, drink beer, camp, fish, watch MMA Elvis, Hugh Heffner, Gene Simmons, Ghandi Anything from Quinton Tarrentino or Robert whats his butt. True Romance, Tombstone, Rambo lol
Steven Rose
Steven Hood
Steve Tweede
Steve Knapp
Steven Hicks
Steven Chaney
Steven Chandler
Steven Hubbard
Steve Burnside
i'm funny, like to joke around alot i know how to be serious when it calls for it, i know i do steel alot of lines from movies but hey there great lines. but i'm just a dude looking for a girl and when i find that girl i will ask her to love me. i'm very romantic and i hear that from everyone, i'm also very girl..ish so i like to have actuall talks about watever, i like to shop for hours, yea i even like watching chick flicks and chick shows but hey it's enteraining, yea even twilight is pretty good... i love creating new things making music playing video games. i make stuff like action figures, my fav games are uncharted 1 and 2, all the tomb raider, and resident evil, silent hill. i love movies but i'm gona name my fav movie in the world. bridge to terabithia my fav tv shows are, lost, total drama, family guy, drawn together. ect.
Steven Myrick
Steve Miller
Steve Jackson
Steven Cooper
Steve Wade
Steven Fontana
Steve Mayer
Steve Morrison
I am a musician. My band is called Thorserpent. Music. Art. Poetry. Literature. Video Games. Blood. Death. The Oakland Raiders. Ozzy Osbourne. Randy Rhoads. Jimi Hendrix. Dimebag. Zakk Wylde. Tom G. Warrior. Cannibal Corpse. Celtic Frost. Mayhem. Burzum. Emperor. Zombie movies, Quentin Tarantino movies, Martial Arts Movies.
Steve Ford
Steve Tom
Steve Joseph
Steve Ferguson
Steve Hulsey
Steve Armendariz
Steve Jerry
Steve Edwards
Stevie Ramsey
Steve Williams
Divorced Guy 2 kids twins they are 5 i work hard i love motorcycles and football anything else you can ask me !!1 motorcycles football
Steven Rodriguez
Steve Shoemaker
Steven Gerard
Steven Ibarra
Steven Donaldson
Steve Paulsen
Steve Batchelor
Stevielee Demontigny
Steve Parker
Stevie Tongel
Steven Arthur
Steve Lowe
Steve King
Steven Thomas
Steve Hendrix
Steven Lofton
Steven Mcquay
Steve Bishop
Stevie Ray
Steve Smith
Steven Culver
Steven Sexton
Steve Rains
love anything outdoors sex lol no really
Steve Oak
Steve Schirtzinger
Steven White
Steven Parker
Steve Siabot
Steven Young
Steve Bryant
Steven Zamora
Steven Morales
Steve Griffith
I drive truck regional. around so cal and AZ. About 2 times a month ill do a run to the South west and mid west just to strech my legs and change the seanery around. I come from a background of tow trucking and injection moulding and so far trucking is where its at for me. I enjoy the freedom and independance as well as knowing im helping keep america running. Its a very rewarding carreer and as you can probably tell you dont have to know how to spell to be a driver. I love the watter be it on boat or beach. Rockcrawling camping sand rails shooting guns and lots of other good stuff.
Steve Gordon
Steve David Villiers
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Steve Stone
Steven Carpenter
Steve Zucchi
Steven Liphoko
Steven Lawson
I love music,movies,anywhere in the outdoors,herbel healing, miss my garden,skydiving,drawing,woodworking, and so much other stuff. nI try to engoy all this life has to offer,especially other caultures,and places to see. My idols are the everyday people that has suffered loss,adictions,illnesses,or deaths of loved ones that don't let it get to them and they continue on with there lives even though it hurts like crazy. Lord of the rings, resident evil, and transformers are the top ones; but theres soooo many others that i can't really count them all. I have a very large veriety of movies and shows i like, comady,action,mystery,true story,romantic comady, and more; but my favorites are still action,and syfy.
Steven Higgs
Steve Davey
Steve Barcia
Steve Longino
Steve Kokosinski
Steve Simpson
Steven Luga
Steve Whitesell
Steven Icard
Steven Amelunke
Steve Mcanulty
Steve Bowen
iam single and live in albuquerque nm and own a house and want a serious relationship but open to anything and have fun in live and open to anything to ladys want out there you can email me direct and call me, text me 505-440-1153 to all the hot and sexy ladies harleys,rodeo, hunting, fishing, traveling, shopping ect.. anything a lady wants to do for fun i like all actors they work hard all action flims and love stories and lady shows to watch a movie she likes with her
Steve Jordan
Steven Hudig
Steven Bolich
Stevens Jill
i`m a very passionate and romantic lady and not afraid to show my affections in private or public. I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well. I will always treat my man well and with respect and love and cherish him. I'm very easy going and down to earth.I Believe that a strong relationship is not based only on sex life but that a strong relationship builds a strong love life that leads to a strong and great sex life and can only happen with open communication,trust and commitment and constantly working together and being honest with my man, I'm interested in meeting a man to start a friendship that will lead to a serious relationship. A man that will be my best friend, confidant, companion, partner, husband, father and the best lover in the world.A man that is intelligent, playful, romantic, sexy, laughs a lot, has good sense of humor, puts family first, a charmer,one who knows how to treat a woman and make her melt.someone who thinks and does as much for me as
Steve Spann
Steven N
I'm starting to get a little older and still can not seem to get things right. To be specific women and relationships. Is It me or do you get stagnated and lazy when It comes to your significant other. Man..Let's keep It real in here!! you get comfortable with your other and next thing you know your living together and then 2 or 3 or 4 yrs go by and finally see the true color"s..Damn..This one Is by far the most betraying Individual I have been with.. If she was a man..BOY!!!! MMmmm. I need some female friends..asap..more to the story...later.. women, sex, computers food (cooking and eating) movies music driving and traveling beach 420 drinks jesus
Steve Thompson
I'm originally from California but moved to Houston about 4 months ago.all of my cousins, aunts ,& uncle's are from here & Louisiana so I decided to see what Texas life is like. Well,let's see I like the outdoors do a little gaming every now & aging I like hanging with my family I have three children two girls and a son . I love a nice smile and someone who's intelligent you can b black ,whit Mexican, or,from Mars holla at me
Steve Paul
Steve Lafavore
Steven Troneo
Iam a single dad. I love my baby girl even tho me and mommy dont get along. I work hard and love to have fun. I aint no dead beat dad i make sure my daughter gets wut she needs everyweek i love her. And iam the most nicest and easyiest going guy out there Girls racing cars trucks working on cars and trucks off roading mud bogging tractor pulls and that kinda of shit plus desperate house wifes and vampire diaries
Steven Suiter
Steven Barnett
Steve Applebee
Steven Wilbrecht
Steven Harrington
Steve Britton
Steven Stewart
Steve Shoopman
Steve Wallace
Steven Jackson
Steve Denis
Steve Latz
Steve Davies
Steven Berganti
visited 19 states (38%)Create your own visited map of The United States or Free android travel guide [flash=510,400][/flash]
Steve Hurben
My name is Steve, i have a daughter that is almost 7,I have been raising her for 6 years now, i love to draw, & Tattoo. Working on going pro with tattooing, want to know more ask! music, drawing, tattooing, skateboarding, snowboarding, playing pool, bowling, paint balling, camping, partying, spending time with my daughter.
Steven Navarro
Steve Sifford
Steven Whaley
Steven Wayne
I am happy, healthy,successful and drama free and looking to start a new chapter that focuses on sharing with a FUN person that can say the same .Pretty simple and direct I think! Willing to drive a bit too, especially for the right person. I live in the UK but have traveled to many other countries, and would love a dual location arrangement....I am very flexible because I can be! I love to cook, and the more challenging the recipe the better! Fine wine is a passion of mine, would love to share that journey with someone...... I think attitude is the largest factor in a person..... positive, appreciative, adventurous, Sincere, and FUN to be with.
Steven Worldly
Steve Gore
Steven Gardoni
Steven Saavedra
Steve Hebel
Steven Macfarland
Steven Boyer Sr.
Steven Williams
Steven Stewart
Steven Grenier
Steve Macomber
Steve Horner Sr
Steve C
Steve Mcalister
Steve Budach
Steve Simmons
I am still awesome pimping, laser guns, guitars
Steven Crittenden
ima fun lovin dude, love all out doorsy stuff. i play guitar quite a lot and work for a large portion of my day every day. dont get me wrong thow if i dont have work im a cranky bastard lol guitar camping fishing watching movies no hunting i cant shoot an animal (i know its pretty retarded) kayaking spending time with my family and friends
Steven Smith
Steven Smith
Steve Mueller
Steve Roepsch
Steven Hill
Steve Price
Steven Brady
Steven Nelson
hi everyone im 35 have 5 tatoos love the outdoors hiking fishing camping exe lik to meet new people and faces so come addme as a friend or fan as well dont forget the drinks too lol i do custom cars art is my good point love bowling playing pool hanging out with friends watching movies listing to music do play the guitar as well for 6 years if you want to no more look me up my daughter is my idol she is 7 years old she my life and my soul ghosthunters love action as well my favorit is scary movies
Steven White
Steven Work
Steven Miller
Steven Wade Jr.
Steve Sullivan
Steven Manney
my name is steven manney i am gay and i live with my parents right now my life is awsome dont go to school quit for reasons i rather not share i like to play video games,play on the computer,watch tv and movies and i want a boyfriend who doesent care about looks and that doesent cheat on me or brakes up with me for no reason or for a stupid reason and i dont like to be lied to or used either dont like that shit and if any gay guys want my number its 518-681-2574
Steve Mammon Sr.
Steve Jones
Steve Schmitz
Steven Smith
im steven im a cool country boy looking for friends and to talk.. im nice fun n funny and i love to try anything n have fun and i love to go mudding and im 21 and no kids now i want some later but not now.... if there is anything more just ask me or hit me up dont be shy and i dont take or start any drama here so hit me up drinking and haveing fun and going mudding and beach and hanging out with friends and being a smart asss. ummm lets here f2f. gone in 60sec. anything really that is funny and good
Steven Fitzgerald
Steve Fox Jr
Steven Mailloux
Steven Litzenger
Steve Irvine
Stevieboii Uginchus
Steve Jiggers Maurice
Steve Pullicino
Steve Griffis
Steven Jaworski
Steven Frederick
Steven Silva
Steve Shearer
Nice Guy Who Finishes Last Self-Confident Self-confident, secure and calm. Able to take life's troubles in stride and be relaxed, resilient and self-satisfied, even in situations which are demanding. Aggressive in stressful situations where poise and confidence are needed for trustworthiness and success. Innovative Open-minded, imaginative and curious. Comfortable in roles which enable trying out novel approaches, ideas and methods. Tend to avoid environments which are highly routine or bureaucratic, as they more prone for one who prefers well-established rules and procedures. Dominant Naturally inclined to be highly outgoing, assertive and sociable. No difficulties in situations requiring self-expression; able to work with others and to function in group settings. Willing to take dominant or lead position in most any situation. Resultantly, tends to seek out situations to relate with and influence others. Valued problem solver, dealing with inventive solutions. My carpentry ca
Steven Nieken
Steven Talbot
Steven Palone
Steve Wilkins
Steven Lucas
Steven Goode
Steven Bikowicz
Stevis Balin
Steve Preas
Steven Butcher
Steve Crane
Well, just an island boy now living in California (again). I'm pretty much a moderate screw up and somehow have a whole bunch of fun doing it. I love to surf, dive and pretty much anything with the ocean. Avid basketball player. Love my Raiders. Computers as a hobby and anything that involves sweating.
Stevo Chhoeung
Steven Johnson
Looking to have some fun and kill some boredom. If you are carious email me and I will tell more. Living life on the wild side!
Steven I Forgot It
Im my self i can be a a$$ or i can be a lover or i can be your best friend........ask what u want to know i'll answer it.
Steve Wiles
Steven Lewis
Steve Bristol
Steven Lewis
Steve Pipher
Steven Snyder
Steve Rutherford
Steven Renfrow
Steve Wood
Stevie Dorling
Steven Kyriacou
Steve Stevens
I currently run my own social site: Come join! It's fun! I enjoy Programming, Xbox, Computers, Networking. I love over the top comedies, especially if there's boobs. I have my own social web site. Billy? Good Sci-fi and over the top comedies. The more gratuitousness topless nudity the better. Good Luck Chuck is a GREAT movie! I also like the hangovers
Steven Bordner
Steven Lisenbe
Steve Williams
Steven Rhodes
Steven Fazio
Steven Styren
Steven Walser
Steven Bronson
My name is Steven. I live in Noble, OK south of Norman where OU is located. I have ADHD like a mofo. If you're lookin for something special, trust me I'm already a disappointment.
Steve Perrin
Steven Joyce
Steven Foley
Steven Robson
Steven Digiacco
Steve Smith
Steven Nieves
Steven Mccall
Steve Christensen
great escape,expendables.ghost rider
Steven Bear
Steven Reese
Steve Stephens
Steven Delman
Steven Doherty
Steven Eckert
Steven Mason
Steve Downs
Steve Childs
Steve Jenkin
Steve Ellenburg
Steven Ingram
Steven Huckman
Steven Sensat
Steven Palmer
Stevo Datnegro
Steven Canalichio
Steven Doucet-thibeault
Steven Andrus
I enjoy meeting people and having fun. I used to make music on an indie label which I along with a friend owns. I love video games. One should never grow out of that. I love reading and learning new things.I'm here to meet interesting people. I play keyboard,write music and record myself as well. I'm a history buff. I love to stay neat and dressed for any reason. I love to watch comedies, via movies or sitcoms. Most of all, I love seeing my kids and family members. I idolize no one. We are all not perfect! I Love comedies. Tropic Thunder, 30 min or less,Shallow Hal, Meet the Parents and the other 2 amongst many other movies. Anything that makes me laugh I'm game.
Steven Trent
Steve Wilson
Steve R
About me i live with my girlfriend and hope to marry her one day
Steven Stoico
Steve Honick
Steve Gallagher
Steve Sharrett
Steven Kanipe
Steve Ammermann
Steve Christensen
Steve Perrin
Hmmmm about me, lets see im a simple man with simple tastes. I love the outdoors,fishing,camping,hikeing.I also like flea markets & garage sales. It's important to me that the lady i find likes the time we share together to be special.Laughing is important,and seeing a s mile cross that special ladies face is amazing to acomplish Get Your Own Free Playlist. I like some sports. I dont watch alot,mostly martial arts,some football & basketball (mostly college). i studied martial arts most of my life,guess thats why i watch some.I also like to golf,play tennis,bowl,shoot pool. Believe it or not i love to cook and im not to shabby if i do say so myself ( the proof is in the tasting -lol)
Steve Weeks
Steve Crowl
Steven Koss
Steve Schneider
Steve Tinto
Steve Weatherford
Steven Morton
Steve Williams
Steven Sullivan
Steve Allan
Steven Williwms
Steve Dorling
Steven Byars
Stevie Buckner
Steve Laostyle
Steven Maysonet
Steven Taylor
I am a gentlemen at heart, good mannered. Well kept, like to be clean. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, etc..I love all kinds of music, staying at home not a drinker, I do smoke cigarettes. I hardly ever go out. I was diagnosed recently with epilepsy. For those who do not know, it means I have seizures. I hope this does not ruin anything, but I am the type of person who believes that some information is not to be heard, but seen. If you know what I am saying. Respectfully, Steven I really love to watch movies, listen to the radio, go to fairs, carnivals, etc.. Sit chat with friends on the computer. I have noone. Horror, drama, thrillers, action, science fiction, comedy, not really into romance, unless it is with the woman i love.
Steve Gehrman
Steve Abbett
Steven Mccormick
Steve Bettino
Steve Bonelli
TIRED OF CRAZY ASS FEMALES!!! Sports, cooking, any kind of music as long as its not country!
Steve Martinez
Steve Drake
Steven Marrero
Steve Byrnes
Steve Smith
Steve Schyuler
Im a gay man and proud. A btm if u eant to classify me. I like masculine men and they gotta be tatted! Any pics in bball shorts is definately a plus. I love to chat and will chat with just about anyone. I love my girls and my girls love me. Im sarcastic and use the wrd fuck wayyy to often. People take one look at me and assume im an asshole. Well guess what? I am!! If you dont have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit with me and we will have a blast. I am a firey aries and live by the code! Movies, music, outdoor activities, chat, meeting new people, etc etc. Just ask me dude... Other than my mom? Been obsessed with michelle pfieffer since i was 5 years old. Does that count? Lol Big big horror fan!! But will watch anything as long as i aint gotta read!!
Steve Bibeau
Steve Whitt
Steven Allen
Steven Langley
Steven Heyward
Steve Overla
Steve Dion
Steve Crawford
Steve Harmon
Steven Kelly
Steve Buxton
Steven Jackson
Steve Fine
Steven Schormann
Steve Michels
Steve Smith
add me, like me, friend me, rate me add me, like me, friend me, rate me
Steve Mcclaran
Steve Cushman

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