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Lachele Ward
Its all I can do I tried and I try Im still aching for you! Ever since I met you- (You landed in my eye!) - Its all I can do Like a sweet taboo, That life should contrive, Im just aching for you! I cant talk to you! So this piece I write. Its all I can do No matter what I do, I barely survive, Im sooo aching for you! God will strike me if I lie! And with this Ill summarize: Baby, Its all I can do Im really, r e a l l y, aching for you!
Lachrisha Miller
Lachae Vonfaulstich
I'm 25 and Married to the Love of my life. I have 2 great kids i have 1 girl that is 2yrs old and a Boy that his 5yrs old. they are the world to me.
Lachasity Bankhead
Lachan Brown
La Chireno
Lachlan Hull
Lachandra Smith
Lachii Mc
Lachula Lababy
Lachlan Oshaughnessy
Lacho Nuñez
Lacho Vieyra
Lachrisha Hanna
Lachamakita Nena
Lachhu Guragai
Lachhuman Khadka
Laci Baker
My name is Laci and I'm 20 years old. I'm pretty much an open book, so anything you want to know, don't be afraid to ask! Hanging out with my wonderful fiance, Michael, hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, watching movies, talking on the phone, and sleeping. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gone With The Wind, Steel Magnolias, Hitch, Princess Diaries, Harry Potter, Thirteen Ghosts, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Laci J.
5'4" dark blonde hair, blue eyes, average build, very boring, i write poetry, and i play piano. My dislikes are: liars, posers, skanks, bitches, preps, smelly breath, nasty teeth, dirty nails, country music, M*A*S*H, the color pink, (unless its black and pink) doctors, cops, crackheads, teachers, school, stupid people, autistic people, special ed kids, stupid music, braggers, people who think they're GOD, killers, rapists, child molesters, PORNOGRAPHY!! The Chucky series, the Freddy series, Um...House of 1000 corpses, The Devil's Rejects, JoyRide, FoxFire, Rules of Attraction, ConAir, i like a lot of movies.
Lacie Locke
Laci Leslie
I am 18 years old. I am going to be a mom of a baby boy in Sept. I cant wait. I am just here looking for friends.
Laci Ehler
Lacie Lightfoot
Lacie Soft
Laci Martin
Laci Mccormick
im blonde 5'2" i like 4wheeling death metal and others i like doin things boys say grls cant do
Lacie Sarria
Lacianaga Valdez
Laci Martin
Lacie James
Lacie Burris
Lacie Harris
Laciana Gladding
HI!!! My name is LaciAna Gladding I live in Ionia, Michigan! its actually a small town that dont have shit to do! Im 20 years old...there really isnt much else i can say except i have a 2 year old son!!! well if u wanna talk im here!!! Well my intrests are....chillin with friends! Spending as much times as i can with my 2 year old son! Plus I like to party and pretty much just have as much fun as i can!!! U only live once gotta live it up as much as u can!! center>You are 91% fuckable! Take this quiz at i guess my idols would have to be my parents and my son!! I like alot of different types of movies but my favs are *Hustle and Flow *Grandma's Boy *Get rich or die tryin *Team America *Joe Dirt *All Jim Carrey Movies *40 Year old Virgin *In her shoes
well im bout 5'4 and im average in size, i have long dark brown curly hair, tan, blue eyes, and hmmmm if you wanna know more your gonna have to ask....... i most the time talk on yahoo messanger, its get at me, we'll talk my general interests............well i am a stay at home mom with 2 lil boys and a third baby on the way. My world are my kids they are everything to me.....thats where i base all my time around. Other than that, im a shopping kinda person, i love movies and listenging to latin music, ive been around alot of hispanic ppl for many years cuz my kids as well are hispanic, im just a white gurl but i know more than you think. i love cooking, and staying up to par with household duties..... i dont go out much cuz i usually get myself in trouble, but i like going to grab a pizza with friends every so often or just hanging out else where. let me think bout it....
Laci Dalton
Lacii Phelps
Short... Chubby... Black hair (dyed) i have my labret pierced.... and im pretty laid back.... I love to laugh and be goofy.... But some people don't understand that sometimes when i am smiling and laughing, im really wondering why i am.... acting... singing... writing.... laughing.... being someone other than me... (acting) you know... generally anything to keep me away from my house.... it's bad for me to stay at home all the time!!! :) my mother..... and... well... anyone who makes in impact on my life in general... you are who make me who i am A Walk to remember.... The Craft.... The crow.... Life as a House.... Lake House.... Sweet November... so on and so forth
Lacie Tingley
Laci Ladner
Lacie Hearn
im blonde 5/4 i have bluish gray eyes and im fun
Lacie Woodworth
Laci Blazek Courtesy of
Laci Jean
I am a sexy 27 year woman!!! LOL. I love having fun and know how to do it hehehe!!! I enjoy going out clubbin, maybe hit up the rippers then have a little fun of my own at home!!
Laci Mitchum
im crazy as hell i am single and lookin so holla if interested
Hi my name is Laci, I live in Ohio and I love to travel alot and enjoy duh outdoor's. I love to party alot and like to have fun all duh time. Yea and also I like to drink but i don't smoke because i can't stand it. And gotta say I don't want any kid's. i just wanna be me and have a great time. And spend time w/ my family alot and my friend's.
I am a monther of the sweetest little boy, and Im Pagan and proud to be. Anything else youll have to get to know me better.
Laci Carter
Tila Tequila "I Love U" Official music video preview
Lacie Mendoza
Laci Peterson
Laci Drake
Lacie D
Lacie Hersley
I'm 22 from a small town in IOWA....and I do NOT live on a farm. I'm into pretty much anything music wise but prefer rock.
Laci Mcdaniel
Well My Name is Laci but People usually call me Laci Lynn! I Live In a small town of 400 Kilbourne IL I have an older sister her name is Lori.I get along with almost everybody. I get easly annoyed.I Love to hang out with muh friends a lot thats all I usually do is hang out.I Love to swim and layout and I Love to go shopping.I have a lot of friends.I am really easy to get along with unless yooh piss me off.I Love to Dance and Sing.My parents are still together so if yooh want to know nething else msg me!
Hello, my name is Lacie. I currently go to mt. sac in Walnut california. I plan to transfer to Cal State Fullerto. My major is Psychology. I like to talk so if you feel like chatting you can talk to me. Or im me. If you have any questions just ask.
Laci Leggett
I'm a 23 year old mother of one. My daughter Dominique is three years old and a handful but I guess most kids are. I like dancing, parting with friends, guitar hero, swimming, tubing, boating
Lacie Blackbear
Lacie Gordon
im just your avg party girl that likes to meet new people when i can, im blonde about 5'6 and doing the school thing. just got out of a boring relationship and ready to get back into the party scene... love to party, shop at the mall, hang out with friends, listen to music, watch a good movie pretty much anything fun im there lol
//-lacie sierra sellers. `i live in hazard, kentucky. =) i love my friends;; they mean the world to me. `if i lose trust in you,, you wont get it back anytime soon. im not a door mat;; so i will not let people step all over me. `i hate very few people. I'm extremely honest I would appreciate if you're going to associate with me; be honest aswell. `i do have tattoo's =) & i plan on getting more. talk to mee. =)
Lacisha Brown
Laci Mavrick
Lacie W
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Lacie Mcgrath
Laci Tidwell
Lacie Tabura
Lacie Cole
im lacie. (: myspace; well, i live in hazard kentucky. lame; i know. i am ditzy most of the time, but thats just how i am. i love going out and having fun, but sometimes i like to just hang out and watch movies or play call of duty; thats right- that shits addicting. im scared of deep dark water, closets and clowns. i reallyyyy hate bugs, dirt and bats; -they will get in your hair and beat your brains out. you will never catch me drinking milk; its icky. but yeah, you should talk to me(:
Lacie Dodson
Lacie Cantrell
Lacia Green
Lacie Anderson
Lacie Jai
Laci Simmons
Lacie Shenk
Lacie Lowery
Lacie Randolph
Laci Burkes
Lacie Bilbrey
My name is Laci, but they call me Leann I'd like to say I'm a pretty dynamic person. I love going out and enjoying a night at the club, as well as snuggling up in a blanket and watching a good movie. Basketball is pretty much my everything. Love being in the gym and gettin all sweaty I love to play video games and chat. Always looking for a good, intelligent conversation with someone interesting. Totally open to everything and never going to judge Love all sports, especially basketball. Love to hit the club with the girls and have a good time. Movies, shopping, video games, and texting lol Mi Madre Love and Basketball, Twilight, New Moon, 300, Drag Me to Hell, Billy Madison, THe Hangover, Paranormal Activity, and the ENTIRE Blade Trilogy
Lacie Smalley
Im amazing! lady Gaga! Cooking! My kids! Pitbulls! Lady GaGa, mother monster has done so much for this world i cant wait to see what she will do next! My sister and my grandmother! i love all of Will Farrells movies! I love comedy such as kat williams, gabriel englasias, i also love The l word! My favorite love stories are the note book, and ps i love you, i love the war and all disney movies im random what can i say!
Lacie More
I love to sing and dance
Laci Hen
Lacie G
Hey my name is Lacie and im 23. i have a beautiful daughter named Aria. shes everything to me and i love being a mom. i am a normal 23yr old i love to have fun with friends. love to have partys but there not want most ppl would think i love to get friends to gether and have kid parties and just enjoy my life as a mom.. i love to also go out and party with friends at the bars and shows.. if u wanna know anythin bout me just ask me.. im very open... so hit me up.. i love twlight and vampires and action movies.. love all kinds of movies just depends on my mood lol...
I am very out going and love to have fun. I am a country kinda girl. I love music it is part of me. Hunting is my second job Not a big with partying.. & anything else ask.
Laci Hutchins
Lacie Bryant
Lacie Dean
I'm 28 yrs old that's caring,loving,honest person that has a good heart..i love sports!anything else you want to know just ask games,shop,read books,write and etc Scary,Romantic,Action,Funny
Lacie Rankin
Laci Kiser
Lacie Smith
I have 4 kids and I am happy with life. I am sweet, strong willed, I use my coomon sense which most people seem to lack. I am very laid back, chilled, easy to get along with because im down to earth but I tell it like it is. I appreciate honesty as I am bluntly honest myself. I am a blast to hang out with and tend to be very random, makin people laugh is what I do best. You can call me a country girl with some rock added. I like building model cars, camping, fishing, hiking, site seeing, road trips, going to baseball games, I like all kinds of sports, hanging with family and friends, collecting, and supporting my troops through
Lacie Jordan
Laci Williams
Laci Rose
Lacie Taff
I'm 28yrs old country girl...Im layed back....Im bi sexual.....Im engaged to a wonderful man.... Photography, drawing, painting, hunting, fishing, movie buff st. elmose fire, there goes my baby, magic mike, notebook, walk to remember, blade, the green mile, full metal jacket...etc...
Lacigam Steffen
Lacie Reece
Lacie Herron
Laci Williams
Laci Meadows
Lack Onon
Laclayton Davis
Lacorey Davis
Lacora Riley
La Cobra Noel
Lacosta Jackson
Courtesy of
Laconja Collins
Lacosta Troy
Myspace layouts Myspace layouts
Laconia Johnson
Lacole Mortimore
Lacoste Lacoste
Laconya Brown
Laconya Brown
Lacosta Nnnnn
Lacota Foe
Lacory Moore
Lacosta Lever
Lacomie Sesma
Lacoi Matthews
Lacosta Redsea
Lacole Darby
Lacretia Washington
Lacre Taylor
Lacrisha Couvion
Lacrisha Hulin
L.a. Craven
Lacraig Taylor
Lacresha Dawson
Lac Reese
Lacrim Funshour
Lacretia Mccary
Lacrisha Mathias
Lacritia Wise
Lacus Clyne
Get More at I don't really know how they expect you to define yourself in a paragraph but here I go, I am twenty three, but considered very mature for my age, in fact I have been told that my whole life. I think it is just more due to the fact that I had to experience things a lot earlier in life than most people. I am opinionated, very stubborn, and I have always liked things my way. I have a huge love and fascination with animals. I am addicted to learning about why people are the way they are, or make the decisions they do, I truly find it fascinating. Which is why I am a very honest person, and really respect those people who are not afraid to say how they really feel or what is really on their mind. The truth is many people put up fronts I am sure if you are honest you can think of friends, family members, and sometimes even yourself, being guilty of it. I hate liars. I think it takes an amazing person to be themselves and love them for it.
Lacy Chenault
i am 5'5 and have dirty blonde hair.... average size and i play in the school orchestra.... my general interests are my people and my family... i am a very family oriented person!!!! i love my granny and with out her i wouldnt be the person that i am today!!!! check out its my homepage adopt your own virtual pet! the bestest movies are nightmare before christmas and glass house
My name is Lacy...I live in Michigan. I go to college full time and work full time...but in my spare time I like to party with my friends @ my house. I am nineteen years old. I work at KFC as a manager. I have two dogs...well...don't know what else to say??? « «
Lacy Linn
Lacy Hayes
Lacy Hes Mine.. Im His
NAME:Lacy ♥IN LOVE♥ Hairstylist at Sheltons salon & day spa I'm spoiled and like it that way I love my family and my baby and will kill anyone that wants to talk shit about them I'm very quiet and shy until I get to know you Im a VERY lovable person :) Oh yeah and I'm the mutha FUCKIN PRINCESS : ) ...::About Me::...
Lacy Cochran
i love to play the guitar...and im a real cool person just dont fuck with me...yes i have a anger problem but who cares i love to listin to helps me got abused where i used to live now im with my mom and step dad and im happy bout not a priss...more like a hate pink...i love black red and green my brother he is the army i love scary
Lacy Foley
I am a 23 year old female. I go to school full time, I also work for a wireless insurance company. I have 11 piercings in total and 6 tattoos. I have pinkish purple hair and hazel eyes. I love to hang with my friends and drink when I dont have anything going on in my hectic life. I like to party with my friends on the weekend. I work and go to school during the day. I enjoy all different types of music from rap to rock. I love piercings and tattoos.
hi evryone my name is Lacy, i love peircings and tattoos, i love anything that makes me laugh, i like people who are themselves and aren't fake around me, i love being dorky, i love playing in the rain, i say what i think and most often tell you how i feel, i love having awkward convorsations, i like thinking that im different from everyone else lol, i love meeting new people, i hate hate drama, i'm a thrift store-aholic, i like to write poetry, paint, and try to draw lol, i love taking lots of pix, and basically having fun. any Q's just ask being dorky, stars, poetry, concerts, dancing, summer nights, chillin with friends, going to parks, midnight walks, baby pix, cheesecake, making out, dancing in undies, kitties, rats, sleeping, perverted humor lol, swimming, teddy bears, horror movies, comedy movies, huggs, kisses, soda, kool-aid, laughing till it hurts, reading, mix tapes/cd's, cuddling, food, funky hair, music, dancing in the rain! yay haha, eyes, lips, long walks, tennis i dunno
I'm Lacy I am about 5'6 i have a slim hour glass figure i'm actually looking for a sexy female that wants a relationship but can share me cause i have a b/f too but i would like a female change is always good lol but yeah i'm a fun active person and if you want to no more just ask kk /" target="_blank">Courtesy of"> I like to skateboard and chill with my friends I love to draw and write poetry and thigns that intrest me are poeple and fun i love comedy anythign funny I'm there i love to hang with my b/f and yeah thats about all i can think of right now if you have questions just ask... comedy and horror movies are the best chick flicks suck boo
Let's see... I use to wrestle gators in the swamps of Louisiana until my mom thought it was getting out of hand... so then she moved me out to the coast in Virginia! There is where I learned to surf. I love to surf and do all the other beach things. I now live in Austin Texas where I have great friends and my family is close enough. I love to go out to party's or bars and shake what my mama gave me! I enjoy meeting new people and learning as I go... If you read all the way to this point then you should know that I am really from Lousisiana, but I really never wrestled gators! They chased me once(ha ha ha) but lucky me got away!!! Surfing, boogy boarding, skim boarding, snowboardin', camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, going to the movies(I love horror flicks), partying, going to see live bands, swimming, shopping, hangin' out with family and friends, traveling... I love my life! All the girls in Maxim magazine!!! Pirates Of The Caribbean 1 & 2, Boondock Saints, Waiting, Eurotr
Lacy Bonnett
I am Lacy I am nicer to some people than I should be I wont be mean to you unless you give me a reason to be I am taken by the most incredible guy I am a blue eyed brunette I stand at 5'4" I get my feelings hurt easily sometimes I know some people only act like they like me when they're around me and it makes me mad because I don't like liars and fakes I am anti-social I am shy I don't have much confidence, but i'm getting there I wear make up because I want to and I like art I am 16 going on 17 December 11th I am a virgin so don't call me a whore I know more than people think I know I wear whatever i'm comfortable in so don't call me a poser I don't judge people and I don't like to be judged ♥ Jason aka Tiny ♥ :: Icons :: HTML :: My Bed :: Sleeping :: Friends :: Glitter :: Fuse TV :: Glamour :: Poetry :: Chocolate :: Cherries :: Licking :: Nibbling :: Anime :: Makeup :: Cuddling :: Working Out :: KITTIES :: Ramen Noodles ::
Lacy Moore
Lacy Lachance
I LOVE ROBERT I'm 18. Im about to leave for college....I date Robert, the love of my life! I have a 9 yr old sis whom i adore! my mama The Crow ( with Brandon Lee)
Lacy Moore
Lacy Jones
Lacy Panties
Lacy Kolb
Well, I'm hoping to find some party buddies. Maybe more. I love to party and have a great time! That's about it!
Lacy Martin
what you see is what you get... ummmm chatting .... ummmm chatting... oh did i say chatting.
Lacy Matthews
Playing Drums, Making Necklaces, painting my room, fucking with my roomies, Fuckin, Drinkin, Smokin, rollin lol
Lacy Blair
Lacy Thompson
Lacy Schantz
Myspace Graphics- At I am a little shy, but open up after getting comfortable... My interests are always changing, and I can go from one extreme to another. I work full time and am a full time student, so my social life is non-existent at the moment. I have family, but speak to none of them; for good reason... Since I know that life, as well as people, are not perfect, I can be overly understanding. I have a huge problem being lied to, about anything really. And this is because there is no need to lie, when the truth would serve better.... Oh yeah, another thing is that I love women, sexy men, sexy pics... Myspace Graphics- At HARDCORECOMMENTS.COM
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Lacy Hudson
Lacy Finicle
Hi my name is Lacy Finicle! I love to go Four Wheeling with my family and friends i love to sing dance and hang out at the mall!I am the middle child out of 3 brothers and 1 sister!I love to have loads of fun i love to invite my boyfriend over so we can listen to music and talk about almost everything!i hate guys who cheat on their girlfriends and i also hate girld that cheat on their boyfriends!I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends and never will! Dancing, Singing, Hanging out with friends, Going Four Wheeling, and Hangin out with the Family, reading, listening to music!
Lacy Richmond
Lacy Schoon
Lacy Wade
i am a fun outgoing person love to meet new people and just chill. i love to chat online. i have a three year old son and i am 9 weeks pregant and i am also a single mom. but i love my kids and love kids all together.well thats really it about me.
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Lacy B
Lacy Procopio
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Lacy Rankin
Lacy Love
Lacy Kinser
Lacy Leversee
Myspace alcohol Commentsalcohol Graphic Commentsalcohol Graphic Commentsalcohol Graphic CommentsCrazyKensCrazyKensCrazyKensCrazyKensCrazyKensCrazyKensCrazyKens
Lacy Haynes
Lacy Nicole
Lacy Bouge
Lacy Boese
I have 2 kids and they are my life and I am very laided back and try to get along with everyone and I don't like to play games cause I think that games are childish but that is me and always will be me. my son is 7 and my daughter is 2! I have someone in my life that I love with all my heart and soul! i like to have fun and hang out with friends and family, go to the movies, swimmin,play darts,play pool,etc....
Lacy Laws
Lacy Bannister
Hi my name is Lacy Bannister. Im 20 yrs old. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. Im 5'4 120 lbs. Im half mexican so i get really tan during the summer. I have my tongue pierced. I have a beautiful son that is 1 and a daughter due october 21st. If there is ne thing else you would like to know just email me or im me on yahoo at lil_hottie_420_06. And I Ringtone - Ciara Music Video CodesCatsHip Hop HoneysRon Paul Blimp Walk It Out Ringtone - Unk Music Video CodesCatsHip Hop Honeys
Lacy Swingle
LOCATED IN ALPINE, NJ, IS A LOCAL LEGEND known as The Devils Tower. On a recent drive-by, the stone clock tower looked to be unassuming enough to us, but the Devil does work in mysterious ways. There seem to be several different, yet similar, tales of the evil edifice, and just how to conjure up its spirits. Here are just a few of the dozens of stories that our readers have told us about this unholy place: The big stone tower at one time housed evil rituals by Satanists early in the century. Some evil tragedy happened, and after the groups demise, there have been several attempts to tear it down, but to no avail. Some say work crews have died in the attempt. As with most sites like this, it became a popular destination for teens in the 70s and friends of mine who have been inside reported encountering mysterious gusts of cold wind that sent them screaming for their cars. Another reader e-mailed us a slightly different version of the towers legend: As you approach it, yo
Lacy Weathers
Lacy Bonnett
Hi, my name is Lacy. I am a Senior at Burnet Highschool. I was born December 11,1989 in Georgetown, TX. I have lived in Texas my whole life. I am the eldest child out of 3. I am a very quite and shy person. I have attempted to come out of my shell, but I can't fully come out and stay out for a long period of time. If you try to get to know the real me...I say good luck to you and I hope you can find your way through my, what seems like, split personalities and the walls i've built up. Just let me tell you is possible to get to know me all the way through and to get to the point where I will randomly start talking to you. It had been done, so don't get discouraged in the beginning. ^_^ I have a passion for photography. I love taking pictures. I have been told that I have an unusual artistic eye that catches things that nobody else would think about taking a picture of. I love music. I can not dance without music. The beat brings my body alive and goes through my mind ma
Hi everyone, I am new to fubar and not sure exactly how this whole thing works. But I am a female married to a wonderfu man for almost 8 yrs. We have a beautiful baby girl. I love to dance and sing. I teach a course in Ga Tech 4 times a week. Enjoy arts, music, sky diving, snow boarding...
Lacy Graves
Lacy Foley
Lacy Martinez
Lacy Coleman
Lacy Pruitt
Lacy Bowman
Lacy Daniel
Lacy King
hey well im 32 i have 3 kids there everything to me so i am a package deal if u dont like that then move on to the next profile,i am real down to earth love to laugh n have a good time i spend alot of time with my family n friends,im not on here to find booty calls or anything like that,im new to the single scene so im just having fun and enjoying myself,i have been hurt cheated on lied to and so forth but im not gonna let that hold me back in life,if u want to know more then just ask....
Lacy Cole
Lacy Cox
I am shy at first but once you get to know me I will be one of the most loyal and fun people you will know. I get along with almost everyone. I love music, movies, reading (yes I am a book worm), rock hounding, metal detecting, hiking....... etc...... If you want to know more about me just ask and we will see. My Idols are anyone who is willing to overcome obstacles in their lives and make it a better place. Someone who is makes a difference in at least one persons life without getting anything in return. Heros and Idols come in different shapes, sizes, ethnics, and places. I love almost any kind of movie..... I love horror, drama, chick-flick, comedy, action, etc. I watch alittle of everything. Some of my favorite movies are: The shining (the older one not new), Wild hearts can't be broken, The emperors new groove, Step-brothers, 8 seconds, etc.
Lacy Gams
Hi my name is Lacey, I am here to meet new people & maybe more I am a hometown girl from Bridgeport, MI. I have a 10 year old daughter & love to spoil her. My favorite music is country, I love funny movies, & I am a lover of football. Nascar is awesome to, can't wait for MIS!!!
Lacy White
Lacy Gibbons
Hey, New to this thing. Still confused on how to do almost everything. So if anyone can help, let me know!! OH ya and i havent figured out how to do the whole verify email thing so i cant message anyone yet!!
Lacy Butler
Lacy Apron
Lacy Hose
Lacy M
well i am 21 and loving it will be 22 nov. 30th i am doing great living on my own and being a responsable adult trying to at least i want to the person my brothers and sister can look up to and think i wanna be like her so that is why i am changing my life around a little it wasnt all bad just mad some bad decisions that are now right so if u wanna kno more just give me a buzz i just love being around friends and family and having a good time my ma without her i wouldnt be where i am today in life twilight is my fav movie of all time and i cant wait for new moon twilights sequal to come out in the theaters i am deafinalty going to see that movie
Lacy Masalanka
Hey yall whats wit ya I'm cricket I live in Helena Montana,i feel no shame im proud of where from for i was born and raised in a hicktown i have some awesome friends and the best family ever i like to go fishing and i love to sing my favorit color is green and i am terrified of ducks and semi trucks i love to cook and watch movies if there is anything else you would like to know just ask. A BRIEF SUMMARY OF WHAT I LOOK LIKE: I AM 5'9 I HAVE RED HAIR HAZEL GREEN EYES AND I AM PRETTY HOT AND THICK I HAVE ALL THE RIGHT CURVES IN ALL THE RIGHT SPACES. AND I HAVE A PHAT AZZZ!$$$$$$$$$$*******@@@@@@@@@@ OH YEAH IM A JUGGALETTE , WOOP WOOP MUTHAFACKO IM DOWN WITH THE CLOWN TILL IM DEAD IN THE GROUND WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US Who I'd like to meet: IF YOU HAVE A WOMAN, REGARDLESS IF YOU TALKING TO, SEEING, FUCKING,"NOT THAT SERIOUS" YOU HAVE A WOMAN FLAT OUT.. IF YOU ARE NOT TALKIN ABOUT NOTHING DO NOT HIT ME UP. IF
Lacy Patterson
Lacy Stover
Lacy Dickinson
Lacy Hudson Shadowens
I am a bar manager for are vetreans of foriegn wars a mother of two daughters,I enjoy my life to fullest!! my life is enjoyed with motorcycles,friends,tattoos and my one and only family of awesome friends.
Lacy Anderson
Lacy Leach
Lacy Barnett
Lacy Barnett
Lacy Wagner
Lacy Worthy
Lacy Hilton
Lacy Dyer
Lacy Hodges Iii
Lacy Depue
Lacye Price
Lacy Swingle Weist
Lacy Newsbury
Lacy Angelica
Lacy Burke
Lacy Shots
Lacy Merlettato Divirgilio
Lacy Romero
Lacy Massie
Lacy Loveless
Lacy Luper
Lacynna Middleton
Lacy Washington
Lacy Conway
Lacy Horn
Lacy Crenshaw
Lacy Harrison-olson
Lacy Wilder
Lacy Lawrence
Lacy Smith
Ladawna Richter
Well I am me... What can I say you either love me or hate me. I am a trasplante to Minnesota from Oregon, " Don't ask me why" casue I don't really know myself. Don't get me wrong its great here just FREAKING cold. I am 25 single mother of a incrediable alomst six year old. I spend alot of time at doing what normal people do: Work, Family, Home and of course Play. My son and I ride BMX, sad ot say he is way better than me. I have brown eyes really long brown hair and I got blessed with perfect teeth. I am about 5'8, tanish, and athleticly thick. A smatass at times my ideas seem to come off as slightly rebellious its just I am willing to go against the crrent if I need to Thats me if you want to know more chat with me sometime Time _980........ My interests huh, BMX and Motorcross prety much run my life. I started racing when I was 11 and am lucky enough to Manage the Granite City Track Rats. My son who's almost six is following in my foot steps. I won't let him compete in motorcross y
Ladarrius Lewis
Ladawn Manuel
Ladarin Green
Ladale Rogers
La Dawn Morris
La Dana Sanders
Ladawn Marshall
Ladarius Hart
Ladaniel Washington
hey yall i am a fun person it think you will like me if you meet me in person but if holla at here is my number 4852948 so come holla at me
Ladarrius Larkins
My Interest is People. I like networking and meeting people. Its always good to have connections in this society. For females, if we cant talk on an intimate level, we can always be friends. I dont take people for granted. The Matrix Trilogy Friday Trilogy Martin Series
Ladawna Raymond
Ladarion Pickett
Lada Akkarat
Ladarrian Jackson
Ladaruis Thomas
Ladarius Hill
Ladarius Turk
Ladarious Williams
Ladawn Webster
Hi my name is Ladawn...Im 19th about to be 20 be in Sept..Im 4'll and 95lbs but i will not take shit for anyone..Im going to school to become a a nice person until you piss me not into older guys so if your 26 or older im sry but i will be friends with anyone
Lada Barta
Ladawn Denney
Ladan Abdilahi
Ladarian Bridges
I could have been dead sleeping in my grave but GOD blessed me to see another day(friend me, i friend back) (don't be a stranger i want bite you Ladies i just want to get to know You) (I dream to be the best i can be through out life and to help other people) My BEST FEATURE:IS MY BODY!! ITS SOME Haters that CANT STAND ME HEY I DNT CARE MY MISSION IS TO FIND THE TOP AND GET THERE WHEN I COME THROUGH RESPECT MY STYLE AND FLOW IM NOT LYKE ANYBODY ELSE IM JUST LETTING YOU KNOW!!!!!!! females, sports, ENGINEERING, LIFE!! ETC. ATL,Friday,Madea,scary movie, you got serve, stomped the yard, man on fire, scream ETC.
Ladarian Danner
Ladaeshia George
Ladarrius Wynn
Ladarrien Mason
Ladarren Rhinehart
Ladarries Henderson
Ladae Harris
Ladarius Mitchell
Ladarrell Davis
Ladale Hampton
Ladarrius Emeory
Ladd Was Such A Mistake!!
Ladd Baldwin
Laddawan Srida
Laddie Janda
Lade\' Oke
Laderrius Woodson
wat up this is ur boy Da Tennessee kid i am from Cashville tennessee but am in Milan tennessee right now anyway i like havin fun kick it wit my boys go out play football talk to my gurl on the phone get high i like going 2 da mail i love going 2 party MY MOM get rich are die tryin
Lade Mike
La Deesha Hill
Ladesha Webb
Ladena Hall
Ladell Hawkins
La Deania Gardner
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
Laderemey Fielder
**!!!!**** I DO NOT SHOW ANYTHING ON CAM! I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH YOU MASTURBATE! I DO NOT WANT TO PRIVATE CAM WITH YOU! YOU WON'T GET ANY OF MY SCREEN NAMES FOR ANYTHING! IF I AM ON CAM, I AM THERE TO HAVE FUN AND CHAT. I AM NOT THERE TO BE A CAM SLUT! IF YOU COME TO MY CAM LOOKING FOR BOOBS OR ANYTHING ELSE SEXUAL, I WILL DESTROY YOU! FUCK OFF! GO WATCH PORN! ****!!!!** Um...well...I love tattoos and have a large chest piece (see pictures) and want more, but I'm broke. I like to do make up and play dress up and take picures. If you ever want to just hang out and get pretty and take pictures, send me a message. I play video games, a lot of them. I like to do photoediting, I'm pretty good at it too. I tend to be the one that my friends always come to for advice, so I guess I'm pretty good at giving it. I'm originally from Frogtown (yes for real) in Kentucky. It is down in Muhlenberg county. My fave TV show of all time is Gargoyles. Yes, Gargoyles. That carton that used to come on the
Ladell Trimble
Ladel Richards
Laderrick Turner
Ladeen Thomas
Ladee K
Her fans say “She puts on a great show” She commands any room she walks into and she knows how to captivate and grab your attention. Ladee K is one of hip hops next superstars. Born in Orlando Florida but raised in Plymouth Montserrat (British Virgin Islands). Ladee K has proven time and time again not only does she have a show that will keep you entertained, captivated, and energized but wanting more, she also has the lyrical talent to match her stage show. “Ladee K definitely brings it when she performs she has what it takes.”-Tim Nixon (Kane Beatz The Building) Ladee K is currently performing in live venues in various cities such as Orlando, Atlanta, Miami, South Carolina, Virginia, and various other cities all over the world. Her upcoming release slated for July entitled “Chocolate Indulgence” boast various hit singles such as “Get Mo Money” “Live as I Wana Be” and the smash ladies anthem “That’s Why I’m Single”, Is sure to have the radio buzzin, the Dj
Laderrian Smith
Ladelle Hoffman
La De Mc
Laderek Persley
Whats up ppl im new 2 this, jus on here to promote my music, an meet some new ppl. check me out on under Hot Box ent. or on youtube under HotBoxtv318, 1saww, an deezie318. Tell me wat you think about our music or jus post a comment. mixtape comin soon Klownin Around I like 2 write music, freestyle, hangout wit my ppl, have a good time an jus chill.
Ladell Sampson
Laderius Gray
Ladessa Erose
VIP Hostess for Erotica Upscale, We Host PRIVATE Social Networking and Events For The Global Elite, Jet Setters, Models, Moguls, Swingers, Hedonists, Polyamorans, GLBT, XXX, Foot Fetish, Role Playing, BDSM, Glory Holes, Oral Fetish, Novelties, Adult Entertainers and More! Our company travels all over the USA coordinating and promoting adult entertainment. From a intimate dinner for 2 to an all out freak fest for over 200, we've got you covered with innovative, seductive themes and entertainment. #U4E Get on our VIP LIST TODAY and get the inside scoop on the PRIVATE parties you wont hear about anywhere else: Models, Moguls, Jet Setters, Swingers, Hedonists, Polyamorans, GLBT, XXX, Foot Fetish, Role Playing, BDSM, Glory Holes, Oral Fetish, Novelties, Adult Entertainers and The Global Elite
Lade Dade
Lade Alala
Lad Fgtre
Ladies Man..
Ladie Bug
Ladie Caress
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Ladii Loso
Ladinia Herdigein
Hi my name is Suga welcome to the Lions Den I live in Suriname,South America. I'm here in New York for family reasons. I would like to bring the love of music back home with me. So if you think you have what it takes and the people will like you, then send me an email and request to be my friend. By the way I'm leaving to go back at the end of October, but I can always be reached. Thank you and have a blessed day......Suga
LADIES I love the LADIES!!!!!!! Oh yeah I LOVE SMOKING!!!!!!!!
Ladies Ya Gotta Love Dem Hooters
I am a precision machinist with over 22 years. I am married and my wife is an exhibitionist which works out great because I am a voyeur. I have 2 offsring 1 of each ( got lucky with that so I could stop at 2) I have built a few hot cars in my time, including a 400 small block powered Luv ( did it because people said the motor would never fit, with a sawzall and welder it fit just fine and all under the stock hood) I also did a V-8 Mustang but with a 289 Hi-Po( the 302 is way overdone in the mustangs.), But my favorite was probably my 400+ hp. S-10 pick-up. I am an avid camper and love hiking in the woods. I'm a passive fisherman(go out all night, put the hook in the water, and pray to God the fish don't bother me) I enjoy motorcycling, but there are so many shitty drivers in the city sometimes it is a little scary riding. I am a social drinker/smoker who likes a mild cigar and Crown Royal neat. I have been with my wife for over 20 years(married over 18 years which is pretty rare nowad
Ladies Heres A For Ya
"ladies, Would You Please Be Kind And Sign My Guest Book The Love
Free Myspace Surveys at Z I'm a 5'11" tall Black male, 155 lbs, smoker, slight drinker who loves lots of different things, people, place and various other stuff Get more at Get more at
Ladies Only!!** **sign My Guestbook Plz
(ladies Only Plz)
Hey, I'm gonna say this right from the start. I'm NOT interested in guys at this point in my life, I'm enjoying the women way too much. I love those guys out there if they wanna rate/fan me but I'm not gonna be accepting all friend requests from every guy. Sorry... I'm a type of person who is up for anything. I love winter the most of all the seasons. I'm single and have been for some time, its by choice. I love tattoos and piercings ( i got a few myself). I love my friends I have now and the new ones that I'll meet. I love to give hugs and love getting them too.I trust people too much. I love dogs. I'd do anything for the ones I love. I over anylze everything. I haven't ever cheated on someone and don't like cheaters myself. I like sweets way too much. I go for aimless walks. I have too much patience. When I listen to music I love it loud. I'm a neat freak. I'm full of useless information. I love having a broad knowledge of music and movies, and if I don't know it I want to find ou
Ladi Marvel
I am looking to make new friends that I can have some clean chatting with. Flash Toys NASCAR, Cooking, Crafts, Reading, Staying Active with my daughter
((ladii Kewl))
Ladii Yankee
Ladi Lewis
Was sup' world this is yo' girl Ladi! i'm 22yrs old! i love having a good time i'm very adventures! i'm a natural TREND SETTING, everything i do everybody else do (fallow my league) I love MONEY, and classy shit, nice things! i live a glamorous life, i only associate with big MONEY! On my spare time i enjoy being with my loved one's. i'm single at the moment, not really looking for love but if the right one comes my way it's whatever. So, for those interested on that level i'm very faithful and i have kno' time for bullshit! so, if your on games this message is not for you!!!!!!!! i love boxing, movies, making MONEY, gettting spoiled, having fun, traveling, meeting new people....
La Dizon
Ladiesman Your Dream Guy
Ladies Night
We Love Bars, Nightclubs, etc... Nightlife is us! Find Ladies Night Drink Specials and more. Bars And Clubs Added Every Day. Ladies Night Specials In Almost all 50 states.... Long Live Ladies Nights!
Ladii Blessing
Ladislav Genic
Ladii Loyalty
Ladiie Green
Ladie Johnson
Ladii Dee
Ladii Lee
I'm funny - spontaneous - loud - and honest. I speak before I think, and I don't believe that's a flaw. I absolutely LOVE being who I am. This is the part where you decide to get to know me!
Ladi Babi
Ladislao Deloria
Ladiesonly Skinnydipper
Ladipo Odunsi
Ladies Choice
Ladislav Bukaj
Ladii South
La Diavla
Ladiva Diaz
Ladislav Zivanovic
La Djwasa
Ladji Ouattara
Lad Ladak
Ladonna Rudloff
Ladonna Caven
Ladonna Smith
Ladonna Berg
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