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Isaiah Bulbulia
Isaiah Sykes
Isai Acosta Gomez
Isaias Salas
Isaiah Shoemake
Isaiah Tapley
Isaiah Kailiwai
Isaiah Danner
Isaiah Pugs
Isaiah Potts
Isaiah Adair
Isaias Aguilar
Isaias Sanchez
Isaiah Gilbert
Isaiah Platt
Isaias Garcia
Isaias Jimenez
Isaias Pat
I work hardm I play harder, I'm a Union Pipefitter Out Of MN Not Alot To Me,No Wife/GF/Kid's I Own My Own Home And Property.I'm new to this online*Bar* stuff as i'm always working,want to know more just ask ,Have a blessed day!
Isaia Villasana
Isai Martinez
Isaiah Nobles
Isaiah Var
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Mccoy
Isaias Becerra
Isaias H Cornejo
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Mason
Isai Guazozon
Isaiah Monterola
Isaiah Ruiz
Isaiah Bostic
Isaias Reyes
Isaiah Bynum
Isaiah Wagoner
Isai Velasco
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah R
Im that guy yep who likes house music rap rock pop and jazz whats up ladies im versitle lol . I love movies, street races, cruising, and pissing off people that dont like it. Podcast Powered By Podbean I would love to have multiple female passengers in my car to cruise and ride through St.Louis traffic while enjoying the scenery of the small city of St.Louis.
Isaiah Alford
Isaiah Gonzales
Isaiah Delarosa
Isaiah Noske
Isaiah Polite
Isaiah Roach
Isaiah Johnson
Isaias Espinoza
Isaiah Madden
Isai Tena
Isaiah Ferguson
Isaiah Johnson
Isaias Diaz
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Matthews
Isaiah Ortiz
Isaiah Milian
Isaiah Reynolds
Isaiah Mcneal
Isaias Balderrama
Isaias Vazques
Isaiah Phillips
Isaiah Bulbulia
my name is Isaiah. I'm a one of a kind gent. I like to write poetry and create beats. I am always myself in any situation. I like sunsets. I treat ladies like queens. I'm just here to chat and get to know folks as friends. soccer, animals, reggae, God, my beats
Isaiah Holmes
Isaiah Sylla
Isaiah Ruiz
Isaiah Hladky
I do a lot of everything, I live in hawaii and i work in the restaurant industry. I live in a house with a bunch of my friends. I just like to have a lot of fun I play guitar, I like to dance, read and write, i brew beer, I love video games and going to the beach and drinking and meeting new people. I am almost always up for anything!
Isaiah Bro
Isaiah Rhymes
Isaiah Perez
Isaiah Pacheco
Isak Isac
Isakani Pohdweng
Isa Layne
Isa-marie Harper
hey so some stuff about me is that if you have a problem wit me then come to me and I will deal wit it and I bet you that you wont have no more problems wit me cuz you wont like the way I deal wit it, I might seem stuck up but you know thats me if you dont like it get over it I dont want to be your friend NEwayz but if you get to know me then I am a really nice gurl and guys if you want to get wit me just cuz you think you can get some well get over your self my brother Ray is super protective of me so if you ask for ne and he finds out about it you r goin to wish to God you didnt my AIM sn is Indin Baby29687
Isamar Cruz
Is A Mommy Now!!
I'm In Love!!! I'm A Leo. I'm Friendly. I'm A Daddy's Girl. I'm A Movie Whore. My Favorite Kinds Are Mobster, Horror, Comedy, Zombie And Vampire Movies. I Love The TV Show Family Guy. I Watch It Religiously. Music Is My Life. I'm A Tom-Boy. I Love To Watch Football And Wrestling On A Regular Basis. And I'm Not Afraid To Join In And Play A Real Game Of Football At Any Time. I'm Interested In Cars Even Though I Don't Know Too Much About Them But I'm Slowly Learning. But Even Though I'm Interested In All That Hardcore Dude Stuff I Still Now How To Be A Lady. Just Know That If You Disrespect Me Or Harm Me In Any Way Karma Won't Be The Only One Coming Back To You. I Don't Have Time For Drama And I'm Here To Meet New And Interesting People. So If You're Interested Lemme Know. "She was a pretty rebel. A punk rock girl. With a wicked sex drive and the mind of a devil. Like Agent 99 undercover all the time. You want another kiss? You better rack another line. Unique in design, this fre
Isamar Mojica
Isamu Cross
Isamae Tonnessen
well let's see im 28 and i am native american live in minneapolis,mn but love the country and i like to go out and hang with my fam,and friend's getting crunk and doing what i feel like doing
Isa Mohd
Isamir Castillo
Isam Biz
Isamil Nunez
Isa Moore
Isamu D
Isam Isam
Isan Wadu
Isanlio Ramos
Hello. Let me introduce myself. My birth name is Harry, but you can call me Isara. I know you're dying to know, "Who is this Isara guy?" Well, let me tell you. A long time ago on a planet called Uranus, a little community was in turmoil. The existing regime was so contemptible and oppressing, that all of whom were not on top of the mound had to bow down to the king whom called him self the "Porcelain God." Well, this tyrant, killing off millions in his vile stench, made the people of Uranus work the fields, making fertile this parched land. Everyday they would push themselves to a point of dizziness, and every night the king would order them to eat mounds of food. You see, he knew that the more they ate, the more they could and would have to push for him. One day out on the fields, a young man named Mr. Dingle and a brown skinned woman named Ms. Berry happened to run into each other as they were pushing ever so hard. Mr. Dingle and Ms. Berry soothed each other's pain, and eve
Isario Soliz
Isa Salim
Isa Sembiring
Male, 30, single from Indonesia, In North Sumatera, Medan Exactly the area. Live with my parents until now but if I am find the great of my mine who will be my real soulmate in here. I am hardworking, honest, loving, openess and open minded with simple life without jokes or play in here. I am the youngest in my family member. I was graduate from state university in my area, major in public relations program Until know I am active in civil organization. Work as employee. I am interest with woman or lady and still seeking the real lady who willing to accept me with all my advantage and disadvatage as a human being who have been born in the worlds. I don't want playing, jokes or even scam...... What i want is the real mate in here.
Isatou Drammeh
Isatu Bangura
Isatou Secka
Isatu Kamara
Isaura Miranda
Isa Uzum
Isauro Escudero
Isaura Rivas Rosario
Isauro Simental
Isauro Santiago
Isa Weldon
my middle name is chris blk white spanish cherokee 5'8 from nj now ga caring loving supporive playful honest reasonable not prjeudice or abusive trust loyality cook mall shop dance beach meeting new people talking on phone on and offline read write travel time with others jazz latin salsa comedy western musical martial arts old ones blk^white reagge open minded easy and out going
I Saw It And It Was Beautiful. I Picked It Up And Sighed. Then I Squezed And Laughed As It Bleed To Death In My Hands.\"
You wanna know about me. I'll do my best because its kinda hard to describe yourself. Anywho ... I see myself as an interesting person. I have few friends alot of acquaintances. The friends i do have are very close and dear to me i would trade my life for theirs. I love music, mostly rock and hard metal stuff. I do like techno and weird stuff too. Ocasionaly you can catch me listening to some rap or LIGHT music but it has to be damn good. I love just hanging out watching movies in the winter. Maby with my friends and a few bottles of booze or just to chill and watch a good story. In the summer i love to go for walks and explore nature. I love to read but im a slow reader so it takes me awhile to finish a book =(. I write poetry and feel i can be creative when i find a realy good Muse. My personality is kinda odd for the lack of a better word. I clash with alot of people but the ones i do connect with we end up having a very deep connection. If i got my cam up come look at my ugly f
Isa Wilkson
Isawi Mounir
I Say When I Say Who
Isa Ylmaz
Isaz Kamunjus
The Is Back !
Well like everyone that has chatted with me knows that i tryed to end my life in a selfish way but it didnt work out :( Sometimes I just sit here and wish that i could of died but what good would that of done ? well now that i have had a second chance i need to live it up to the fullest. I want to travle and meet new people and help them out ! Some person told me that they think that i am an angle and i laughed. but i was thinking if i was an angle then why am i here with so much pain inside ? am i suppose to help some out in there life, am i going to change history ? Who knows what but as long as i am alive i want to give people the things they always wanted. i will travle to the end of the world to get some one to smile or laugh. i just want to pack up my bag and head out to the great big world and find some one that wants to do the same i need to have some new friends and love to meet people from all over the world. i hope that there is some one in this life or on fubar th
Isbaal Lopez
Is Bitch
Is Bitter Sweet
we about me i'm full of shit most of the time but when it comes to talking about love or a relationship i'm a no bull person i will tell u the truth weather i like u or not no head games here. other than that i have 5 kids which live with there mothers i am single an kinda happy about it i can't stand to hear people bitch about stupid shit. .contactTable {width:280px!important; height:150px!important; padding:0px!important; background-image:url(""); background-attachment:scroll; background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-color:transparent;} .contactTable table, table.contactTable td {padding:0px !important; border:0px; background-color:transparent; background-image:none;} .contactTable a img {visibility:hidden; border:0px!important;} .contactTable a {display:block; height:34px; width:120px;}
I~score~u Harmony
Isdore Obere
Is Dream
I Se
Iseal Dias
Isec Galindo
Isela Silva
Isela Lainez
Isela Goode
Isela Constantin
Isela Aguero
Isela Moctezuma
Iseliz Flores
Isenhower Daniel
Iseral Adams
I have no expectations except that others should have none either. Colorado is great for outdoor activities, as to why I still live here. I love animals. I have a 13 yearold daughter whom I spoil. And, I live life to the fullest, no regrets. I have tats (for my pleasure) and piercings (for the pleasure of others), but cover up for work. So I can be both good and bad all at the same time. Ask me anything and I would have a hard time not telling you... that is if I didn't tell you first before you asked. Just about anything... if it is fun then I am game.
Isha Finda
Ishak Bin Azier
Ishanae Hughes
Isha Jenkins
Ishaque Bin Ishaque
YES YOU ... YOU ARE THE ONE SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? READ AND LEAVE MESSAGE .. I AM DOWN TO EARTH GUY BUT HAVE SPECIAL QUALITIES. WAITING TO YOUR MESSAGE. I am Ishaque or you can call me Kojo or Joe (Kojo or Joe is my Local Ghanaian name). I am cool and hot black guy. I am single father with one (1) son. I am honest, faithful, truthful, trustworhty, caring, kind heart, respectful, understanding, do not cheat or lie and ready in offering real and true love to that special woman and make her happy both in the house, bed and outside. I am a Ghanaian but I am now in China. I will be happy to meet any woman from the ages of 24 to 60. Age isn't nothing but a number and the most important thing or what matters most is what is inside the person or what he or she is ready to offer or give out but not age. I will be happy in meeting any woman who is ready to give me back all what I've write or said here and I know we will be the best of all as expected and we will have good and lo
Ishaan Joseph
Ishaq Abbas
Ishan Verma
Ishani Massi
Isha Spears
Ishant Roy
Ishan Dananjaya
Ishan Kaushal
Ishaan Surajiv
Isha Kapoor
Ishan Rana
Isha Davis
Isha Malik
Ishant Chourasiya
Ishaan Khan
Ishaan Khan
Ishaan Roy
Ishan Lebron
Ishaq Afridi
Ishan Maduranga
Ishan Udyoga
Isha Eyaz
Ish Dont Matter
The Is Here To Please
Well I'm sort of your run of them mill 22 year old. Expcept I'm a little more mature than most 30 year olds. I like to wake up in the morning, talk to myself in the shower and get my gameplane straight. Then I'll dance infront of the mirror until its 5 minutes till I have be to work. Make it to work 10 minutes late (gurl i had to stop at the golden arch) Sit on my ass all day and surf the web, play on myspace (perfect job i know) and when I come home I drop trow and relax on the couch with my two fav homies while we remenisce out the day over a big ole' fatty. Dinner is served and either I go to the gym or smoke another hellacious fatty and retire to the bedroom. That's me. I focus on work adn getting my bills paid, and once im thru school......booooooooooooooooooyyyyyyy, mr travis will be makin some mad bread and I tell ya, you wont see me fucking around with piddly little shit. Gonna be ballin and shot callin from my yacht somewhere out in the Mediterrainian. Me and a few choice frie
Ishee Ruthless
I am a normal southern chic that is quite complex. I enjoy laughter. I enjoy smiling. I think that intelligence is the most attractive thing about a man. If you can capture my mind than you can capture my heart(good luck with that). I am a random person. I have many hobbies and like many differnt things. I currently own my own company that host 3 separate companies under it(told you i was complex). I am the vice president and team captain of the roller derby team here in my lovely state. I travel quite a lot but, only on the weekends...and i usually dont go outside the 4 states that surround me...sorry. I am single...and guess what...i like it!(most of the time) it is doubtful that i will find my one true love on i am here for fun. if you take life to seriously- get the fuck off my page and find someone else to stalk! if you dont know how to have fun and joke- go away! if you can not have a conversation with me that doesnt have the words pussy, penis, dick, cock, hot box,
Ishea Williams
I am sensitive but my heart is pure I'm highly intelligent and have dreams and ambitions. I am a strong young woman who goes after what I want I want to be with someone who wants to be the person to follow their dreams without hesitation I have a weakness for guys who enjoy many types of art and are not afraid to truly be themselves. Ask me, I bet we have some of the same.
Ishfaq Muhammad
Ishfaq Mir
Ishfaq Malik
Ishh Drogba
Ishia Garza
Ishika Mittal
Ishit Joy
Ishikawa Jun
Ish Ish
Ishiah Stewart
Ishka Krandowitz
homo,also animal lover i em almost a 30 yr old male*** gay through end through, although i would like friends of both sexes and all races. My interests are all purely sexual with only males and sometimes animals, if the situation is right, iprefer cats, dogs(large), snakes and horses. i also love to drink the urine and feces of both male humans and animals. if you have a problem with this, let me rest assured that i have eaten many pounds of both male human and animal feces as well as gallons of urine from both and the same, and never ever have gotten sick.
Ishleen Agrawal
Ish Lak
Ishmeet Sahni
Ishma Griffin
Ishmeal Simpson
I am a single black male from Texas living in Hampton. I really do not have many friends here but I am looking to meet new people. I am down to earth. Love to have a good time. I am open and honest and just to see what is out there for me. I love playing pool,singing,and dancing
Ishmel Daniel
Ishmael Alma
Ishmail Saleh
Ishmill Woods
Ishmiel Lopez
Ishmael Tommy
Ishmael Brown
Ishmael Mawuko Sedo
Ishmiuel Jenkins
Ishmael Hobbs
Ishmael Tunkara
Ishmael Mwaura
Ishmael Baker
Ishmel Thomas
Ishmael Ratcliff
Ishmael Pondevida
Ishmeal Harris
Ishmiel Drumgoole
I AM STRAIGHT THE WAY GOD MADE ME SO STOP CONTACTING YOU SO CALL BROS ON THE DOWN LOW OR WANT TO BE SISTERS IT IS VERY DISRESPECTFUL WHEN YOU CAN CLEARLY READ ((STRAIGHT MAN = INTEREST [{WOMEN }] I am a man that lives for the touch, taste scent and love of a woman, am single, i live alone, in my 50s but can pass for 35, 176lbs, i like cooking cookouts and having a good time with family and friends, i have a heart of gold an have respect for anyone or anybody and treat everyone the way that i should be treated, i enjoy shooting pool going out to the theatre or stay at home an watch good movie at home or playing a game of spades, is alot of fun to, i have three children none at home so i don't have to get dress if i don't want to and it feels good to have this option, i love a good conversation on any topic and i can hole my own on a few subjects, i hate to say it ladies i am just a little bit shy at times, until i get to know you As i mentioned that i am shy at
Ishmael Garcia
Ishmael Thompson
Ishmil Johnson
Ishmail Khan
Ishmael Ridgeway
Ishmael Singletary
Ishmail Ramirez
Ishmail Autman
Ishnar Billups
I Should Have Been A Cowboy Or Why Shes Riding In The Middle Of My Pick Up Truck
My name is Andrew im 5'6" brown hair hazel eyes im unique in a very odd way.I have great friends and people i can talk to. i have a slight temper if u get on my nerves (which that takes alot to do) im romantic,out going and i love to have a good time with my friends my 2 best friends are Crystal and Andy and i have many other friends that i care for very much. I am in to Myspace,Yahoo messager ,AIM, And Lost Cherry. Aim and Yahoo messager screen name is iLoveKelley2006 give me a shout object width="425" height="350">
Ishola Ibrahim
Ishod Kirksey
Ishola Billar
Ishola Smith
Ishrat Ansari
Ish Sachdeva
i luV Alll gALs.........LUV u Alllll muaHHHHHH>>>>
Ishtar Raff
My name is Ishtar, but everyone calls me Ish. I'm a pretty cool kid, according to most people. So if you wanna talk, hit me up sometime. [:
Ishtiyaque Ahmed
Ishtel Romero
Ishtiaque Ferdous
Ishtiaq Ahmad
Ishu Mishra
Ishut Edho
Ishu Sharma
Ishu Micheal
Ishwo Kulung
Ishwar Narayan
Ishwar Singh
Ish Whitemoon
Ish Zanzabar
Isiaha Yacap
Isiah Santiago
Isiah Sloan
Isiah Withem
i'm 6'8 n weight 173. I play semi pro football for THE SOUTH CENTRAL BRONCOS. if u ladies want to get hold of me hit me up at 317-640-2019. holla playin football and basketball every sport really everyone really as long as they have a great personlaity and mostly do the right thing any one really just as long as i'm chillin
Isiah R
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Isiah Mcdonald
Isiah Harris
Isiaih Rollins
Isiah Colbert
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Isiah Norfleet
Isiah Atkinson
Isiah Tobi
Isiah Taylor Jr
Isiah Seaborn
Isiah Wanton
Isiah Prosper
Isiah Carter
Isiah Isaac
Isiaka Kebe
Isiah Ike Harris
Isiah Beemen
Isiah Thomason
Isiacar Pyatt
i'am 20, i'am in progress of bieng a videogame designer,im a sweet inocent emo child of constant depression with no real desire to love i only wish to barely live as the life that i endure is painful . i dont like it when people abuse women or say bad things about them in some ways sensitive in other ways i can be a bipolar bastard . i love asian and native american girls they make me melty inside soy triste oh yea im puerto rican and panamanian ....................................................i like bunnies ilike cookies and umm love the art of gaming for a career ilove to watch anime and listen to extreme metal music that is loud i play electric guitar for my band as well skateboard And iam a game designer in novice training. I own my own company called© and currently i'am working on a game called THE SOLIAS CRUSADE. Info on my game is on my facebook as well as news updates for the videogaming community
Isiah Dixon
Isiaka Arayemi
Isiah Smart
Isiah Murry
Isiah Caldwell Jr.
Isias Ruiz
yo na flaco y mato e ltienpo en chat y es tudio pasas y aser my propia carera drake peliculas de action
Isiah Fossitt
Isiah Timmons
Isiac Maldando
Isiah Phillips
Isiah Watson
Isiah Booker
Isiah Hart
Isiah Watson
Isiah Curry
Isiah Wilson
Isiah Lamb
Isiah Rodriguez
Isiah Curtis
Isiah Thompson
Isiah Thomas
Isiac Carrillo
Isiah Davis
Isiah Sanders
Isiah Bulbulia
hello everyone!!!!!!!!! my nae Isiah. straight from Atlanta, GA. but living in Winter Haven, FL. i'm just here to find and chat or chill with good friends. maybe something more if it happens. but i'm real laid back. plus just a kind person. i love to have fun and just have good times. i like to listen to all kinds of music. i vibe to anything. but anything else get at me. bowling, billards, sports, working out some, college, and food
Isiah Hall
Isibel Rivera
Hey everyone, i'm new to fubar but i heard it from my cousin (el maz frezkito) and i just wanted to try it myself, i don't like to have men on my page, i'm not lesbian, but if your nice imay add you. take care
Isick Torres
Isidore Arzu
Isidra Gonzalez
Hey Hey Hey!! i am isidra but my people no me as Isa and my gringos no me as Izzy Am da biggest hispanic u will eva no i am from everywhere but my Pride is SALVI til da day i die !! my best friends are celena, talika,Victoria and marilyn and my boyz r Anthony and Angel til da day da die and of course the person that i most care and would die for is my love" Edwardo "he is everything to me known could take that love away from me he is everything to me ... mad love to all my peoplezzzz Especially my gurlzz they no who they r !!
Isidro Betancourt
Isidro Godinez
Isidro Tovar
Isidoro Palmero
Isidro Garcia
Isidro Guevara
Isidore Ebua
Isidro Velazques
Isidro Chavez
Isidro Torres
Isidro Valdez
Isidro Cuevas
Isidoro Velazquez
Isidro Cota
Isidro Garcia
Isidro Ortiz
Isidoro Herrera
Isidro Torres
Isidro Valencia
Isidoro Roman Fernandez
Isi Hernandez
I'm a single dad! I'm here to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I like going to concerts,movies,sporting events, HAPPY HOUR! I'm easy going and a bit goofy. If you like what u see hit me up!!! I like going to concerts,movies,sporting events,meeting up for happy hour or just a cool dive bar is always good.
Isila Guthrie
Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP) Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality? You scored as Whips, Your turn on is the "good ol'" whip. You either like to feel in charge during sex, or you like to feel pain. Sex isn't sex unless it's rough.Bondage83% Whips83% Blind Folds75% Biting50% Blood33%
Isinel Bonilla Acevedo
Isiquiel Salinas
Isis Marie
Isis Youngblood
Isis Mchow
im sweet sexy fun freaky n bi i like to have fun people will really like me everybody be my friend IM COOL DONT LIKE IT KISS MY ASS scarlet johanson lindsay lohan lil kim eva longria marcia grace jenna jamson martin nick cannon hes cool 2pac biggie snoop dogg robin thicke pharrel gwen stefani remeber the titains not another teen movie skelton key never been kissed home frys
Isis Navarro
Isis Love
Isis Orion
Isis Darkmoon
Isiss Best Friend.
Isiss Best Friends Toy
Hi i'm a transgender girl pre op I'm married but looking for friends perferably one like me. I enjoy video games, shopping , and working on cars.
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Isis Morgan
Isis Lander
Isis Rayne
hey Boys......and Girls...thats right I play for BOTH teams....and as well as I play I should be MVP!!! anyway.....I wanna to have the most friends, and the most gifts so.......cum on and make it happen. Ciao
Where To Find Me: Now Hiring ALL Staff..Apply Within or sb BringThePain See YOU there soon :) Here on Fu unless you are lucky enough to have me on yahoo If you have gotten this far and you message me then lets talk. YES, I am a BITCH and everything else you will prolly call or think of me at times. and NO I dont give a fuk! My biggest Idols are still my parents! I love horror. But will watch just about anything.
Isis Moon
Isis Colon
jus a college girl tryna make it by
Isis Gutierrez
I am a 23 year old puerto rican Single mom. I have a beautiful 15th month old little girl. I am a US Army veteran,yes even at my I love to sing, dance, and hang out with friends. I am a cool laid back kinda girl. I am open minded. Anything you want to know about me, just hit me up. I love to dance, sing, read books, hanging out with friends, exploring the outdoors. I love to watch movies. One of my favorite movies i love to watch is the Boondock saints 1 & 2. I love to go clubbing, but first and formost my priorities is my daughter. She always comes first.
Isis Smith
Isis Cedio
Isis Montenegro
Isis Lamore
Isis Mielke Vanlandingham
Isis Rogers
Isis Pantoja
Ninguno Terror
Isis Clark
Isis Jones
Isis Fouse
Isis Bowden
Myself I like all favorite tv shows are game of thrones, sons of anarchey, suits, sparticus.
Isis Wayworth
Is It Possible?
In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. ~Albert Schweitzer Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship. ~Dorothy Parker "Dont let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that f**ked up and cold".
Is Itreally
Is It What It Is Not Telling
Is It Important???
Alcohaulin Ass - HELLYEAH
Iskael Feliz
Iskael Feliz
Well my name is Iskael Feliz and i'm 23 years old. Im creative, Im understanding, I have a good memory, I love music, I hate the rain, I laugh loud, I sleep with three pillows, I sometimes have food stuck on my teeth, I sing in the shower, I love boleros, I drink lots of water... If u want to know more, just ask me anything.......... I would like to meet, that girl.......The girl that will like me for who i am. someone i can hold close to me.... someone who isn't afraid of falling in love......
Iskandar Sallem
Iskandar Abbasov
Iskander Jmall
Iskender Can
Iskender Mert
Iskender Mert
hey hello world grls ..... my name is mert im very sweety a boy and very sexy fhsdfgehguhwe eljhewoıujewjweh weıhewkjhweıjwe jhwejnlkjew lkıdrgıouwaer kjewrıhewrh erıjarhre reıaebver er aretkjnaeltjaer aerlıjaerjk keıhot reıjhta raeıjr voıhae ejn jhhdwqh lkhjsadhahj kjhdhqwdh kjdhwdhawkjdw wdljwd wlkdjawb wdlkjqw wljwd wqljwq wojqw dwkjqwb wqjqw qwlqwb wqljwqgwq fqwv rwjwe wrljewgvew ewprev wewr ewlew vewjknfwepowe weowe weore weoewv weoewhvweojwebb ewpowe vwelkwehjbwef ewopwevew ewoert e4thjer teroerb eroper eroewbb ewrowej verojwe weljwev weroe owejwelojew vwepoew ewoew weofewh
Iskender Kasarlıoğlu
Iskender Tali
Island Gerl..
Island Passion
Islam Montasser
Island Gurl
Island Spice
Island Dreamer
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Just here to make friends and I try keeping them. Send me a drink, Rate my profile or pictures, Leave a profile comment and I will return the favor. If you are not on my friend list and you buy me a drink all I will do in return is Like your page. Im pretty mellow and laid back and Im a single parent trying to do right by my baby girl. She Is My Moon, Lights Up Even My Darkest Nights. Things didnt work between her mother and I due to her violent nature, its not entirely her fault since she grew up in a violent environment but I couldnt let my baby girl grow in the same environment as her mother. Someday we might be on better terms but at the moment its not. Im fairly optomistic things will work out for our daughters sake but Im not holding my breath. Lived and raised in the Last Frontier( Alaska), and despite what you heard we dont live in igloos, play kick ball with pinguens, play tag with polar bears or ride dog sleds everywhere. I grew up in a fishing community where almost everyone
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Im a 25 y/o US Marine (its not as cool as it sounds) Im living in Nc right now and not by choice iether, Im from NYC da bronx to be exact, i love motorcycles cars and pretty much anything dat goes really f*cking fast. Looking to meet cool friends, so if u think ur cool, just hit me up. I love chilling wit my friends, spending time wit my son, and riding my bike.
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AQUARIUS Trustworthy. Sexy. Rare to find. Loves being in long relationships. Extremly energetic. Amazing in bed, the best lovers. Hey sup im 19 u want to get to know me just send me a msg at cubanoutlaw27 im not looking for any relationship right now just got out of a year 1/2 relationship and well u know how it is. so yeah pretty much im looking for a girl that can show me a fun time... i'm very crazy sometimes, ok i dont feel like writing any more h that is my myspace Turn Ons: White girls i love white girls, curly or straight hair, good personality, good sence of humor down to earth kind of girl, open minded, honesty, and a girl that likes to have fun, sence i like to make a good time out of almost anything if your that girl hit me up.... = Cubanoutlaw27
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