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Mike Naza
Mike Brown
Mike Carlin
Mike Brewer
Mike Dike
Mike Boyer
Mike Neitzert
Mike Herchenbach
Mike Scanlan
Mike Dixon
Mike Sumner
Mike Yost
Mike Arzola
Mike Hobzek
Mike Kabana
Ok lets get this straight off the bat. I ain't here for your drama. But don't get me twisted, that doesn't mean i'm going to take your shit. I gotta sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. I am an asshole and quite proud of that fact. N if u don't like me then FUCK YOU. Its plain and simple to see there are fake ass motherfuckers all over the world and Fubar ain't no different. I've not got time enough in a day to deal with these shitheads so i damn sure won't deal with it while I'm chilling. I'm usually in and out of this contraption all day but when I'm here I spend my time in Malicious Minds, being the head greeter. Its a kick ass place to chill. Cool people, fun times and good tunes. Check'em out! all kinds of interesting shit. I"m an ecclectic motherfucker. Both spiritually and recreationally. My main obbsessions are my music, Horror flicks, Special effects make up as well as your good old school REAL special effects. none of this lazy ass bullshi
Mike Spencer
Mike Jones
Mike Siedel
Mike Maccardigan
Mike Magnant
Mike Butterworth
Mike Morrow
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Mike Anderson
Hey, my name's Mike but my friends call me "Moose." I'm a pretty laid back guy, but that's not to say I that can't be the life of the party when I want to. I'm currently in school for Biochemistry and am working full time as well so I don't have as much free time as I'd like, but that just means I just have to party harder with the time I have. Hit me up if you care to join me.
Mike Stacy
Mike Rega
Mike Centorcelli
Mike Wardlow
Mike Deezy
Mike Pope
I am 5'10" slender build man. I have raised 3 beautiful girls that I am very proud of. I am a open minded positive person who tries to enjoy life. I have been single now going on 2 years and spend most of my time at work or playing. I am respectful and patient. I guess that come from raising girls. I have a dog that thinks she is human. It is just her and me at home. Overall Life is great. I am an outdoors type of person. I would rather go camping or roaming through the woods in my 4x4 than catch a movie. I am very active for a man of 40. I have studied 3 types of martial arts over the years and although I am not muscular I am in good shape. I own a gun shop so I am into guns. I am a water fanatic! I love anything there is to do on, in or under the water. I wakeboard, kayak and am a certified diver. I love to travel and do new things.
Mike Lackey
Mike Hill
Mike Knoth
well i'm 5'8 brown hair for now, lol.. it changes sometimes.. blue is my favorite.. i have a good amount of ink on me but need a lot more!!! i'm very open, i have nothing to hide from anyone so i'm open to ANY quiestion! i actually enjoy answerring questions..because most of the time people have a oppinion about you before they know ANYTHING, so i like proving people wrong and teach people the lesson, "don't judge a book by it's cover" because it's true.. i love helping people, talking problems out.. i want to go to colledge for 2 things, therapy, and CPU tech support.. to of my biggest interests... The human mind, technology! so yep thats it for now
Mike Emrick
Mike Busam
Mike Hart
Drawing, Glass Etching, Computer Modding, Tattooing and Body Piecing
Mike Sayre
Mike Sare
Mike Wolf
Mike Trenchi
Mike Davis
Mike Duffy
Mike Steel
Mike Riley
Mike Cutsforth
Mike Mcdonnell
Mike Ortega
Mike Kemp
come check out my webpage for some gift ideas.
Mike Kachan
Mike Baxter
Mike Stola
Mike Turben
Mike Robinson
Mike Fogle
Mike Klemm
Ok, here's a little about me. First off, i'm 34 years young going on 25 lol. Don't mistake that for me being immature, I simply am a big kid at heart ...Ok i've never been married (still looking for that special one (found her) and I have no kids. Well i have one if my big black lab named Brutus counts lol.. Some of my hobbies/interest include boating, swimming, socializing around a fire (yes im a pyro lol) riding my 4wheelers, reading about history, and entertaining guests to name a few. Ok here's what i am NOT looking for. Sexually deprived women, go ahead and remove yourself from my page. If you're crazy and take meds for it, you can move on also. I'm not your sugar daddy. So if thats what you're looking for go ahead and click the shinny "X" in the top right hand corner of the page. And to all of you who think you can't be replaced, you can go ahead and "X" out also. I love confidence, not arrogance. I'm not here to seek anyones approval. I do things on my terms and I live
Mike Arneson
Mike Smith
Mike Bulau
Mike Forrester
Mike Numark
Mike Kim
Mike V
Mike Kiyler
Mikey Schulz
Mike Russell
Mike Thompson
Mike Sharp
Mike Schmitt
Mike Greene
Mike Deed
Mike Guy
Mike Mcguire
Mike Smith
Mike Kostaris
Mike Green
Mike Brown
Mike B Bommarito
Mike Stewart
simple country boy that likes to have fun I rodeo,fish,hunt,snowboard,and enjoy life
Mike Lum
Mike Easton
Mike James
Mike Reese
Mike Iosty
Mikey Burns
Mike Dawson
Mike Hadden
Ok here is a little bit about me. I have wonderful Woman in my life finally Her name is Dystiny. Her and I met and we hit it off right away and she is the best woman I have ever met. Her and I are perfect for each other we know how to make each other feel great and we are Soul Mates and we will be together for well over a 1000yrs "I Love You Dystiny"... I'm a PC Freak by trade I love doing computer stuff....I do graphic work when I'm in the mood for it...I also will build website and play alot of pc games. I also build all my own computers. I also am a pet lover I help manage a Pet Supply store and its always nice when we get feed back on how we helped someone take care of there pets. And in the summer time I help people take better care of themselves by running a Fruit and Veggie stand. So yeah I have a thing about helping people take care of themselves and there family/pets and there computers when they break Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. Enj
Mike Mackey
Mike Jankowski
Mike Meckfessel
Mike Barton
Mike Abbinante
Mike Weist
Mike Alojado
Mike Bobel
Mike Colquhoun
Mike Slone
i'm 35 years old live in the hills of kentucky . love dog tryin find a nice girl to date fast cars/trucks chattin to nice people
Mike Newberry
Mike Coffey
Mike Carter
Mike Stinson
Mike Stephens
Mike Carron
Mike Metzler
Mike Powell
Mike Perretti
Mike Plunkett
Mike James
Single, looking for the same things as many here...friends. Nothing too special about me other than I am a very loyal and trustworthy man that takes friendships seriously. Divorced with joint custody of my 13 year old daughter. She was born with spina Bifida making her life very difficult in many ways. It's made me a very doting, caring and understanding father that is greatful to have a young lady like her that loves me.
Mike Gray
Mike Cratty
Mike Minor
Mike Galloway
I am a laid back, easy goin type of guy that lives life to the fullest! I thought that I'd try this out for fun and see how it goes...I like to do anything outdoors and travel. I am a gearhead and love to ride motorcycles. I'll try anything at least once. I don't take any shit from anybody and hate bs drama. but anyways I am here for the fun and getting to know people, not hooking up or tryin to get laid, just stating so we are on the same page. I am interested in chatting, Motorcycles/atv's, cars/trucks/racing (demolition derbies, drag racin, moto-x etc.), travel, camping, fishing, shootin, chillin, music and a lot more...
Mike Eggert
Mike Gephart
Mike Garrett
Mike Bruce
Mike Hill
Mike Malloy
Mike Sparks
Mike Southers
Mike Hanaver
Mike Mehaljevic
Mike Hollingsworth
Mike Pat
Mike Veltri
Mike England
Mike Smith
Mike Morales
just holla at ya boy .. ask and i'll tell
Mike Oliveira
Mike Abel
Mike Green
Mike Matos
Mike Smith
Mike Petersen
Mike Devin
Mike O'herringdale
Mike Ita
Mike Gibson
Hi. my name mike I enjoy watching the latest movies. I like to talk and hang out with my friends. I'm a great listener and a very compassionate person. I think i have a sense of humor and think I'm pretty funny at times. The thing I don't like about myself is, I'm shy,but trying to change that! I enjoy fixing and building things, I like carpentry, building and repairing computers, sports and taking walks. but I'm up to try some other activities. Legal that is.I'm a good guy!!!! If anyone wants to chat you can im me on my SN: redlinefx1 on aim. carpentry,computers,fix and buildings,movies,ect
Mike Gonzales
Mike Dixon
Mike Kellogg
im mike,im 48 and married,i own and run a mechanic and body shop in longview,texas.i love country ,rock,80s,and some r& kids,im romantic and i always treat women the way they should be treated.
Mike Duley
Mike Swanson
Mike Policky
Mikey Neal
Mike Ma
Mike Neceda
Mike Newman
Mike Snyder
Its been a crazy ride. Been there and done it .... It's no joke! Support your troops! OIF 09-10 Desert Medics
Mike Levin
I am a native american ibdian, Colville. We're from Washington State. I grew up down here in So Cal I'm staying up here in Lancaster right now but am trying to move. I am looking for some good friends both on the computer and in the raw. I just broke up in a long term relationship of thirteen years well they were not all consecutive but long enough. Oh well I am looking for a new girl. So what's up?!?!
Mike Knautz
Mike Mitchell
Mike Ellis
Mike Levin
Mike Tommy
Mike Mccabe
Mikey Kurt
Mike Sampson
Mike Lightner
Mike Nichols
hay fuworld this is mike. i am single and looking. here for fumafia and chatting interacting with the world. i am currently unimployed looking for work. if ya want to chat with me just just sb me im on all the time. i live in corry pa. and this town sux no work no fun unless ya like to hang out at bars lol. hi fubar! well about me i am a nice guy, single and looking for female relations. i am a gamer i love to play games online and off um i like to go bike riding i love the snow not so much the cold though. driving in the snow is always fun. fubar is awesome same with fumafia i am a gamer i love to play games online and off um i like to go bike riding i love the snow not so much the cold though. driving in the snow is always fun. fubar is awesome same with fumafia movies i like are just about all of em cept for boring ones and horror i don't read that much but some book are really fun to read
Mike Clark
Mike Bird
Mike Pavuk
Mike Muir
I am a very successful chef, but now I'm going to do what i want to do in life. I'm not as scary as i look, lol
Mikey Hook
Mike Schoelles
Mike Escribano
Mike Stroud
Mike Jony
Mike Walczewski
I'm a strip club bouncer and I work with DJ Mixmasterbaiter. I love to play rugby, but I can't play right now because I don't have any health insurance. I am 1 class away from graduating college but for some reason I can't get my ass to finally finish. I like my women how I like my whiskey, aged 18 years and all mixed up with coke. (h) I am always thinking of you and I miss you so much. Get well soon Brit. (h)
Mike Colobiloush
Mike Hansen
Well let's see I'm pretty laid back, pretty much don't let much of shit bother me. I am here for friends only!! I am married to my beautiful wife now for sixteen years. We have two kids that are 19 and almost 21. I don't talk much so if you want to talk you will have to start the conversation because I won't. I rate, fan, add and send drinks on here and will rate your albums as I can or want to. I am the honest straight up type so if you don't want to know or want the truth don't ask... You don't have to be rude to be honest! If you want to add feel free if not no big deal. If you want to know just ask! I love tattoos and plan on having a shit load more... If that's not u or u don't like tattooed people leave because I am tatted and proud of them. And the other interest I have is riding but out a bike right now looking to get a VW trike as soon as money allows.
Mike Robinson
Mike Griest
Mikey Capristo
Mike Iversen
Mike C.
Mike Weems
Mike Gale
Mike R
Mike Scardino
Mike Langer
Mike Phillips
Mike Lindsey
Mike Bradley
Mike Makar
Mike Siegel
Mike Stoll
Mike Cosby
Mike Edwards
Mike Lust
Mike Lugo
Mike Scaringi
Mike X
Mike Turner
Mike Meserve
Mike Burks
Mike Parks
Mike Vike
Mike Boerema
Mike Lorenzo
Mike Birch
Mike Jones
Mike D
Mike Rizzo
Mike Jones
Mike Jones
Mike Knarr
Mike Steele
Mike Tait
Music,Movies,Art,Reading,Outdoors,Video Games,Producing Music,Having Fun, Making people laugh or at least smile and last but not least random acts of nonsense!
Mike Anthony
Mike Rotondella
Mike Nelson
Mike Tullis
Mike Murphy
Mike Brewer
Mike Oliver
Mike Brown
Mike Polak
I like writing music!
Mike Sipe
Mike Carriere
Mike Sanzi
Mike Orr
From South Florida, come from a big family(literally), shortest is mom at 5'11. Dad is 6'3, sis is 6'1, brothers are 6'7 and 6'6 and I'm 6'5. green eyes and sometimes accented with red. I have played professional beach volleyball for 3 plus years and have been a Professional model since I was 16 years old and at 19 left the country and lived outside of the U.S. for 10 years having been everywhere except for Asia, Austrailia and New Zealand along with most of the Middle East. Did it because I see it was a gift from God and I used it to work and it has worked out well and let me experience this gift of a world out there. At one point could get around in 5 languages. Down to 2. Fishing is my passion. Done it Professionally since 18. Set the record a few years ago for the most sailfish caught and released on 1 day in the U.S. at 50. The prior record was set in '73 with 47 fish. Also a Chef and go to peoples home to cook. Went to culinary school for a bit then worked in a few different coun
Mike Kos
Mike Gully
Mike Carney
Mike Henning
Mike Clemons
Mike Hankes
Mike Johnson
Mike Stevens
Mike Frazier
Mike Williams
Mike Tuell
Mike Monner
Hey, I'm just a newly single tall guy looking to meet a special woman in my area. I'm a family first kind of guy but I also like to hang out shopping, take walks, bowling, go for a drive out in the country and travel. I will watch any movie but I like sci-fi and comedies.
Mike Ward
Mike Benton
Mike Brown
Mike Sherba
Mike Pacman
Mike Giacobbe
Mike Carey
Mike Theide
Mike Cantu
Mike Morrison
Mike Sanches
Mike Hennessey
Mike Cox
Mike Mossburg
Mike Larocque
Mike Churchill
Mike Nicolini
Mike Henderson
Mike James
Mike Rubino
Mike Scott
Mike Scott
Im about 5'11, 145 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes i loove playing baseball GO BLUEJAYS playing sports is always a good time, i love working on my car to (monte carlo ss) and dirtbiking and of course drinking canadian beer and smoking the preemest of canadian green if u really wanna know my interests message me Idols? Bob marley of course! Well if u wanna know what reealy interestest me msg me
Mike Brodnik
Mike Hilliary
Mike Brown
Mike Tobin
Mike Rullo
Mike Hoover
Mike Babrick
Mike Scott
Mike Marshall
Mike Peter
Mike Diaz
Mike Gaczkowski
Mike Barnhart
Mike Burd
Mike Harmon
Mike Bauman
Mike Hill
Mike Geer
Mike Mielke
Mike James
Mikey Quesinberry
Mike Mazurowski
Mike Cone
Mike Skalsky
Mike Miller
Mike Fatic
Mike Sterling
Mike Phillis
Mike Workman
Mike Barth
Mike Mcarthur
Mike Riley
Mike Shenron
Mike Le Lievre
Mike Maxwell
Mike Bernstein
Mike Carney
Mike Formusa
Mike Spuds
Mike Goyette
Mike Espinal
Mike Slomanski
Mike Pinelle
Mike Smith
Divorced after 14 years, Have 3 kids that are my world, Like to party, clubs, bars
Mike Davidson
Mike Mitchell
Mike Velasquez
Mikey Thompson
Mike Skipper
Mike Stewart
Mike T
Mike Denver
Mike Owens
Mike M.
Mike Jenkins
Mikey Lee
Mike Crawford
Mike Christenson
Mike Caldwell
Mike Kapp
Mike S
Mike Barker
Mike S
Mike Karaer
Mike Wallace
Mike T
Mike Wagner
im 33 6ft4 300lbs im from fall river i have lived here about 4 yrs i lived alot of places was in the marine corps i cook for a living plus i do security work on the side i like to play ps3 and watch football wwe cartoons just a big kid lol if u have any questions feel free to ask i wont bite i will just nibble a little bit
Mike Reynolds
Mike Schneider
Mike W.
Mike Gecho
Mike Sutherland
Mike Foote
Mike Smith
Mike Nalley
Mike Westman
Mike Robinson
The Brad Paisley song i still a guy kinda sums me up. I love fishing , hunting, scuba diving, and guns love to target practice and i love my kids.
Mike Farris
Mike Mclean
Mike Grady
Mike Hays
Mike Smithhisler
Mike Burch
Mike Vazquez
Mike Lost
Mike Smith
Mike White
Mike Cordello
Whats up!?!?! My name is Mike, I'm 26 and originally from Brooklyn NY. I'll get my profile updated in the next few days ... Hit me up if you want to chat or looking to have a good time!!!
Mike Williams
Mike Brienzi
Mike Greimann
Mike Harper
I'm on fubar everyday, in the morning from 5 am - 5:45 am and in the evening when I get home from work till about 9 pm, Just so you know if I don't respond to you I'm probably not on

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