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Amie-Marie is the name....loving me is your game!! Love me or hate me there is no in between. My star fell on July 12th, 1988. and Ive been breaking hearts ever since. My friends are my life and I think knowing me is an honor and a privelege. If your not in my circle of friends its probably for a good reason. Im the most out-going, crazy woman you will ever meet. but its a good crazy!! Getting my life back into order is my number one priorety. If you've been through what I have you'll understand why its on the top of my list at this moment... But If you wanna know more about me dont hesitate to message me or just IM me on AIM... PrettyAngelThug1 or you can always IM me on Yahoo... SinfullySweet6605!!! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! THATS ALL PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO HAVE IN THEIR LIVES!!!!! Get Your Sexy Name
Amie Joe
I'm recently divorced and lost at being single. I plan on schooling to get be a surgical tech very soon. I tend to be a laid back person who goes with the flow. Spontaneous people are always fun and seem to keep life interesting. I have pages on a few key sites and talk to a lot of people, but I'd love to meet more from my area. Music is a fun part of my life and I like to keep it around me where ever I may be. I am no good at describing myself so much but I promise you I am a great person to hang around with. I tend to have fun no matter what we may be doing. I actually enjoy just about anything and everything. I'll try most things at least once. I love music anywhere I go. I'd love to meet more people inmy area if not to date at least for a fun time getting to know you as a person. I also love movies. I don't like the guys who jump straight into talk ing sex with me, its not my thing to talk sex right off the bat sorry. I like to get to know people a little and no what kind of person
Amie Robinson
I'm Amie. I am the greatest. Get it right.
Amie Clark
Amie Linn Salvitorie
Hello Fu-World.... I'm Back!! But This Time, I Wont Get Drug Into The Drama World. So, For Your Sake, And My Time, If That's All You've Got To Offer This Sweet, Warm Hearted Woman, Keep On Clicking Right To Another Page... I've Not The Time Or Desire To Hear Your Lines... Yes, I'm Single... Am I Here To Hook Up? No... I Love Meeting New People & Making New Friends. If THAT Leads To Something Else, Awesome, If Not, No Harm, No Foul... I'm Honest. I'm Caring To A Fault, And It Has Gotten Me Hurt, More Times Than I Care To Count. But The Scars Remind Me & Help Me To Not Make The Same Mistakes. If You Want To Know Me, Then Come Real... Be Real... No Lines... No Lies... Just You... ~Amie~
'amie Love
Amie Govea
Amie Jackson
Amie Clark
Amie Overby
Amiee Adams
Amie Rooze
Amie Del Rosario
Amiee Sloan
Amie Dickson
A little about me i enjoy camping going to the lake.I'm sweet, caring, outspoken, fun to be around i have a good personality, and if someone has a problem then i try to solve it weather i can or can't.He has to be sweet and have a good sense of humor and he has to know how to treat a lady and not cheating on her and romantic and treat me the way i should be treated. I also want someone that will not play BS games or someone that is just looking for sex not interested in just one thing.
Im short 5'3" I am a full time student going for early childhood education I love being with my friends and am shy of meeting new people I enjoy camping in a tent, boating, fishing, basically everything outdoors except hunting, and I love being with my friends
Amiejo Hunter
Amie Amla
Amie Trautman
Amiezul Fox-crew
Amiee Austria
Amiel S. De Guzman
Amie Malone
Amie Lady
Amier Azrul
Amie Boosamra
Amie Scott
Amie Moore
Amie Allen
Amie Smith
Amie Sharma
Amie Holland Wicker
Amie Poier Tisdale
Amiee Markin
Amiee Brian
Amie Spears
Amie Giacomazza
Amie Meza
well Im a crazy wild female who is very open minded. love both men and women .love to hike
Amie Johnson
Amie Neidlinger
Loven life and love to have fun
Amie Scott
Amie Spears-pickard
Amie Griffin
Amie Sheffo
Amiee Pace
Ami Ektiar
Amie Cardwell
Im a out going girl I have a 2 yr old lil girl.. I have 6 tattoos and I am getting more just lookin for friends for now
Amie Zufall
I'm a rocker, Im a lette. I rep my shit and I love and respect my Juggalo Family. Just cuz Im down and listen to the Psychopathic Label doesn't mean I'm a thug or a Gang member or that I can ONLY listen to music of the Psy Label. I am me... I have my own tastes and my own style. I don't try to be like anyone else... I'm not a sheep... I do my own thing... Idc if others think its "Kewl" It's what I like. And just cuz I have tattoos and piercings doesn't mean Im gonna come and slit ur throat or sum bullshit... It's a look... A way to express myself... Nothing more, nothing less... So again. I am me. Love me or Hate me IDC... I let my haterz be my motivatorz #Down4Life #WhoopWhoop #MyOwnPerson #MMFWCL If u want to know then ask Mostly into Fighting movies. Never back down, Best of the Best, Only The Strong, Mortal Kombat... To many to name lol... Tv Shows: Sons of Anarchy, Big Bang Theory.
Amie Weber Moshier
Amie Sleeman
Ami Foster
umm lets see what do i do I LOVE coffee so anything that involves that is cool with me. I like to hang out and watch movies play video games(sometimes) i like to paint and do out doors stuff.
Amigo Silaj
Ami Goswami
Amigosmerci Se
Amigo Mexico
Ami Hamby
Ami Hughes
Amii Rimmer
facebook me amiie marie ford
Amiin Mohamed
Amiinaa Farley
Amiir Hillow
Ami Joiner
Ami Jackson
ok well my name is amii and I am 28 I am a single mother of two and I love my kids! I am bisexual and just recently divorced! I like to party when I can get off from work! And love hangin out with friends! I am a overall good person but I dont take any bullshit! so Dont start nun! And well I guess thats it just add me and we can talk! ok well i love to go dancing, I like parties! I love hanging out with my kids, I would die without a phone! I like myspace! I love the beach and swimming! I love tanning and being tan! I can not ever be white! lmao! I love being with family and friends! I love to eat! And I enjoy working! I love the movies dirty dancing and the notebook
Ami Jordan
well... i am a busy bee, cannot stay still, get bored, or be single... ha ha. i am a tomboy, love to play ball, and with well all round things. lmao! i am very outgoing, love to be loved... you want love show me some and i will return it if your gud enuff. ;-P You Are 90% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride. How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have? You have a Sexual IQ of 160 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. 'What is your Sexual IQ?' at What's Your Best Quality? Y
Ami Jackson
Ami Jan
Amika Miller
Ami Kumar
Amika Zomer
Amille Wagner
Amilynne Hodgson
Ίamil φner
Amilcar Parada
Amilyo Sparks
Amil Allawas Ii
Amil Gagula
Amillia Dismang
Amilcar Gonzalez
Amillion Styles
Amil Williams
Amillion Block
Amilcar Gonzales
Amila Indrajith
Amilcar Vazquez
Amila Wiraj Wijesundara
Amil Taylor
Amilcar Amaya Cantarero
A'million Dollars
Amila Sampath
Amila Jeewan
Amill Torres William
Amilcar Felix
Amilcar Mazariegos Rodriguez
Amilcar Perez
Amila Pathirana
Amilcar Lemus
Amillia Sylvia
Amila Niroshana
Amila Amarasiri
Amilia Russell
Ami Miller
Ami Marshall
Ami Mosley
yeah. .so im pretty lame An im always bored blah blah blah blah blah blah yeah that all about me exciting huh ? Umm Im a NASCAR fan Jeff Gordon. I LOVE my friends They're amazing. My life basically. It revolves around them I always try to make time for my friends. I like my family.. love my friends. Im semi-new to this site. I signed up a while back but never bothered to mess with it. Im backkkkkkkkkkkk. an using it. Yo..I listen to music. Mhmm umm other stuff.. Im quite boring. Dont talk to me Yeah. ok
Ami May
Ami Magana
Ami Martinez
Ami Mcalhaney
Ami Moreau
Ami Mizuno
Ami Miller
Amin Aziz
Amine Za
Amin Aziz
Amine Bouziani
Amina Adam
Aminu Yaro
Amin Kamal
Amini Bati
Amina Padilla
Amine Chal
Amine Amine
Amine Dorian
hello im amine from morocco i live in rabat(capital) and i want to be friendly in this web and i hope to have fun here
Amineshia Price
Amine Saidi
Amin Aminu
interested in makin new friends ie sexy girls,ladies and also to have fun
Amin Kamali
Amina Stevenson
Amin Kh.
Amin Omar
Aminata Billy
Amin Bayat
Amine Saidane
Amin Jessani
Aminata Bello
Aminiasi Koroibulileka
Aminu Abubakar
Hey am nice to everyone.
Amin Roshan
Aminat Jamal
Amine Tellulater
Amin Excalibur
Amine Za
Aminul Islam
Amine Nocomment
Amine Hadi
Amine Atik
Aminu Mtahir
Amina Shiu
Aminu Ringim
Amine Med
Amine BΓ©ji
Aminah Powell
Amine Ghribi
Amine Ben Amor
Amine Zerrouk
Amine Amine
Amin Amini
Amin Moubi
Amine Yazid
Amine Jendoubi
Aminul Rahad
Amine Ben Said
Amin Ali
Amin Sibassi
Amina Jan
Aminu Bello
Aminah Celeste Criss
Amin Berrada
Amin Ramart
Amin Ahmed
well my name is amin and i'm 20 years old guy who lived wit his family and sibling and i work and i go to college s if u wanan know more just hit me up dont be scared
Amina Shaibu
Amin Farzin
Amindo Bala
Amina Haji
Aminya Adigun
Aminudin Johari
Amin Yzan
Aminah Khalid
Amindab Jackson
Amin Jh
Amina Ohibok
Aminah Voroode
Amin Ranjoor
Amin Kiski
Amin Dehghan
Amin Nabhani
Aminat Iyanda
Amin Mogathawi
Amin Rover
Aminath Eaman
Amina Hassan
Amin Madani
Amin Syed
Amina Farouk
Amin Sheikh
Amin Letafat
Aminata Jagana
Amina Putri Ii
Aminu Bunza
Amin Abid
Aminat Shittu
Amin Rezaei
Amin Taleb
Amin Heartbreak
Amin Goodarzi
Amin Savicevic
Amin Amini
Amin Pindook
i am from oman can you need to chating with me shod be nice guy thanking, AMIN, hello evry one
Amin Jon
Amine Alami
Amina Massaquoi
Amine Med
Amina Austin
Amina Rasheed
Amina Aweys
Amine Drihmi
Amin Chire
Amin Afraei
Amine El Karibi
Amin R. Irani
Aminata Camara
Amin Rangin
Aminu Cmeu Usman
Amin Abbasi
Amin Soleymani
Amin Black
Amin Shirazi
Amin Rashidi
Amin Rezaee
Amin Roz
Aminul Islam
A'mini Whetzel
Amin Bakar
Amin Amini
Amin Hedayaty
Amin Younesi
Aminuddin Abidin As'ad
Amina Mondiska
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Amio Saha
Ami Peck
Ami Pea
Amir Ramzy
Amir Marmolejo
Amir Zehibakhsh
Amir Azizi
Amir Lal
Amira Bowers
Amirah Alexandria
Amir Assad
Amir Lebnan
im the type of guy that knows what women want because i take the time to ask , i am very interested in knowing how different every woman is from another one Hobbies and Interests))) your heart has a lock my love is a key if it werent for you there wouldnt be me you were made for me you just wait and see that when you decide to set your heart free baby with every lock there comes a key with every you there comes a me
Amir Ward
Amirah Couser
Amirul Ashraf Sideli
Amir92 Aminzada
Amir Ouf
Amir Adl
Amir Am
Amira Hairston
Amir Sheikhan
I just moved from LA to SF and LOVE SF!!! I grew up in LA and went to UCLA, but fell in love w/ SF. I love to travel (anywhere), go out to bars and restaurants, and basically enjoy myself with the company of a significant other I went to UCLA and moved to SF and am an IT manager for an HMO (not a homo :) ) I love the Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, etc I blaze/burn (if u don't know, u better ask somebody) Be sweet and make me laugh....that is all i ask for. :) Traveling, going out, smoking out, Technology, NHL/MLB, drinking/partying, etc. Barry Bonds (because he is so good and everyone hates him) I DON'T IDOLIZE PEOPLE
Amira Sutherland
what up dis ya boiii Romeo IM 18 and im lookin forrr reall ladies in hereee hit me up body { background-color:ffffff; background-image:url(; background-attachment:fixed; background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:f0a901; border-width:1px ; border-style: none; } .layoutvault {content:"Table and Section Properties";} table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;} table table table {background-color:ffffff;} table table table { border-width:2px; border-color:DEB9A2; border-style:solid; } table table table table {border:0px;} table table table {width:300px;} table table td.text table {width:auto;} table table td.text table, table table td.text table td {width:100%;} .layoutvault {content:"text and link properties";} input {background-color:transparent !important;} .btext { font-family:arial; color:DEB9A2; font-si
Amir Hameed
Amir Prince63
Ami Reshonsky
Hi my boyfriend and I are looking to have alittle fun with another women she has to be clean! I would like to start by talking then see what goes on from there. im 19 and Mark(my boyfriend) is 32. This is are first time doing this too! we have a son together that is alittle over a year. you can email us at or you can im us at the same address. Thanks
Amir Khan
Amira Asyura
mira here.... looking for more friens.... all over the world... here some info bout myslf am nuramira born the year of 1986 hometown singapore.... currently werkin... i love watching movies, chit-chatting on the phone window shopping, suntanning,
Ami Reese
Amiran Smith
Amir Hassan
Amir Daoud
Amir Emdadi
Amir Saeed
Amir Re
Amir Shad
Amirul Hoque
Amir Khodavirdi
Amir Lewis
Amir Hossein Sheikh
Amir Kanani
Amir Khan
Hi guys, My self Amir, I like travel, My hobbies make a lot of friend daily,I like music, I like fun,I like social work too, will you friendship me,?? I am waiting you ?? Status- Singal, Age- 21, Mumbai- India, I love all people, you can chat me on my id, send me your phone no I wana talk to you guys,
Amir Akbar
Amir Rezaei
Amir Adly
Ami Rowswell
Amir V
hi im amir im young love sports love girls and love to party. i play soccer the most love to be around cars trying out this fubar now add me )) my intrests are cars having fun and girls nothing else
Amir Badaoui
Amirali Haseli
Amir Amiri
Amir Naderi
Amir Farahzadi
Amir Amira
Ami Reshonsky
Amir Amira
Amir Lewis
my name is Amir,im a single,light skin guy,mixed with black and white,5'7,from hampton,Virginia.Im here to meet some cool new friends and just to have fun so hit me up
Amir Byrd
Amir Ahmed
Amir Benmoussa
Amir Farhad Alinaghizadeh
Amir Naser
Amir Shahkaram
Amir Babei Rad
Amir Nourian
Amir Kaffashnia
Amir Khazal
Amir Khan
Amir Barathi
Amirhossein Toulyati
Amirali Ostovar
Amirreza Khadish
Amir Bassir
Amir Kamal
Amir Ferchichi
Amir Reza Gholamy
Amir Benromdhan
Amir Sky
Amir Andal
Amirul Islam Amir
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim / بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم . (....\................/....) . \....\............. /..../ ...\....\............/..../ ....\..../΄―.I.―`\.../ ..../... I....I..(―――`\ ώεlсψṃε τψ ṃα ώψɾlḋ!.. ...I.....I....I...――.\...\ ...I.....I΄―.I΄―.I..\...) ...\.....` ―..― ΄....' ....\_________.•΄.... ˙·٠•●♥♥●•٠·˙ .....l-_-_-_-_-_-l...... .....l_-_-_-_-_-_l...... …………………%%% ………………..%%%-( …………….._%%%_/ ……………_%%%% …………_%%%/..\* ………%%%%%\\.\__ …………%%%%…\.\\ Don’t find love ……………….)……./\_/ ……………../(___. \ ……………..’—–’…(let love find you) ……………./………..)
Amir Andl
Amira Saad
Amira Atef
Amir Elsheikh
Amir Ardalan Bahrami
Amir Mustaffa
WET@ fubar
Amira Algmdi
Amir Hosein Nazemi
Amirulaqim Ahmadtajudin Ahmadtajudin
Amirnordin Hunter
Amir Faiq
Amir Amir
Amir Fouad
Amir Jenade
Amir Molavi
Amir Ahamed Mohamed
Amirah Gascot
Amir Iranparast
Amir Badak
Amirul Ashraf
Amirul Azhar
Amirulnirahman Sukma
Amiruddin Wahid
Amirul Azim
Amir Hodjat
Amir Ansari
Amirnudin Zainal
Amir D'saiko
Amir Hosein
Amir Khayatnejad
Amir Irani
Amir Rezapour
Amir Ramezani
Amir Sheykh
Amir Jahangiri
Amir Saikhu
Amir Balali
Amir Ahmadi
Amir Maleky
Amir Rad
Amirul Sharuddin
Amirrul Hakimi
Amir Piyara

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