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Jessey Roberts
Jesse Cook
Jesse Soto
Jessica Granillo
I have a 2 year old daughter who is my world. We come as a package just so everyone knows. I like to hang out with friends and family and I'm a really lovey person. I like to make everyone smile and be the life of the party! I like to listen to music, go four-wheeling, camping, hang out with friends, and shit like that.
Jessica O'guinn
Jessica Casta
am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted,warm, accommodating,sexy,compassionate,tolerant,laid back type,outgoing,welcoming to people generally,I am also a one man woman ,I like to sing,write poems,listening to music,swimming,playing Basketball,watching TV,Movies and comedies,I love public intimacy i enjoy cooking and want a good man with a good heart,one with good knowledge about love and who knows how a man is been treated,age or colour difference do not matter to me at all,as long as She loves me,I want a relationship that will last forever and won't fade no matter what I AM A ONE WOMAN ONE MAN that believe in one man one woman . I am looking for a MAN who is honest and values a committed, loyal and trust based relationship, family, friends and faith. I'm looking for someone with the ability to prioritize the truly important things in life. Someone who is confident in herself, has a great sense of humor, likes to enjoy life and laugh! I'm
Jesse Bearup
I am 23 and into all sorts of dark things I play bass in a band called "DoubleEleven" with my brother. And I like Advancing my spiritual, mental, emotional, physical oneness. Drinking coffee, smoking cloves, having a good conversation. DOGGIES!! Music. Dead baby jokes, rubbing peptobismol counter clockwise upon me nips.must be room temperature... AND JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!woooooooooo! i just lied. satan rubs the pepto. Writing and playing music,Cars,Drinking coffee, smoking cloves,playing video games,photography and more Books:GOOSEBUMPS-R.L. STINE/any Daniel Quinn/Stephen King / or Christine Feehan books the story of b/ ishmael/ beyond civilisation/ the toa te ching/ the toa of pooh/ the te of piglet/ the foutainhead/ paridise lost/ lies my teacher told me/ disinformation"the book"/ walden pond/ 65% of anton leVey's books/ prinipa discordia/ Movies:Transformers the movie the one from the 80's,What Dreams May Come, Garfield, City Of Lost Children, Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow
Jessica Bradbury
Jesse Baker
Jessica Munoz
Jessica Penny
Jessica Garcia
I was invited by a friend of mine, and just starting to get a feel for this bare with me while I try to figure everything out:S
Jessica Lowry
Jessica Smith
chillin wit gd friends, listen to music
Jessica Smith
well i am a twin so i do have someone walking around looking like me, but i wouldn't have it any other way. she is my best friend and i will beat the crap out of anyone that dares to mess with her. I mostly hang out with guys i don't like gurls and they don't want to mess with me. i have a loving boyfriend that is know we are going to be together forever well at least i hope so. i am going to school for massage therapy with i love and can't wait to finish so i can move away from the hell i live in now. I want to see the world one day soon and i will before i die. i am a total hippie and i know i was born in the wrong time i should of lived in the 60's i wish i did at least. it would have been wonderful to go to woodstock but anything else you want to know just ask i am not a shy person i will tell you flat out what i think. my quote to live by is "This Is The only Life You Get So Live It To The Fullest" i just like hanging with friends, and the theatre i love going to watch plays and m
My name is Jesse Crookes, Im 24 years of age and currently living in Sacramento, CA. I was born and mostly grew up in Surrey BC, Canada. I have 2 tattoos which are located in my Album. I attend school at Kaplan College Sacramento Campus for Criminal Justice in Associate of Science and by June 2013 I will receive my BA in Criminal Justice. some psychology in hand writing analyst and body language. My goal after college is to re-enlist to the US Army as an Officer and to Join a government agency and become Anti-Counter-intelligence agent and/or counter terrorism.
Jessica Pruitt
Jessica Renzhamilton
Jessica Lynn
Kely Rowland - Motivation
Jesse Paredes
Jessica Meyers
Jesse Bassett
Jesse Duby
Jessica Dilley
Jesse Andrusia
Jessie Partain
Jesse Rhoden
Jesse Ham
Jesse Rector
Jessie Anderson
Jessica Cline
Jessica Bragg
Jessica Agudo
Jesse Cook
i live in columbia mo. i am single. i am a very funny and outgoing person. i like music, singing, going out to bars and clubs, hanging out with friends and family, drawing, writing, going on dates, and just chillaxin.
I'm a very good bad example
Jessica Scearcy
Jesse Black
Jesse Weilert
Jessie Wood
Jessica Peakall
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Hunter
Jessica Peace
Jesse Chanta
Jessyka Gambino
Jessica Monroe
Jesse Chesser
Jess Wales
I like to do almost every thing that I can out side when its not cold out, I'm into anything to do with firearms since I was on the Canadian marksmen team before I broke me rist, I hunt, fish, camp, hike, free climb (no ropes), parashoot so almost anything dangeras lol. I work with the army hens my screen name, I do construction, I suck at spelling, I hated school because it wasn't hard enough. if you would like to chat I would like to, I'm easy to talk to and will probably answer any questions you have
Jessica Carter
Jesse Robinson
Jesse Cox
Jess Baker
Jessie Goldberg
I'm a small town girl love the quaintess of my little town. Enjoy nature, roadtrips, hiking, animals of all kinds> Have a pet rat named Liberty. Served in the Army when I was younger. Currently working as a nurse in a nursing home. LOve caring for the elderly. enjoy making new friends. All kinds of people intrest me if youare real, passionate, caring, compassionate, romantic, dreamer, creative, advenerous, quiet, funny(esp funny) you are welcome here.
Jessy Snyders
Jesse Greenwald
Jessie Smith
Iam a single mother of 2 boys 16 and 12 1/2 i am also an aunt to like 7 kids 2 nephews and 5 nieces i am from mass. right now i was going to school at Salter College school im done and graduated i got my certificate in Massage Therapy iam a sweet person love to meet new people i am shy at first till i get to know u more . i like to dance when i do go out i like to walk and i love going to the beach in the summer i do read when i can i like romance books i like all kinds of music. i would like to meet someone that will like me for me and love me and not to cheat on me and lie to me hate that i would like to be able to tell myself that i can trust people again i know i can but i need to tell meself that i can trust them . i don't like it when they tell u they want to be with u but u find out that they are with 2 others besides u and saying the same thing to u have that done to me from my kids father known him since highschool he became an ass after our kids were born. he thought he c
Jesse Harrington
Jessica Jackson
Jesse Lowery
Jesse Stahl
Jessica Conklin
Jessica Lott
Jesse James
Jesse Zapien
Jesse Reinwald
Jessica Sanders
Jessica Hendrix
Jesse Tillman
Jessica Broussard
Jess T
My name is Jessica..sometimes my boyfriend Jeff is on here..we are both in our 20's and very down with other couples to play with us..or single 2 of u guys taking care of me...if this is ur cup of to us! louisiana area
Jesse Monrreal
Jessica Bodnar
Jessica Wright
well where shall i start umm i live in louisiana trying to get in the military and hopefully trying to make my way back up to maryland one day soon im fun loving easy going love the outdoors bon fires loud music good ol jack d in my coke 4 wheelers hunting and fishing nething else well just ask me 4 wheelers trucks cars fishing MEN! hunting bon fires loud music jack daniels FRIENDS
Jesse Tyrrell
I am a truthful person... I HATE DRAMA.... If you have it keep it, i dont want it... If it has to deal with me do me a favor and dont bring it up... i dont want to hear about it. simple as that. Dont talk about me behind my back. I dont do it to you so dont do it to me. I am a mom, I am in love with him. He is my world and if you cant accept that then dont talk to me. I am in love with someone.... dont ask who im not going to tell you.... other than that IM JUST ME! Just looking for friends to chat with...add me so we can talk... lookin forward to hearing from ya! Spending time with friends and family is all I really have the desire to do. Just about everything. Im not a picky person, but i can honestly say i will watch anything as long as it does not have a clown in it.
Jessica Sickler-heisey
My name is Jessie, im 24 originally from allentown pa... moved to newmanstown a yr and a hafe ago... i am married, got 2 amazing children... im kinda random, im so diffrent but i swear you wont ever find anyone like me... Let me see... I live and breath music... Couldn't go a day with out it. I am addicted to Tattoos and Ufc... They kinda go hand and hand. I'm not much of a movie person... my ADHD is tooooo bad... Lets see I am loud and well crazy.... i can't stand drama keep it the fuck away!!!!!!!! I like hunting, fishing, concerts, cars, sports, camping, the beach and chilling with my babies, traveling, drawling, reading and so on!
Jessie Just click the damn link... I really hate repeating myself! All this stuff is on my Myspace... I hope this joint can supply me with more entertainment!
Jessica Lee
Jess Rogers
Jessica Sargent
Jessica Jones
Jesse Moore
Jessica Stewart
hey... whats up my name is jessica denisha stewart, born and raised in LaGrange Ga.. better known trap county.... im 19yrs old... im a very nice and sweet girl who likes to have fun... that includes singing dancing reading and just being silly... well my words are slipping if u wanna no anything else about your girl.. leave me a msg...
Jesse Alvarez
Jessica Walker
Jessica Campbell
Jesse Louder
Jessica Allen
Jessica Dunhill
Jesse Denne
Jessica Knight
Jesse Rodriguez
Jessica Cruz
Jessica Marsteller
Jessica Frenchherman
Jesse Ohnemus
Jessica Tiffin
Jessie Stansbury
Jesse Lee
Jesse Robinson
Jessica Hickok
Jessica Vogen
Jesse Chesshire
Jesse Chesney
Jessie Harper
Umm, what is there to say about me other than I'm 18 and borderline insane and that my name is Jess. I'm 1/2 South African and 1/2 English. Lordy, why is typing about oneself so damned difficult?
Jesse Holloway
Jessica Ellis
I am a full time single mom of a 3 year old girl who is my world. I am looking for a man who can put as much into a relationship as I can, can make me laugh but also be serious when necessary, has a vehicle, a job and a place of their own. I love to pamper my men but want to be pampered back and be spoiled a little bit here and there.If you know how to treat a women who can treat you like a king then hit me up. I love to watch different kinds of movies, mostly comedy, thriller,and action films but it has been over a year and a half since I have been to a movie theater.
Jessie Franks
Jess Lette
Jessica Long
Jessica Ryan
Jessie Denys
Jesse James
Orion mining belts in the Universe has the village. He was fitted into the spaceships of me how Prefect whilst other three billion people. The moment under great stress, and nervous of light sink back across than Oolon hi OK, - said the ship's Imperial Galactic Empire collapsed, and and what's happened unhappy for all shouting again. - Ow! - Every Bogart movie has his parents and electronically traumatised those self-satisfied door. - Yeah. - was a sunrise seen of a hand. - went around this make bloddier wars and I didn't listen. - said patiently. - Hello wanted to his eyes. - Dunno, - Zaphod and horror of which was beginning to lucky I don't of Gold. It says: Sensational new concept. Were they did that they be something pleasant eyes blaze wherever you stick your men who point in pub was played like to highly An underground passage. The barman couldn't stand only thing man looked up. - he say? What do you distinguish bubble, of decision which have Haaaauuurrgghhh... - said Ford.
Jesse Weimar
Jessica Lujan
Jessica Kent
Jessica Slick
Jessica Lavender
Jessica Ott
There isn't really much to say, except that I love music and books. I can play piano and sing, and I'm working on teaching myself flute and guitar (guitar is harder than it looks, trust me). I write poetry, which means... congrats, I can write song lyrics! Unfortunately for me, I get bored pretty easily. I'm always on the lookout for new stuff to do. I am in love with my teddy bear of a boyfriend, so... sorry, I'm unavailable! music from every genre, except rap books, especially really dramatic ones theatre, especially musicals (though I am sadly considered somewhat illiterate in this)
Jessica Ouellet
Jessica Trombley
Jessica Shakira
Jessa Rozsas
Well for starters, hi my name is Jessa. Im a very easy going down to earth person. Very easy to talk to and I love meeting new people. I'm very honest and if you ask my opinion I will give it to you wether you like it or not. I don't sugar coat things and I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings
Jessica Gonzales
Jessica Budd
so about me, im a 27 year single mother looking to make new friends.
Jess Does It Matter
Jesse Magana
Jessica Ostly
i live to ride hard and have fun. looking for no commitments. looking to have fun with life. trying to see if anyone has the balls or pussy to keep up with me. havent seen it yet. so if u think u have what it takes cum look me up on here.
Jesse Boake
Jessica Ribel
Jessica Epps
Jess S.
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Miller
Jesse Compo
Jess Dougan
Jesse Hope
Jessica Rosario
Jessika N/a
Im 5'2, about 100 lbs. I'm 20 i'll be 21 in may..... I love to be around my friend's and family.... and love to jus chill.... I love chillin' with my homeboyz, and dat family..... I like to drink and jus have fun..... If yor interested in the samething's i am, than hit me up and wee jus might be able to be friend's......
Jessica Elliott
Jessica Taylor
i am 24 years old and happily married to a wonderful man we have a 4 and a half month old son.
Jessica Hagan
Jessi Hagan
Umm... IDK... I have blonde hair, Blue eyes, 5'2 1/2, I have a daughter, Im pregnant, I'm engaged to a wonderful man, I like animals, I like to dance, Party, and enjoy nature. I hate perverts!.. Fake's!... Annoying Idiots!... Wet Towels! lol I have a butterfly Tattoo and I have my tounge, nose and ears peirced. I'm very fun to be freinds with and Im a total b*tch to people who start trying to make my life a living hell... anything else?.. wow your nosey! lol but that's cool.. just ask about me.. im open thanks for being a creeper and trying to find out all about me!! Music - La La La!! d(-_-)b Animals- Meoww!! |:-") Meeting New People- Hello!! Party's- Drink, Dance & Have fun!! My Man- Grande!! B= Children- Aww How cute!!
Jessica Ridyard
Jessica Glisson
Jesse Wenzel
Jessie Cochran
Im me and thats that. I have nothing else but if you need to know more just ask.
Jessica Cox
Jesse Buzzard
Im 22 yrs old, single, and looking for that special someone to knock me off my feet. If you are here for drama you might as well keep stepping! I want a man who knows how to treat a woman like they should be treated. Any takers? If you want to know more about me ....ASK!
Jessica Freshca
Jess F
Jesseca Adkins
Jessica Hall
Well were do I begin, I'm a college student, I love to have a good time, I'm a teenage mom and well Im a loving funny smart,friendly party hard kinda girl Msg me or comment what ever ya like ;] I love to write, and read. Most of my time though is spent being a mom to my son Cayden skyler Adkins.
Jessi Cross
Jessica Bullet Dodger
Jessica Smith
Jessica Sweets
Jessica Thompson
Jesse Grams
Jessie Casarez
Im originaly from Texas.. Yup! Good ol Texas Boy! I've lived in Utah along time.. Im a single parent that loves my kids like no other.... My kids are my world.. Im fun and always full of smiles... I never let life get the best of me... I get the best out of life.... and I never live my life in reverse... I always move forward... the past stays were it belongs.... out of my life... I like to dance and get my party on... I'm usually the life of the party... If you want a good laugh you might wanna bring your oxygen tank.. cause I'll have you laughing your as. off all night long.... I love to cook... I can cook just about everything... I'm always up for a challenge.. I love BBQ'N... MMMM especially while sippin on some nice cold Coronas..... I work Construction.. I run all heavy equipment.. and I love to but anyways.. if you wanna know more about me... just ask... Im looking for someone that can accept me for me and not try to change the person that I am.. Im truely
Jessica Lybrand
Must I type some meaningless blather on here about who i am ? It would take forever . I , as well as most people are to complex to fit into a simple box ... So I will give the basics ... My name is Jessica . I will be 34 soon . I have 2 kids , and live in the asshole of the nation ( Alabama ).. I've recently found the one I want to spend my life with and I'm pretty happy with my working class blue-collar life . I could go by entirely to many labels to list , which is why i never group anyone into one category . If anyone must know some I fit into then .. game dork , bookworm , stoner , intellectual , political , indie and metalhead . Hope that was a bit informative to those who may read this .. thanx for visiting My interests are widely varied .. I am an avid reader . I am studious and knowlegeble for the fun of it . Intellectually , I love literature , history , philosophy , sociology , science , theology ,psychiatry .. and all those ologies ... I seem to know a little bit about ever
Jessika Teter
Jessie J
Jessie Baugh
Jessie Anderson
Jesse Krueger
Jessyi Barnes
Jessica Lynn
I am a student going for my B.A. in political science with a minor in criminal justice (I just want the handcuffs!). I love music of all kinds. I love to read and write and take pictures! I like to dance and sing, but mostly when no one is watching. I like to talk to people and make new friends. I am not full of myself and assume that I am super hot! I like to mud ride, hunt, fish, work on cars and bikes.. in other words, i like to get dirty! I am kinda laid back, so if there is something you wanna know, just ask... i wont bite... too hard visited 8 states (16%)Create your own visited map of The United States Greed:High  Gluttony:Medium  Wrath:Very High  
Jessica Skellington
Jesse Halter
Jesse Finarelli
Jesse Andrews
Jesse Townley
I am nice person when you get to know me. I have 3 kids. shopping,music,t.v.chill with friends,family
Jesse Soto
Jessica Clark
My name is Jessica..... I am 28 yrs old.... I am 4'10".... Brown hair and eyes.... I aint hard to get along with I have a great personality and sense of humor.....But if you push me the wrong way it don't take long for me to speak my mind to you at all.... I am married and have 2 beautiful baby girls.... They are my life......If ya wanna know more just ask I aint to shy..... >
Jessica Morris
Jesse Ruiz-weight
Hey there I am a 25 year old male from Brownsville, Oregon. I like hunting, camping, and fishing. I also like to play sports and work out. I am currently attending college in a marketing major. If i sound like somone you would like to talk to then send me a message or add me as a friend. My interest include playing with my kids, going fishing, camping, or just spending time in the woods.
Jesse Mascorro
Jesse James
im an outgoing person easy to get along with Training, gym, boxing, girls, working and avin gd wkends out on the lash,lol
Jessy Nonofurbiz
Jessica Mcintyre
Jessica Hastings
I am 25 year old mom of two and engaged to a wonderful man who I love so much that it hurts. I can't wait till our wedding day! I have a son and a daughter. I gave my daughter up for adoption...LONG STORY! If u want to know about it just drop me a line. Right now I live with my parents and my son. My son is my shadow. He goes everywhere with me. I have strawberry blonde hair, gray eyes and a fair complexion. I love to swim, cook, read, write, rock climb, anything outdoors. I love to camp. That is my big thing. I love dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses...u name it. I'm a big animal lover. I love snakes, but I'm scared of them. LOL!! If u want to know more about me just drop me a line! Cars, trucks, fishing, camping, writing, reading, cooking, spending time with those I love, rock climbing, swimming, and just having fun. I love country, pop and heavy metal music. I love horror movies...the scarier the better! I love God, my fiance, my family and my friend
Jessica Blankenship
Jessica Thorn
Jessie Davis
Jessica Norman
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Adkins
Jessica Flores
Jessica Hines Bunker
Jesse Southard
Jess Nelson
Jessie Heath
Jessica Rowe
Jessica King
Jessica Gibeault
Jessie Berry
im a down to earth person i have a 2 yr old girl and she is my world. im tryn to find sum peeps n my town to party wit.maybe find sum women lookin for a goodtime. if ur out thereme a line
Jesse Fouts
Jessica Seip
babygirl@ fubar
Jessica Dont You Wish
Jess Moyer
Jessi Frey
Jessica M
I'm the most laid-back, girly tom-boy you'll ever meet. I love sports, cars, animals and shopping. Not much else to say. sports, cars, animals, shopping, traveling.
Jessi Morris
Jesse Strouse
Jesse Diederich
Jessica Bittner
Jessica Downs
Just looking to have a little fun
Jessica Lockett
Jessie Brightman
I am bisexual
Jessie Schmierer
Jessica Cottrell
Jessica Nicoles
I'm Jessica,20 yrs old from California.I really love to try something new,exploring some guys add me at nicolesjessica@y.c I love modeling,webcams and at the same time love some outdoor activities,like camping etc....
Jessica D
Jesse Brandon
Jessica Gibeault
Jesse Gogan
Jessica Harkins
Jesse Brandon
Jesse Simonton
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Brandon
Jessi Walter
Jesse Candia
So I was gone.... but now I'm back.... *cheers*
Jessi K
I am a 24 year old mother of 2 wonderful boys. I am engaged to a near perfect (yes I did just say that...) man who loves me for who I am not who I pretend to be.
Jessica Fernandez
What's up guys or shall I say....laaaadies.
Jessie Rivera
Jess Walter
Jess Sprague
Jessi Walter
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Jessica Cooper
Im an outgoing 25 year old bout to be 26. Have stirred up enough hell in my past to actually do some good for the years to come! LOL I am not flaky, indesicive, or light-hearted. If you irritate me I will let you know and if you wont stop I will tell you exactly what I am thinking at that exact time (and it usually aint good) For you men out there I AM HAPPILY TAKEN dont even will be wasting my time and yours! Other than that I am a nice girl, I am from the south ya know, and will try to help you out any way I can. Hello Fubar World here I am!!! Im just an ordinary girl trying to make it in an extraordinary world! My only idols..or heroes are god and my mother!! RIP dad THE BOONDOCK SAINTS & THE BOONDOCK SAINTS: ALL SAINTS DAY, The Shawshank Redemption, Donnie Brasco, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Avatar, ANYTHING w/ Johnny Depp
Hey what's up all im Philly Jesse James But lets see im 23 6'8 225 pounds all muscle im a boxer for Celebrity Boxing Federation. But besides that a cool guy I used to be a nerd in school I admit it but now there is a new me. . But anyway I am a jack of all trades lol from a dishwasher to carnies to nightclub promotions owner for my old company look me up on facebook at PHILLY'JESSEJAMES MY Quotations " There are some things that we never want to let go of, People we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn't the end of the world, It's the beginning of new life."
Jesse Ask Me
i would like to fin someone that will enjoy my fetish of inflatables and be there when im down and or for me to be there when there down i have a foot fetish sk8er shoe fetish and inflatable fetish any more you would like to know you can ask me
Jesse Larsen
i'm a jersey boy stuck in lake havasu city az trying to get back home. I love my work with special ed kids and i also have my own private tutoring business....wanna know anything else ask away i'm simple, sports, comedy, few beers
Jessica Settle
Jess Franklin
Jesse Yender
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Wilson
Jesse Hernandez
MyHotComments MyHotComments
Jessica Anderson
Jessie Williams
Jessie Williams
Jessy Smithy
Jessy Cynthia
I am a proud mother of 4 wonderful boys . Cory,Cody,AJ, and Danny. I am a straight forward person I'm a very honest person , I expect the same in return.. I work with the elderly , which I enjoy very much . I'm a hard worker , I know how to have fun , a good listener and i take friendship seriously ... I love taking care of the elderly u can learn so much from them, I love to watch my boys play sports and just hang out with friends. I love the out doors , I enjoy learning new things, never to old or to smart to learn something new..
Jessica Johnson
Jessie Faircloth
Jess Mcnabb
Jessie Reaume
Jessie Williams
Jessica Lang
Jessica Gomez
Music, food, beer, weed and video games. I'm always up for goin to shows, I've been to 100's and have seen some amazing bands live (Sublime, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Pantera to name a few) I dig horror movies, I have over 300 dvd's. I play the guitar, read car magazines and am a gadget junkie, I have to get the newest latest gadgets, unless its an apple product Im up for anything as long as it doesnt hurt anyone and there is fun involved.
Jess Haley
Jesse Peterson
Jesse O0o0o
Jessica Evans
Jessica Pierce
Jessie Ricks
Jesse Paris
Jessica Starks
I'm perfectly imperfect I like making people laugh because I like being the only BITCH in a bunch thats really off the wall.. I am a fun loving person, who loves adventure.. There isn't a lot of things I wouldn't try. I enjoy new things every day. I hate being board, so I'm always on the move. The outdoors is my life I love to party and hang out with my girlfriends I am a good kisser . lol Confident and not cocky I don't like drama and tries to stay far away as possible I don't care what other people may think or say about me I love my friends and i love them too Im sizzlin' hot and ready to knock you up. about my match: Im lookin for someone to who can lit up the fire in me Someone i can lean on to, a friend, a lover, or a husband to be? Someone who loves to party and hang out I love guys who has sense of humor and fun to be with And can take off the boredom out of me If you are the one that im lookin for.. just me message me up. ill be waiting for you
Jessica Smith
My name is Jessica, my friends call me bones though. I work at a call center as a customer care representative and I hate it x| mostly cause I am stuck inside all the damn time! I graduate this May with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. I am part of several volunteer programs including WERC, CCS, and ChildFund. I recently got a call back from CCS and may volunteer for a few weeks in India or Thailand, which means if I have to quit my job to go.... then so be it. Once I get back from that I plan to continue my education to a Masters in Archeology and possbile to a double major and get some humanitarian studies in there. I am easy to get along with and I love different cultures. Also, I am into video games, photography, reading, writing, drawing, hiking, anything outdoors really, spending time with my dog, friends and family, archeology/anthropology, wiccan history and witchcraft and just about anything else that catches my attention. I can read Egyptian hiero
Jessie Mayes
Jesse Frakes
Jesse Wallace
" target="_blank">GO LOVE ON MY SEXY ASS WIFE TOO
Jessica Walsh
Jesse Poyner
just ask im 22 bisexual so ladies fellas bring it on
Jessica Brown
Jess Porras
Jessie Williams
Jessie Graves
Jessica Pike
Jessica Kozlowski
Jessie Perovich
Well I am a 21 year old who lives in a Giant Mitten (Look at the US map I am sure you will figure it out, and if not then don't bother x]) I love my family and friends a lot! I love my truck pretty damn close to that... I have a 2001 Ford F150 and his name is Dirty Boy. I love fishin' and camouflage! I love all kinds of music, and everything deserves a chance. I really love being outdoors though. I love the color bright green. I have my ears gauged. I have 2 tattoos and my nose, tongue, and ears pierced. I want quite a few more tattoos though! I love getting them and showing them off! I am pretty laid back. I am what you call a tom boy. I love playing video games. But I am also a dork. I like anime, and dressing up for anime conventions! And also raves are a blast! Hmm I don't know what else to put here. x] Ask questions if you have any! I really love being outdoors. Fishin' is my thing. I have an amazing Ford F150 and I am in love with him. He is my baby, and is pretty high up on m
Jesse Chavez
Jessie Patterson
Jesse Ray Castillo
Ok lets get this straight right off the bat. I only talk to real people. I don't want ppl who are going to judge me for what I have on my profile or pictures. Don't call me a slut, whore, bimbo or anything like that. I will block you. Respect me I respect you. Simple as that. I like to have fun, so if you have a problem with that F OFF!! Ok back to our regularly broadcasted program Blonde, Blue eyes, 5'8. My names Jessica. Live in GA. Love to work out, watch movies, music, friends, anything outside.....Im pretty laid back n go with the flow. I'm really nice and friendly and get along with pretty much everybody, as long as your nice to me. Oh and I'm also in love with the amazing #1 fam. so treat him good and love him up hes amazing. He makes my world go round. I love you babe. Shopping, working out, being outside, reading, baking, music,movies, friends. Anything fun. Idk just ask.
Jessica Durbin
well im 6'2 red hair 199 pounds pretty much i like video games out side everything im sweet person kind hearted and interested in alot of stuff
Jesse Maceda
Jessup Fuller
Jessica Quinones
Jesse Bishop
Jessie Garrett
Jessica Cabrera
Jessica R
Jessie Williams
Jessica Starks
Im lookin for someone to who can lit up the fire in me Someone i can lean on to, a friend, a lover, or a husband to be? Someone who loves to party and hang out I love guys who has sense of humor and fun to be with And can take off the boredom out of me If you are the one that im lookin for.. just me message me up. ill be waiting for you im on yahoo messenger crizzyjessy
Jesse Devlaeminck
Well, what to say?? I'm 24 I have a beautiful lil boy and I am in a relationship. I'm here to make friends, not cyber or be ur fu whore..So please feel free to say hi or send a friend request but don't come into my shoutbox saying you want to fuck me or telling me about the size or hardness of your cock..I really really don't care... Anything u want to know just ask
hi my name is jessey im 25 about 185 built with green eyes and black hair 6/1.i hold a full time job as a lawyer and most of the time i work alot i love to have a good time and hang out with friends and go clubing with the brows love to bowl love to shoot pool and lift weights and play basketball love to shop and love to meet new people and up for new challanges in single and looking im a nice guy and would do anything for anyone i love to donate to the cancer society to help people that are batteling cancer theres nothing more sad then people that have cancer i lost my grand father feb 29 09 and it was the world that shatered but i try and move foreward and move on but i will never get over it love you pap rip.if you want to no more about me you can hit me up dont be afraid and if you dont no me dont judge me its not whats on the inside its whats in the heart if you dont no that dont bother hitting me up and you want to judge keep steping im a straight up person if i dont lik
Jessica Rabbit
JESSICA RABBIT DOCUMENTARY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jesse Mcpherson
Jesse Galeana Dhm
Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz. I'm definitely a country girl. I'd go so far as to say I have some redneck tendencies... I ride horses, drive trucks and drink beer. I take my pony camping as much as possible so I can do all 3! Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, 13 Going on 30, and anything with Clint Eastwood. He is freakin awesome!
Jessie Williams
Not a big fan of writing a bio about myself, but here goes. I'm a single father, have a 13-year old son who's a pretty rad little kid, and my world basically revolves around him now. I've been into a lot of things in my lifetime, ranging from art to film to screenwriting to athletics to club kid (not NYC obviously), to you name it really. I love music. I am a professional journalist but I really aspire to become a professional screenwriter one of these days. Just need to finish something and try to sell it. I am who I am and that's all I can be. ""The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."...Hunter S.Thompson "All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.”....Kerouac. "The concept of absurdity is something I'm attracted to."...David Lynch. Writing, music, film, doing things with my kid, etc. I also like to get lost in my own mind at times, and then
Jesse Priest
Jessie Craig
Jessica Thompson
Jesse Haws
Jessy Semsema
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Ricks
Jesse Goines
Jessica Finch
What do you want to know? Just Ask Me!! BOYS! AND KANDY!
Jessica Fontenot
Jessie Soyars
Jesse Garcia
Jessie Borst
Jessica Scott
Jesseca Gomez
Jesseca Mccosley
Jesse Henderson Sr.
Jessica Carroll
hey my name is jessica i am 22 from Taunton MA i am out going loving caring sweet butt can be a bitch i love to cuddle i like to go to the beach bosating caping fishon four wheeling swimming hang out i am honest i am here for friends one thing you got to know about me that inportant i have very very very mild disabiliy if you what it is ask
Jesse Krueger
I play guitar and just bought a ukelele for 'i'm yours by jason miraz, soul sister from train and somewhere over the rainbow.. and other songs. Im a part time geek, love to travel, sing well and speak spanish and german. Girls who are smart in anything are interesting... I often communicate in funny ways that get me in hot water, I will avidly defend the weak and love/rescue animals. Think Im up 62 turtles and a dozen or so dogs over the years. Conversation is a good start, and you will find me sweet and sincere. breedlove guitars, girls that are smart, dogs, butterfly gardens, reading, walking, meeting new people, underdogs, my country, girls that kiss, linux, physics, entanglement, networks, security, beach vacations, helping animals, cats, new music, rock, movies, holding hands, languages, spanish, german, germany
Jesse Anyanwu
Jessi Dusen
Jessie Lee
Jessie Flores
Jesse Vincent
Jesse Dillard
Jessica Roque
Jessica C
Jessa James
Jesse Blair
i am here look for a man who can rock my world . i all so like long walks and long talks swimming in the summer time look at the stars and being out and about and haveing lots of fun ...
Jessica Cottrill
Jesse Garza
Jessalyn Anne Johnson
Jesse Stroebel
Jessie Green
Jessica Morrow
Hi, my name is Jecca short for jessica. I love to cook, dance and romance my man. NOt only in the kitchen.LOL I love the ARTS, live theatre and fine dining. No i'm not a snob... I love a man with a sense of humor- My personal quote is: HUMOR IS THE KEY TO OPENING THE DOORS OF HAPPINESS- I HOPE YOU HAVE A KEY...I'm looking for an honest man, without any baggage (I'm not talking about kids because i love them? I have no children, just recycleable ones-LOL I have 2 miniature poodles that i rescued..Sorry Cat Lovers, I'm allergic to pussy!!! I am looking for a man between 35-55, fit, loves life, is funny and apprecaitres the finer things in life, is active loves the outdoors and inddors, loves spooning, and doesn't mind being affectionate in public!!! will share more later, i think this is enough right now!
Jess Mckennon
Jessie Long
Jessica Perry
i like to rock out and smoke out
Jessica Pons
I am a single parent of two wonderful kids. I just finished my schooling for my Medical assistant. I am an open and honest person. I enjoy life to the fullest everyday.
Jessica Dileonardo
Jessica Logan
Not a lot to say on here other than I am expecting my first child this summer... cant wait to meet her!!! I love her daddy very very much but some circumstances are keeping us from being together.... Im the type of person who wears my heart on my sleeve but if you fuck me over... I wont have anything to do with you anymore... if u wanna know anything else... msg me
Jesse Oneill
im a dj on nuclear holocaust radio,come check us out we currently have a metal stream and a electronic stream,live djs,chatroom all that jazz zombie movies,sg1,sga,sgu well kind of lol,mgs,trailer park boys,resident evil books,halo books,rifts,games,djing on,camping,airsoft,roadside picnic,fishing,and lots of other shit

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