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Miah Ooze
I'm mostly known as Crimmy (CrimsonOoze) across the web but you may call me Miah if you ask nicely enough. I want to make this CLEAR. I don't mind befriending most people but if you expect me to want to "play" with you just because you need something/someone to diddle your poquito peto (tiny penis) to, it won't happen. If it ever does, it's with someone worth my time and effort. Also, If you're adding me to try to get with me bare in mind that I prefer people my age up to maybe 30, if that at all. I don't dig on dudes who're old enough to have sired myself in particular. ;] If you got passed this, congrats, you're not a creeper. I'm a super dork, nerd, geek. Yes. I said all three. Because, well, it's true. ;) Quite possibly one of my favorites songs ever. Knowing about me, eh? Where to begin.. I'm sort of a dark girl at heart, most days I find my ways to blend in and you'll notice nothing but a normal girl in the background, but I'm there. And going on about a billion thi
Miah H
I am 29 single.recently seperated,fun loving,out going and sometimes hard to handle..I enjoy partying, hanging out with friends,working and always have the best time I can,with all those that surround me.I love to have fun,stay positive,make people smile,laugh until their sides split..anything else just ask......I live in Willow Springs,Mo.Have A FUBAR day....anything you want to know,just ask.... ,Music,poetry,camping,floating,working,sledding,fishing,partying,bonfires,anything and everything that kicks my adrenaline keeps my mind going..Reading(when i get a chance),working,swimming,hanging with family and friends.. GOD,My Dad,Jim Morrison,Friends And Family.(Anyone who has ever helped me when I needed it the most(put your name here).... Pretty much you name it..All the Transporter movies,The Doors,American Pie movies,Saw movies...Comedies,Action/Adventure,Drama,Fiction,Non Fiction,Documentaries, get it right?
Mia Hill
hi soy una modelo bien divertida me encanta , bailar ,los show cam, viajar , los animales .............
Miah Wood
Mia Hughley
Im living life, just the best I can right now. Living in the sunshine for now, which is a nice change. I am a 21 yr old single mother of 2 beautiful little girls, my life without them makes no sense.I just like new and refreshingly nice people, no drugs,no violence,just good clean fun. I spend lots of time at parks with the girls, watching them grow. Call me boring, maybe a prude... but I do what I do and I do it a proud mommy and a great girlfriend,or so im told. Life is great here in the sunshine. My interests... are definitely my children. Watching them grow my dream come true. I like the park, swimming, music, my boyfriend,Andrew.Spending the day with my best friend life is a simple yet sweet little life. The Twilight Saga... very addicted.
Miah Phillips
Mia Hicks
Miah Turner
Miah Leduc
Mia Harris
Miah Welder
Mia Jones
Mia Jones
Mia Jones
Mia Johnson
Mia Jackson
Mia Johnson
Mia Jones
Mia Kirshner
Mia Kiy
Mia Kendra
Miakalinds Lindsey
Miaka Lopez
Mia Krif
Mia Knight
Mia Kerington
Miakayla Christensen
M.i.a. Lost2theworld
Mia Loor
Mia Lopez
whats good people lol im a kooo chill fiesty lesbian lol just on here to pass time make friends you know lol ha ha get at me one............ Mia hmmzzzzz i like allot of things lol im a workaholick lol and i am a makeup artist, well at least going to school for it lol , theres too much that i liek to doooo to put on here so yeahhh , got a question then speak on it.... oh yeah and i am a lesbian and no im not a man hater but please come at me with respect , if not then dont come at all ... mia
Mia Lapan
Mial Bryant
Mia Lasyicc Kimmy Boo
Mialik Arrington
Mia Lia
I'm someone special! I really love to talk with new people Add me on skype - mialiaa Skyping Cycling Listening Reading
Mia Mia
Miamor Alindam
Mia Meuse
my name is 18 yrs old.i live in new plymouth,Idaho..i have long brown hair but in the sun it looks red.also i have blue eyes..when i was 8 yrs old my father was killed in a cimi accident..Like 3 moths ago i was in a serious cimi accident..i got head and neck injuries really bad..every now and then i get head acks really bad...i moved out of my mom's house when i was 16 im now living with a friend..her name is amanda.i have 4 sisters and 4 brothers but most of them are half or step... table table table td.text div img {visibility:hidden;} table table table td.text div { background-image:url(""); background-repeat:no-repeat} table table table td.text table table div img {visibility:visible;} table table
Miami Fresh Harper
Mia Michele
I like to go out to dinner and drinks with my friends and family. I like to Travel to exotic destinations! I like to go see live music. Work out go to the movies sometimes stay in bed and chill out. Go shopping and after go have a Martini with a friend to relax. Play on the computer. ect..
Mia Merriweather
Mia Marquez
Mia Monturano
Miami Zack
Miami, Fl
Divorced, no kids. Like fishing, shooting pool, sports, partying, hanging @ beach or pool side,spur of the moment stuff,animals. HATE shopping! Like to say I'll try anything once (some exceptions of course).
Miami Fugatte
Mia Maltezos
Hey im Mia!!! i am out going when i want to, shy when i first meet someone.. i like to go bowling, go to the movies.. drive around with friends pretty much do anything that comes to mind. umm im funny, crazy, love cutting hair and doing up dos ummm idk what else you wanna no about me just ask!!
Miami Mix
im jus me.. jus a krazi juggalette that likes to have fun... n e thing ya wana kko... do whatcha do.
Miami Fl
LOL UMMMM im HIspanic/Hebrew From Chicago and now in the miami Fl in Dade county anything else u wana know jus ask Party Party Party again since im single again..!!!! LOL
Mia Mckenna
Mia Mckeon
Miami Cooper
Mia Miranda
Mia Muse
Mia Marvelle
Mia Maisara Majid
Mia Mooreandrews
Mia Monk
Miamivoiceradiocom Goodtime
Mia Malkova
Mian Patterson
Miana Ortez
Mia Noone
Mian Adnan
***wel i cant say anythin abt myself***............only i can say that i'm out goin person i have few friendz i'm single.......i dont lie and dont like fake ppl and bullshit........i like music very muc.......... me doing business its regardin designin,print media and modelin shoots......currently i'm in pakistan.........
Mian Azfar
Mian Ubaid
Miannakesha Sacueza
Mia Nga Eh
Mian Ahsan
Mian Raheel
Mian Ameer
Mia Nidanu
Mianasad Mianasad
Mian Nadeem
Mian Shahbaz
Mian Sabahat Sahib
Mian Hamza
Miaoning .
Mia Oswald
Mia Onelove
Mia Paz
Mia Parker
Hi my name is Mia, my close friends and family call me Mimi...I also go by that at work but unless you know me you should never call that! I like to have fun, hang out with family and friends, go mud-bogging, ride 4-wheelers. I like going to the movies and sometimes just staying in and watching the tv. I love to travel and love road trips. Which is a good thing being my best friend now lives in Florida! I also support the military, being I have friends and family in. I'm easy-going, good-natured, and carefree.....and just a fun-loving kind-of-girl! Don't get me wrong now I can be very sarcastic...very, very cynical at times and have been known to be quite fickle also! LOL! I'm vivacious, witty and yet can be very scatter-brained at times I guess just knowing me can be quite humorous, if not entertaining at times.....with all of my "Jessica Simpson moments!" I can be quite facetious at times so if you get offended easy then you might not wanna talk to me....and althou
Mia Pascua
Mia Perez
Mia Potsky
Mia Patto
Get Different Image My main interest is my culture and what affects it.. don't really idol anyone... horror,doco's,thrillers. Love movies that are based on real life events.
Mia Paradero
Mia Rose
Mia Rowand
Whats up? mothin really here im a freshman in highschool love bad boys and stoners and all hott guys HATE HATE HATE preps or preppy people.i tell it like it is and if u wand a problem Oh well!! i like to wrestle with boys and fight i like getting into trouble in school like suspension is bad lol yea right just anothe vaca for me yea right right my main idols are eminem,my mother and my sitser who is having my neice or nephew in january of 2007!!1 kk i love u anything about pot no im not a pot head stoners are just funny and im in love with a stoner and a skater yea u rock my world terry and jordan
Mia Renne
I am a very beautiful girl...just moved here from FLA a few months ago. hitme up i wanna play SEX SEX AND MORE SEX
Mia Rhyne
Mia ~read Profile Before Add~
NOMEN4BISEXUALMIA -READ BEFORE ADD OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED- I'm Mia - DO NOT FAN ME OR ADD ME IF YOUR A MAN!!!! NO MEN OR TV'S!!!!!THIS MEANS ALL MEN WILL BE REJECTED! How do I know if I want you as a friend if you dont have a profile pic? I will not add you if you dont have a profile pic! I am Bisexual!But I have a man!
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodgers
Mia Rose
Mia Rupe
Mia Redmond
Mia Ranario-ocbeña
Mia Saunders
Mia Siaki
Mia Stone
Mia Sorjvino
I'm a cool chic who doesn't get along with other chics.. they're all bitches.. back stabbing.. kniving... and SCANDALOUS... I like to hang with my boys.. I hate competition.. I always win but making these dumb bitches see that they can't beat me is exhausting.... and endless... But anyways.. I'm very out doorsy.. I love being outside.. I smoke massive amounts of pot.. and love it... so if your against it.. or you have something ridiculous to say about it then don't come here cuz you'll leave smelling like dead baby's... And yeah.. that's about it.. I'm a free spitit.... Oh and I like it rough... pain is good... I know I don't look like someone who would be into really rough sex.. but looks can be deceiving... so come join me in the gutter.. and make my cherry experience more interesting.. love all ya'lls You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love t
Miasha Watkins
MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts welcome 2 my page my name is Miasha (my-e-sha) put everyone calls me (MY) i am a cool laid back person that u would luv to kick it with. i'm a type of women that is quick at the mouth and always have some smart to say (LOL) :P so if u "THINK" u can handle this holla at ur gurl. Muah!!!!!! MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
Mia Salamanca
#1 THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ME IS THAT IM A BISEXUAL! HI EVERYONE MY NAME IS MIA, BUT MOST OF THE TIME PEOPLE EITHER CALL ME MIMI FOR SHORT OR SHORTY BECAUSE I AM SHORTER THEN EVERYONE ELSE! I was born on the 4th of July. Yeah I know fire cracker baby. I am mi with a lot of things! I am mi with latina, mexicana, black, indian, and white! I am a nice caring person. I am nice to everyone ept to the people who talk about me behind my back. I also keep people happy when they are feeling down I always try to make them feel better about themselves. Everyone tells me that I am a very likable person. I'm glad I am a very likable person. I really appreciate that a lot. Plus, my family is very important to me especially my two little brothers. I love my dog. His name is Rocko and he is a chihuahua mi with a pug. He is a very likable pet also just like me. I used to live in Maryland and now I live in California. It is nice in California but I still miss Maryland. Maryland was my home for a v
Mia Surreno
I am a very kinky young gun named Mia. I have gone and will go to school for the rest of my natural born life I'm afraid. Being a college student for 6 years has afforded me a lot of experimenting we'll say. I am very kinky, but dont mistake that for the fact that I deserve respect. (GUYS THIS MEANS YOU: talk to me and get to know me before you try and push your dick pics on me!) Other than that, enjoy my profile!
Mia Starck
Mia Sanders
Mia Selfmade
Mia Summer
Miata Armstrong
Miat Mehmet
Mia Tower
Mia Thompson
Mia Tyler
Mia Tita Garcia
Mia Tuh Love
Mia Varchetto
I have been online now for 4 months and I have to admit, I think I have officially seen it all. I am not here to say that I am perfect in anyway, however, I do feel that I am able to categorize myself into a "normal" category in life. I wish I could say that for some of the people online. I will begin by saying that I am a VERY PICKY PERSON. I have a lot of values, morals, and goals that I follow and therefore I will NEVER settle for second best. Also, I will never even allow anyone to come into my life unless I KNOW for a fact that they have these same standards in life., after being online for 4 months now, what I have came across has been quite entertaining to say the least. Again, I am very picky and I'm sure a lot of people will say that I am never going to find someone who will complete me, but I beg to differ. I am always up for meeting new friends to hang out with, however, you still must fall into my standards of life, and be a NORMAL person. As far as dating goes....
Mia Valenzuela
Mia Wondolowski
Mia Webber
Mia White
Mia White
Miaway Duo
Miaya Leeks
Mia Zombie
Mibbw Couple
Mib Messi
Mib Mike
About me,..I am self-employeed, independant and generally care about crap! something is missing, I haven't found it or it hasn't found me yet. Play golf to relax me, music to sooth the soul and working out to live long enough to enjoy it all! Want to know more? - Sure you do! I'm interested in life and all lifes pleasures.
Sitting and watching the world go by, makes you feel like you need to sigh, working and sleeping is what i do, wishing i could have someone too, to hold you and to show you i care, to have you and for you to know im there, to care and share my heart everyday, to respect and honor you each and every day, you will be my dreams when i sleep at night, your eyes and your beauty are a wonderful sight, charm, witt, beauty and grace, will take our hearts to such a beautiful place, hope we find each other soon, i know when we meet our hearts will be in tune, the sight of the one meant to be, will be my life filling happiness to see, so take your time finding me, we will take things slow and see if its meant to be, so open your hearts and your mind, and one day true love is what you shall find........ Layout Comments Graphics Harley Davidson Images New Comment Codes HOT Layout Comments Graphics Words Images New Comment Codes HOT Layout Comments Graphics Words Imag
A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions! I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME…EVERYONE THAT MATTERS ALREADY APPROVES!!!! Hello to everyone who has taken a few minutes out of their own life to read about someone elses. Back Ground: I am a single mother of 3 girls. I’m now divorced after 13 years of being married. I live each day looking towards the future and learning from the past. I am a work in progress for myself. Mind, body, and soul. I was born and raised in Florida and for now i'm still hanging out here. Interests: Water…Water…Water…lol…Yes I do like the water. Beaches, Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Snorkeling, (one day I will get certified to Scuba Dive). Being by the water is good for my soul. I also enjoy almost anything I love to try new things and go new places. I enjoy a great view sitting on a porch swing and watching the world go by. I enj
Micah Johnson
Well I'm 6'2", 175 lbs, blond hair, blue eyez.... I'm 20 and a student at TEXAS A&M...I travel quite a bit between here and McAllen where my parents live...but that just to visit them cause McAllen is the armpit of America
Micah Garrett
Micah Landry
Mic Angelo
Micah Satyr
im a nice guy whos a little short but ehh, if people have a problem thats their problem, i like to talk, chat whatever, like people whit tattoos or who are intrested in tattoos, i like a lot of things and im an open minded guy, whos honest in the most brutal way sometimes(you ask if u look fat in something and ill tell you the truth), i like art, and movies, so if ur not a tv person then its sort of hard to relate to me, dotn sit on the couch all day, i work two jobs and go to school 5 days a week...anyway hope to talk to you all, see u later art, movies, music, tattoos, intresting people
Micah W
im miicah i skateboard, i love hot girls, i like doin whateva, gettin hardcore , hit me up on aim Chillin88s porn
Micaela Vargas
CANCER: The Cutie MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high ### appeal. Great in bed!!! Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak in the bed. Spontaneous. Great at telling stories. Not a fighter, But will knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to. + + + + + I'm a Mexican-American freshman at Calumet College of St. Joseph. I play volleyball for them. I have three HILARIOUS brothers and two fantastic parents. My dad (Jesus) is 48 and is THE hardest working person I've ever known. He spoils me a lot but I love him so much it almost makes me cry. My mom (Yolanda) is 46 and is THE best mom ever. She's the strict one, but I know she means well. I love her so much. My oldest brother (Jesus) is 24 and he bugs me so much! I love him and he gives me the best advice sometimes. My older brother (Alex
Micaela C.
Micah Morris
DIRT LATE MODEL RACING, music, guitars, business, V4MPIR3 cause she is shexy and rocks my world..., WAR, live music, getting freaky, did i mention beer if not let me do so now, BEER DALE EARNHARDT. Our founding fathers and any soldier who ever took the time from their personal life to strap on a set of boots and march with it. suicide kings, carlito's way, scarface, last samurai, lord of war, apocolypse now, tears of the sun, oh oh oh um, house of flying dagger, jackass, clock work orange, pulp fiction, varsity blues, patriot
Micah Thomas
Micah Bui
If you really want to know, ask! :-) My AIM is micahbui1983, hit me up. First of all, let me take some time to tell you about my band, Against The Elements. You can check our myspace here and leave some comments. And now, back to me... Well, if you are reading this, you must be at least partially interested in getting to know me. My name is Micah, I live in Poway, CA. I just got out of the Navy about a year ago, and now I work full time as well as go to school full time. Yeah, I have close to zero social life. But that's OK, because I make up for it on the weekends! Anyway, I love the beach and anything having to do with the beach. On my free time, I just hang out with my friends and practice with the band. I am interested in meeting anyone who is not psycho. If I missed anything, drop me a comment and I will write you back!
Micah Vu
Heyy Im Micayla. Im not pretentious. Hit dirt Shake tree Split sky Part sea Strip smile Lose cool Bleed the day And break the rule Live to win Dare to fail Eat the dirt And bite the nail So wash your face away with dirt It don't feel good until it hurts So take this world and shake it Come squeeze and suck the day Come carpe diem baby -Metallica. Pool, parties, concerts, music, cool people.
Micah P
im athletic,like da females like to party MONEY DOING WHAT I DO BEST PLAYING FOOTBALL shoes thats it for now it dont matter as long as they are boring
Micah Maddox
Micah Owens
Micah Reese
Micah Kupahu
Mica Joseph
Micah Clark
Micah Tomas
Micah Oxlade
Micahel Sykes
Mica I
Micah Sossen
Micaela Smith
i am a pretty cool guy, i am a very outgoing person and a very active one at that. i love to play sports. i like driving cars too fast and working on them as well. im here too meet new friends. if you have any questions feel free to ask me otherwise you can e-mail me at i like a lot of things but i dont feel like listing al of them right now. i will list them later. he is not my idol but someone i admire. my uncle, he is a major league baseball player and plays 3rd base for the pitsburg pirates. this is his last year playing in the major league.
Micah Snodgrass
In general i'm just a really laid back guy. I love just chilling and hangin with my friends. I just love comedy movies and horror movies.
Micael Pihl
Micah Bluto
Well Well Well what do I say: Things that make you say MMMMMMMMMM.....
Micaela Martinez
Micah Ulugalu
Micah D.
Hmmm about me huh?....Well I'm 35(yeah that'4 and 1/2...single, no kids yet and have never been married( and no nothing wrong me, a medic in the Army. Love to joke and clown around...pretty laid back and take most things as they come...not a drama me some cute feet and most sports but an a ball player till I die!!..i'll finish this up when I have some more time...other than that just ask me....and damn this site is
Micah Allen
Mica Lyman
im 19 tattooed up kinky as all get up aim me at mica juggalo lyman feel free to contact me ladies. life,women,work,tattoos,real ppl!!! ppl who dont sell out.
Micah Knox
I am just a guy headed to the military with a wonderful woman who loves me staying behind. Dunno where I am headed or what I am going to be doing but I am always headed onward! Hrmm, idols. Thats a good question. I will have to get back to you on that one. Anything by George A. Romero, Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Secretary, Interview with a Vampire, Boondock Saints, Supertroopers, Office Space, Being John Malkovich, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs and other assorted disturbing movies...
Micah Jones
Micah Martinez
Micalante Mills
Im single, 23. A personal Trainer/Bouncer I also remodle apts. Spontanious and love being active in outdoor events and lost of sex! Working out, Surf, camping, fighting, hiking, sex, racing, and more sex. music, movies, and cooking! My Mother, She was always a woman admired by all. A loing kind hearted person who would do what ever it took to help someone out even if she didnt have it. I like them all, Even chick flicks and cartoon movies.
Micahel Drew
Micaul Henderson
Im a 20 year old male from Cleveland Heights, OH, 6'0 feet weight about 160lb, braids, light skinned, half black half rican, dimples, nice smile, 4 tattoos, work at UPS, go to school, im an artist, a basketball player, im a fun guy get at me i dont bite. Im intrested in meeting a woman who is just like me funny, honest, good looking on the in and out, just love to kick it, you cant have a bad attitude. Just a cool down to earth person thats it get at me.
Micah Reeves
im an az boy born and raised, i love to party ,somkin out, beer and liquor on the weekends though i work me ass off as an auto technician ive always worked with engines sence i was a kid and turned it into a job so if you live in the mesa area and need a good mechanic hit me up il fix all your needs i work out alot, i love ridin motorcycles chillin with friends and my cool ass snake "danny" partin in weekends watchin UFC its awsome watchin a good bloody fight playin darts or shootin some pool goin and playin drunken bowling CherryTAP Images at i am a movie freak and have way to many to list so if you must know just ask
Micah Smiley
Welcome My Name Is Micah Thats Pronounced My-Kuh If You Get To Know Me You Will See I'm Very Caring However Sometimes That Can Be Bad, I Let People Walk All Over Me
Micah Taylor
Micah Berger
I am a huge gym rat. I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I love hanging with my fiends and having a good time doing whatever.
Micah Berger
Micah Bass
Whats up!!! I love to party all the time and the nightlife is the shit. I'm looking for some people to drink with. I go out all the time on the weekends. I'm looking for some girls that I can party with and maybe even date. Cheers!!! I love music all fucking types music is my life besides this and school.
Micah Smith
Well lets see. Im newly 30 as of December 30th so trying to adjust to the new classification HAHA! But seriously. I guess im really hard to explain. Im the kind of person that can pretty much go with the flow no matter what the situation or potential situation. I believe in Respect first and foremost! Thats giving and recieving! Im not really here looking for anything in particular other than some nice people to chat with from time to time. Basically something to pass the time when my kids are gone. I really do better with questions so if there is anything you want to know just ask. I will always answer completely open and honestly!! You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at How Would I Be Described In A Sexual Dictionary?? M
Micah Danning
I am good hearted, fast living, and Loving by nature. I like new things and magicical mystical fantasy! Surprises make my day... I just want to love and be loved, and have friends, and do it MY way! So .... ....HELLO! :D Courtesy of LIVE each day, don't die WAITING for the living! Having said that my interests are, gambling, singing, writing music, art, graphics, Conquer, Eudemons, Computers, and learning everything I can....
Micah Somthin
Mica Nkusi
Ok i grew up in Belgium, went to school in germany,college in colorado & am finally in phoenix.Weird background indeed, well i made it so far without therapy so its all good.Am a very active person & enjoy working out, reading books(historical mostly),playing& watching sports.I also ski,yea thats right a brother on the slopes and am real good too.I like listening to jazz, blues, reggae & the odd hip hop track once in awhile.Am very ambitious and am very focused on my career.Am new to phoenix so it would be cool to have someone show me the town.
Micah Smith
Micahel G
Micaul Henderson
Wats up everybody on CT my name is Mike, the women can call me Mikey. Im 20 years of age, no kids, out going person, funny, sweet, romantic, smart, work for UPS, im a artist in drawing and in rapping, 4 tattoos, two piercings, very fun to kick it with if you are intrested get at ya boy ladies and dont be afraid i dont bite. Im intrested in a woman that has a good personality, smart, honest, trustworthy, funny, not lazy, someone that is good on the in and out.
Ok if ya hadn't guessed by now im Micah lol. Im 27 years old im a pretty laid back person. I dont really care for drama so please leave that shit off my page and out of my life. I am looking for friends on here and nothing else. Well maybe a flirt buddy. lol I live in Tennesse with my G/F Jenn, We have been together for 5 years. She is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She knows I flirt on here and talk to other girls and she doesnt mind. We both know we love and trust each other and thats all that really matters to us. Jenn has an Adult website and I help run it, So alot of the times I may show up on here as online but may not always be available to talk, Just leave me a message in my shoutbox and I will try and get back to ya as soon as I can. If you want to add me feel free to and if you want to know anymore about me just message me and ask.
Micah Taylor
Micah G
Micah Lavigne
Micah Freitas
Hey was sup everyone my name is Micah . Just call me "Micah Or Baby Boi" and my nationality is hawaiian and puertorican, fillipino, portuguese. Welcome to my page. I was born June 23, 1981, 420 a.m. I been here all of my life and I dont think I will move anywere else because hawaii is my home. I am 5'1 feet tall and weigh 135 pounds. Iam litely built, I was born near little town in the center of the island known as "WAHIAWA" and I have always lived in the same area my whole life. I am a very outgoing person who gets along with everyone. I am very Social and love to talk and hang out with people and meet new friends. I love to make people laugh and be Funny and serious when needed. I like to "DANCE & SURF" , listen to music all the time,hanging out with my friends or spend time with my ohana...
If you came to this page SORRY! It needs to be deleted! ;] Anyway...feel free to add my main page: Thanks, Micaela
Micah Partee
Going to concerts, bar hopping, writing, playing xbox, messing around on the net, chatting with my cute ass friend ray.
Micaela Taylor
Micah Wilbanks
Micaela Dominguez
Micah Hallock
My name is Micah Daniel Hallock i was born in Cescent City CA. i like dating beuatifal girls im a country boy born and bred. Im a graduate of Del Norte High School and i want to work at the prision after i get out of the marines but i would give it all up if i could have a horse ranch in montana i love hunting, fishing, and just shootin guns i love horses and dogs i hate cats and i love the outdoors and i like to listen to country music most of the time but i also like to listen to some rockand roll and some older types of music my favorite sports are football and wrestleing my favorite football team is the Greenbay Packers im going in the marines and i picked my mos and motor transport because i like to drive trucks and plus i get certified for alot of things after i get out of the marines i want to go to colledge for 2 or more years and work at pelican bay state prision with my dad like ive wanted to since i was a little kid so thats all i have to say about me
Micah Conover
Micah Cox
Micah Hurd
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Micah Noneofyourbusness
MUSIC!!! Trying to find new things that i can realistically try out. I like bad horror movies, working out, and taking Akido classes. Any volenteer work i do is at the Humane Society when i feel like it. I love anything that'll let me pet on it. Finding another place to live away from the bible belt is something i really enjoy doing, too. Wanna know anything else just ask!
Micah T
Micah Tolleson
Micahel Pederson
Micaela Mårtensson
Micah Evans
Micael Anderson Jr
Micah Davis
not a lot to say,who reads these things anyway.i work hard,roughneckin in south Texas,play even harder when i get home tatted up chics,restorin my '69 chevy,metal in my ears,and did i mention inked up girls,nothin sexier to me. so there ya go,everything you need to know!! .mygen { Background Properties }table, tr, td { background-color: transparent !important; border:none; border-width:0;}body {background-color: 000000 !important;background-image: url('') !important;background-attachment: fixed !important;background-repeat: repeat !important;}.mygen { Table Properties }table table { border: 0px }table table table table{border:0px}table table table {border-style:solid;border-width:3px;border-color:lightblue;background-color: black !important;}.mygen { Text Properties }table, tr, td, li, p, div { font-family:arial; color:ffffff; font-size:12px;font-weight:normal } a:active, a:visited, a:link { font-fam
Mica Harris
Micael Huffstutler
Micah Fitzhugh
Micah Fitzpatrick
meeting new fun loving and exciting adventurous people .outdoor activities hanging out with other mens girlfriends traveling camping etc. and spending time with relatives
Micah Killough
Mica Smith
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Micahel Talley
Micah Bogue
Here it is, I'm 20/m/175.lbs and i only have the internet on my smartphone so who ever you are, your better off txt'n me on aim er sum ya.FTW. Psychopathic For Life!
Micah Columbus
i pretty much putt every thing in the interest section for some reason it wont let me add picture so add my myspace its my name is micah i live in ohio, i live with my parents and go to high school im 18 (just turned) and girls describe me as down to earth and a marshmellow beacouse im cuddly i like some horror and alot of comedy and overall good movies like the dark knight, step brothers, and little nicky
Micah Wooten
Mica Mcknight
Micah Lankford
Micah Smith
Hello my name is Micah and I am a correctional officer at Phelps Correctional Center here in Louisiana. I love what I do it has it's ups and downs. I also volunteer with the local fire dept. in my home town. I like hangin out with my friends and just anything fun. I am single but waiting for the right girl to come along. If their is anything else you want to know just ask. Thanx
Micah Wright
I am a five letter word. I am an imported being. I am in an unhealthy relationship with soy milk. I am the girl who ruins pictures. I am a carnivore stuck in a vegetarian mind set. I am rockin' the head band. I am a supporter of earth. I am a big fan of God. I am a sucker for pop rocks. I am secretly in love with broadway. I am best friend's with a cat. I am run by love. I am turned off by hate. I am a klutz. I am a giggler. I am a day dreamer. I am the middle child. I am a stargazer. I am an airport wanderer. I am normally hidden by scarves. I am loving snuggling. I am worrying about life. I am carefree. I am a myth. I am a nail biter. I am working at Starbucks. I am spending too much at Urban Outfitters. I am eating air. I am made happy by oranges. I am looking for love. I am hoping for purpose. I am committed to be a change. I am walking barefoot in the grass. I am running out the door with tea in hand. I am raw foodist in the morning. I am a nigh
Micah Miller
i dont assocate with fake people im very socail and always willing i cook write poems love music love to party i was born in california sandiego im italian movies are i swim i lived in califorina most my life love nature love my life and always make the best of it but at times its hard too do alone i want to share my heart with someone like they say 1 is the lonest number you'll ever do i need a women who i can hold in my arms to share my heart with and at times its a hard door to open in life. love dogs cats not big on birds. "life is a book and only you can write yours make it a good story."
Micahel Wixom
Micah L
Micah Lampkin
I'm just a man. & i'll never be A perfect man. I'm just trying to be myself. I'm to young to be taken seriously, but i'm to old to be played with. I'm weird. I'm unique. I can spell. I like reading. I have so many thoughts and to much to say. I have days when my clothes don't look right but it's my attitude that makes it look right. I have days when my life is going completely wrong but I have the friends to turn it around. I make bad decisions but balance it out with good ones. I've made stupid choices and i'm learning from them. I pay my own bills. I have a family that I love. I have friends that I adore. I trust no nigga...PERIOD. I don't play by your rules. I make my own. I smile all the time and I laugh constantly. If i'm mad, you'll notice. If your someone I care about, you know that I love you. I try to make the best of things. Some people may not agree with things I do or say but I do them because i'm me and not them. I could change my name and come and go as I please. I drink,
Micah Knepp
graduated last year. now going to sandhills community college. currently unemployed cant find any jobs in hickville. i drink and smoke regularly. and most def always ready to have a good time. i was born and raised in Texas but am now resideing in North Carolina. sports always a plus, smoke, drink, out to eat also homecook, walking, hanging wit the crew and always better with new people imma flirt all genres its not to hard to please me. im interest in about everything
Micah Morrison
Micah Momient
Micah Boudreaux
Micah Vitale
Micahel Moore
Micah Pratt
Micah Cotten
Micah Swake
i love recording music and my listening to music and playing music in my band.
Micah N.
Yo I am Micah, so lets get tipsies. Aight cool Whiskey Sour and 7n7! ITS ON! Butts. Billy... Oh sh*t, Ive seen WAAAAAY too many movies. I bet I could tell you some good ones over a whiskey sour. SO BUY ME ONE!
Micah Haines
Micala Mccrary
Mica Johnson
Micahel Carson
Well alittle about me is that i love having fun and meeting new people. Im 6'2 220 half white, jamacain and indian and i love listening to music and having fun. I like to read and write and do whatever i can to have fun and say busy if u want to know more just ask I like all kind of of movies from action to horror but my favorite are horror i just dont know why lol
Micah Smith
Micah Leon
Mica Mystok
Micael Elzey
Micah Shircliff
well i am 6ft2 22 about 23 wanna know somethin just ask well i fish i hunt love to take my bike out for long rides i love to be outdoors
Micah Beth Mannon
I live in Louisiana, go to school online, and work at a fitness center. Wanna know more just ask
Micah Williams
first of all; my name iz micah, for peps who dont know dat lol. im 21 but i act older then my age,i can show u betta then i can tell u lol................ second im a cool relax person who is faithful,smart,mature,handsome,outgoing,funny,and knows what a lady want and need......... third im a sexy ass blackanise boi thats focus on gettin dis money,workin on myself,helpin my family,and being successful in life...... fourth im a real man, not on dat dumb ish, life is to short for dat....... and finally im a real nigga,so i only have a hand full of friends. and ladies im SINGLE, and im tryin to look for dat special gurl, so if u a real true sexy independent gurl then holla ma. if u have any more questions send me a message,one its simple. im looking for a calm, smart, cool,relax,girl who is mature and not on that dumb tip.she have to be funny she have to have a good head on her sholders, very nice personality, and she have to be cute. i like rap,hiphop,old skool rnb,smooth rnb,
Micah Hardin
Micah Murdock
Mica Ford
I go by da name of Dott, im a very silly person i love to joke, talk trash n do me lol, i am gay if you've known me thru out skool you woulda knew im just sorry 2 say dat boys really dnt interest me no more they lame n pathetic n hoes dnt get me wrong some girls are like dat too but majority females are more mature n smart something i love about da ladies but n e way i am single n 2 dese str8 females bitches i do not want yall ass n 2 b real wit yu im a bad bitch so just kno i can take yo man if i wanted too but n e way hit me up....
Mica Cususl
Micah Valentime
Micah Purinton
I am a single father that just finshed 6 yrs in the army i have a beautiful son that is my world no time really too just chill and talk with some one if ur layd back and want to get to know me get at me and drop a msg
Micah Hatch
Micael Scott
Micah Oneal
Micah Andexler
Micah Viernes
Micah Roach
Micah Mcwherter
Im on facebook under my name Micah Mcwherter, send me an add if you feel like it.
Micah G
Mica Mitchell
Whatcha wanna know? I love hangin out with my friends and sneaking off to the beach when I can. It gets so hot here and all my friends have pools, so most of the time we just hang around at the pools.
Micaela Gooseby
just good old fashion girl.not into bars(ecept fubar)or partying.dont do drugs.hardly drink. am honest and loving and nice i like music and movies
Micael Evans
Micah Covington
Micah Cunningham
Micah Nguyen
Micah Posten
Micah Main
Micahel Mcintosh
Micahel Foos
Micah Orr
Micaina Borgelin
Micah Nowalski
Mica Gonzales
Micah Canny
Micah Zivojinovic
I'm a pretty breezy guy. I don't like drama. I listen more than I speak. I'm willing to hear your side of the story if you're willing to tell me. I'm not here for anything serious and I doubt anyone else is really. Hmmm...I'ma writer. I'm in school. I like anime and comics and the like. Not really into sports(sorry not every guy is)and I don't like clubs really. A couple pass for decent but not many. I'd rather chill, hang out, grab a beer and laugh and joke with people. I'm all for impromptu good times. I'm not the high maintenance type. If you wanna get to know me, do that. I'm not gonna bite. If you got a question, ask. I'm partial to big girls so if you out there and wanna see what's up don't hesitate. Hey. What's up. How you doin'. And all that other stuff. I don't really know how this site works but my brother got me into it and now I'm here. Some things you might want to know about me: 1)I love BBWs. Thick girls. Big girls. Chubby girls. Rubenesque. Pleasantly plump.
Micah Vice
Micah Jordan-holmes
I am 6'4 i live in ybor city and i am honestly just lookin to have some fun hit me up if ur down my e-mail is movies,music,girls
Micah Spencer
Mica Champagne
My name is Mica Champagne and yes Im new to this. I'm in the ARMY and its going ok for me. Feel free to add me, message me or whatever. Im an adult and know how to take the god and the bad. Im very thick-skinned and can take alot but then I'll elimenate you like anything else (THATS NOT A THREAT LOL). Im very laid back, easy going and can probably be one of the best friends you'll ever know or have. Pretty much anything. Like I said Im new to this.
Micahel Toland
Micah Hartwell
Micah Deskins
Micahel Ream
Micah Johnson
Micaela Moore
Micah Bandow
Micah Adams
Micah Bennett
Micah Whalen
Micah Holt
Micah S
well, im 25 and live in Tucson, AZ, im down to earth, i like parties, beerpong, texas hold em poker, movies, concerts, shooting, fishing, all kinds of stuff, doesnt take much to get me excited and entertained. i was a fireman for 3 years, unfortunately no longer working as one, but am looking to get back into it. hit me up if u wanna know more or chill.
Micaela Ruble
Micah Sankey
Micah Kellebrew
'mican Sadik'
Mica Saulne
Micah Morris
Micah Morris
Micah Flores
hi everyone im a newbie here im willing to meet new people here,,hope we can be good friends,,
Micah Blanding
Micah Heinzle
Micah Magday
Mica Ramirez
Micah Kovalcik
Mica Feliciano
Micah Palmer
Micaela Carrizales
Micah Waldon
Micah Emerson
Micah Dobberstien
Micah Ballejos
Mica Hill
Micahel Williams
Micah Tischler
Micah Bandow
Mica Chagnon
Mical Goodwin
Mica Campbell
Mica King
Micah Shaffer
Micah Seaton
Micah Cuatt
Micah Woolman
Micah P
Micah Duckless
Micah Anderson
Micah Barker
Micah Anderson
Micah Wilson
Micah Wamala
Micah Thompson
Micah Williams
Micah Jack
Micah Akinrodoye
Micah James
Yes i have kids. If you are looking for someone who doesnt have kids then im the wrong person. My names micah. Im 6ft 3in tall. Im easy going, relaxed, chilld, and down to earth. Love to have fun. I have 3 kids, yes im a single father. I have full custody of my youngest child. Im currently taking care of my oldest until further notice. Ive been married for 2 years going thru a devorce now. Drugs is the reason for why im devorcing. I will not tolerate drugs around my kids. Im a man of my word and i do as i say. Ive been playd with to many times in relationships. Be straight up and honest with me dont be two faced around me. Id rather kno the truth then look like the retard whos hanging on to nothing. Anything else, ask!! I took autobody repair classes. I love to paint cars. The best car ive ever painted was a 1969 corvette. I currently own my very own autobody business "twiztid's autobody repair". I like to sit back watch the races and the nfl football games and drink some ice cold bee
Micah Woody
Micah Hatcher
Mica Milovanovic
Micara Yukimashi
Micay Lopes

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