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John Lyons
John Sanders
im just lookin for fun
John Beatty
John Fields
Loving,caring,honest, handicapped, In motoerchair, Looking for woman 28-40, average body, C.N.A.+aIf you wanna know the whole the book! Seriously tho; I've been screwed over more times than I'd like. However, I still believe somewhere out there is a person who will think I am amazing and like me for my personality and not try to change it. Cause, I am pretty awesome! like woman in portland OR.avage body-28-39C.N.A.+/" title="Click Image to add">MySpace Graphics - Myspace Layouts,Graphics, and Comments!">
John Mcdonald
Johnathon Wagner
John Logan
Well my name is John, im 24 yrs of age I graduated college already i have an bachelors in business...but im not out in the world yet. If you have ne more questions....feel free to talk to me I like Sports....And getting the pink monster....if you know wut i mean ;c)
John Little
Johnna Hardie
Johnson Lugard
John Mester
Johnny Larios
John Alli
John J. Smith
John Barringer
i am a dad and my one kid she is my world caping,dansing,hockie
John Spore
John Murphy Thompson
John Medema
Johnnie Dow
John Hagan
John Hart
John Medlin
John Landis
John Miller
Johnnyvan Van
John Laviers
John Burch
John Thompson
I am a very intelligent and hard working person. My life has been challenging and I have been through a lot. With that, I can also say there have been more laughs and good times than I can remember. I am currently attending Penn State which has given me newfound happiness. I play basketball roughly four hours a day trying to get better. I see much improvement and won't stop until I reach maximum skill level. I will help anyone I can after myself. I believe that people never focus on the good things someone does for them. Everything bad always sticks with them and they can't accept those who really care about them. I have noticed that a previous significant other that caused pain can ruin it for most people who follow them. Hopefully, one day we will learn to realize that an attraction to a person shouldnt be based on a moment in time. I have my own thoughts and opinions and speak the truth. I promise I am a nice guy just looking to find the people who I can without a doubt say will be
John Waters
John Chukwuemeka Onunkwo
John Wilson
John G
Johnnie Sowell Iii
well, whats good , my name is johnnie, I currently live in a small town called deland, florida.
John Doe
Tha Name Is John. Im 6'4". Im White N Puerto Rican. I Served In Tha U.S. Army As A Cavalry Scout. Im About To Re-Enlist. Wanna Know Anything Els, Hit Me Up.
John Antony Dunne
Johnny Rios
John Brent
I am very true real, not materialistic, but do enjoy the finer things in life. One of my fundamental beliefs is how we treat one another. Well, i don't have any kid but I am passionate about respect appreciation for other people. I am easily touched by the simplest of things. I love to laugh and love humor on all levels. I try and enjoy every minute of day. I am giving and forgiving person. I enjoy Traveling, Boating, Fishing, Picnics, Walks on the beach, Movies, Playing Pool, Motorcycling, Going out for Coffee, Lounging by the Beach next to each other watching the sunset, also enjoy Cooking and love it when the chore is share with my partner, and also treasure quiet moments at home. One of the most important things for me in a relationship is Loyalty, Honesty Sincerity.
John Beres
John Czyczel
Johnny Rom
John Hall
John C. Ward
John Vidanes
Johnshairy Berrios
I am funny i am out goin i like to party i am crazy sometimes i like to be with my friendz alot i am hyper when i eat candy wat can i say that iz mi n that iz all i ma goin to tell u cuz rhiz iz just fubar
John Soto
Johnny Raccosta
Johnny Smith
John Hambleton
John Cordero
John Norman
John Fenner
John Reilly Jr
John Atchison
John Peoples
John Mincer Jr
Johnathan Sanchez
Johnny Miller
Johnnie Burks
Johnny Lozano
John Buddy
Johnny Bare
Johnny Mccollough
John Breheny
John Kaweesi
John Zbinden
John Haugen
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John Wolff
John Smith
John Mabior
John Smith
John Hamilton
Johnny Matthews
Johnny Cannon
John Camara
John Cole
John Hankins
John De Jesus
Johnny Sandoval
John Bouteiller
Johnathan Manley
John Vinerri
John Smith
John Rude
John Hitchings Jr
I'm a simple guy that just likes to meet new people. I'm 57 years old until next month. I am married but with little contact with my wife. She is in a nurseing home and that leaves me with noone to talk with. I am on disability due to my back. I use to have friends on the internet but lost contact with them when I was without a computer for over a year. I do like getting e-mail from friends and don't mind chatting on line. My interests include my computer, and learning more.
John Greiser
John Moses
John Wimberly
John Louis
John Craven
John Garcia
John Lejeune
hey my name is john i am country guy from camden sc and i love to go mudden houting and fishing and i am really sweet kind kool and i am very out going i love to go to he movies and out to eat and i love to go out and pratty...... any thing els ask me i will tell u
John Vasley
Johnelle Richardson
John Caudill
John Fields
John Eslick
Johnathan Morales
John Davis
Johnny Moore
John Childree
John Williams
John Beish
John Caravalho
John Bohlmann
John Macbell
John Jay
John Walker
John Linc
Fuck head with no life. I live off the government because my mental status is very whack and society does not trust me to have a real life. I enjoy watching zombies walk around. I also enjoy watching zombies getting their heads blown off on a freshly painted stone wall behind them. I am good at pissing in the toilet with out making a sound. I am Very good at pissing in the toilet with out getting a drip on the rim! I am the only one who lives here so why does this woman who comes over now and than yell about me having the seat up? Wouldn't it be proper if she returned the seat back to it's up right position when she is finished? I love drugs, psychology, psychiatry, biology, and astronomy. I do practice my faith which is Catholicism. OOOOOOO Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Get a life if you hate me for this. I don't push my beliefs on to anyone. Your lucky if I bring it up ONCE. I spot UFOs off the coast of Lake Erie on a Daily/ Nightly basis. That's because I don't know what the hell t
John Herrera
John Jackson
John Lohan
Im here to make friends all over the world. I like a laugh and a joke but never go to far that i upset people. Its great to chat to other people that you proberly won't meet so i like honesty' its up to you if you want the same. I have 2 cats and a dog they get on great and always winding each other up, must put it on you tube and fubar sometime i will always try to too have time to chat if possible. thats a bit about me the rest is up to you??????? so come on lets get it on tarrantino shit il watch any good movie. no idols why have them sort your shit out and you don't need them people you respect that a different story
John Clark
John Bunker
John Harrison
John Smith
John Calvert
John Purvis
John Brown
John Dutterer
John Samz
John Ray
John Bailey Sr
John Skorupa
John Rott
John Ambrose
Im a cool guy who loves to live life to the fullest, with a great personality and sense of humor. Im in collage for Graphic Design hoping one day Ill make it in the Gaming Industry. My goals and dreams are set high, and I know I will reach them one day... I Like playing Xbox360 with my clan TeamFUup aka FirstUnitup. Also I work on Graphics
John Morris
John Slusher
John Bury
I love the outdoors, I get out into the wilderness as often as I can. One combination I find goes great together is nature and a few drinks of alcohol. Fishing is something I do every chance I get so my collection of fishing rods could probably stretch across Canada. I'm smart, not intelligent, there is a difference. I have a good sense of humour. Going into college soon for pretechnology, can't wait for that. I play guitar, even though I'm not the best I could pass for a decent player. I'm not the most popular person you will ever meet but I'm down to earth and mature. Guitar, philosophy, natural science, sketching, alcohol, The great outdoors, Sports, Fishing, Women
John Grider
John Rafic
Johnathan Harris
Johnathan Harding
John Boling
Johnathan Downer
John Stacy
well hi guys yes i am gay and looking for a loveing careing relashonship but alittel bit about me is im 5foot 7inches 152 pounds
John Shutter
John Oedel
John Rosas
John Miller
John James
John Quinones
John Smith
John Dear
Im John, I like meeting new people and chatting so hit me up. I've been into lifting, have few records in powerlifting, and I like motorcycles/cars, into anything with adrenaline. I have probably the most unhealthy diet ever haha but I defiantly don't need to eat healthy.. Not sure what else to put so ohwell.
John Manuel
John Reposa
Johnny Ready
John Gibson
John Roberts
John Kombol
John Debow
John Tarango
John Brown
Johnson Patrice
John Chungathil
Johnnie Mc
Johnny Blake
Johnny Laboucan
John Williams
John Ayala
John Ryan
6'3" athletic. diabled vet. anything you want to know ask out doors, horses, bikeing, motorcycles, sking, and reading,
Johnny Ringo
John Astorga
John Thompsen
John Balack
John Jones
John Desmond
John Peason
Johnny White
John Ford
John Pearce
John Adams Iii
Johnny Florres
John Breaken
I consider myself to be an easy going, fun loving, caring and honest person. I believe in being committed to a relationship. I like many things and I am fairly open to trying something new. I would like to meet someone who shares my interests, (not necessarily all, but at least some of them) is honest, easy going, fun loving and caring. I would be committed to a relationship with the right person.
John Shaw Jr
Johnny Haines
John Correll
John Wessel
John Derosa
John Ecdoe
Johnathon Miller
John Franklyn
John Philip Wood
am john Philip from Ghana.looking for friends in other to find something i seriously need....and i think you know what that is...and if you wana know more just add me ASAP. interested in finding someone seriously looking for a relationship.just needed to settle down please if interested hit me up now
John Weissmuller
John Davis
Johnny Flame
John Steppling
John Dawson
John Jarrett
John Holmes
John Lowery
John Sanchez
John Fleming
John Wallace
John Hoodenpyle
Johnny Jennings
John Edranie Filamor
John Mcdermott
John D
John Hammett
John Klassen
John Mcdonnell
Johnnie Scott
i am a single black male and like the rest of the world going thru dramatic changes but maintaining to the best of my ability. im a single dad resently reunited with my children after being kidnapped by their mom in 2004. i had to relocate to west palm beach florida to exicute the transaction between myself &the state to get them out of the system. we areb in our new home dealing with a huge change in enviroment coming from miami florida. im loving the change &meltig in our new found tranquility i love the way my community embraces mothernature
John Salazar
John Hawkins
John Henry
I am looking for pleasure with no strings. My mind is open if something else is presented I never say never. Looking for nice or not so nice lady to party with. Have home for private meetings. Able to do some traveling. My name here will give you a hint of what I like to do. Write if you need some special attention. John
John Gouveia
Johnny Favors
John Connell
John Lickman
John Riego
John West
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John Pate
John Johnson
just a normal average everyday guy... looking for the right one. nowherei believe she is... art, sex, cuddling, work, work, work! oh and weed!
John Smith
John Blackwell
John Fleming
John Sturgill
John Venturino
I used to do a lot of farm work until my grandfather passed away. Everything he has told me I live my life by. Right now I work at Western Sugar Co. In Torrington, Wy. I plan on having a great future as a police officer soon. I would like to add that I am in love with a beautiful woman who means the world to me. My future is with her. So if you women on here want me to view your webcam. Forget it! Don't even post the offer on my wall. you will be blocked! Well I like to work on cars, but mainly I enjoy singing! I do a lot of older songs though and not the newer ones because a lot of the new songs have no meaning to them.
Johnny Mack
John Kirkman
I am 30yrs old white male. Work hard for my family. Not in for games or any other dum shit. i have 3 kids that I try to be there for. Have a wonderful job and hope to make lots of money.. my interest are no different from any other man. Taking care of my children and living a very healthy good life. to me all this is a game like playstation lol!!!
John Kennedy
John Walker
John Onedera
John Collins
Johnny Nguyen
John Quinlan
John Duncan
Johnny Belliio
John Adair
John Mgr
John Sherrill
John Gabel
John Giles
John Melvin
John Breese
John Martin
John P
Johnny Doess
Johnna Antiola
John Horton
John Vanwagenen
John Atuaful
John Scheaffer
John Langskov
John Clark
laid back country boy like to hangout with firends an have a good time.....always interested n meeting new people an if you wanna ask me something just ask.....hit me up on here or ask for the cell number
John Sommer
Hey whats up everyone I'm John and my day of the year is May 9th. I love to party and have fun with friends and new ppl, i smoke and drink and do funny mushrooms and do ecstasy but that's it, that's all i need. lol i love the ladies and music and both of those together is great especially in bed i am a active person i hate to just sit around and do nothing unless there is absolutely nothing to do then i gotta jhust deal with it and it sucks ha if u wanna know more hit me up. i text all the time so if u want my number just ask music, sports, partying, girls, and yea life i guess JIM MORRISON IS GOD!!! JOHN LENNON!!! DATSIK!!! comedy, horror, and everything else
John Cooley
Johnathan Lovejoy
Johnny Church
John Sullivan
John Greene
John Commons
John Paris
Johnathan Bauch
John Garringer
John Simmons
John Howe
Johnny Jackson
John Donoghue
Gentle, modest and reserved. cope well with everyday life. have a quiet, optimistic nature. good listener and people feel well in my company. very caring, generous and willing to help. open to and interested in everything that is new or unknown: enjoy the comforts life offers to the full. very happy in everyday life. limitlessly tolerant and always prepared to accept others as they are. Work: visiting family and friends: internet and e-mail: shopping online: art, music:
John Pardee
John Sharman
John Hobin
John Butler
I am a 26 year old college student that loves the out doors. I am looking for a girl that will always be faithful if that sounds like you let me know at
John Perez
John Micheal Tetreault
John Henshaw
Im not on here much, 804-253-5875 is my number, feel free to text or call me if your interested in me or anything
John Phillips
John Landeroz
John Zim
John Donahue
Johnny Carpenter
John Wilson
My name is John, I am 23, I am single and looking for some fun! I love sex and I am bi so I am into both men and women so inbox me or send me a friend request. I am actually a virgin at the moment but I am hoping to change that. That profile pic is not me, it is of my cousin. I am also on Facebook under the name John Attean Wilson, There may be two under that name.
John De Paula
John Pepper Jr
John M
I'm John, I'm silly, intelligent, easy going, genuine, optimistic, Originally from Philadelphia, PA, 34 yrs old, happily divorced, father of 2 daughters, sesquipidalian, new to fu, but a long time internet "chat" veteran (i met my x wife on the internet in the late 90s). take it easy on me, I haven't had enough time to learn the social norms here yet! MY daughters. Being goofy, having fun, doing things, chilling at home. Puff Puff pass. wii pool, darts, movies, trivia... Darwin, Einstein, Franklin, Dawkins, Kevin Smith, people willing to take a chance. Fight Club, The Hangover, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Kevin Smith's movies and him in general, his smodcasts are hilarious), Se7en, Step Brothers, Amelie, City of the Lost Children,
Johnny Koenig
John Reynolds
John Massie
John Cabrera
John Goodell
John Amsterdam
John Polukort
John Lao
John Demoney
John Peters
John Vos
Johnnie Howard
John Smith
John Hardin
John Labonte
John Smart
John Boss
Where do you really begin here? I am a laid back kind of guy with a warped sense of humor. I am short, pale and cute in a tall, dark and handsome world : ). I am an opened minded person that just wants to live life with no regrets. I have a quote that I try to live by it is "treat me good and I will treat you better, treat me bad and I will treat you worse" - Chuck Zito. Music, MMA, and having great times with great friends.
John Warrington
John Townsend
John Fogle
I Like hunting,fishing,swimming,going to church
John Williams
Johnny Mons
I am a man that tells it how I feel it. I enjoy many things for entertainment, I like quiet nights at home with a special lady, when there is one in my life. I enjoy Renaissance Faires, Watching Movies at home and Chatting on the computer. I also enjoy acting when the right part comes along. It is all about entertaining people. I love seeing people enjoy life. Interested in meeting a good woman that will not play games with my heart. Someone I can hold and will hold me. If you can't be honest with me then do not waste my time. LOVE MAKING THEM AND GLAD TO BE PART OF THE INDUSTRY
Johnny Blaze
suicide to this..
John Bye
im 5'8,brown hair blue eyes,i like nacar (any body but jeff gordon)the washington redskins,the wwe ,if you want to know anything just ask feel free to message me and or cam2cam,if any of yall would like to chat i have skype my id is kissfan169,and yahoo at freebird_23669, im open to any and every thing ,im a big fan of pantyhose,stockings,heels,etc,
John Allen
John Burden
John Sole
John Allwine
John Lopez
Johnny Cruz
John Dough
John Fleece
Johnny Colarusso
John Schipper
Johnny Bianco
John Martinez
John Foster
John Frank
John Wilson
Johnny Barr
Johnathan Walker
John Daniels
John Young
John Mcwhorter
Johnny Steel
Johnny Young
Johnathan Stauffer
John Mckinney
John Thistle
John Brockman
Johnathan Phinisee
im a chill, laid back type of person. i like to have fun in w/e ways seems fun at the moment. i'm 100% honest with everybody that i meet and i expect the same back.....that's me. having fun
John Woody
John Gilbert
John Chesser
John Stinson
Johny Bravo
John Jackson
John Young
John Brewer
John Mcdonald
John Oleary
John Elliott
Love to cook, watch movies and eat popcorn or icecream, listen to music, games, hiking, camping, swimming, dining. Just love cooking new things from scratch. Learning how to can my own foods. Like making Hard candies, chocolates, clarified butter, apple butter, soups, salsas, tacos, sausage, steak, pizza, calzones, milkshakes, whip cream, butter, etc etc etc. Collection foreign coins, Collecting comic books, Do it yourself stuff. I like a lot of music (pop, rock, psychedelic rock, dubstep, rap, techno, etc), movies (romance comedies, scifi, fantasy, thrillers, war, etc), Gardening, and gaming. Terminator 1-4, alien1-4, predator1&2, predators, avp1&2,pirates of the carribean movies, Lord of the Rings movies, Punch Drunk love, Adam Sandler movies, Arnold movies, Kiss of the Dragon, The One. SciFi, Action, Comedy, etc.
John Arnold
John James
John England
John Riffle
John Mcstay
Johnson Jeremie
John Stearn
John Lewis
'johnathan Toledo
John Ride
Johnny Mcrobert
John Bronkema
John Joseph
John Battise
John Orner
im nice like to hangout with friends all kinds of stuff just dont know how to put it down im 5,8 175pd average body and lonely lol ya dont know what else to say sorry ask me a question ill tell u the answer k. well im single so maby find a girl friend on here but ether way friends are nice to have i like to do all kinds of things not really picky about my friends but i dont know what to say dont really know what i want in a girlfriend someone whos nice i geuss and like to have fun alot.
John Schatz
I like to kick it and keep it real. I think life has too many awesome and enjoyable things in it to be judgmental of people. I like to be involved anything that has to do with having a good time. I like to be around my closest friends more than anything else. Im kinda hands on when it comes to a lot of things, I like to build stuff, I like to work on motors and such (especially my truck). Im pretty creative, I'm almost always thinking of making something new, whether its food, or a car, or even a person (I draw a lot). Im also kind of an outside person, I like to just be active and be engaged in things, I get cabin fever fairly easily unless I'm with the right company. I like to go Mudding, camping, hunting, ya know manly stuff . But I also like to race, and participate in truck pulls and demo derbies. Little bit of a thrill seeker. But I also like to tone it down and chill some times. There is more but if ya wanna know you'll have to ask. Oh and I give great back rubs . I don't really
John Cummings
John Haskns
John Steele
John Ellis
Johnny Mcintosh
John Masse'
John Abumere
John Lundgren
John Coughlan
John Dow
Johnathan Christofel
John Ross
John Schmeltz
im easy going like to make new friends i like alot of things just ask me about it lol dating party animal on here so im being good lol love her very much she my baby gal ummmmmm
John Robles Iii
John Legend
Johnny Coohurdy
John Williams
John Duran
John Palinkas
John Mugnano
John Sema
John Maziarz
My name is john, im 22 years old and a E-5 in the army national guard. i have been deployed and returning at the end of the year. I enjoy being in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, playing football, hockey, paintball and of course going to the shooting range.. I love music mostly rock/metal and i also listen to country. Im from ohio but after i get back from my next deployment im moving to Tucson and i cant wait.... if you have any questions feel free to ask Shooting a lot.....
Johnny Angel

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