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Jason Johnson
Jason Miller
Im 29 I listen to a wide varity of music not just one type. im into MMA i train and fight. really like snowboarding and camping . what else you wanna know? things of interest to me well lets see, first and for most my son comes first. MMA camping snowboarding baseballhanging out with good friends
Jason Schwartz
Jason Perez
Jason Hilts
Jason Miller
Jason Lamontagne
Jason Duggan
Jason Farmer
Jason Svagerko
Jason Mccool
Jason Johnson
Jason Ray
Jason Thomas
Jason Cross
Jason Peters
Jason Spraggs
Jason Leung
Jason Mulvihill
Jason Weeks
Well I am a laid back down to earth guy. I love to have fun but to stay outta trouble lol (kinda hard to do at the same time). Well lets see I like working on cars, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, meeting new people and other things..
Jason Monson
Jason Mosley
Jason Thomas
Jason Pedro
Jason Smithe
Jason Klemczak
Jason Joe
Jason Mcneil
Jason Hall
Jason Miller
Jason Pereira
Jason Munro
Jason Vinney
I rock. Pretty much all you need to know. And I'm sarcastic, so don't take me to seriously. Anything else just ask. My life is an open book. Most likely a comic book. Yes, I'm a superhero. Or ninja. Probably both. Oh, and I'm pretty. Talk to me. You'll feel better about life. It just happens. If you haven't noticed I'm sarcastic. If I offend you, oops. If I say I'm going to stab fluffy for giving me a 2 I'm joking. Deal with it. There are some beautiful chicas on here. Unlike the douchebags on here I'm not here to stalk you or get in your pants. Lol, I'm not opposed to it either (pants, not stalking) but I'm here to chill and make friends. e·vil    /ˈivəl/ Show Spelled[ee-vuhl] Show IPA –adjective 1. morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life. 2. harmful; injurious: evil laws. 3. characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous: to be fallen on evil days. 4. due to actual or imputed b
Jason Eugene
Jason Sanderson
Jason Stone
36 male i have a job and an education...:] shooting pool reading chess poker baseball psychology american history... plus many others you'll have to ask to find out..
Jason Harrison
Jason Davenport
Jason Zeiger
Jason Felipe
Jason Montcrieff
Jason Miller
I am the Dark Dhampir, the Silvertongue Witch of Tír Ná nÔg, or the Dark Silvertongue Dhampir of Niflheìm Well if ya rly wanna know then... how to begin, I hav been told I am a kindhearted person & withe a soft spot in such fore kids, thou I donna see it at all. I am a cold weather person, cannot rly stand the heat much. Also enjoy cold windy rainy days, it is so very peaceful. I hav a wide variety of interest, just pick a subject and we can talk abote. I am a "conflicting chimera", a creature that is a combination of several aspects both good and bad rolled into one person. Depending on the person I wouldnot mind hanging out withe ppl thou I also enjoy nights at home as well....I amnot hard to find. I stick out like a sore thumb. Unless I am out right after work, I am in my kilt [I am Scottish decent & damn proud of that fact]. I donna mind fielding question abote it, I get ppl walking up to me and axing me anywayz. I hav several piercing: Ear Left - (2 18g lobe, 2 16g mid-ear
Jason Dadiomoff
Jason Parker
Jason Mcminn
Jason Casto
Jason May
Jason Wheeler
Jason Shirley
Jason Corning
Jason Laymon
Jason Tift
Jason Barnes
I'm a shooter of both guns and cameras. I would like to think I do both equally well, but I think my camera work is much better than my marksmanship. I own my house and share it with my dog Hank.
um... basically im in a band.. we gig and tour alot.. im very spontaneous...i love random adventures and just letting it take me where ever it goes.. im kinda a hopeless romantic.. i love showing up tot campfire with a guitar and maken up random songs and add libbing them and singing to them as i play.. its pretty fun.. i will do anything to make some one smile and laugh.. specially if there down or upset.. im always up for anything new and maken new friends.. .. i have tats.. piercings including gauged ears.. lip piercings and nipples done as well .. so yea u want to know more ... ask and you shall have
Jason Stoudt
Just looking for friends and something fun to do!
Jason Mckibben
Jason Guyotte
Jason Rowe
Jason Cutter
im jason 6ft 3in brown hair blue eyes 195pds! i work 40hours a week+ so im a busy man. i love hanging out smokin weed working flying airplanes and drving,camping,sports
Jason Whitten
Jason Bond
Jason Harp
Jason Mertes
Jason Cook
Jason Smith
Jason Wilkins
Jason Mattson
Jason Quinn
Jason Chester
Jason Holmes
Jason Heinzig
Jason Moore
Jason Haines
Jason Boaz
Jason Schabert
Jason Hill
Jason Valdez
Jason Coolidge
Jason Morgan
Jason Hunter
Im ur average guy . i live in Las Vegas NV. Ima fun lovin happy person til u piss me off. hopefully everyone here is cool people. Im not working cuz the economy sucks. So i do what i gotta do to stay alive.......
Jason-michael Isabel
Jason Crimson
Just here to have fun. I live in a crappy town and have a crappy job. Joining the Marines soon as a reserve. Love going to the beach, desert, mountains and everything else.
Jason Chapman
Jason Sevilla
Jason Stanley
Jason Fugit
Jason Stewart
Jason Walker
Jason Nell
Jason Mills
Jason Marsh
Jason Legrett
Jason Clewis
Jason Brown
Jason Honet
Jason Artzer
Jason Oby
Jason Foulds
Jason Moore
Jason Davis
Jason Mcmahan
Jason Mintz
Jason Rissell
Jason Eanes
Jason Lewis
Jason Shebesta
Jason Biaza
I'm just a laid back guy thats always up for a good time! I'm very easy going and pretty open-minded and I'm usually up for anything! I like all kinds of sports (watching them mostly! LOL) I love being outdoors (the beach or BBQing)! I love to play pool and I love going to concerts (rather thaty are @ big venues or small). I love HEAVY METAL!!!!!
Jason Arkfeld
Jason Kiley
Jason Canchola
i am 27 single father and love to go out party get drunk also get down and dirty with the girl i am with at the time i love cars and a good time
Jason Lorenz
Jason Portner
Jason Jones
Jason Zew
Jason Whitaker
Jason Horror
Jason Mcneal
Jason Vanderpool
im 33 im me and my bro has a place.. use to play world of warcraft like a drug. selling it for money now. woot woot i like to go on hickes,walks,going out for coffe or shakes is a big thing for me. downto earth kinda guy. not into to drama but who does a? if you want to know more just message me or text me 4178379700 i hate being on pc's!
Jason Kenchanh
Jason Bowling
Jason Parker
Jason Conley
Jason Hetrick
Jason Conley
Jason Poe
well im not good at this but im a funny guy respectful kind caring and fun to be around so ive been 20 years old i am quite a tall guy im 6'6...above the average...ummmm.......i like the to go fishing its my favorite thing to i cant think of much right now so hit me up.....
Jason Cantoni
Jason Beebe
HELLO! IM JASON AKA INKEDUP2HERE! im an alcoholic tattooed bastard that alot of ppl call an asshole! FUCK THEM! im not drinking anymore. im struggling through life with some reoccurring injuries from a bad car accident n being treated for them. im here to have fun and enjoy this site! check me out some time in PANTYDROPPERS Lounge! i get on cam there alot and say and do some of the stupidest shit!!!! thank you for reading and if you dont like the truth, dont ask me and FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!! TATTOOS, MUSIC, AND COOKING!!!
Jason Price
Jason Wolf
Jason King
Jason Gambino
Jason Holland
Jason Ruppert
Jason Hanson
Jason Krucynski
Jason Zane
Jason Brawner
Jason Brooks
Hard working guy with lots to give for the right women to take it. Love's to travel and shoot pool, like to Bowl and hang out with friends walk's, Music, candle's. To be honest When I find miss right I want to make her Mrs right She know's who she is she just needs to open her eyes and see what's in front of her. She has suffered so much pain and heartache She is blinded by what is here. Life is to short so live it up and fall in love. I have a great family that has helped me become a owner and operator of my own company I have attend Union College in Barbourville, KY Graduated in 2003 Alumni. I have a Degree Professional and Major business Graduated 2 in class with honors If you would like to know more just ask. Love camping, Shooting Pool, Walk's, Movies,Tap out, Being with Friends and Family My best Friend for all she has been though she is truly the strongest woman I know. I rank her next to my mother.. She is amazing xoxooxoxx Any thing Scary and Action packed
Jason Colon
Jason Hargrove
Jason G
Jason Sexton
Jason Martinez
Jason Wells
Jason Dhatz
Jason Milliken
Jason Welsh
Jason Mcmillan
Jason Tuten
Jason Heistand
Jason Coffey
Jason Clarke
Jason Radecki
im a pretty laid back guy. im in the army here in louisianna. not from here though. dont know what else to say so if u want to know anything else or care to chat and get to know me more, just ask.
Jason Hallman
Jason Keesling
Jason Lacey
Love to have fun, Easy to get along with always looking for new friends.... Just moved to Texas from Cleveland Ohio. I'm single and Wouldnt mind someone to come home to everyday but always looking to have a good time. If anyone is interested in talkin just ht me up!
Jason Stewart
Jason Denham
Jason Johnston
Jason Reed
Jason Nicholls
Jason Moore
Jason Sickmiller
Jason Funderburk
Jason Bloedorn
Jason Schofield
Jason Cross
Jason Brown
Jason Case
Jason Enriquez
Jason Impey
Jason Erwin
Jason Mccoy
Jason Varela
Jason Goodrich
Jason Owens
Jason Landis
Jason Scioneaux
Jason Kullas
Jason Carlyle
Jason Feller
Jason Yeatts
Jason Voorhees
well im jason voorhees im married to schakkarrie the living dead girl and im around every halloween i stalk my victims and i pray apon the weak and strong and im from crystal lake im 32 years old m from masschechuttes from salem masschettutes camp crystal lake well lets see horror movies wwe supernatural true blood and jason movies and halloween twilight/fubar/myspace/myyearbook/facebook/god
I am just another person stuck in a fucked up life. I have been tryin to fix the wrongs in my life, but its not so easy. well only intrested in talking to grounded people with a sense of humor. I am not very talkitive, i am not exactley sure who i am. but i am working on that that one guy you proly didn't hear about
Jason Kruger
Jason Jacobs
tattoos beer and str8 hot nasty girls
Jason Sparks
Jason Estes
Jason Yates Vocalist Drummer
Jason Bergman
Jason Hansen
Jason Mcalister
Jason Greenwood
Jason Leeman
Jason O
Ok welcome to my little spot... To tell you a little about me I am a single guy just on here to meet new people and make some friends. I am brutaly honest at times and I do not like drama. I do work so yes I have a job and support myself. I do not have kids I am not married..I am single and enjoying life.
Jason Wheatley
Jason Draucker
Jason Fleming
Jason Dambrogio
Jason Willard
Jason Howlett
I'm just me! My interests range anywhere from outdoor activities, pro-football pro-football....go HAWKEYES!
Jason Speeney
Jason Harris
Jason Bennett
Jason Bergman
all you have to do is ask...ill tell you what you need to know... in to quite a bit of things...there isnt much i wont do
Jason Scholte
I'm interested in getting to the gone... Ok not really, but I am all about having a good time and meeting new people. What you see is a guy that gets along with pretty much anybody. Except of course those who don't play well with others. I enjoy partying in the mountains and in the club, so you could say I enjoy diversity in life. My idols are Hugh Heffner, Dane Cook, and Angelina in case she's looking to adopt someone in thier 30's...
Jason Holman
Jason Lyons
Jason Green
looking for a girl
Jason Creason
Jason Philips
Jason Hopkins
Jason Finch
Jason Pierre-louis
Jason Anderson
I am a student at CSU and im majoring in sports med......I also play hockey for CSU. I like anything that has to do with sports. Steve Yzerman and Gordie Howe are my idols
Jason Lopez
Jason Boyles
I live in Kelowna, in British Columbia, I am 27, and here at the nagging of my friend lol Anything you wanna know, or if you just wanna chat, send me a message
Jason Villeneuve
Call Canada - Calling Canada From US By - custom homepage
Jason Floyd
Jason Edwards
Jason Vandenbrink
Jason Meyers
Jason Hyre
Jason Davies
Jason M
Jason Bergman
Jason Beasley
Jason Ericcson
Jason Stilgebouer
Jason Jentz
Jason Mcclure
Jason Hawky
Jason Bell
Jason C
hello i'm jason i like to race in demolition derbies and going to drive in movies,fishing,hunting,riding my 4 wheeler and sittin on the porch swing enjoying a few beers or sittin by a big bon i like playing my ps3 and i like to watch warehouse 13,ghost hunters,destination truth,deadliest catch,nascar and movie's in my collection i have about 500 and growing dvd's i like western's,comedy,action,sci fi and i will watch a chick flick every now and i grew up on alot of different music so i like everything from 50's and 60's,80's rock,bluegrass,older country i love the hillbilly new country and rock sucks anymore once in awhile a few good tunes come out well that's alittle about me....oh wait i do like to joke around and flirt so dont be offended by the comments i send or if we message each other but i can be serious when i need to
Jason Whitten
Jason Bean
Jason Davis
Jason Fincher
Jason Grimm
Jason Rawlings
Im not here to enter in the popularity contest. I am here to meet friends (and maybe more). If you are down let me know. If you are just trying to get people to join your group then pass me by. If you think I am awesome (which you should) then say hi!
Jason Sadzewicz
Jason Landis
Jason Hasbrook
i like to have fun going out on yhe town singing riding 4 wheelers taking walks hiking just basicaly living ok my interests r writing music singing aand having a good time oh yea and i love having sex lol ok its like this i really dont idolize any actor but ive been told that i look like BURT RYNOLDSsorry but i dont see that i like action horrer porn and horrer movies
I am a lonely, bored married man looking to make some friends or others. I am new to this so be gentle lmao I am also like a tootsiepop - I am a little hard on the outside, but sweet and soft on the inside. I don't drink or do drugs. I have 4 wonderful kids and .................. well just ask. You can add me if you like and we can chat on windows or yahoo Thanks for dropping by.
Jason Godinho
Jason Knight
Jason Johnson
Jason Parrish
Jason Sims
Jason Shirley
I love music, I play the drums and guitar. LIke to play pool, motorcycles, classic cars, breeding snakes, movies, body art, peircings..... Randy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde, Maynard James Keenan, Danny Cary, Lynn Strait, Stevie Ray,Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page... Snatch, Pulp Fiction, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Boondock Saints, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, funny stuff, scarry stuff, anything Quintin Tarantino.....
Jason Wood
Jason Williams
Jason Burns
In the U.S Army out of Ft. Benning, GA. Married but could never quite deny a good set of I don't typically ignore anyone. I don't have anyone blocked. If I don't answer something, it's either because you are too fucking stupid to warrant any kind of response from me, or, more likely, I'm not here. I don't friend dudes...sorry but ya, I wouldn't go to a real or virtual bar to meet guys, so I won't do it unless you are a RL friend or for some unknown reason I feel I need to be your friend...just don't hold your Also I refuse to buy credits to give bling or anything else of that nature, cause I can see boobs for free anywhere on the internet and I am a Soldier and a pretty kick ass one at that, so with that said i have pretty much zero reason to more or less buy attention.
Jason Burns
Jason Smith
I am 24 I live in hawaii. I ride motorcycles, I swim, I breathe, I eat... Wow I sound almost human but don't let that bother you lol.
Jason Ojeda
Hi my name is Jason. Im half puerto rican half italian I have 10 tattoos and a few piercings. Im a big movie person no matter what kind I like to watch. I like to go fishing even though I really dont catch that many fish, I like to play pool, go bowling or just hang out and have a nice conversation. If you would like to know anything else just ask and I'll answer.
Jason Wilson
Jason Lee
Jason Tardiff
Jason Lyon
Jason Garbenis
Jason Mayes
Jason Anderson
Jason Jan
Jason Hardy
Jason Vincent Chris
I consider myself an easygoing person that tries to see the good in everything. I love being with family and friends, just hanging out, playing board games, and laughing, I also love to be outside. I can be hiking, swimming, or just sitting on the deck with friends enjoying the conversation. love comedy clubs, outdoor festivals, sporting events, and people watching. I am not much of a dancer, but I have been known to car dance if a good tune comes on while I am driving around town. (I have no coordination or rhythm!) I believe a relationship should be built like a house, with a strong foundation. I would not build a house on sand, nor do I want to build a relationship on sex. I am not into friends with benefits. I am looking for a woman that accepts me for the person that I am. I like a woman that can be spontaneous, but can also be comfortable doing whatever it is she loves, maybe watching t.v., playing a game, cooking together, working around the house, or cuddling on the couch. I
Jason Matt
Jason Vanleuven
Jason Brewer
just a normal, kinda anyway, guy looking to find some new friends... going thru a divorce that should be final a few days after thanksgiving this year... love camping and trying new things... just gonna see what happens from here on out and hope for the best
Jason Bischof
Jason Deane
I'm a father of four great kids(sometimes) and married to a wonderful woman.I am currently training for the army and i'm doing preety good but man it's tough have to get used to it.I actually leave in june for ammo specialist in alabama.....will be very hot down there. playing video games,drawing,walking and watching my kids anything with jackie chan or jet li...and i watch a lot of comedy and very few horror pictures
Jason Porter
Jason Long
Jason Crotzer
I'm a 35 year old, disabled, (not handicapped), six year Army Vet. I like rap music, I like to create my own remixes with pre existing beats and acapella rap. I am very passionate about all music, that I enjoy. I'm open minded to all ideas, I enjoy good meaningful conversation. I can't stand stupidity, I don't like repeating myself, I don't like repeating I'm cool, it's all good. I like girls, video games, and hanging out with good people.. I like anything that can hold my interest. Scary, funny, documentaries, and everything else..
Jason Reeves
Jason Baez
Jason Thedarkone
Jason Brown
Jason Pentecost
Jason Johnson
Jason Williams
Jason Connor
Jason Nunnery
Jason Mcdowell
Jason Pille
hi well not good at talking about myself but here goes. my name is jason 26 years of age, i live in wyoming i am 6ft 1ins tall slinder frame hard working. i have 2 kids youngest 2 oldest 10 looking for something new to do and got turned on to this by a friend blonde hair blue eyes shaved head
Jason Desselle
Jason Cook
Jason Bracamontes
IM 36 yrs old. Mexicano. Born and raised in southland santa paula,CA. I now live in southern Arizona south of Tucson,AZ.I love to socialize and be straight up and not stayvon one subject of a good conversation.Especially with a beautiful women. I love women,looking for women ,hang out with women, next day same routine but I am just keeping it real. cant pretend to be someone Im not Best believe that. GOD our creator and our father! Pancho via, julio ceasar chavez, anyone who can make a change in this crazy world! Almost anything that is based on a true story!
Jason Brodfuehrer
Jason Thompson
Hi i'm jason i'm 43 single from just outside london england,i'm a caring,honest,reliable,genuine, understanding and romantic person,i'm easy going person like to have a fun and a laugh with friends, i work as a security controller i've been in the security trade for nearly 13yrs now,i'm looking for friends maybe more. i like watching action,thrillers,comedys,my favourite movie is shawshank redemption
Jason Brinkley
Jason Woodburn
Jason Gordon
Jason Meadows
Jason Gaines
Jason Emerson
Jason Dever
Jason Benton
Jason Hopkins
Jason Fiber
Jason Wilson
Jason Paul Roberts
Jason Roberts
Jason Palley
Jason Valencia
Jason Hernandez
Jason Vanrheen
Jason Bane
i like people, music, outdoors stuff, and even a little bit of video games, thats just me, ask me anything and Ill tell you it all!! my idols are people like my parents, they made it for a long time, and hay they did something great, they had me! Anything scary, funny, and some times even a little action, but thats just me!
Jason Parrett
Jason Litzenbauer
Jason Penn
We are a small group from Butler PA. The name of our group is Western PA Ghost Hunters (W.PA.G.H.) My contact number is 724-712-5252 my name is Jason Weaver. Ghost hunting is our interests
Jason Johnson
Jason Hatfield
Jason Dinkel
Jason Sabato
Jason Zheng
Jason Roberts
Jason Bates
Jason Wendt
Jason Jomes
Jason Inwood
Jason Henson
Jason Wallace
Jason Rose
Jason Lofton
Jason Mitchell
Jason West
Jason Potts
Jason Olson
Jason Hernandez
Jason Frederick
Jason Hoxsie
Jason Nead
Jason Watson
Jason Smith
Jason Cobb
Jason Charlton
Jason Walker
Jason Triplett
Jason Pearson
My name is Jason.. I'm from Missouri. I'm a nice guy. I bought a house in August, 2011... still getting everything the way I like it!! I work full time as well. Baseball, computers, IT, vehicle appraisal, simulation baseball games, bowling, etc...
Jason Borasky
Jason Fuller
Jason Stepp
Jason Ware
Jason Cunningham
Jason Boyles
Jason Chafin
Jason Kunst
Jason Davis
Jason Leed
Jason Kaltved
Jason Deocampo
Jason Saraceni
Music Playlist at
Jason Lolis
Jason Waite
Jason W
Jason Point
♫ CEO of Nite Owl's Ent. based in Tampa Bay- Marketing & Organizing the Unique Events in Tampa & Beyond'♫ CELL - 813 401 4218 Facebook Page--> "Work Hard, Party Harder" "Pretty Fly 4 a white guy" "Live life like theres no tomorrow.... ' ☆☆ Lets see where do i start, Grew up in a little town in Deale Maryland, Just out of Annapolis on the Chesapeake Bay! I love to FISH and ANYTHING to do with the water.. Jet ski, surf, swim, scuba dive...☆☆ I own a house in Land o Lakes Florida with my little sister, Very laid back. Love to enjoy life and have fun with friends! Going to the beach, Clubbing, Movies, or just chil
Jason Evans
Jason Hayes
Jason Wilson
Jason Vanscoy
Jason Casto
Jason Morris
Jason Workman
Jason B
Jason Groves
Jason Andrew

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