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Lola Burke
Lola Wight
Hi my name is lola. I am 18 my Birthday is August 31. I have dirty blond hair and Hazel eyes. I graduate from J.C.B.High school. I live in Phoenix New York. I like to play softball and volleyball. I love to hang out with my friends and most of all my best friend in the whole world Krissy!! My Friends that i hang out with is Erica, Alicia,Teresa... I LOVE MMS.. if you wanna get to know me message me......
Lola Burns
Lonely, Women in the Mounyains of West Virginia
Lola Moran
i love animals .... fuck people ...... i love and miss my cats ..... bebbles , tiger , macho , and It ...... my ex has them ..... umm yeah .... lmao i love myself and my friends and family and if u are every a friend to me best belive if u dont cross me u will ALWAYS BE ... i am ride or die .... money doesnt matter to me ... if ur rich if ur poor it doesnt matter as long as u treat me as your equal not like i am just there for ur amusement .... get me angry i will cut u ... get me horney i will fuck u .... get me , and i will love u very hard thing to do though..... ive only truely loved once ... was also my longest relationship dont think i will ever stop loveing him but i could never bring myself to be with him again sometimes i call him by your name on accident i scream ur name out in my dreams ... its really getting on my nerves that nothing is the same .... but my fav thang to say is SHIT HAPPENS .... maryjane to ease my pain
Lola Caddygurl
Lola Marzian
well im 25 years old i was born and raised in Chicago im 6;0 blond green eyes . im also a mother to a 6 year old little girl named kayla and i have a little boy that was born aug 3 im also not here to meet any one just here to make Friends i have a man witch i have been with for almost 11 years so that means no nudes no web cam no dirty talking if that's what you want im not the one .
Lola Love
Lola Viverola
Lola Davis
Lola Souzi
Lola Hart
Lola Brown
Lola Bieber
I like men & women and love to have fun! nuthin much to say! alot of them to name! alot of them!!!
Lolah Smart
Lola Davis
Lola Nichols
I'M all about peace just don't wake the lion within me.... Love people and life, i live life for today. I Have not found my soul mate its like looking for my soul mate in a grave yard.Love is something you need to be prepared for it will hit you like a ton of bricks, i applaud the few of you that aren't blinded by the infatuation and see the truth in love... "When the Power of Love Over comes
Lola Joan
Lola Mallory
Lola Salinas
Lola Nixon
Lola Williams
Lola Young
Lola Singer
Lola Lee
Lola Mejia
Lola Pong
Lola Bergeron
Lola Blackhart
Lola Wight
Lola Costa
Lola Volcan
Lola Garcia
Lola Crow
Lola Buckner
Lola Sparkles
If you need to ask anything, feel free to do so.. I will answer all questions.
Lola Garcia
Lola Ellison
Lola Felix
Lola Baldwin
Lola Montes
Lolan Lolapan
Lola Raye
Lola Smith
Lola Lufnagle
Just like to party and have fun hit me up Partiesss
Im a Tattooed Goddess and Im here to play with the other lovelies. Im a retired tattoo artist...or semi retired would be more artistic tastes ebb and flow...right now im working on making my own jewelry with clays and other mediums next week i'll be doing something new. When it comes to males, im not really interested in them; have my own so save your Fubucks, gifts and whatnot for the other girls. No nasty comments and ill be happy to leave ya alone. Ill be happy to post all your messages and rate you as low as i can; so be a gentleman and move on to the next girl. Cheers the lovelier and softer of the sexes, watching stuff on my Roku, making things with my hands, Tiki art, pin-up, painting, floating down the river with that special someone, oldies, hot rods-rat rods (no trailer Queens), tending my Gardens, my pet cat, dogs, goat, pig, sheep, ferret, and a few troublesome ground squirrels that keep getting nto my garden. MAC, Manic Panic, a Beautiful Mess, tattooes
Lola Lola
Lola Nation
Lola Mounts Ling
Lola N
Lola Oshea
Lola Aire
Lola Doe
Lola Phillips
Lola Waters
'☠lol Bunn ☠'♥-- Fan Me B4 ouadd Me! --♥..xoxo
Lol~dammit Ol
Loleta Maldonado
Loletha Patterson
Lole Martinez
Loletia Causey
Loleta Harlan
Lolio Woodlio
Lolita Kariiko
I would say that I am VERY truthfull and hardly ever lie!! I LOVE animals - they are my life!! Hi I am Queen Lolita, you can find me on MySpace Music!! I am an actress, musician, songwriter/poet, anti-vivisectionist, sorority leader and one hell of an honest bitch!! My best friend Stuart Labrinth Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (New one)The cardThe warlock 1 2 and 3Dogma
Lolita Gomez
Lolita Conejero
Lolipop Crill
Lolita Demoness
Well I found him... a man who is well LOL perfect for me anyway finally but I'm still looking for that special woman
Lolita Estrada
Lolita Loveless
22 female pa, work full time in college full time, going for my masters in health services management, Ballllin! lol
Lolita Lolipop
Let's see...Married (Or should be LOL!) slave to One, lil-girl sub to Another, Domme to all others. Yes, I am Poly. Yes I am a Porn actress and possibly opening my own label. Radio Station owner/Dj and Proud step mother to an adorable little man. In all reality, this is a long long list. However I am very much a fan of Sex, Drugs and Rock n roll. It does truly come down to that. I enjoy my drugs, (LEgal and not so) I enjoy my music, that would be why I own my own internet radio station ( and also why I am a Porn actress and BBW Web-Model. http://www.heavensent-hellbound.com
Hi, I'm a very friendly lady who is looking for some new friends and maybe something more. Sorry I dont have any pics of myself to share yet...they are on the way, just gotta borrow a camera haha. I can tell you I have long dark hair and gray eyes. I am on the curvy and on the short side but try to look taller with my heels haha. Hope to be chatting with you soon.
Lolita Johnson
Lolita Goggans
Lolita 32
Loli Joly
Lolita Love
Lolita Brant
Lolita Oconnor for Mr Phluffy s real bio...
Lolita Hensley - More Good Friday Comments
Lolie Grullon
About me: I have been married for 25 yrs out of my 52 yrs of life. I haven't been faithful once in search of missing pieces. Romance, the public affection, the going out and discover who we are outside our character and have some call you in the morning just to say "I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME LAST NIGHT". I have dated younger that me only to know that I have to become a mom to then as well. I need to do me and enjoy myself. I'm not high maintenance however, I take care of myself enough to be seen in public. If your looking for J-lo then keep it moving. If your comfortable with a thick latina 5'4 222lbs then that who I am. I no longer smoke cigarettes but I drink on occasion . @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ General: In general to go watch a movie or even watch one at home we can make popcorn and soda and I'm good. I enjoy bowling with a couple of drinks and good company. Or even taking a walk down SOUTH STREET SEAPORT window shop look at the water feel the b
Lolik Pro
Lolita Dior
Lolis Martinez
Lolita Aguilar
Lolin Gonzalez
Lolitta Skaaf
Lolisyjavi Mercado
Lolipop Koip
Singe Mom of two, very down-to-earth, enjoy being a blessing to others. I am a giver of life and I help to empower mentally challenged adults. I like comedy, working out, plays, movies, bowling, just to name a few! I love to laugh and have a good time~~~God is the head of my life & without him, I AM NOTHING!! src="" FlashVars="color_bg=0x313131&color_songbg=0x656565&color_song_clicked=0x757575&color_btns=0xCDCDCD&color_text=0xCDCDCD" /> Make a slideshow design I like to hang out with friends & family. I like all kinds of music, poetry, dancing, cooking, etc.
Lolie Grullon
Lolita Sanders
Lol Kalu
Lolko Veliki
Lolly Spence
Lol Lol
Lol Lol
Lolly Lager
Lolly Lopez
Loller Skates
Lolly Pop
Lol Lol
Lolli Pop
Lollie Popz
Lol Lol
TO START OFF FIRST OF ALL READ MY PROFILE !!!! Wavy Text Generator - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First off i am married ! That being said respect that fact or get off my page !Well well well I have asked in my profile no sexually comments so i had to block it cause some one can't respect my wishes so now its blocked and only open to my family and i know they wouldnt do such acts towards me i have the best people in my family . I HAVE GRAND KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE SEXUAL HOTMAIL COMMENTS POSTED ON MY PAGE ANY MORE!!!!! I have grand babies and my pc is left on most the time . So I ask please respect my wishes . If you cant then I will delete you as a friend simple as that !!!!!!! And no posting happy hump day shit on my page i DO NOT LIKE THAT CRAP !!!! Sig
Lolly Pop
Hi I'm Lolly and I am a taken lady. and on a side note i have MS, multiple sclerosis, and am a damned good chef. I also do make-up. I love to read, both fictional and true things. For example I have all of my Geology text books and do reread them. I love musicals and can sing them too. And to be plainly honest i am anal-retentive, i really don't like being lied to. I have strong beliefs but try to be open minded. I am affectionate but will not cheat on my love/ or better half
Lollypop Holder
Anime Movie: Full Metal Alchemist, etc. Fiction: Star Wars, Star Trek, Willow,etc.
Lolly Sommer
Lolly Topps
Lolly Stephen
i am a woman who is very honest, caring, kind and well understanding, i don't play games nor toil with someone's heart,i am new on this dating site with the hope to meet an honest man who can make me happy and love me for whom i am.A man to start a long and steady relationship with....I'm nice and sweet girl with a good heart that has values and morals that was brought up to be the best person that I could be,I'm funny at times and can be a little sarcastic at times but it is all in good fun,Am a fun, outgoing, tell it like it is women. I like playing games, don't like drama and love to laugh & enjoy life. i am a woman who is very honest, caring, kind and well understanding, i don't play games nor toil with someone's heart,i am new on this dating site with the hope to meet an honest man who can make me happy and love me for whom i am.A man to start a long and steady relationship with
Lol Look At My Screen Name Ha Ha
I want to find a down ass chick to kikit with so please. If you are her email me get my # give me yours or What ever so we can get together. I'm hopeing to find a GF or a fling till I get one. :-) I am optimistic the majority of the time. Some think I am a dick cause I am not shy and say what I want. Rarly am I ever serious less I have to be. Miss home so much hate the sun. I am single and looking. Moved to AZ from WA for a very good job. Have a place and a car. Wich is hella legal. My life is crazy. And la la la. have 2 bros and a sis. Im 28 29 sept. You all know more about me than anyone cause I am uncensored and let way way to much out. My mouth is gonna be the death of me. At least I am honest and dont fuck around... If you dont want to talk on the phone or have no interest in me at all. You wont last less your family or close... There is a lot to me. and I like humans alot especially an attractive female. They are nice to look at. No offence dudes butt we are ugly lol . find most
Lolly Pop
Lolly Alcaraz
eyee might bee the cutest pothead you'vee ever met...but besides that im an artist &&artist never diee.(; hair hair hair...i'm a hairstylist duuh!
Lol Lol
Lolly Poppers
Lolly Penny
Lollipop Hall
Hmmm...I'm so humble and kind. I luv to interact with people of diversity views. I'm so hot in bad with the gurls. Others to be discuss at a later time... I'm in interest in a serious relationship with a woman
Loll Lolloo
Lolop Lolop
Lol Ocaust
Lo Lo
Lolo Smartie
Lo Lopez
Lolo Lola
Lolo Alshere
Lolo Marie
Lolo Louloa
Lololo Hjgnnh
Lolo Puente
Lo Loco Loco
Lolo Molina
Lolo Hardy
Lolo Sow
Lolo Driskell
Lo Lola
Lol Right
Lol Smurfs Will Kill Us All
PLEASE READ MY ABOUT ME BEFOR U TALK TO ME what can i say about me .... well my names danny im 23 years old im from england im in the army special forces.. im a fun outgoing kind and friendly person who is very honest and tells things how it is if u carnt handle the truth dont ask the question MY FLAWS im a huge flirt always have been always will be its just me i rearly think befor i say something but if i realise i said somthing i shoudlnt i will say sorry for it ALOT theres lots more but we wont get in to them now well thats me in a nut sell wanna know anything else just ask me and ill tell ya
Lolu Ayinde
Lolus Moses
Lol Wow Rivera
aight basically 23 livin in mass... i have 2 lil girls.... if your gonna hit me up dont be on that same lame game of sayin oh yea i want to bone or anything of that nature feel me i have a man yuup i do... so please only friends and dat all aight holla at me kk oh yea im Puertorican in case any confusion anything else yall wanna know just ask
Lomar Stevens
Lomar Stevens
Lomant Harrell
Take the Superhero Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
Loma Nunya
Lomadinga Malambo
Lom Yosri
there's always one thing on my mind, soda. i can't get enough. my favorite is cherry coke and dr pepper. i like that dr pepper made a cherry(ish) one. i'm left handed and can't cross my eyes. i really like numbers because they don't lie
Working as a contractor at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo (U.S. Army). I love going out dancing at the clubs, an occasional drink, working out at the gym, and good food. I'm into sports of all kinds, anything outdoors, dancing, travelling, music, and hanging out at the beaches. John Wayne - brawn Albert Einstein - brain Angelina Jolie - babes! Stevie Ray Vaughn - blues And me good ol' pappy! kakakakaka I like Vin Diesel, The Rock, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham. Halle Berri, Jen Aniston, Salma Hayak (for looks) I love sci-fi and fantasy. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek.
i am 5`5 175lbs long brown hair blue eyes and i am a mother of 4 beautiful children 3 girls and one boy. i am also happily married to a wonderful and lovign man. Glitter Myspace Comments Glitter Myspace Comments Glitter Myspace Comments i am interseted in alot of things
Lona Thieme
Hmm What can I say about me? There is so much! I am a pretty easy going person. But just don't piss me off. lol I have three children two of which live with their father in Washington. I reside in Idaho Falls, Idaho and have lived here for the past three and a half years. I am currently just married but we will have to see how that goes. He was put in jail three days after we got married. We have only been married three and a half months. lol My youngest was born last year. His real father decided he had no interest after I threw his sorry ass out to the curb. (loser) I am 35, a taurus, my b-day is May 3rd 1972. I enjoy most anything outdoors. Winter is much more difficult for me. Fishing, camping and such. Photography,(pics here I took myself), music. I am a singer and guitar player. It has been sometime for both as I chose my kids over my other passion. Bored Yet????? MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
Lona Rodriguez
Lona Lassere
Lona Jones .contactTable {width:300px !important; height:150px !important; background-image:url("");background-repeat:no-repeat; background-color:transparent; background-attachmentscroll; background-position:center center;padding:0px !important;}.contactTable table, table.contactTable td {backgro
Lona Leonard
i am a mother of 6 and they are on their own,I live close to my husband but seperated from him, my interest is any or all outdoor activities and when to cold i like to cuddle indoors and watch tv
Lo Na
Lona Otero Nardone
Lonan Dude
I don't know how I got here...but i'm gonna stick around for a little bit!
Lona Varnado
Lona Daniels
Lona Ross
Lona Rymer
Lona Shepherd
Lona Brock
Lona Caswell Hickson
Lo Namatinga
Lona Babu
Lo Na
Lonan Mike
Lon Brink
Lon Baldwin
Hi everyone. Let me start by saying I am not new to Fubar. I deleted my old account, and here I am again. I am a 40 year old married bi white male in southern Wisconsin. I am in an open relationship. I am here looking for new friends, fun, and excitement. I am interested in meeting potential "playmates". I don't look to cyber with anyone. I won't visit your profile and fill your shoutbox with sex talk (unless you want me too), or drama. I have NO time, or patience for drama. I am approachable and will talk about anything.
Lon Baldwin
So about me: I want to start off with I am not new to Fubar. I am a 41 year old single guy. I am not so much into cyber sex. So, ladies I will not inundate your shoutbox with classy lines like “Do you want to get your fuck on?” or “Do you want to cam?” To be sure I do want to meet women on here though. By nature I am very quite and shy. I do have
Lon Can\'t Give It All Away
I like practically anything although I get alittle nervouse on the rollercoasters anywho I like lots of differents things it mainly just needs to be a fun topic.
Lon Caselton
Lon Chaney
London Nelson
I am opinionated, but I also know how to listen to reason. I got into a nasty car accident recently. I have experienced death, so now I must live life. I sometimes feel less than whole, but I know with time things get better, and that life always has a way of showing you whats important, and lets you know that you are the person you need to be and you are on the path you were meant to take. We are all here to advance the human race. We Impact every person you meet, interact with or see, All the images and memories from our pasts are written idelibly in our minds, and affect us, weather we remember them or not. This makes me beleive that no matter how small and insignifacant we seem we all have the power to affect the world. We are always in the right place at the right time. This may all sound like gibberish, If you do not understand the meaning BEHIND my words do not bother contacting me, for you will never understand me. The person I am Lies within these words, all you have to do is
London Day
London Black
Londa Fuller
Londore Name
London Bettesworth
Londre Hicks
London Mckaine
Happily married. I love music, my husband, and my kid. I love Hustler Hollywood, and sex. I would never cheat on my husband so don't get any ideas. I hate iddots, and ignorence. I hate movies, and reading. I hate video games first. My family is my everything. Just here to have something to do while my baby is asleep. I usally look at peoples profiles alot before I say anything so, don't be surprised.
London Skywalka
Londa S
I'm london Any other names you may know me by are just characters. I'm an over-sensitive, over-dramatic, over-emotional, pisces. I'm honest. I'm real. I have a lot of heart and a lot of love. I'm needy. Not in material possesions, but emotionally needy. I hate being alone. I hate being in large groups. i have son aiden I'm not a religion person, but aiden is seriously a gift from above. I'm lucky. Maybe not lucky in financial situations, or in situations where actual "luck" is required, but lucky in the sense that I have amazing people in my life. To me, that is way more awesome than being lucky in a game of chance. I love chocolate cake. I love mashed potatoes. I love chicken wings. I love shrimp. I love to eat...I'm not picky. I have a fetish for eyeglasses. Not sunglasses. I especially love the ones with the black hot. Slow Down has a lot of meaning to my sister and me. You wouldn't understand. Even though she's only 12, she's my best
Londenn Coleman
Right now, my life is all about rebuilding... sometimes I feel as if I am reborn and starting my life from scratch. June eigth of 2006 is a day that will live in infamy for me, as it truely changed (and probably saved) my life. I dont have a specific idea of what I want, but I have a general understanding of who i am as a person and where I want to be in life. I am doing my best make my life more healthy. I recently quit smoking and up next im going cut caffeine to a minimum. I do believe that cutting out caffeine will be more challenging than quitting smoking. (I am addicted to AMP). I have also been walking alot. That may not seem like that big of a deal but it is. I have been sedintary for two years (recovering from a car accident) and I am finally in a place where I can make a change. Wish me luck :D "The woman I shall become will be quite different from the woman I am now. Another 'I' is beginning, and so far I have not had to complain of her." GEORGE SAND Isadora, Volum
London Loren
London Micheals
London Fajim
London Jewellers
"TRADE ONLY SITE" We are major suppliers to a wide range of retailers throughout the UK and Europe. Berwick Street has been the most famous fashion jewellers for many years and London Jewellers has been trading for over 25 years, with this, we have established knowledge and experience which we reflect in our customer service. Our central London showroom exhibits our vast range of fashion jewellery and accessories, presenting up to date high fashion and classic lines. Our stock is inexpensive and offers value for money enabling you to make a good return when selling to the public. We are constantly introducing new seasonal products are we work closely with our manufacturers, and customers to achieve the best results.
London Thomas
London Green
Londyn Selvey
London Moquin
I am looking for a dating or just to talk to new friends, my life i have been in the ER 8 times and i am here not gone yet? I am a xbox 360 gamer, like chick flicks,i like to walk 2 times a week and trying to get in more shape. I like to meet new people if you want to talk more just send a mail update to my fubar mail. just ask just ask me
Londell Marsh
London Heart
London Heart
London Heart
London Heart
London Hart
London Heart
London Mcqueen
Londe Wang
Londell Jones
London Lazzara
London Scott
Londa Emery-cutshaw
London Brooks
London Paisley
London Rozay
London Wakefield
Londa King
London Rozay
London Moquin
London Davidson
London Jamison
Londo Camareta
London Harris
28, Live in Chicago,IL, Date women ONLY! Reading, Writing, Sharing, and Laughing
London Bridges
Swimming, shopping, scary movies,clothing design, camping, cooking, sports, gentleman's clubs,420, amusement parks, making music (rap), gun range, traveling, reading..
Im London , Im 18 .. I Like Girls.. Im Super cute (; Im a FREAK.. KIK me @ILove_Unicorns_ I Like Older Women . I Love Unicorns , Rainbows , & Skittles I Like To Fuck
ok I guess this is where I'm supposed to put stuff down about me? ok here goes, well I am 45 yrs old I enjoy rideing my Harley when ever I can, incase you haven't figured that one out. I will add more more as I figure what to say, if you my friends have any sugjestions let me know. My interests are mostly Harley's and bike rallies, I enjoy riding mine when ever I can and I do most of the year.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
Lonely Girl
ummy, i dont know where to start. im crazy, funny, out-goin, lovable n cute n cuddly! lol sry, thats all bullshit except for the funny part! i cook, write poems/songs/stories, skateboard, knee-board n all that shit man
Loneisha Pogues
Hi everyone! There really isn't a lot about me to tell. I love to have fun when I get the chance too. I love to go out with the family to do anything as long as we are together. I think that if I had a wish it would have to be that my husband was home and all the kids were here to have fun. I am an easy going kind of gal. I like to play pool, video games, and go dancing. Buried at Buried at Buried at Hosted by Sparkle Tags I love my cats LOL I love all animals. I have 5 cats, 5 dogs, a ferret, and a hamster. I think I live in a zoo. LOL! Buried at You scored as Fallen Angel. You my friend are a Fallen Angel!You were amongst the closest to God, yet love led you down a path of self-destruction. You find yourself crying a lot, because of the pains of this world. Yes it is very crewl, yet you know there isn't a thing you can do about it. Follow your heart
Lone Wolf ! Show Me Sum Love
christopher ,single,male,40,rome,ny have all 3 messengers and welcome all to add me and chat.. so come look me up and lets chat... Crush this person!Get your own CrushTag! writting poetry,camping,cooking,singing,dancing,star gazing,fishing,bowling,reading,computers,chatting...LOVE TO CAM TO CAM ON YAHOO,SO COME LOOK ME UP! ALL INFO IS ON MY PROFILE... AND ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE I LOVE WOLVES! IF YOU CAN'T TELL BY NOW! %and Video Hosting at Photobucket" />
Lone Wulf
Lone Star Ringtones Lone Star Ringtones
Lone Star Ringtones Lone Star Ringtones
Lonewolf Mckay
Lon Eilders
Lonella Stevens
Newbie on here!! :) Just checking things out, and would like to make some new friends for anyone who is open minded and friendly!! :) Blessed Be, Lonella Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Lone Walker
I am married and been married for 15 yrs. We both, me and my wife take anti-depresants every night. It was not real happy till within the last 5 yrs roughly. I do not know really what happened to break the rut, but something happened. Also, it was a lack of communication especially on my part, lol. I am a truck driver even though I am not driving at this moment. I plan on going back out around the end of the yr hopefully. I think that one thing was that I was gone so much of the time and just did not have the time to communicate like I needed. It is a lot more, but I will post at this time. If any one would like to know more, please feel free to ask. I am open on most anything. I love to joke about sex, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable I refrain from joking about it. Well, one thing I would like to do is meet some of the friends I have on here in person. We do not have that many friend around where we live, so I am going further and trying to find friends else whe
Lone Wolf
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Lone Lilly
Lone Wolf Deltawing
im just a guy is all i can say i like to hang out with friends and play computer games in my spare time i work on cars and fix computers any thing else u wanna know just ask well for starters jeff hardy fuckin rules anyone who doesnt agree fuckin leave my profile second kid rock kicks ass,making music and fixing computers are my hobbies, although i sing in a band i dont like it and friends most of all
Lone4unowatyahoo M
I am a healthy, clean, athletic and fun man seeking to meet new girls. No expectations, just see how things progress. You know, CHEMISTRY! I am a professional mixed martial artist in my "spare time", and a stock broker by day. Haven't dated in a long time, and I realized..... I MISS A WOMAN............ I have short hair which I usually change the color from light blonde to blue black--just to be a little different. I am into grooming. Me AND you..... Red wine, candles, music.........the look in your eyes tells me............. :) M p.s. update 4/24/08 Since signing up here, I've begun to make some friends, and I'm thankful. I am having fun.... :)!!! My interests are primarily revolving around my twin boys. They come first...right??? Yes.... I train very hard with professional fighters from around the world in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kempo Karate, and Boxing. Keeping myself in top condition most of the time--I take a week or so off every fe
Lonely Paco
Lone Wolf
Lone Valkyrie
Lonelygurl Crtfydrdhrsdrnkr
Lonetearz Raven
Lone Christensen
Lone Star Drifter
I'm simple. I am kind. I can't help but stay honest. When I want to do the wrong thing. I always end up doing the right thing. Is there a point when a person is to good? I've lost them. All of my interests. Can you help me find them? Maybe you might help teach me some new ones I like. Hmm. Why this is a big deal to people I will never get. Idols. Someone we all wish we could be like. Why? Those people who are Idols to everyone. They got there because they had what everone wanted at the time. Let me ask you this. Who says you don't have what eveyone wants. The best way I can prove that people out here. I know I have good taist in women. I know exactly what I like. Everytime I make a move on someone that fits in my catigory of hot and sexy to me. Maybe not be perfect to my list. They all have guys doing the same thing I would do. Hitting on them, asking them out, buying them drinks. You name it. It's been done. The point of this is everyone may have something that everyone else wants t
Lone Wolves
Lonesome Dove Moore
Lonel Messi
Lonenaseem Nazir
Lone Wolf
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girls only. sex and girls
Long Beach California
This is a tribute to one of the most influential bands of their era, Sublime created a new style that blended reggae, rock, hip-hop, blues and ska.
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well first off, i'm a douche bag because i have a girlfriend who i lie to daily. i tell her i love her and she believes it because i tell her to. i tell her i'm faithful and that she can trust me, but really i'm a slimy piece of shit who doesn't deserve to own a dick. i'm a sexual freak, i can't stay off internet sex sites like this one, but i tell my gf i do and when she finds out, ( she always does) i cry and beg her to stay with me because i know how much of a scumbag i am. thank you.
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Visit to learn all about me. And click an add while your there. I need the pennies! My interest can be seen at - please visit and click an add while your there! Anything and Everything - I love film as an art and movies as a story telling tool. (and yes, I do see a difference between films and movies, I'm snobish that way.) - that said, the classic Star Wars trilogy is my all time favorite set of movies.
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uwww.. well off top i gotta tell you that im a freak so if i come at you wrong tell me. ive had this thing since it was cherry tap but i never got a chance to do any thing but put pics and get friends every now and then. im a cool person to talk to im interested in many things espcially sex, i love it, i love to talk about it i love to see it and i wont discriminate against any woman. if your fine il tell you.
Im a tall(6'5"),fitness oriented,active professional loves travel,outdoors and rating thong wearers everywhere. I love to work out in more ways than one. Thanks for stopping by...rate me ,,, add me leave comments. smooches
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Myspace Layouts at / Moonlit Gaurdians
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Hi ladies! I'm new to this thing. Here to meet some friends in Florida. I'm in Virginia right now, but getting ready to move to Ft. Lauderdale as soon as I can. So let know if you wanna hang out. I Like Mostly outdoors stuff. I rarely go out to drink but we can.
Lon Giles
Living in a remote village in the Alaskan bush. If you want to get away from all of the city hassles, this is the place
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Extremely laid back, sarcastic.
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Im an up beat person with an attitude. Some may call me a bitch, id rater be that than a slut or whore
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My name is loni! im 21 years old. i have a 2 year ols son. im in cosmetology school! and im single cosmetology, partying, movies, dallas mavricks, pizza, shit idk!! My mommy!! I pretty much like any movie!
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Loni Howerton
I am a silly psychotic wierd-o person Yeah...that pretty much explains me lol
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im a single mom of a 5 yr old that is my world. he keeps me going 24 7. im an easey going lady and like to have fun , been single for almost 3 yrs and im looking for a long relationship that is gonna love me and also my son... ive been on here plenty of times and end up deleating my account do to the heartake it leaves me in. had wonderfull friends on here the other nite and lost them all toooo one person that now wont even talk to me. so im done givin out my number to guys that are out there to hurt people like me. i love to camp and be in the hills in south dakota when the season is rite, gettin closer to winter months so its gonna be movies and eatin chilli....yummy love to cook, grillling is the best when its summer out and oven and crock pot foods are the best in the winter.
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Hosted by Sparkle Tags TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF Name: Holly Birthday: November 16, 1982 Birthplace: Danville, IL Current Location: Danville, IL Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Height: 5'10 Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: n/a The Shoes You Wore Today: slippers Your Weakness: bad things Your Fears: n/a Your Perfect Pizza: hot peppers Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: surviving alone Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lmao Thoughts First Waking Up: Shawny Your Best Physical Feature: legs Your Bedtime: Up All Nite Your Most Missed Memory: n/a Pepsi or Coke: coke MacDonalds or Burger King: Burger king Single or Group Dates: Single Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Ice Tea Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee Do you Smoke: yes Do you Swear: Yes Do you Sing: No Do you Shower Daily: Yes Have you Been in Love: Yes Do you want to go to College: Mayb Do you want to
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I Just Moved to CHICAGO from LAGUNA BEACH!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???!!!! Just gotta make the best of it i guess, and keep California dreamin'! I love music, cars, sex, and anything else. I've played drums all my life and recently just moved to chicago from Laguna Beach, were i lived most of my life. IT FUCKIN SUCKS!!!! haha Ringo Star Led Zepllin My Dad
Lonny Fritch
My name is Lonny, Im a pro freetyle motocrosser and racer, i work full time as a tattoo artist and piercer, The shop that i work at is called Tattoo Asylum...Im a pretty easy going person that like to do pretty much anything, i love to make people laugh, drink beer and watch the stars...hit me up if u want to know anything else...
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